I Took Charge and Created a Weight Loss Challenge. Who’s In?

Let’s be honest, I’ve been overweight for a while.  Having babies just added to it.  I keep making excuses about why I’m not doing anything about it.  That was, until now.  That’s all about to change.

As some of you know I turned 40 last year.  As part of my own “C’mon Bel, Life’s Too Short” campaign, I have decided to start making smarter choices about what I’m putting ON and IN my body.  As the inspirational Taryn Brumfitt from Body Image Movement would say, “Your body is the vehicle to your dreams” and right now, my vehicle is far from fab running order.

Cue my determined spirit to lose weight.  “It’s time! Time to stop the excuses and start to live a little, a live a little more healthier and find that zesty energy I’ve been missing for a while.”   I’m tired of feeling frumpy when trying on outfits, of endless ‘what was I thinking?’ moments in the change-rooms and most importantly it’s time to step outside of my comfort zone and take charge.  I’m excited and I’m ready.

Yes I’m a little scared, but don’t they say the biggest achievements are done OUTSIDE of your comfort zone?

comfort zone

My babies are babies no longer. I hid behind that for a while. I’ll admit it.  Now it’s time to get my pre-baby body back and stop hiding behind all the excuses in the world.  I was good at that.  It’s easy to say ‘oh yeah I’ll do that tomorrow’ but you know what? Tomorrow never comes! Seize the day, so today it is!

Please watch the video below to learn about my big step forward, and how you can join me on what will be one of the most uplifting and empowering journeys I’ve been on in a long time.  And I mean that.  You can hold me accountable. I’m putting it out there publicly and the buck stops with me!


YouTube video

So there you go, this is mine and I welcome you to join me on your own journey.  Whether you’re starting your own or joining me part-way through.  You’re welcome.  The only thing is I ask for total RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING and NON JUDGEMENT from all who are joining us.

If you’d like to enter the Jenny Craig competition, and let’s face it, it’s such a damn fine offer you’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain (except weight, pardon the pun!), click here!

Our Facebook group will be coming soon so be sure to stay tuned.

Til then,




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