We Love a Good Secret and This Seriously Has to be the Best Kept Secret EVER

These new parents deliberately withheld some very critical information during their pregnancy. But what is this best-kept secret?

While they didn’t find out the sex at all along the way, they DID know they were having twins. The thing is, they didn’t tell their family or friends (even their parents!) until after the birth and caught it all on video.

Bravo, I don’t know how you could keep that to yourself, but well done.

What magical moments captured beautifully on film!

YouTube video

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  1. Avatar of Deb Williams
    Deb WilliamsReply

    That was awesome, well done guys on keeping that quite, Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing it with us <3

  2. Avatar of John Halls

    6 minutes and 42 seconds of beautiful magic! So glad I watched it.

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