Get Ready to Shop: Introducing the ALDI Colourful Kitchen Range, In Store 10 December

There’s nothing we love more than an ALDI Special Buy at Mum Central! That’s why we’re super excited to tell you about the upcoming Colourful Kitchen range.

What can we say but… #somebodystopme #buyallthethings

Brightly coloured appliances with retro-styling are all the rage right now so trust our mates at ALDI to come up with something right-on-trend and bang-on-budget.

Dropping in ALDI stores on Saturday 10 December is a fabulous range of home appliances that will leave your heart beating fast, culinary abilities enhanced and your kitchen looking like you’ve had a major renovation (for a fraction of the cost!)

The range is available in raspberry red, powder puff blue and buttery cream. The hardest decision, of course, will be choosing a hue! Combined with vintage-inspired shapes, genuinely high performance specs and a three-year warranty, these ALDI Special Buys will be top of everyone’s most wanted list. The good news is that Mum Central has the scoop on what’s to be in store and ‘forearmed is forewarned’ when it comes to snaring these super hot products!


Whether you want it all for yourself (like us) or can see what would make for great Christmas gifts, here’s the range and why you’ll love it…

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Ambiano Stand Mixer – $99.99″]

We predict this is going to be the most sought after item of all! It’s a 600 watt, 6 speed plus pulse mixer. Featuring a stainless steel bowl, whisk, dough hook, beater and splashguard baking has never looked better! (And a mixer has never looked more gorgeous on your bench!)

aldi-ambiano-stand-mixer-triple[mc_block_title custom_title=” Ambiano 2 Slice Toaster – $39.99″]

Toasters don’t need to be just a functional decision; this curvy choice is as beautiful as it is practical! The Ambiano 2 Slice Toaster offers adjustable browning levels, a removable crumb tray, an anti-jamming feature and settings include cancel, defrost and re-heat!

aldi-ambiano-two-slice-toaster [mc_block_title custom_title=” Kuchef Ice Cream Maker – $39.99″]

Nothing says summer like ice cream. So at under $40 the Kuchef Ice Cream Maker is going to be in strong demand! Allowing you to create 1.5 litres of your favourite flavour again and again. Its features include a quick freeze bowl, LCD display screen and an easy-to-clean detachable mixing paddle. What a great gift for anyone who loves desserts! Heck, everyone enjoys ice cream, it’s a winner!

aldi-kuchef-ice-cream-maker[mc_block_title custom_title=” Kuchef 1.5L Blender – $39.99″]

Okay, ooops, we may have lied above! Nothing actually says summer more than cocktails! And to make the perfect crushed ice tropical treats you need a killer blender. Here it is! The Kuchef 1.5L Blender is powered at 600 watts, has 5 speeds including pulse and boasts the ever-important ice crushing function.  At only $39.99 this is not just the best value blender around but definitely the most stylish!

aldi-ambiano-food-blender[mc_block_title custom_title=”Kuchef 1.7L Kettle – $39.99″]

Coffee might just be the universal language of mothers and having a super kettle is a lifesaver for so many reasons! The Kuchef cordless kettle brings over 2000 watts of power and both a concealed heating element and a boil protection function. If you thought your early morning coffee couldn’t be improved upon, we might just argue that having a beautiful blue, raspberry red or cool cream kettle might make you enjoy it that little bit more.
aldi-ambiano-kettle[mc_block_title custom_title=”Kuchef Handmixer – $19.99″]

Hand-held beaters are invaluable for those quick jobs where you don’t want to pull out the whole mixer. At under $20 no kitchen can afford to be without one! With a 350 watt motor, 5 speeds plus turbo function you’ll be whip, whip, whipping at the speed of light! With both dough and whipping attachments, your scones and cream are covered! #yum


Adding brightly coloured appliances can give any kitchen a fresh, seasonal feel.

If you’re thinking it’s time to give the hub of your home a makeover, these appliances are your go-to first move! You’ll be amazed how new and on-trend your existing kitchen can look with a range of gorgeous, matching appliances!

If you’re looking to see how someone else has styled ALDI products (including the Colourful Kitchen range) in their home, check out The Interior’s Addict ‘How I styled a Point Piper House with ALDI’ for stacks of inspiration!

Source: Interiors Addict


I don’t want to miss out…

If you’re hot-to-trot like the Mum Central gals to score these awesome appliances, be sure to follow our tips for snagging ALDI Special Buys:

  • Make sure to mark the calendar so you don’t forget what day your favourite Special Buys are being released. For the Colourful Kitchen that’s Saturday 10 December!
  • Arrive before store opening. There may even be a line. Be prepared to wait. You know that saying about ‘Early bird gets the worm?” Well, be an early bird!
  • Write a list so you know which items you want including the model and colour. If the store is busy it’s easy to forget what you have in your trolley or get confused if you’re buying multiple items.
  • Follow the ALDI website, sign up to their weekly newsletteror download their phone app so you can keep abreast of all the Special Buys all the time!

About ALDI:

Since ALDI Australia established in 2001, they have opened more than 420 stores nationwide and plan to open 120 stores in South Australia and Western Australia in the coming years!  It’s no surprise if you’ve shopped there before, that a recent CHOICE survey* found Australian’s could save up to 50% on their weekly groceries just by shopping at ALDI. This just goes to reinforce their position of the price leader.  Better in your own pocket don’t you think?


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