You know what really makes managing a screaming six-month old, who refuses to be anywhere other than your hip, easier?

Trying to prepare their steamed fruit and veggie for lunch AT THE SAME TIME as they scream.

There is nothing more enjoyable than squatting down with eight kilograms of baby to try and find the right saucepan. Except perhaps realising that said saucepan doesn’t fit the steamer basket inside it. Or even realising that the blades of your blender don’t quite work to create the right texture that you need.

Holiday in Tahiti? No thanks. Playing the ‘feed the weaning baby’ is so much more fun.

The move from a milk-based diet to ‘real food’ is a huge milestone for your bub. It also brings with it a whole heap of new challenges.

Suddenly, a boob or bottle just won’t do. Baby needs to eat and managing the process in the quickest and easiest way possible is key. Because #mumlife, we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, fussing around with (potentially dangerous) saucepans of hot water and keeping an eagle eye on the apple and pear to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Cue Your New Best Friend – the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender.

It’s a godsend for the busy mum (who isn’t!?) with a brand new eater. The ultimate multi-tasker, it chops and dices, steams and blends your choice of fruit, veggies and even meat, at the touch of a button. No fussing around with saucepans and steamers, food processors and blenders. It’s an all-in-one, healthy food creating miracle worker that allows you to choose from three different modes then ‘set and forget’ while it does all the hard work.

Say, for example, you’ve decided you want to prepare a couple of different meals for your eight-month-old. Veggie mash and pear and blueberry puree. You’ll need to steam the veggies to make sure they’re soft enough for bub, followed by a thorough mashing to remove the biggest lumps and bumps.

Instead of using a whole range of kitchen implements, you can simply pop your chosen veggies into the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender BPA free jug and use the ‘automatic steam to blend’ cycle. Simply press the ‘steam’ button, followed by the ‘blend’ button, set your time and press ‘start.’ And you’re away! That’s it!

Perfectly prepared veggies will retain all their nutrients, thanks to the steaming method, which will be automatically blended and ready to serve. No need to transfer between steaming and blending which minimises washing up and food wastage.

For your fruit puree, you may just want to blend as the fruit is soft enough without the need for steaming.

Simply pop your fruit into the BPA free jug and choose the ‘blend’ function. You can even choose your texture from perfectly smooth to chunky and everything in between.

There’s also the option to simply steam your chosen foods, perfect for older babies or toddlers who enjoy finger foods like carrot sticks or chunks of apple. The Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender also comes with some fab recipe cards along with some delicious recipes on the website to get you started. Choose from nutritionist approved purees and mashes, that cater for the full weaning spectrum, from little bubs to toddlers.



Apart from the obvious (convenience and ease!) here are our four fave features of the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender.

  1. The automatic timer – They say a watched pot never boils, well a watched baby food machine means time away from your little munchkin who could use that unsupervised period to wreak havoc on the house. Once you’ve chosen your mode on the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender, the automatic timer will do all the work for you. Simply set and forget.
  2. The benefits of steaming – We all want to give our kids the very best nutrition possible. Steaming food not only locks in the flavour but also ensures key nutrients are not lost in the cooking process. Healthy, homemade food at the press of a button!
  3. Less washing up – What parent DOESN’T want this in their life? Forget scrubbing saucepans and mashers or trying to clean the blades of the blender. This all-in-one solution means a single piece of washing up. High fives all around.
  4. Completely customisable – Whether you need to make a small or large batch, steam, blend or both, the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender can do it.



  • Save time by prepping and freezing in bulk! The Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender jug has a great capacity, meaning you can make multiple servings quickly and easily. Simply portion out into your food storage containers (we love the Tommee Tippee Pop Up Freezer Pots), freeze and re-heat when needed.
  • Use the Steamer Blender for finger food for older children – Looking for a quick and easy way to prepare veggie sticks and other bite sized morsels? Use your Steamer Blender! To get ahead for the week, prep your choice of veggies (carrot sticks, broccoli and cauliflower florets and chunks of zucchini all work well) and pop them in to steam. Once they’re done, store them in an air-tight container in the fridge for snacks or to give a nutritional boost to meals.
  • Create your own treats in a snap – If you’ve got a little yoghurt lover on your hand (or an older child who can’t pass up an ice block), use your Steamer Blender to create a tasty fruit puree, blend with some natural yoghurt and either store in reusable pouches or freeze in moulds for a tasty yet super healthy snack.


Check out a host of other Steamer Blender recipes here, from basic to more advanced recipes.



– 200g carrots

– Wash, peel and chop the carrots
– Keep water or drain off to your preference, then blend for 2 minutes to a smooth puree
– Blend for 2 minutes to a smooth puree


– 50g chicken breast
– 50g carrot
– 50g parsnip
– 50g broccoli

– Dice the chicken breast and add to the steamer blender
– Cook for 10 minutes
– Wash peel and chop the parsnip and carrot
– Wash and chop the broccoli
– Add the vegetables to the steamer blender
– Steam for a further 15 minutes
– Drain off any excess water and blend for 20-30 seconds


– 50g chickpeas (tinned)
– 70g butternut squash
– 50g chopped fresh tomatoes
– 15g red onion
– 15g spinach
– ¼ clove of garlic
– Pinch of mild curry powder (optional)

– Wash peel and chop the butternut squash
– Wash the broccoli and spinach
– Add all of the ingredients into the steamer blender
– Steam for 15 minutes
– Drain off any excess water and blend for 4-10 seconds
– Mix with some cooked basmati rice to serve


Thanks to our friends at Tommee Tippee, we have 3 of the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blenders to give away valued at $199 each.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and tell us in the comments at bottom of page what you think makes the Steamer Blender such an incredible help for any mum starting their baby on solids.

Win 1 of 3 Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blenders valued at $199 each

This has been a sponsored post for Tommee Timmee


Naomi is 3/4 latte drinking, peanut butter obsessed former magazine girl who now does stuff with words for a living while juggling 2.5 kids, 2 cats, 1 rabbit, husband and an unhealthy obsession with slow cooking.


  1. I love most of all that the Tommee Tippee Steam blender is customisable! So whether it’s making a single meal quickly for dinner time, a larger batch to freeze for easy feeds or the choice of steaming, blending or both. Fantastic for mums with little ones and toddlers too. 🙂 absolutely love that feature.

    • I love the fact in steams and blends and that you can use it to make bulk batches so there is little mess and a fantastic time saving so I can spend more time with my little girl

    • Finally!! Something that makes food preparation easily while wrangling a screaming Baby

    • This looks fantastic and an absolute must for my house. Let’s ignore the fact that between bubs work and study life is already challenging… i can’t cook! Any time i try and steam anything it taest like I would imagin soggy socks would taest!

    • I love that this machine helps creat cost effective healthy tasty foods for you baby. And the added bonus is it is easy to clean and store away

    • This looks like the kind of thing that could keep me organised and my baby healthy.

    • Natalia charry Reply

      I love the waste free idea. The baby food pouches are so wasteful

    • Diana Santiago Reply

      This is a must have item for any mother. Long term it will save alot of money if you can make your own food vs buy it.

    • This is such an innovative invention which definetly gives parents a fast, reliable way of cooking and preparing food for bubs and toddlers. I love how convenient it is as well as its design which gives parents like me peace of mind. Having a machine like this will come in handy for me as my partner and I need something that isnt time consuming.

    • This is amazing stress free product for any mum , entered for my daughter in law due in 7 weeks 4 days but who’s counting, This product would make such a difference for a first time mum taking a lot of pressure off

    • Sandy Johnston Reply

      I would love to win one of these for the grandkids to save time prepping, and freezing in bulk also it is so fast.

    • The Tommee Tippee sounds absolutely awesome – I’ve got a newborn and she would really benefit from having the sort of meals that this device can prepare, at least, when she’s old enough for solids!

  2. It is great as you don’t have to spend so long in the kitchen and instead do more important things such as sleeping when the little one does.

  3. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Blending and Steaming all-in-one will save so much time, brilliant invention!

  4. Healthier than buying baby food and it allows you to make a batch in bulk for freezing. More precious time to spend with bub 🙂

  5. Kate Slack Reply

    So convenient and awesome to make food in bulk for freezing and the fact that it creates less washing up is a definite bonus.

  6. I think the biggest advantage of the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender is it’s time saving capacity! I’d love to cook in bulk and freeze in portions. This way I can spend more time with my little one.

  7. Mary irwin Reply

    Its a brand I can trust with my daughter’s food and look forward to recommending to friends.

  8. dee thomas Reply

    this would be excellent as my 5 month old has food intolerences and this would make my life so much easier and it is an easy process in one instead of having a number of appliances out to do it. great idea.

  9. Amy boneham Reply

    I love the ease of the machine. With 4 kids already & my 5th due in November this would make prepping meals a breeze.

  10. OMG! This is the best invention ever!!! I love that it is so quick and clean and easy to make healthy food while multitasking

  11. alexandrak Reply

    I love that you can steam and then purée in the same container making it faster, Essie and less cleaning up. Win win all round

  12. Poss Marshall Reply

    I love the convenience of this food prep appliance as it means I’ll have more time to spend doing the most important job – being a Mum to my darling girl

  13. MelissaPowell Reply

    I love this idea because it is all set up and ready to go whenever you want to make up your baby food. No pots or pans to clean and it encourages you to make your own healthy food instead of buying pre-packaged.

  14. Oh wow, the whole machine is absolutely amazing but the part that really attracts me is the next all the nutrients are kept for my beautiful baby boy.

    As a mum, anything to help our crazy day get a little easier is fantastic and this definitely will help so much

  15. I love that tommy tippy is a trusted brand that’s been around for such a long time
    This machine would make it possible for me to actually make my baby boy health fresh food while juggling his 3 older brothers.

  16. Janet Candy Reply

    I think this would be a wonderful help to my daughter who is expecting her third child in November. With a toddler and a new baby to look after as well as a 5 year old, it will cut preparation time for toddler whilst she is busy with baby and will help bubs too when he transitions to solids. A really good idea. Wish they had been available when I had my twins.

  17. I would love to win one of these as I find cooking for my child so scary and overwhelming! This would be the answer to all my problems!

  18. The easy and convienient cooking will mean more time spent with my children without compromising on the quaility of food.

  19. What a great way to ensure your children are getting the nutrients they need. This machine would be perfect for your little ones meals

  20. This is a very trustworthy brand and i really like how compact the machine is a i only have a small kitchen.

  21. I love that it eliminates the need to have saucepans full of hot water and vegies around a baby!

  22. Alicia Smith Reply

    I love that it seems to be easy to use and easy to clean up!

  23. Time, space and sanity saving – no more excuses for not serving healthy, nutritious food! A trusted brand, I would be thrilled to have one in my kitchen!

  24. I love the idea of this steamer blender! Making my own baby’s food was always going to be a given but this easy, one-step product will enable me to give him healthy meals without all the fuss. Fabulous!

  25. What an ingenious idea. Homemade baby food without the added nasties, I can control what my little one eats plus it’s so compact it takes up no space at all! Although I feel like I’d eat more than bubs HAHA

  26. Healthy home made food, with ease, that we know exactly what it does and does not contain.

  27. Quick and easy, no more pre-prepared goodness knows what, loaded with salt and sugar, claiming to be healthy for bub when we all know it’s not. Love that it leaves no more room for excuses, now we can all enjoy home cooked meals 🙂 And that it doesn’t scorch/burn, WOW, seriously, WOW.

  28. I think this is good as it can steam with timer on and easy to clean. Cant wait to start blend veggie for my bub

  29. I love that it helps parents prepare healthy meals for babies. More quality time with bubs and less time in the kitchen, its a win-win.

  30. I love making all our meals at home, now expecting a baby i think preparing food for he/she will be a little time consuming. I love the idea of being able to do everything in the one machine and then be able to freeze whatever I make so I’m not in the kitchen all the time.

  31. Amazing, how much easier is this! Convenient, easy cleaning, its completes all tasks in one machine, less dishes and it will make making homemade healthy meals so much easier and time efficient! Its a must have!!

  32. I love that it’s super easy and convenient. Also saves a lot of time, and for a first time mum and someone who is trying to run around after a full house this would be perfect.

  33. Cherie light Reply

    I like the idea of being able to prep the food and walk away and not have to worry about boiling over with a 3yo and 6m old this would make meal prep so much easier on many levels and being able to make bulk as my daughter loves to eat what her brother loves to eat.

  34. I love that it can be used for things beyond introducing solids. Puree fruit into yogurt, yes please!!

  35. The Tommee Tippee baby food steam blender would make the next stage of my babies food journey so much easier for me and my family. Anything that will make life easier is always welcome in our busy lives and the Tommee Tippee baby food steam blender will do just the job.

  36. The fact that you can just throw in the food wanted, turn it on and walk away with tge blender doing all the work for you! Amazing!

  37. Christina Ruggier Reply

    It makes cooking baby food idiot proof for someone like me that has burnt a pot boiling potatoes because I forgot it was on and all the water evaporated (and that was before I became a sleep deprived mum)!

  38. Tara Stevens Reply

    Perfect to help our busy household and easy to give my little one all the healthy fruit & veggies for years to come when we aren’t the healthiest parents but want to do right for our child

  39. I’m a first time mum with twins who were born 10 weeks early. Starting them on solids has been the scariest for me as I’m just not sure what is in the food you buy. I would love to be able to add my own ingredients this way I know what they are getting. Plus how easy this would make my busy life.

  40. Tara Radunz Reply

    The ease of it. To set and forget. The less washing up is always a winner for me. The convenience sounds amazing

  41. Tara Willadsen Reply

    I have been wanting one of these for so long. They seem like a dream.

  42. Rochelle Redding Reply

    I’m terrible in the kitchen. The best thing I can see about the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender is how easy it seems! Means I will be able to give bubs healthy home-made purees without all the preservatives and additives.

  43. Karina Lee Reply

    Being able to use it as a steam blender for kids snacks is a great idea – no need for bringing out multiple pots and pants to steam a plate of carrots!

  44. This steamer blender would be marvelous to use as all home fresh food would be cooked and prepared for baby in the one container. Magic and so little washing up.

  45. It seems Likes it takes all the thinking away from it all. The compete package!

  46. I love that it blends foods to a puree, then can steam them to soften further if needed.

  47. As a first time mum of a nearly 6 month old I can see that this would veryquickly become my new best friend in the kitchen as I start to make all his foods at home…this would make it so much simpler and less time consuming!!

  48. A perfect kitchen accessory to make healthy foods in bulk for my baby. Convenient and practical all in one!

  49. As a first time mum, I love that you only need the one device to steam the food once it’s been puréed. Less washing up too!

  50. I love the idea that you can set and forget which gives you more time to spend with Your baby

  51. Arjaylene De Klerk Reply

    As a first time Mom, I just want my life to be a bit easier! This new baby food steamer and blender looks like it will help a lot in preparing my baby’s food. I like that it can steam then blend all at the same time!

  52. Megan bulling Reply

    Time convenient less mess! Perfect for any mum with a crazy schedule. Also love that it cuts, steams and blends all in one! Sounds like a life saver!

  53. Stepahie Flouris Reply

    We tried our little one for the first time on solids. Which was fun for me but not him. I think I over cooked it. The tommie will help me make for my little man will enjoy as much as I do.

  54. What a time saver! With a baby that constantly wants to be held this is a lifesaver as its a one stop shop for preparing the food

  55. Wow, this would be a amazingly convenient timesaver! We are starting solids in a couple of weeks and having this incredible machine that not only blends but chops, steams and has a timer would be extremely handy. What a great idea – what will they come up with next!

  56. The fact that it’s an all in one and you don’t have to use multiple appliances/pots and pans etc to make your baby food. Such a time saver! Just what you need with a baby and a busy toddler!

  57. How good is it to be able to steam and purée in the one machine! Anything that makes being a mammy easier is a godsend in my book!!

  58. This would be fantastic because not only is it the most practical all in one baby appliance, you also know exactly what you’re feeding your little one. We do a fortnightly grocery shop, and having this would make it so much easier to prep my daughters food… and saves all that washing up!

  59. Felicity Stearns Reply

    This all in one device is fantastic for a busy working mum beginning the baby weaning journey! Plus it leaves spare time for a well-deserved coffee – a win-win for baby and mum!

  60. Natalie Fricker Reply

    Steam and blend in one = less dishes! Need I say more!

  61. This looks amazing. Even my partner, who is challenged in the kitchen department coukd use this wonderful machine. It would be a great help.

  62. Becky Palmer Reply

    It lessens the time in the kitchen and even hubby can pitch in!!

  63. I absolutely love how much time this will save me (I’m actually getting really excited at the very thought of it. Like, silly excited like a kid with a new toy……). With 5 kids and baby I’m seriously considering giving up sleep (not that I get a lot anyway…..) in order to have time to do everything that needs doing!

  64. Rebecca Margaret Maas Reply

    This device is great for busy mum’s who don’t have a lot of time but still want the best for their baby and to feed healthy meals to their little ones.

  65. Bianca Lee Reply

    What I love about the tommy tippee steamer blender is how versatile it is. Making different consistences for little ones just starting to eat big people food or for the bigger babes who are ready to tackle chunks. whether it’s making a big amount to freeze or making a single meal quickly for dinner. You can’t go past the fact that you can set a timer and walk away and there is little mess because this machine does it all.

  66. Christina L Reply

    I love the benefits that steaming provides. We only ever want the best for our children and I’ve been wanting one of these for years just a bit out of my budget.

  67. Adele Smith Reply

    Saving time by prepping and freezing in bulk is something I have always drilled into my now adult children so having a ‘tool’ in the kitchen to dramatically help with this for my daughter with a toddler who is expecting her 2nd child in a few months is fabulous. Putting words into action and getting time-saving, tasty results will be a win-win for her I’m sure. (plus having a partner who goes away with the army, she is often on her own and doing it all by herself).

  68. I love the ease of prep & cleanup, the handy timer so I don’t forget when little man’s food is ready, and the safe BPA-free container #winningatmumlife

  69. The benefits of steaming – love the fact I can feed my children healthy meals with it instead of frying or baking in the oven.

  70. The less washing up aspect which means I can spend more time with my kids.

  71. Oh my gosh I need this in my life! My 2nd son is 4 months and I’m starting to worry thinking about finding the time to make him nutritious meals like I was able to do for his big brother. This will make life so much easier so I can spend the extra time I get enjoying my boys before they grow too big!

  72. Tracey Taylor Reply

    Lets keep life simple.Simple healthy meals, simple ways to save money on expensive packaged goods,simple and easy time saving equipment.Simple!

  73. I love that it can make puree but also make it chunky if needed. I am unable to do that with what I have and would love to introduce my baby boy with some lumps in his food now.

  74. Alison McDonald Reply

    The daily juggle between trying to feed everyone and making sure it’s healthy, on top of food allergies and teething.. This wonderful machine would make the world of difference!!

  75. I love the convenience. My baby doesn’t like to be put down at the moment, so organising dinner is a hard activity. This would make it an easier venture.

  76. Nicole Tilbrook Reply

    Love love love this! This would make my life with a baby and a toddler a little bit easier. Less dishing and multiple option. It’s great how you can steam and blend!

  77. I’ve always used tommee tippee bottles for my kids as they have always been the best. I have no doubt this will be another 10/10 product of theirs. Would be very helpful for us with 2 kids and a hubby thay works away.

  78. Jenna lindholm Reply

    How easy and simple it is even. When holding my son 🙂

  79. I love that you know exactly what you child is eating, and the fun of making it yourself

  80. I Love that it is some easy to use and its a one stop shop for solids preparation.
    Im about to embark on solids with my almost 4 month old and its been 6 years since I went through the solids intro with my son. All i remember was it was a lot of work, preparation and mess!

  81. Wow, a great all in one product! Easy to use and ensures that I know exactly what is going into my little one – no hidden sugars or preservatives!

  82. amie grech Reply

    juggling 10 allergies to processed food this would be a dreamsend for my 1 year old and being from a brand that i have used in the past and still do i know it would be an amazing product

  83. Madeleine Taylor Reply

    My daughter always gets so fussy right around the time I start making dinner, so this Tommee Tippee appliance would definitely make night times easier. The fact that it’s all in one is so convenient, and is incredible for doing a bulk batch of healthy, homemade mashed and puréed meals. The fact there’s less dishes too is just an added bonus!

  84. What a convenient, quick and easy way to make purees! I see this making dinner simple for the whole family!

  85. Gabby McLaren Reply

    I am due for my second in 5 weeks and after doing it the old fashion way with my first this sounds like heaven!!

  86. Fionna Davies Reply

    I would love this to help out my friend who has 4 young children, this would be such a time saver

  87. Sharon Markwell Reply

    I lovew that fact that the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender saves me a trip to Tahiti!

  88. Anita Menzie Reply

    Finally! An easy-to-use food processor. I love that with the Tommee Tippee Steam blender I can create my babies meals knowing what is in them, how fresh they are and that they are healthy and safe for my baby.

  89. kylie ward Reply

    What’s not to love?? Time saver, waste saver and able to bulk meal prep healthy, nutritional meals for baby… what an amazing item!!

  90. I love all of the fave features of the tommee Tippee food streamer, providing easy, reliable, fast and healthy meals for baby from scratch makes me more curious and eager to try.

  91. Tommee Tippee you’ve done it again! How good not having to slave over a hot stove after already slaving away all day with other endless chores. Pop the timer on and away you go … perfect for us busy mums and dads who are suffering from chronic baby brain. And bub will have delicious nutritious meals. Win win!

  92. The convenience of just being able to spend more time with my child by simply chucking everything I need in the steamer and going about our day. Plus, it’s a great way to hide those ‘yukkie’ veggies they don’t love so much in a simple way!

  93. Currently we use a steamer over a saucepan of boiling water! I love the convience of it being all in one and not needing multiple different pieces of equipment to make the babies food! Not to mention multiple different dishes to wash!

  94. izabella di tomasso Reply

    Simplicity and Ease…the best invention for mum’s on the go!

  95. This would come in handy in a few months with my first grand baby on her way <3

  96. what a great machine to allow me to steam / blend healthy vegies for my kids

  97. Gemma Debnam Reply

    Would save so much time especially having a toddler to entertain as well!

  98. Easy cleaning and auto timer definitely make it a must have product

  99. Nellie Mims Reply

    I love how easy it is to make soups which my kids love and are great for winter and I can freeze when in time poor

  100. Amber hewat Reply

    With baby number 2 on the way I just can’t stop thinking about how easy and convenient this would be to use, while watching both kids. It was tricky enough cooking for my first, watching the stove and watching him, I can only imagine how much trickier it will be with 2!

  101. tracy wedding Reply

    I love that I can prepare healthy yummy food without too much fuss and mess

  102. Carmen Park Reply

    I simply love any product that’s going to save me extra washing up and save me time on meal prep

  103. Leah Amy taylor Reply

    I love the fact that’s it’s all made by one machine, simple to use and easy to clean.
    I myself would be more
    Inclined to cook healthier meals if they were simple and easy to make.
    It’s a simple process and that’s what we want as mothers, easy ways to make healthy food for our babies.
    Plus this would be a Great way to hide veggies.

  104. It looks super easy to use. My toddler would have lots of fun helping me make food for his baby brother. He loves putting on his little apron and helping out in the kitchen 🙂

  105. Danielle Charlier Reply

    I love the automatic timer. As a mum of 3, knowing that I don’t need to watch pots boiling is a massive time saver. My little boy also unfortunately has allergies, so making my own food is a necessity!

  106. I love that there is no risk of a dreeded boil over! It’s also so rewarding to grow our veggies in the backyard and make them into healthy yummy meals.

  107. I would love to gift this to a good friend who is entering her third trimester and has a todler as well. This would make it very easy for her to save money on processed food and introduce the new bub to solids easily.

  108. I desperately need some magic, something prepares, steams, purees or mashes a variety of baby foods. I would have one utensil to wash, not several and some “free” time to do other chores while entertaining our baby who is close to becoming a toddler.

  109. I love that you can set it and forget, instead of waiting around for it to finish and then have to blend.

  110. Great product concept – quick and easy to use, cost saving and nutrient benefits for our most precious little people.

  111. Dawn Taylor Reply

    I love the idea of knowing everything that is going into the food, and the cost saving, oh gosh wonderful.

  112. I haven’t had the pleasure of using it, but have always heard good thing about tommie tipple. This would be amazing for when my baby starts eating food.

  113. Tara Nicholson Reply

    My little one is having a hard time adjusting to solids, this would really help me prepare healthy meals for her

  114. Convenience and time saving. The option to create healthy steamed meals quickly and easily!

  115. lorexstevex Reply

    It turns the time consuming steam into a baby’s dinnertime dream!

  116. Amber Haag Reply

    what i love is the convenience of it all. a one stop system that makes baby food a breeze. not to mention less washing up! having a 4 month old is hard work, less time in the kitchen would be great!

  117. Deanna D'Antonio Reply

    Being a mum is busy enough. Having the Tommy Tippee Steamer Blemder would save me time so that I can spend more of it with my little one

  118. Paige Yang Reply

    Less washing up, oh yeah, sounds fantastic for me! Save my hands and save my time!

  119. Kayla Sibley Reply

    100% the steam feature! I think it’s great that the veggies will be steamed. Makes it so much healthier for Bub

  120. Christina E Reply

    Love how its the complete package from a well know trusted brand. Takes the hard work out of meal prep, for either one meal or the weeks worth. Absolutely what I need for bub 7 due anyday.

  121. I would love to make my Baby homemade food that isn’t going to take me forever while dealing with all the older kids as well as a baby that is hungry and attached to my hip & food that is good for baby locking in all the nutrients of the fresh fruit & Vegies

  122. I love that it’s less washing up for me. Who needs more washing up with 2 kids around, right?

  123. Cindy Nickels Reply

    My 4 month old grandson has just started taking a keen interest in all we eat or drink. Reaching out for it and opening his little mouth as he watches us. He is still being breastfed at this stage, but his interest in food and us eating is a beautiful curiousity to him. I love the all in one unit, not having to look for mashers or filth up blenders and scrape burnt bits of food from the bottom of pans. Less time spent preparing meals is more time for cuddles….

  124. Less washing up, timer and steaming is a very healthy way to cook

  125. Loved to have one of these to use the veggies out of our garden

  126. I love that the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender is so convenient whilst still giving all the benefits of homemade food. I love trying to make things healthier for my kids. So this is a win win product. I love it!

  127. Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp Reply

    Bub has just started eating puree food at 5 months. Has a raffertys sachet a day!!!!! Would love to have this so I can make my own food to freeze and put in pouches.

  128. I love the fact you can’t get any fresher, it is fast and safe

  129. Wow! How simple to make healthy food for bub! I wish they had this years ago!

  130. I love that it has an automatic timer so when I get side tracked it won’t matter. It’s so much healthier too knowing whats actually going into the food couldn’t be a better product.

  131. I would love to win this! It would make home cooking for the baby SO much easier 🙂

  132. I like that its less mess with this steamer and you can multitask. I have 8 months old baby boy. Looking forward to feed him using Tommee Tippee baby food steamer blender

  133. Washing up was such a hassle when I had Squirt that ever since I have rinsed & stacked the dishes, filled the sink up with hot soapy water then left it to soak and come back to it later.

  134. Stephanie balazs Reply

    This would have been a godsend when I had my first child. Would love this!

  135. Georgia Papoulias Reply

    in a few months ill be steaming & mashing veges & fruit for our little one & as a fist time mum the Tommee Tippe looks like it will be an easy way to prepare bulk meals & meals on the go. I would love to win this! look like it would make my life so much easier so that i can focus on spending more time with our little miss 🙂

  136. Heidi Wilkin Reply

    My partner loves making our little miss her own pure veg or fruit without all the added bits and pieces but he loves to use every pot and pan and utensil in the kitchen. This machine is such an amazing machine that would be greatly used in our house. Having the 1 machine to do it all is such a great option and so much less mess

  137. The convenience in both preparing food and cleaning after is definitely one of the many reasons why! This will make life easier as you always have to have an eye out for your kid and not much time in preppping, cleaning, and organizing!

  138. I love how simple this is! The fact that you can so easily make your own baby food to make sure it is all natural with no preservatives. Also, who wouldn’t want to do less washing up!

  139. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    Its compact meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen

  140. cheerie murnane Reply

    It is versatile, not just another gadget for only one use. I can see a lot of imagination going into the meals and not taking me all day to plan, cook, clean up an still try to spend as much time as possible out of the kitchen.

  141. Nicholette Reply

    Very convenient for making up food preparation, so quick and easy.

  142. Tanya Plumridge Reply

    I currently use a steamer, then a blender. It’s quite time consuming, so when I saw the Tommee Tippee all in one, I thought all my Christmases have come at once !!!! What a brilliant item. It can be quite stressful enough looking after little cheeky monkeys and this just takes the stress out of preparation. More time can be now spent on cuddles. Thank you Tommee Tippee !!

  143. Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    I love that its all done in the one jug no steaming in one then blending in another

  144. Zoe Moutrie Reply

    I love the convenience of the machine. I’m already time poor, so I am not enthused at the thought of having to slave away in the kitchen to make healthy meals for my baby. The size of the machine is great too, so many food processors take up so much bench space (mine especially). Finally I love that the machine is just that one machine and so only one thing to have to wash up no extras.

  145. Zoe Moutrie Reply

    I love the convenience of the machine. I’m already time poor, so I am not enthused at the thought of having to slave away in the kitchen to make healthy meals for my baby. The size of the machine is great too, so many food processors take up so much bench space (mine especially).

  146. adam beasley Reply

    Haven’t heard any reviews from this one yet but anything from tommee tippee is bound to be good.

  147. Most efficient and super quick prep tool – Tommee Tippee is at the top of the range for not just quality but performance

  148. cheryl king Reply

    makes preparing healthy baby food quicker and easier with one machine rather than half a dozen that take the same amount of time

  149. Knowing I can prepare incredible food for our little one so easily would be a godsend!

  150. Love how my baby will have nutritious home made meals with reduced washing up for me. I had to wash the steamer, bowls, and blender before.

  151. Samantha HL Reply

    I can’t get baby food right. I must, I blend, I blitz and it still doesn’t turn out properly. My poor kid haha. This looks like it will make all of my food problems disappear.

  152. As a twin mummy and running my own buisness I am time poor! This would be a lifesaver. My twins have just started solids but I generally just buy packaged food as it’s more convenient but I’d love to start making it from scratch!

  153. This is my first baby an I want to make all his food rather then buy pre made products, the Tommy tipper food cooker would just make it a stress free breeze!

  154. That I can quickly and easily prepare healthy homemade meals for my daughter that have no added salts sugars etc!

  155. Rachel Barnett Reply

    With the busy social lives of my older boys I know how much of a time saver this will be especially with bub due to start solids as the cricket season starts. Knowing I’ll be able to whip up his meals while I pack the sports bags will be a life saver

  156. Can make healthy preservative free goods for baby easily and stay organised with a happy baby and family!

  157. This would make an amazing gift for my sister-in-law who is about to become a first time Mum. I remember how time consuming food prep was when my girls were little…this would be so handy!

  158. Maryam Naeem Reply

    This is a great invention for all the busy mums who have to multitask simultaneously looking after kids. My little one is going to start on solids very soon and I think Its gonna be a great help for me.

  159. I think as a first time mum with a Bub just about to start solids next month as tricky as it may become, is the fact is saves time, easy to use/clean and has so much more that it can offer! Now that’s what mummy’s need lol

  160. Alethea Askin Reply

    I love that it saves so much time as it both steams and blends

  161. Love that there is no need for boiling water in pots, makes it so much safer and time
    efficient to prepare bubs food!

  162. Stephanie B B Reply

    It would be a great time saver and healthy home made meals for little miss.

  163. Samantha D Reply

    I love that it is quick and easy, great for a busy mum.
    I’m a first time mum to an 8 week old little boy, this would help tremendously once he is ready for soilds 🙂

  164. Jackie wood Reply

    I love that you can steam and then blend in the same machine, less washing up is always a plus in my busy household 🙂 love it!

  165. This sounds amazing. Steaming and blending in one and less mess! What busy mum wouldnt love one of these!?

  166. I love how compact it is! There’s nothing worse than big and bulky items taking up valuable kitchen space!

  167. Really love that its an all in one system. Clean up will be a breeze!!

  168. It takes up little space but does all you need to make healthy food for bub. The reduced washing up is also a plus

  169. Nicole Eyles Reply

    Any busy Mum would know how easy it is to be side tracked from tasks with a little one demanding attention constantly. I love the fact that Tommee Tippee have really done their ground work with this Baby Food Steamer and Blender. Having a timer stops those over cooked disasters we have all faced at some stage and anything that requires less dishes… SIGN ME UP!

  170. Easy and convenient! Great all in one system to make healthy yummy food for baby!

  171. Less cleaning up. Mum with bub(s) are time poor but creating a healthy dish is challenging. This machine would give mother’s their little tea time from I intelligently makes healthy food for bubbas.

  172. Michelle Budge Reply

    Being a new grandmother I understand the importance of fresh food for my grandchild. My life would be made so much easier if I won. Fresh and convenient what more could I ask for.

  173. It would be so good to be able to easily prepare a meal for bub using this steamer blender & have minimal mess & washing up!

  174. I love how I can make my baby’s food knowing what’s in it, without having to spend forever making them.

  175. I love that this machine takes all the fuss out of preparing healthy baby food. As the busy mum of 3, I’m time poor yet I still want my 7 month old twins to eat the healthiest food possible. This machine would just make the process so much easier! No more bulky blenders to drag out, and no more cleaning multiple saucepans and steamers! What a great idea!

  176. Rebecca brush Reply

    I love making all my own good for my babies but with having 2 other kids to look after it gets hard. This machine would make it so easy n quick. And my baby would be getting the goodness of home cooked meals

  177. How convenient would this Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender make life? Especially with a nearly 4 month old baby who will be ready to start solids very soon..

  178. So convenient to do everthing in one machine, wish I had this when my kids were young would have made life a lot easier

  179. So let me get this straight. make Mr 6mo a range of yummy, nutritious meals I don’t need multiple pots, a fry pan, blender and the luck of the Irish that he won’t scream blue murder while I attempt to make him something that resembles food? !? I can just peel, slice, set and forget and I only have 1 thing to clean? Where do I obtain this magical item?

  180. One appliance to replace many appliances when preparing food -that’s the best!

  181. I love how easy this will make cooking healthy meals for my little one! I’m a first time mum and this will take the stress away of starting solids in a month!

  182. Omg. So when I had my first baby I’d boil the food or steam it then use my husband’s mini blender, food processor thing to mix it all up. We even bought this giant steamer from Myer for it thinking how awesome we’re going to be steaming vegies for baby. Well that lasted about a week. Hahaha. It created so much washing up mess. I’m currently pregnant with my second and I would absolutely love a Tommee Tippee baby food steam blender. Oh how this would be like a blessing from the angels themselves. Just chuck all the food in whilst I get the toddlers dinner ready. Then *ping*, feed the baby next. I was just gonna suffer through steaming the next baby’s vegies again like last time but now, oh how I really want one.

  183. Anne Saycon Reply

    I love that it makes food prep so easily. Less fuss, less clean up means more time with getting cuddles.

  184. As my baby us due to start solids soon having this blender will make starting solids a whole easier..

  185. Amanda Tang Reply

    If I win this I’m saying GOODBYE to my pots, steamer & blender. We can all eat pureed food with the baby. What a great invention! It makes food preparation & cleaning up so much easier!

  186. I love how easy the Tommee Tippee steam blender makes feeding baby healthy and nutritious meals. Quick and fuss-free makes for an easier transtion for the whole family when baby starts soilds.

  187. Amanda Tang Reply

    Love the fact it has an automatic timer. No need to stand by the stove and use a fork to poke the veggies just to check if they are soft.

  188. Making baby food easy and all the great features. Especially the timer. Yes please.
    From a sleep deprived exhaused mum.

  189. Bianca bonakey Reply

    With restricted time .. this beauty of a machine does it for you .. you could cook enough for a week and freeze – simple meals

  190. With a high needs baby that demands constant attention, this would ensure our nutritional needs have been adhered to with minimum fuss and easy to use and handle with the automated feature. Its an added bonus that it is stylish as well!

  191. That it will last through baby weaning onto solids right until toddler hood!! And even further for steaming veggies for my own dinner!

  192. I love that it makes baby food so easy to make, and the perfect consistency!

  193. Christie Bridge Reply

    I have twin girls and would love to make their first meals at home when they start solids in 2 months. Being able to set and forget would give me more time to play with them both!

  194. Love the sound of this product!
    First-time-mom-to-be and I think I’ll need all the help I can get!!

  195. Bronwyn Howard Reply

    I love that the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender is fool proof! I love that it can all be done with the touch of a button, no additional steps between steaming and blending

  196. I love the convenience of it! Especially with baby number 2 it’ll help a lot with the everyday life.

  197. Krystal twigden Reply

    This looks to be a massive time saver for a busy mum. It’s so versatile and I love how easy this makes it to prepare your own healthy, hearty baby food.

  198. I love that I can make yummy food for my child with no stress or mess. Fantastic to know exactly what is in the food that I’m feeding to my child.

  199. Kasey Evans Reply

    I love how it’s ”All in One” which saves a lot of time which is so precious when you have little ones.

  200. ❤ how compact it is for such a huge asset to any mum!! Doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen bench!!

  201. I love this Steamer Blender because it is the mother of all kitchen appliances. Multi-tasks and cares for your bub’s well being.

  202. Wennie Tsui Reply

    I’ve been doing my research to see what blender I should be using to help my infant start solids! This is compact and easy to use so will save me lots of time preparing as my child is a light sleeper so I need to do everything quick!

  203. Jemma James Reply

    Makes starting solids easy, with its ease of use and quick clean ups especially for already time poor mums.

  204. Lisa Liebig Reply

    Great to have an all in one system with minimal fuss and clean up. Perfert combo to make healthy , nutritious foods for our precious growing bub.

  205. Lisa Liebig Reply

    Great to have an all in one system with minimal fuss and clean up. Perfert combo to make healthy , nutritious foods for our precious growing bub. And it looks great too!

  206. Looks like an awesome, compact little machine and so much easier than saucepans and food processors!

  207. This compact system would make my life easier because I rather make the purees myself than buy from shop

  208. My partner and i are due for our first baby boy at the start of December ❤️ We are both starting to get a little overwhelmed with all the different suggestions and even products out there that our friends use and swear by! We have been searching for a product exactly like this! Something that will really assist in taking some pressure off the pair of us when we are starting to feed our baby his first meals, something we can have complete confidence in, something that isn’t 2 different kitchen utensils that no doubt I will manage to cover in food and have to hand scrub out. (While completely exhausted and most likely overwhelmed) As every parent does, my partner and I only want this best for our little man and hope that with the help of a product just like this he falls in love with all types of veggies And we won’t have too much trouble weaning from a milk diet to a nutrient packed mini meal one ❤️

  209. Kimberley Cepon Reply

    Oh my gosh. As a new mum about to return to work far earlier than planned, the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender would be our own guardian angel for the kitchen!

  210. Tamara Stehlin Reply

    Very excited about this blender! I saw it and reallllyyy wanted to buy it the reviews were amazing! I always made my childrens baby food as it was my favourite thing to do! hehe so much fun! And the fact that you can steam, cook and blend all in the one machine is absolutely genius! I used a magic blender (kids) for my two girls and I am currently pregnant with 3rd child so when I was looking for a new blender I came across your Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender which got me very excited! Really like all its features

  211. This would be amazing to win to use for my baby girl who has food intolerances. It enables to feed my daughter healthy and nutritious meals at a press of a button.

  212. As a mum of a newborn we have very limited time, this Tommee Tippee steamer would create healthy meals quickly for my girl when she starts solids soon

  213. Tracey Woodhead Reply

    More than one kid! What else is there to say! This would save my sanity!

  214. Sharmayne91 Reply

    I love the fact it is everything you need all in one handy machine that leaves you with more than enough bench space for everything else. What makes it even better is it’s functions: it features an automatic timer, steamer, blender, less washing up and is completely customisable no meal with a sooky bubb on your hip is too big or small! This would be the ideal product for our growing family and for our little one to start on solids.

  215. Jacqueline Reply

    looks quick and easy to use. I’m sure it would be a great product to have!

  216. Its already stressfull enough when your baby starts solids. Worrying about extra dishes and washing up is something I dont need. It has everything all in one and seems easy to use, even for a sleep deprived mumma!

  217. ALICIA coutts Reply

    I love how quick and easy it seems. That I can make my own baby food and is not a chore to do it. I also love that I know what is going into my baby’s food and it is as healthy as possible with no added nasties like some of the supermarket baby foods. This would be Amazing for my little boy who is due to start trying solids in the next couple of months

  218. Being a first time mum and having no idea how to make baby food, this looks simple to use and not time consuming. I love that’s it’s a blender and steamer in one. Something that can be used while holding bub without the risk of a hot stove.

  219. I love that this machine is compact and customizable… the perfect combo for a busy mum!! It would allow me to spend more time with my little one whilst still preparing fresh nutritious meals

  220. I like that it promotes healthy eating and to make it yourself easily

  221. I am just starting my little man on solids and this would be a perfect start to our food journey. I love that there is the ability to make puree right up to steaming in big chunks when he’s older. Love my tommee tippee bottle prep machine and my steriliser so i know this would be another great product to own.

  222. Emma Gregory Reply

    Love how quick and easy it is to whip up your own homemade baby food.

    And that you can steam and blend all in one without having to change or use two seperate things.

  223. I would love to be able to own Tommee Tippee steamer blender, because what I love about it is the convenient of one machine that first steam and then blend it to wanted consistency. How much dishes would that save us! And who have time for dishes with two little kids in the house?:)

  224. Vanessa hughes Reply

    That it does everything in one device. Will make live a lot easier with twins on the way

  225. Shannon Cooper Reply

    A convient time saver for a very busy mum with some awesome kids 🙂

  226. Nikola Murray Reply

    I love that it makes preparing / cooking healthy meals so easy & efficient. Saving on extra dishes to wash up is also a big plus 😉

  227. It would make food preparation so much easier having it all done in the one machine giving you much needed time for other things

  228. Claire Spinks Reply

    My absolute favourite feature is the set and forget timer!
    After trying to be super Mum and have so many things on the go at once, I get distracted while cooking. Since the birth of my son, I’ve burnt a number of meals (and even set a tea towel on fire once…). I’m impressed that I could simply press a button and the appliance does all the work for me.
    I’ll be introducing purées and solids in the next few weeks and would be grateful to have a Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender on my kitchen bench

  229. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    Love how simple it looks to use and that I can make healthy and fresh meals for my precious bundle to be (i am still ‘baking’) with out all the added nasties.

  230. Alexis Collins Reply

    I’m about to become a first time mum, I need all the help I can get! Having a gadget such as this would make baby food preparation so quick and easy. Love that this machine is “all in one.” Would absolutely love to have one!

  231. This machine looks great! Something I could even use one handed while holding a baby in the other

  232. Love this machine as it’s all set up and ready to go to make prepping/making food so easy.

  233. This machine looks like a God send! For busy Mum of a toddler and a baby, it looks like an awesome way to quickly and easily prepare healthy food for bub – not to mention a big money saver over buying prepackaged version. Could also come in handy for snacks for an older baby

  234. The best thing about the tommee tippee steamer blender is the time it gives you to be doing other things and not having to be watching and waiting in the kitchen

  235. Carlita Brunjes Reply

    With Bub due to starting solids in a couple of months, the thought of food preparation is daunting, but the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender looks like the no mess, no fuss solution I NEED!

  236. Tommee Tippee Steamer will make mummy life much easier to make solid food for their little one.

  237. Good old Baby Food Steamer Blender from Tommee Tippee,
    Thank you for making meal times so easy.
    It steams and blends with precision,
    Yummy meals served to bubs with perfection.
    It’s a mighty machine for the whole family,
    Creating dips and sauces so fresh and tasty!
    I love that wash ups are oh-so-easy,
    None of the scrubbing of pots and blades which are really, really tricky.
    This is just perfect for busy mums like me,
    With this I can actually find time for a cup of tea.

  238. As a busy mum of 6, with the youngest being 6 month old twins an a 19 month old toddler, an appliance like this would be most useful! Being able to cook and blend in one place would make life so much easier.

  239. Tangi Leef Reply

    Being a first time mum i worry about the next stage that we will have to face and thats solids. I think this will make my life easier for many reasons but my favourite part of this is that i dont need to change from steaming to puree which means less dishes and having confidence in knowing what i have put in my little one’s mouth.

  240. Alicia wright Reply

    Tommee Tippie is a fantastic a affordable brand. The bottles and breast pump are great and this product is even better making things easier for busy mums which is pretty much all mums. I myself am not very efficient with a young bub to make my own baby food. I would buy it always packaged but with this it would make making my own healthy baby food possible and be able to do it with ease. Having your bub eat healthy is always on a mothers mind and with this you will know everything that is going into your bubs mouth is nutritious.

  241. An all in one appliance would free me up to focus on providing good food to my toddler , knowing how easy it is to create nutritious purees for my baby.

  242. The Tommee Tippee Steam blender makes cooking a breeze and fun. Easy, nutritional food for your baby served perfectly each time. Pureed or chunky, hot or cold – you name it – the Tommee has you covered!

  243. Dani Dazkiw Reply

    I love that its so super convenient, I bulk prepare, has a timer and best of all, less washing up! Its definitely a time/life saver!

  244. Healthy organic food for bubs with zero nasties, it can’t get much better than that.

  245. No more washing up ten or more implements every single time! Who has time to cook and clean when you have a baby?! Tommee Tippee you are so clever to make an all in one!

  246. I love that it does it all! Steams, blends and doesnt burn your food, then is easy to clean.
    My sister needs this in her life! She literally burns water! Shes ruined 2 pots just while pregnant and baby is days away.

  247. I love the fact that you can make a fresh meal for bubs that you are in complete control of and know 100% what is going in their tiny sensitive bellies! All the benefits of fresh food preparation made easy as you only need one simple piece of equipment to do it, rather than have a benchtop full of appliances! Would love to have one as I have a small kitchen and am tight on space!

  248. There are so many things to love about this steamer! I love that the goodness of the fruit and veg is kept in the food for my bub, that it’s easy to use and easy to clean! Anything to make life easier as a new mum and help me let my baby live a healthy life is a win!

  249. I love that its so super convenient, I bulk prepare, has a timer and best of all less cleaning for mummy’s ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  250. I love that it’s easy and convenient. Also saves a lot of time, and for a first time mum this would be perfect for me.

  251. Wow! This Is like a fairy god mother for all mommies! No more steaming then manually mashing baby foods. Transfering food from one container to another worries me. This is like having an automated chef for my baby! This is an amazing help not just for me, as a mom, but a guarantee that my baby will have a more nutritous and safer meal.

  252. Jessica Maxwell Reply

    I really love the convenience of it. You can make quality food while juggling a baby, and two other kids. Simplicity is best.

  253. My daughter is a new Mum and not a great lover of cooking so I think this would be perfect for her!!

  254. Sarah Anne Reply

    I love that this would take the stress out of planning baby meals, and take away the ‘mummy guilt’ and expense of buying packaged baby foods.

  255. I love that the cooking and cleaning experience is completely customisable and that I can make fast, easy and healthy meals for my little man! What a wonderful invention, this is an absolute must have!

  256. Love the all in one function! Yummy and healthy food for baby in a short time.

  257. the time saved steaming and blending at the same time is a major win

  258. It would be so easy to make ur own baby food save me money and u actually know what ur baby is eating please i really need this my baby is so little and she needs ro catch up

  259. Raeleen Phelps Reply

    How easy and convenient it will make it for me when I’m looking after my grandchildren. Nothing like what we had to do.

  260. Time saving…. quick and easy to use… perfect for my busy little family of 3 children 6-5- and 5 moths old

  261. It’s a healthy fresh and easy way to make great food for your developing child. Less mess involved too

  262. Loz Jordan Reply

    I love that it’s a one-stop shop! The less washing up the better. Making food at home is the only way to know exactly what is going into bub’s food.

  263. Sonja Henderson Reply

    What a fantastic way to prepare your little ones food, all fresh and healthy

  264. Nicole D'Costa Reply

    I love how easy and quick it is to prepare healthy and nutrient dense food for bub.

  265. Help making healthy meals for babies and toddlers is very much appreciated. Making them quick and easy is an extra bonus

  266. Michelle D Reply

    The automatic timer would be such a great help because it is almost guaranteed that all new mums will get sidetracked by the million other mummy tasks that crop up and forget what’s cooking away on the stove until it’s too late.

  267. Wow! How fabulous is this , I only wish this was around when I was a new mum. This is perfect to help introduce my daughter to preparing baby food for her new son. I made fresh baby food for my all my children and believe me it was no easy task, but incredibly rewarding knowing exactly what was going into those little tummies. The baby food pouches today are obviously convenient but hardly environmentally friendly. And I love the thought of passing on skills and knowledge of better eating to a new generation. This makes me wish I could do it all over again ❤️

  268. Love this convenient solution to preparing yummy food for bubs!

  269. Tegan Bradshaw Reply

    Super convenient. Never had his for my first child but would love it for my second (due next month).

  270. Ra Jakobasch Reply

    This product looks amazing. So easy for parents and babies/children get amazing nutritious food. Makes life alot easier and having peace of mind knowing exactly what your children are consuming is great.

  271. This steamer looks like just the thing to make my daughters life a lot easier ! Her beautiful little boy has just started on solids

  272. Love the all in one options available to be able to do anything in a nutrition based way for my babies. Will be a very handy addition to our kitchen

  273. Fresh is definitely best so this incredible machine makes preparing food so much easier. Win win!

  274. gail davies Reply

    I love that it steams, blends and is so versatile to manage meals for different aged children ,,,

  275. Jade Hannigan Reply

    It looks like it would work alot easier than a nutribullet and other appliances. Would love to win one! I will be a first time mum in February and am all about health for my new baby

  276. Quick and easy to use. Gives more time for the important things

  277. Joy Harkin Reply

    Never had these when I had my beautiful girl. My cousins daughter is pregnant against all odds and I would love to add this to the hamper I’m doing for her.

  278. Katie Brown Reply

    An amazing trusting brand! The convenience of being able to steam keep all the nutrients then blend all in one and only having to wash that one piece is truly awesome

  279. What an ingenious invention for parents and grandparents alike!
    I just love ❤️ how the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender takes all the hard work out of feeding a baby and toddler nutrious food! No more blood, sweat and tears when it comes to preparing tasty food for my little boy.
    I would love ❤️ to own this steamer blender as it would make life much easier and much less stressful at dinner time. Also it’s compact enough to sit nicely on the kitchen bench without taking up too much room – you’ve won me over Tommee!! Even my husband could be relied on to take the dreaded 5pm shift if we had Tommee Tippee in our household!

  280. melinda roche Reply

    I don’t need pots and pans or a blender. I just need the Tommy Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender. And I don’t need to hang around and watch it cook.

  281. I love that you can just set it up and let it do it’s thing while you attend to your baby and other kids, housework and everything else a busy mom has to do! Also the minimal wash up afterwards it’s very convenient. We need this in our lives!

  282. cheryl ellis Reply

    I would love to win one of these for my daughter in law who has just had her first baby this will be a great asset in the kitchen to make bubs healthy fresh food when the time comes

  283. It sounds too good to be true… I wish i could tested it. If it really works its going to help me have a bit more time between me, my boy and bub to come.

  284. It will make food preparation a breeze when starting solids soon!

  285. I would have loved a device like this when my boys were babies. It would have saved so much time. I actually am entering to win this for my sister who is currently pregnant. I think it would help make her and her partners life a lot easier when she returns to work as this device does it all!!

  286. I would love to win this for my Sister inlaw . My niece is now on the pureed food and it’s great to know she can also make it chunkier! This is a must have! Wish it was around when my little man was a baby!

  287. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    It is an all-in-one. It makes food preparation so easy.

  288. I am pregnant with my first baby and I know for sure that I want my baby to eat healthy home made foods and that don’t want to buy jars or satchets of food.
    I just wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off until now.

    I love that it has an ‘automatic steam to blend cycle.’ I think that this will make my life a thousand times easier. 🙂

  289. I am pregnant with my first baby and I know for sure that I want my baby to eat healthy home made foods and that I don’t want to buy jars or satchets of food.
    I just wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off until now.

    I love that it has an ‘automatic steam to blend cycle.’ I think that this will make my life a thousand times easier.

    (Sorry, made a mistake above)

  290. Rianna Jaye Reply

    I like the idea of convenience with everything being in 1 pot. To make my first sons food I had different things cooking in different pans and it was always such a mess!

  291. Kim cockburn Reply

    I love that is so easy to clean and the steaming component is great. Definitely a great product for busy mums. It is a great, easy way to feed babies healthy nutritious meals without all the fuss!

  292. Jade Muffatti Reply

    This is such an amazing invention that is time saving and looks so easy to use! It’s awesome that you can steam and blend baby food in the one appliance so it’s also space saving! Perfect for my tiny kitchen!

  293. Anastasia Spiers Reply

    This steamer blender in one will be a great help when I have my third. I made baby food on the stove for my first two babies but this will be a great time saver and a much needed extra hand with my next child.

  294. Jessica Ross Reply

    I think it’d be an amazing help as I have my first daughter and I’ve only just moved out of home so I’m just learning my way through a kitchen. So when she starts on solids in the next couple of months it’d be a great help in preparing homemade foods and not having to do everything manually as I’m by myself so I can’t really afford to get something like this myself.

  295. This would be an amazing prize as I have a 17 month old daughter and another daughter due in December. Love giving my girls fresh fruit and veg. She turns her nose down at junk food which is the way it should be.

  296. The steamer would allow me to prepare nutritious, homemade meals for my baby. And would be useful to complete meal prep for the week, assisting me to feel organized & on top of things (something that is not always easy with an infant sidekick)
    I love that I won’t need to use multiple pots and pans in the preparation of food, keeping my kitchen clean(ish) for longer than 10 minutes! & that the steamer has a timer that can assure that I don’t burn the foods.

  297. Tara Massingham Reply

    I love this idea! Nutritious healthy meals with no added nasty additives or hidden items!

  298. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    Less washing up cos let’s face it…with small kids, who has the time or energy for fiddling washing up!

  299. Emily Compton Reply

    Being a parent to a young baby is hard enough, but juggling being a young mother and working, proves to be quite the challenge sometimes. Having something that can not only cook healthy, nutritious meals but while also halving the preparing/cooking/washing up time, really makes everyday life that much easier!

  300. Melissa york Reply

    Being a super busy mum of 3 under 3.5 years old this machine looks like it will make my life a million times easier!! My youngest has been on pureed for about a month now and as I’m a single mum i like to pre prepare as much as I can. Which means making bulk foods and freezing. This would make that job so easy!!

  301. Nutrition and quality food is extremely important for our Bub. The Tommy Tippee steamer allows for not only nutritious meals but ease in preparing those meals. I know exactly what is in his food and can make in advance and freeze for those busy times.

  302. Amber Cubis Reply

    I love that it cooks and blends the food in one space saving time and washing up and giving me one less excuse for why I am not cooking babies food from scratch

  303. To be able to make my baby healthy nutritional food mess free and simple

  304. I love how Tommy Tippee makes life so much easier with young children and comes up with great time saver designs.

  305. Less washing up! Anything that cuts down on the amount of washing up is a winner in my books 🙂

  306. I love that once a steam cycle has finished, the unit will automatically blend meaning no decanting is necessary between steps. Healthy meals with less mess means I have the ability to make/use it when I’m still half asleep!

  307. Time is something every new mum lacks – but this blender steamer has got your back! 🙂

  308. It looks like a great time saver, and an ideal way to encourage people to feed baby fresh food, rather than processed convenience baby foods.

  309. Steaming is the best way to hold the nutritional value into the food and thats so important to us for our son. We want the very best for him and his health. It would also make it so easy for me for cooking and cleaning up.

  310. With our first bub on the way after a long stint of IVF, I know my partner has been through enough without additional daily struggles. Anything I can do to make motherhood easier for her I will do.
    However when I’m going to be at work there is little I can do to help. So what can I do? Maybe win her a Tommee Tippee… Sounds good to me.
    Food prep, cleaning up and being on ‘baby-watch’ with no sleep will no doubt be a chore, but I know with this, it’s one less thing to worry about and hopefully it means more time being the mum she’s been dreaming of being.

  311. Sacha Pech Reply

    Being a new mum brings with it so much stress, worries, guilt. I love that the Tommee Tippee you know exactly what ingredients you’re feeding bubs because you’re making it from scratch. A huge time saver as well – which takes a load off!

  312. Love love love the all-in-one function! I’m not skilled at chopping and dicing (it takes me forever) and I love that I won’t be moving the food around and having to use and wash multiple utensils!

  313. Cherie Davis Reply

    Sounds so simple and easy and what more do you want but these 2 things with a babe?

  314. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I hate cleaning so having one machine to steam and then blend in will save me time and stress

  315. Harlie Foster Reply

    I love most of all how quick and easy it is with how busy we all are having a machine that steams and blends in one would just make life with a baby easier

  316. even though it does all of those amazing things quickly and easily; it is still compact enough to tuck away in a cupboard without trying to find a spot for all sorts of crazy attachments that take up more space than the machine!

  317. Selina Bowers Reply

    I like it that it is so easy to use even a GrandMum-ma can use it as we didn’t have anything as good as this when raising my children. Just LOVE it!

  318. I love anything that saves me time and Money! And it is stylish so it will look great on the bench .

  319. Holy this is amazing I love so many features of especially that that it cuts, steams and blends for you such a time saver and less dishes to wash too.

  320. Rachael Jose Reply

    I love the convienience and ease to make healthy nutritious meals for the kids growing up

  321. Quick and easy to make food, even my husband can get cooking! Yes please!

  322. Acacia Urso Reply

    I don’t have a lot of time on my hands with 3 kids five and under. My littlest won’t start solids until December but this will save me so much time! And what mum doesn’t love an extra 5 minutes to herself per day?

  323. Lynda Pollock Reply

    My daughter is Lactose Intolorent so it would be great to be able to make all sorts of foods she can eat without having to check every label for milk products.

  324. So simple to use, making weeknight dinners with one big kid and one bubba so much easier and faster!

  325. Anna Grant Reply

    This would save so much precious time making food for Bub, it would make my life with 3 kids so much easier.

  326. This would come in handy with a energiesed toddler and a baby. Espeacilly when kids are sick and want their mum. This would help me a lot and save me time. Time is what I don’t have enough of

  327. This would have been such a time saver when my boys were little, such a great way to prepare nutritious foods easily. If I won it, I’d give it to my nephew as his beautiful bub was recently diagnosed with a hole in the heart and they need all the help they can get until she has surgery and during recovery

  328. What is not to love? Anything that makes the job of being a mum that bit easier with timers, customisable and less dishes is a godsend in my eyes. Lease save my son from mediocre puréed foods and let me whip up delicious treats for my older two.

  329. Easy food prep, would help out with my older 2 while i start the little one on solids. And easy to clean 🙂

  330. I love that it cooks healthy meals quick and easy.Which is what you need when you havr a hungry little bub.

  331. I love that it steams and blends all in the one unit, saving precious time and making it much easier for me to resist buying easy quick food pouches.

  332. Dr Alissa Irene Buda Reply

    This is a must have for a busy Mum – it’s has a timer so Tommee Tippee have already planned how they can make my day easier setting me up to be one step ahead of the kids at dinner time!

  333. Emma Stewart Reply

    I love the words “automatic”! i love how stylish it looks, i love that it will help make my life easier…will soon be a mum of 4 with a husband who works away…this will be a GODSEND!

  334. I love that this has so many options and looks to be quick and effective

  335. I love that it’s a Steam and blend all in one,
    Just a quick prep and bubs food is done.

  336. Mick Gillies Reply

    That its not only a steamer and blender but produced with the reliability Tommee Tippee always promises

  337. I love the fact that it steams and/or blends depending on what you want to do. Would make making bubs food so much easier for a first time mum.

  338. Jemma Berkett Reply

    Looks like a great time saver. Another brilliant tommee tippee product.

  339. The convenience! It’s all about convenience and time saving 🙂

  340. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    The ease of use, when you have a small bub you don’t need the hassle trying to learn how to use a new appliance. Plus the reduction of washing up is a plus for everyone!

  341. Tracey Taylor Reply

    Daughter has requested that all food be prepared in a safe, non toxic, healthy way so I need to comply for visitation rights.

  342. Moyra Dinsmor Reply

    Between slow cookers and a Tommie Tippie Steamer my life would be so much better, bubs would be having wonderful food and so too the older kids never mind dad and mum!!!

  343. Kelly bennett Reply

    I love that it does everything all in one machine! No more messy kitchen with saucepan steamers, and blenders! How brilliant

  344. I am entering on behalf of a beautiful new young mum who has her hands full. The Tommee Tippee would be a welcome addition to this family. The versatility and ease of use would certainly make life easier, less complicated and a great time saver. An all-rounder! It could even make you consider having a second!!!

  345. Jessica Morris Reply

    I can produce cost effective nutritious meals and savd time on meal prep… which means more time spent with my favourite little people

  346. Karlia West-Sullivan Reply

    I love that it’s simple and easy to use and it means I dont have to buy pre packaged baby foods so I know exactly what I’m feeding my son and not giving him a whole heap of preservatives and additives that come in store brought baby foods. Plus it’s healthier and time saving.

  347. Having a new baby home with me
    I need to do things more efficiently!
    The steamer blender by Tommee Tippee
    Creates nutritious meals in a jiffy!
    Plus the clever, two-in-one design,
    Means less time washing up, and more for wine!!

  348. Karen Harris Reply

    I love the ease in which to use the steamer, and most importantly know that all Tommee Tippee products are reliable and long lasting.

  349. I love so many things about this magic machine. I can create pure, healthy food for bub, while the machine blends it and steams it, leaving me nothing else to do but bond with the child….. 🙂

  350. ledam nguyen Reply

    cook in bulk to save time and money because of my busy lifestyle.

  351. Cheyne Ennis Reply

    I’ve seen this tecnique used by my sister with excellent results. Saving time and know you are getting quality food for bub.

  352. Kim Campbell Reply

    Fantastic device for preparing healthy meals for our most precious, a time saver for time poor mums.

  353. I love how easy this is to use especially for my daughter who cant cook (lol) and bub will have amazing vegie meals 🙂

  354. Sarah-Joe Williams Reply

    I love the idea of how easy it is to prepare fresh food for my little man. Getting nervous about how to stay on top of the varieties he needs.

  355. Ashley Beech Reply

    I love that it’s quick and easy to use,
    the multi function is perfect
    and means less washing up to do!

  356. Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Love the all in one design for easy cleaning and the auto timer for those times I’m not going to be able to stand around and cook

  357. andie harrie Reply

    Baby food done quick and easy
    I will also steam everyone veggie
    I love the ease clean style
    Auto timer will make me smile

  358. Kathleen Usher Reply

    The ease of not having multiple things to keep track of and not creating any more washing up!

  359. Melissa Soudakoff Reply

    Perfect way to whip up a nutritious meal for the kids, buy with less hassle!

  360. I love how it’s all in one and simple, especially when your an exhausted mum all you want is something easy to use that makes healthy little meals for your baby

  361. Love the different options for the different stages of bubs development and introduction to solids. Such a convenient and smart appliance it really does tick all the boxes

  362. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I love as a busy struggling single mother,
    it helps cook healthy dishes for the kids,
    it’s simple to use even when I am exhausted.

  363. Karen mckenzie Reply

    As a besotted first time aunty, the tommee tippee steamer blender will let me blend and leave my sister to defend the bottom line:)

  364. Lisa Wright Reply

    My lovely daughter has a new son, now 3 months old. She is an amazing relaxed new mum and bubby is so calm. The feeding solids solutions & healthy options would be a well deserved gift for both mum and bub in the very near future and onwards. I know mum will feel she is doing the very best she can with delivering healthy foods with the assistance of this fabulous device!

  365. A fulltime working mum am I, the evenings just seem to fly, I already make all bubs food, but this would save me time accrued. It’s give more time to cherish my life and not be chained to the stove in strife. Please pick me, this would be the best, and I’ll be putting it through a rigorous test!

  366. Laura scriven Reply

    It’s all in one for me,
    Which fills me with glee!
    Fuss free is a need,
    As the wailing baby pleads!

  367. Danielle English Reply

    I love the idea that all the goodness I choose in the foods I give my baby stay locked in what I prepare.

  368. The food steamer not only is a time saver but also saves you the trouble to go over many appliances, dirtying different pots so, it’s also a money saver

  369. Sonja Cooper Reply

    The perfect way to know exactly what your baby is eating. So easy & convenient & ensures fresh healthy food for your bub

  370. Ellen Robbins Reply

    I love that it sounds like I can use it even in the depths of sleep deprivation!

  371. Sally Forrest Reply

    Tommee Tippee I love the set and forget, steams nutritious food, safer than cooking over a stove top too, puree to chunky and most of all easy clean, would make this time poor mum spend less hours in the kitchen and more time with my children 🙂

  372. Tommee Tippee is a mom’s must-have! We all want to give the best to our babies when it comes to food. We choose the best ingredients, to make sure that our precious ones will get all the vitamins and minerals. A cooking method is very important. Boiling reduces nutrients content in vegetables to a minimum, while steaming preserves it in the best way. That’s why Tommee Tippee is so needful in our kitchens. Plus it’s a great time saver!

  373. Jacoba Evans Reply

    No saucepans to drag out of the cupboard and then wash.
    One step convenience to create a nutritious meal for my baby.

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