IT’S A WRAP: The Magic, the Colour and the People Behind the 2015 Credit Union Christmas Pageant

At 6.20am we could already tell that the day was going to be perfect. Not too hot, not too cold with just the right amount of spring sunshine to warm up our Christmas spirit.

Having covered last year’s Credit Union Pageant with gusto, we thought that this year may not be as exciting. We were WRONG.

It may as well have been our first time all over again! There is, quite simply, a very real and pure magic to this event. And the magic comes from the thousands and thousands of hearts committed to this project. You really get a sense of love as you move through the grounds of Pulteney Grammar School, so generously donated every year. The world-class event is free and accessible for all families that can make it there and for those that aren’t able to attend, it’s televised on free-to-air tv.

It is surely something to be proud of in our state and we’ve brought you all the people and the colour! That’s 88 moving sets, over 3000 costume pieces and 3.3kms of performers. AH-MAZING. Scroll through our photo album and be sure to share with your friends… especially if you recognise any of them in the photos!

And that’s a wrap! We are so excited to bring you our favourite behind the scenes moments from this year’s Credit Union…

Posted by Mum Central on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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