Video: The Problems with Preschool, According to a Two-Year-Old


Some kids are over the moon to start preschool. Then there is Mila.

Mila couldn’t be less impressed with the notion of preschool. And she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion in a video that will have you laughing out loud.

If you haven’t met Mila Stauffer yet, then consider this video your formal introduction. Mila is one half of the Stauffer twins and she is pretty much the cutest thing to stir up social media lately. She may only be two but she knows what she wants. And this spunky little tot has no problems expressing it.

Take her opinion on preschool, for example. After spending a day amongst the commoners in kinder, Mila regales us with her experiences in a soliloquy even Shakespeare would be proud of. Complete with grandiose gestures and eye rolls, the pure theatrics of this little diva will bring a smile to your face. Even her extensive vocabulary is over-the-top adorable!

As we quickly learn from Mila’s rant, preschool clearly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The influx of stapler throwing and peeing on friends has clearly left a bad taste in the tot’s mouth. There is far too much chaos in preschool and, as Mila so eloquently outlines,”kids are insane.”

Well said, wise wee one. Well said.

Katie Stauffer, Mila’s mum, has the hilarious task of filming Mila’s monologues and sharing them to social media. As you can imagine, little Mila and her equally adorable twin, Emma, have quite the following.cute twins Mila and Emma Stauffer

We predict acting may be in this little one’s career path. After she graduates preschool, of course.

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