The Little Known IKEA Buyback Service that Buys Your Unwanted Products


Tired of playing the Gumtree game where someone says they’re coming to look at your furniture only they never arrive? If it’s IKEA furniture, chances are IKEA will buy it back off of you. WAIT. WHAT?

Yes, you read that correctly! No more tyre kickers of the furniture buying kind, you can wheel and deal your way into furniture sales with IKEA themselves with their awesome IKEA buyback scheme.

Goodbye Gumtree and Marketplace, Hello (again) IKEA!

Free up your weekends and feel good about recycling of furniture. There’s no uploading pictures, answering 100 questions or being stood up by prospective buyers. IKEA is coming through with the on-selling goods!

Now before you go loading EVERYTHING onto a trailer to haul to the Swedish holy grail of flat packs, IKEA won’t accept just any furniture to buyback. It has to be IKEA furniture, obvs.

And just in case you’re wondering exactly what IKEA do with your old stuff, don’t fret. They sell it in the “As Is” department of the store (you’ll find it close to the checkouts) where you can often find a bargain or discontinued items on the cheap. SCORE! Alternatively, they’ll responsibly dispose of it and as a result, no dump fees for you!

Just another reason to love IKEA. They’ll buy much of this back if you change your mind! Photo: Bigstock

The IKEA buyback scheme which GIVES YOU MONEY

IKEA has a short and painless process on their website to find out if you are eligible for the buyback scheme and how much IKEA will pay you, depending on wear and tear and so forth. The steps online are:

  1. Check the requirements (make sure it is IKEA furniture, it’s clean, completely assembled and not modified – so no IKEA hacks, just to name a few)
  2. Select the category (bedroom, living room, storage etc)
  3. Select the item (find the name and colour of your item in the lineup)
  4. Confirm the condition (as new, well worn – be honest!)
  5. Get an estimate (Hooray!)

Remember though, it is just an estimate – the final ruling on value is decided by IKEA staff. They’ll then issue with an IKEA refund card to spend in-store. SWEET.

Change of mind, excess to needs, whatever the reason…

IKEA won’t question you as to why you no longer want your items. Maybe the kids outgrew their wardrobes or perhaps you went crazy last year with a colour scheme and in 2020 you’re just not feeling it. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter!

We have recently moved and our family has an excess of KALLAX shelving cubes. So I attempted the IKEA buyback process myself and it seems I could fetch around $53 for it. That’s a whole lot of IKEA SINNLIG vanilla scented candles for me to go home with. Just sayin’. Bless you IKEA, BLESS YOU.

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