She’s a fascinating force whose beauty and charm bewitches. With a wink and a smile she draws you into a fantastical and mad world. She unleashes her spell, creating a mesmerizing potion.

It’s time to work your magic.  Introducing the new fragrance … Katy Perry’s Mad Potion.

Katy Perry’s Mad Potion is a spellbinding oriental musk. The fragrance is rich with deliciously seductive vanillas from around the world. The duo of glowing amber and jasmine petals provide a twist of mysterious and playful fun.

Light-hearted and playful, Katy Perry’s Mad Potion embraces her fantastical side which is reflected throughout the imagery of the campaign.

Katy plays the role of the magician and grabs all the madness and quirky ingredients that float around her and places them in her magic hat.


As she puts the flying kitty, dice, stars and moons in her magic hat, she creates the mesmerizing Mad Potion.



To celebrate its release, we’ve got 10 bottles up for grabs for our lucky readers. Simply complete the entry form below and you could be a winner!

Win 1 of 15 Bottles of ‘Mad Potion’ – Katy Perry’s New Fragrance


Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.


  1. Connie Christensen Reply

    id like this so i can smell something other than baby vomit (i can hope cant I?)

  2. christine morris Reply

    Thanks very much for the chance, have not tried Katy Perry’s perfume, i think i would like it. 🙂

  3. Kathy Edwards Reply

    would love it for my 14 year old grandaughter for christmas who is a fanatical Katy Perry fan and i mean fanatical. she lives and breathes Katy and her Katy Perry collection is so awesome. thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  4. Have one of Katy Perry’s perfumes & it is devine so having the new one will be awesome.

  5. this would be perfect for me, I love mystery and need some magic in my life

  6. I could do with some Mad Potion to act as a love potion with it’s seductive scent and spellbinding magic for some fun in my life.

  7. Mandy Graham Reply

    My 2 fave things in life; Katy Perry and perfume. LOVE IT! Sharing xxx 🙂

  8. Sam Minshull Reply

    I am as mad for katy perry as I am for perfum! these are 2 of my favourite things!

  9. paula harris Reply

    This is my daughter’s all time FAVOURITE perfume and would love to pop it in her Christmas stocking (with the matching moisturizer and shower gel I’ve got her already).

  10. The spritz of this fragrance, left in the air as you walk away. Leaving an impression.

  11. Mad not to want MAD from this marvellous magical musical madcap. Love here and her curiously cute and colourful clothing creations..

  12. I love Katy perry and all her other perfumes have been amazing I’d love this

  13. Julia Morton Reply

    as she is so vibrant and fun I would love to try this and feel feminine and beautiful

  14. Janelle Hall Reply

    My best friend’s daughter absolutely loves Katy Perry! She would love this perfume 🙂

  15. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love the bottle…so pretty and the makeup of the perfume sounds beautiful…I could imagine this smelling tantalisingly good.

  16. Lynne Lillington Reply

    I tried a sample and it surely will turn heads with its magic scent

  17. Melissa Kagie Reply

    Well people say I’m mad at times so this would be the perfect potion for me!

  18. Shere corn Reply

    My Miss 10 is a Avid Fan of Katy Perry,
    She has owned her other fragrances & keeps the bottles because they are So pretty.. She also saw her in Concert & has her CDs playing Non-Stop..
    I’d love to give this to her for a Suprise Christmas Present 🙂
    Thank You for the opportunity

  19. my gals love katy perry and they named their kitten Kitty Purry lol

  20. nomeenomes Reply

    I would love to win a bottle of this perfume, to give to a friend who is as mad for Katy Perry as I am. She and some friends surprised me with a Katy Perry impersonator for my birthday, even though they couldn’t be there to share in the fun that brought.

  21. My 13yr old niece loves Katy Perry’s perfume would love to give it to her for Christmas

  22. I don’t often get to treat myself but this is something I would truly love and appreciate. Who doesn’t like to smell nice! & Katy Perry’s fragrance would be amazing.

  23. I would LOVE to win a bottle of Katy Perry’s awesome new fragrance ‘Mad Potion’ because not only does it sound like it would finally be my new favourite perfume after spending years looking for more than the one I’ve been using, it has a very cool name and the bottle looks really groovy! I can see myself being very happy and I’m excited thinking about being lucky enough to own one. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  24. Michelle Green Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter who turns 17 just after Christmas. She loves Katy Perry and her perfumes.

  25. Lucia Saal Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with Katy Perry and would love to win this for her!

  26. melanie whittle Reply

    im mad about perfume would be a great christmas pressie for myself

  27. She is so fantastic, and beautiful, her perfume must be beautiful too, would love to wear it.

  28. As a perfumeaholic I love to delight in new perfumes and this one has amazing scents included in it such as vanilla, musk and apple. Im sure I would smell amazing and certainly would capture everyones attention.

  29. Scott Crumlin Reply

    For my friend Alyssa who is MAD for anything Katy Perry. Just to see her face on Christmas Day!!!

  30. Wendy Christidis Reply

    To surprise my little niece who is obsessed with Katy Perry 🙂 She would really get so excited to have this perfume !

  31. shelbyward Reply

    If Katy Perry is as perfectionist in creating a fragrance as she is in music, it will be a scent that hits the mark!

  32. Brianna Taylor Reply

    For my Katy Perry obsessed cousin! She loves everything Katy, including her previous perfumes 🙂

  33. To cast a spell of the senses over my boyfriend, in an effort to get him to join the mad side!

  34. OOOH…. I bet this smells like a Teenage Dream, I woulds give this to my partner. She will Roar with Happiness!

  35. Katy Perry is Adorbs, as my daughter would say, this would be a lovely surprise for her as she is a big fan.

  36. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love starting the year off with a new outlook and new scent! I’d love to be charmed by Katy’s perfume.

  37. Katy’s new perfume has a fabuliciously adorable aroma, sweet smelling notes with a twist of MAD!!

  38. Adele Smith Reply

    I have Katy Perry’s other scent and it is purr-fectly deliciousas I’m sure this one will be absolutely madness…would love to find out.

  39. My sis has lost a lot of weight, and gained new fitness, pizzazz and confidence. I would love to win this for her so she can jump into the upcoming Christmas events with a whole lot of fun and madness.

  40. Julie Hodsman Reply

    I am in desperate need of some new fragrance. Would love to give this a try.

  41. Andieharrie Reply

    Divine aroma of Mad Potion
    Winning will Fill me with emotion
    Katy Perry’s happy style
    And Pretty pink bottle makes me smile

  42. Debi Harris Reply

    My daughter loves Katy Perry but hasn’t had a chance to see her in concert, this would be the next best thing.

  43. I am almost out of perfume, which is danger zone material, and as my partner is working the other side of Australia I am left to buy my own Christmas gift… winning this would result in several people being winners, me, my partner, and all the beautiful people who get to smell me wearing this fab fragrance!! PLEASE HELP! xx

  44. Natasha Soranna Reply

    I have a 6 month old that doesn’t sleep! This will be in case I dont have a chance tonshower haha

  45. Always keen to try a new fragrance, and to win would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  46. humptydumpedme Reply

    Katy perry fragrance is extremely sweet smelling fall in love with gorgeous and lingers for ages, I want some so bad

  47. Love the Katy Perry fragrances and would dearly love to give this new one a try out for sure

  48. Love to win it for my sister as a thank you for all the help she has given me as she is in love with this perfume

  49. Belinda Belinda Reply

    I’d love to put a spell on everyone with the potion scent!

  50. Linda Luczak Reply

    My husband says I’m mad. Katy Perry’s new fragrance should suit me well then. Would love to try it!

  51. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I would love to win a bottle for my daughter, she is crazy about both perfume and Katy Perry

  52. Jessica Wolff Reply

    I would love to win this perfume to add a little bit of magical madness to my Christmas this year. I know that all the girls will be dying to try it!

  53. renae donohue Reply

    because katy is perfection! i have all the others, so now i need this to complete my set

  54. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    she is amazing & id love to meet her but if I was to win her perfume id be happy

  55. Wendy Hatton Reply

    As a gift for my daughter who is a mad keen Katy fan and loves to add to her scent collection too.

  56. Sarah Stephenson Reply

    My daughter and I went to the concert together and it’s a memory I’ll treasure forever. I’d love to giver her this prize to let her know what a special night I had with her at the KP concert.

  57. NICOLE NOBLE Reply

    Love to show my Katy Perry devotion by wearing the gorgeous “Mad Potion”.

  58. Rachelle D. Reply

    Who doesn’t love a new fragrance especially when the main scent is vanilla, it sounds awesome!! 🙂 🙂

  59. Would love a new fragrance, although I’m sure if I win this, my daughter is gonna pinch it 🙂

  60. Shu-Ching Chang ( Sonia) Reply

    My youngest daughter is fan of Katy Perry and love Katy Perry perfume. This prize would bring surprise for her . I do know Katy Perry .

  61. Veronica Paterson Reply

    It would be MAD to win a bottle of Katy Perry’s ‘Mad Potion’ for my daughter, for her birthday which is 10 days before Christmas.

  62. Michelle Leach Reply

    I would love to win this for my MAD but gorgeous sister in law who loves collecting perfume bottles. Thanks for the chance xx

  63. itsthepricey Reply

    Would to add Mad to my collection of Katy Perry perfumes! Love, love, love

  64. Monika Hennessy Reply

    Xmas time again, time for gifts and cheer,
    My Xmas wish is Katy Perry’s perfume this year.

  65. Mz Bustamante Reply

    To tantalise my senses, leaving delicious scents lingering, a potion of paradise I would love to have the pleasure of owning!

  66. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Me and my girls love perfume and we all want to smell as nice as Katy Perry

  67. darrell perabo Reply

    my wife would love this it would match her purple hair crazy girl

  68. Mmmm, decisions decisions. For my daughter, or my wife! Maybe I best get two.

  69. Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    As a single mum with a young child I don’t actually get any Christmas presents bought for me so it would be nice to have something special for myself and try something new

  70. My lovely neighbour has had a difficult year, a beautiful gift of Mad Potion, would brighten up her Christmas

  71. Traci Hampson Reply

    Because I am crazy MAD, MAD as a hatter, I embrace being MAD, I love being MAD and this beautiful fragrance would suit me to a high tea 🙂

  72. I am completely mad for Katy Perry! Winning would make my christmas very merry! A new summer scent I desperately need. Sweet and floral, a feminine fragrance indeed!

  73. Charl Lowther Reply

    Sounds delightful! I know someone special who would adore this fragrance!

  74. I’d love to be able to gift this to my daughter who is a huge Katy Perry fan and just starting to get into perfume, makeup etc

  75. Justine Liane Reply

    Love her voice, love her style, and I’m sure I’ll love her Mad Potion too!

  76. I’d love to really, really surprise my teen daughter with this fabulous perfume!

  77. I love celebrity perfumes so this would be a great one to add to my collection.

  78. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Vanilla and musk are a great combination, which I wear daily, but this is very swish. Although my darling daughter would love this, I don’t know if I would generously share or greedily keep it to myself!

  79. Kelly Mather Reply

    Will make the perfect Christmas present for my 14 year old daughter.

  80. Never bought perfume before so would love my first one to be Katy Perry’s as she is my favorite artist!

  81. Beki Fowler-Mills Reply

    Would make a nice Christmas present for my brst friend.

  82. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Even when things are tough, putting on perfume as I wheel out the door, my head says “yep, you can do this, keep going”

  83. Stephanie West Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle to give to my mum for Christmas. It’s been a really tough year money, health and study wise for myself, but even tougher for my um who supports me in everything I do.

  84. Tony Avery Reply

    I need a bit more luck in the dating department – I think its time for me to cast a spell with Katie Perry’s Mad Potion!

  85. Gillian Harridge Reply

    Katy Perry perfumes are gorgeous, smell so good. Busting to try this one too.

  86. I would LOVE to win a bottle for my 13 year old for Christmas. She is so fussy this year but does love perfume and also loves Katy Perry so this would be a for sure winner!

  87. Matt Brown Reply

    So many females in my family would love this. A great Christmas present, but who will get it??

  88. Lesley Brown Reply

    I’m a little bit mad, a little bit crazy .. this fragrance has my name all over it.

  89. I’d love to give it to my cousin as a present, she thought that my moving near here would be great for learning girly things but I don’t even own any makeup!

  90. With this magic potion I’ll create an elixir that puts a spell on my hubby so I can charm him into getting whatever I want for Christmas.

  91. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My youngest daughter love Katy Perry’s perfume. It is a beautiful prize . Thank you.

  92. Karen Pamment Reply

    I would love to win this for my fashionista daughter who loves Katy Perry!!!

  93. To spray it on my wife and imagine she’s Katy Perry lol We can call it magical fantasy spray.
    Don’t get me wrong, my wife’s killer gorgeous but I have this thing for Ms Perry 😉

  94. jane whelan Reply

    I would love this for my great niece who is obsessed with Kathy Perry. She has had a tough couple of years with bullying. She is a lovely girl and deserves something nice for a change.

  95. LadyTiffany OfGlencoe Reply

    Nothing makes Christmas and New Years as special as a wonderful scent from Katy Perry

  96. Simone Lee Reply

    My mums husband used to buy her perfume for christmas before he passed away… it would be lovely to be able to give her a Katy Perry scent as delicious as this one x

  97. I’m sure it’s tops – Katy Perry is a natural perfectionist and I can’t wait to have a “wiff” of this!

  98. Vicki Patterson Reply

    The combination of ingredients in this Mad Potion is magical enough to make any lady Roar

  99. Lara Daebritz Reply

    Christmas shopping means parking hassles, bills and queues;
    All those purchasing decisions result in festive shopping blues
    So this bottle of Mad Potion means one gift I don’t have to choose!

  100. Kelly-Marie Rowe Reply

    Rest of my family is mad, maybe if I have a bottle of this I’ll fit in with them on Christmas day

  101. Nicole Mattick Reply

    Always on the lookout for a new, exciting and magical fragrance and this sounds like a real winner. Especially if it’s as mad as I am! 😉

  102. jan wilson Reply

    would love to win to give to my daughter for a pressie and hope by magic she will share with me

  103. Christie Louise Reply

    Oooh Katy Perry perfume!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter!
    I would absolutely love to win this prize- as everyone knows, Christmas can be a tricky time as a single mum trying to put gifts under the tree. This would be absolutely wonderful!

  104. Katy’s Mad Potion would set my senses in motion.
    A feeling as deep as the ocean.
    It will make a commotion.

  105. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Katy Perry perfume is my daughter ‘s wish. Thank you. Have nice weekend everyone.

  106. My daughter loves Katy Perrys ‘Purr’ so this would be an awesome christmas present for her

  107. Jane Gardam Reply

    Would love to be able to dab a little Mad potion”” on , hopefully wont make me any madder than I already am.

  108. Carol James Reply

    I love Katy Perry and would love to try her Perfume thank you for the chance

  109. It is my birthday soon and I would love to have ths gorgeous perfume from my favourite singer

  110. Krystal Ovenden Reply

    I love vanilla scents & think this would be a great little fragrance to be wearing this summer.

  111. Anastasia Xynos Reply

    I’m running low on perfumes and this would be a lovely addition.

  112. Karen Stevens Reply

    I would love to try this perfume and could always do with a little more “mad” in my life.

  113. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love Katy Perry’s mad and bright side and could use some madness and brightness. 🙂

  114. Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    My sister is a crazy Katy Perry fan and this would be an awesome surprise Christmas gift for her!

  115. louise mulvey Reply

    Katy Perry is passionate and inspires so many people – her new fragrance ‘Mad’ will be as awesome as she is , and I would love this for my 16 year old – Thanks for the competition opportunity

  116. Karla Jurczakowski Reply

    My daughter lights up when she sees this scent in store. And it smells amazing on her! I would love to see her light up every morning like this.

  117. Jim Riddle Reply

    For my daughter who is a Katy Perry fan, now to wear her perfume I’d be her biggest fan

  118. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I love Katy Perry, great role model, I have also had her other perfume, would love to have and try this one

  119. Terri Todd Reply

    I would give it to my daughter for Christmas because things are looking a bit sad this year.

  120. Katrina Jones Reply

    money is crazy tight this year but if I won I’d love to share it with my 16 yr old daughter. we both are mad fans of Katy Perry 🙂

  121. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    I’ve not bought perfume for such a long time, being a stay at home Mum doesn’t afford me such luxuries, and know I won’t be getting any pressies for Christmas (that’s OK, I’m a big girl now, lol). Oh but how I would love to win this, just because, I am a girly girl and love all things pretty and scented.

  122. Catherine Cannon Reply

    I would love this under my tree this Christmas. It would make me feel like a rock star every time I wore it.

  123. Harley Trashbag Ciempka Reply

    I’d go mad for a potion that can have me smelling sweet and add a little magic to my life

  124. As a mum, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve, but Katy Perry’s Mad Potion is one concoction I’d use daily!

  125. I love Katy and would love to smell like even if I can’t look like her.

  126. Teresa Clark Reply

    Would love to have this under the christmas tree for a special treat for myself

  127. This would be the best christmas present for my daughter as she is the biggest Katy Perry fan!

  128. We went to her concert and using her Fragrance would be a awesome reminder of that fabulous night!

  129. I am as mad as a hatter and this may just Be what I need to calm me down. Katy Perry doesn’t put her name to just anything and it sounds special to me. I would love to win a bottle please

  130. Deborah Osborne Reply

    I’m a Carer of a teen I’d love to surprise her as she’s my granddaughter.

  131. Wish I could win this to gift it to my best friend’s daughter this Christmas.

  132. I’d be mad as a hatter if I missed out on Katy’s pretty Potion. Love her music, would love to try her fragrance.

  133. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    My daughter is Mad about Katy Perry, this is definitely her type of Poison

  134. Caroline Nicholls Reply

    Bubble bubble toil and trouble – Katy’s mixed a mad new potion and 1 has this little mystics name on it hopefully 🙂

  135. Kristy Grey Reply

    <3 Katy Perry Is Amazing At Singing I Bet Her Mad Potion Scent Would Make Me Smell Like A Superstar I Would Be Mad Not To Want To Try It!! <3

  136. I love her quirkiness and fun outlook. I’m sure seeing this each day and using it would bring a great song to mind … kickstarting my day.

  137. My 8 year old daughter is Katy Perry mad. She would love this perfume. It would make her Christmas to receive a bottle!

  138. Tracy Andreatta Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle so my girls will stop using my perfume .

  139. Nikita Tasi Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle as I have the other Katy fragrances but haven’t gotten the chance to put my hands onto this one!

  140. love to win Katy Perry new fragrance just to see what all the hype is about

  141. Mandy Seeger Reply

    My 16 year old niece would love this!! So hard to buy for teenagers, this would be perfect!

  142. Carol Mason Reply

    What a perfect gift for my granddaughter who keeps pinching her mothers perfume.

  143. Bec D'owney Reply

    Mad? Looks like a magic potion to me, sending the opposite sex into heaven-SCENT lust!

  144. My hubby goes mad for vanilla…so I need some Mad Potion now PLEASE!

  145. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    Id love to unwrap this on Christmas day. Sounds like a lovely fragrance for summer.

  146. rebecca maurer Reply

    I love the smell of vanilla when it rains and summer is here. Why not smell like hot summer days with this beatiful fragrance

  147. Christopher King Reply

    Katy Perry’s released a Fragrance.
    Goodness me. Such flagrance!
    ‘Mad Potion’ is what it’s called.
    O-oh, Daughter. I should have told…
    Christmas Gift under the Tree,
    Spray, not drink it. It’s perfume, you see!

  148. This looks SCENTsational! I smelt a bottle and I liked it! It will make me Roar!

  149. Katy Perry is my hero. I watched a show of her on TV just last week, the music was incredible. My husband is almost 68 and I a in my mid 50’s and we boogied along to her music… Her perfume would be stunning just like she is. Thank you for this opportunity. xxx

  150. Elizabeth Jackson Reply

    I adore this gorgeous Fragrance. How do I love thee! I love thee way it looks, I love the way it smells, I love the way it makes me feel. Oh I just love everything about thee

  151. Katy Perry creates stunning scents that always get compliments, the bottle would look stunning sitting alongside it’s fellow Perry fragrances.

  152. emma harris Reply

    Tell us why you’s want to win a bottle Hmmmm Where to start……
    A. Because its free perfume who wouldnt want free perfume 😉
    B. Because i have katy perrys other perfumes which smell amazing bet this one is good 2
    C. Would be a nice gift FOR MYSELF for christmas 🙂 i could get my 3 & 4 year old to wrap it up for me and put under the tree then ill act surprised when i open it on christmas day 🙂

  153. Jill Haslam Reply

    Katy Perry perfumes are wonderful and if I won a bottle of Mad Potion I would give it to my daughter who is a very busy working Mum of two children. She never seems to take time for herself and I usually give her half used bottles of my perfume when she has run out.

  154. Belinda Rankin Reply

    Katy Perry is an intriguing person and this fragrance sounds lovely

  155. staceyshailer Reply

    I’d love to have a treat of new perfume just for myself!

  156. Michelle Gray Reply

    Katy Perry is a real hit with my hard to buy for niece, this would be perfect!!


    My youngest daughter loves this perfume….I gave some to her last Christmas….be great to win and gift it to her this year

  158. Thanks for the opportunity, I tend not to buy for myself so this would be a real treat 🙂

  159. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    I have not tried this scent. I have all the others and they are gorgeous.

  160. Gail Davies Reply

    I would love to win because I am out of perfume and sadly Santa won’t be bringing any !!!

  161. Sheldyn Warwick-Hart Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle for my bestie. She’s a huge katy perry fan!

  162. Lizzie Midgley Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle to try something new in the fragrance department. I’ve been wearing the same fragrance for 15 years. Might be time for a change.

  163. Kerri Bull Reply

    I’d love to win as a special treat for myself.
    Merry Christmas to me 😉

  164. Emma Dosser Reply

    Katy Perry you are an inspiration to all ages, a shining star! simply gorgeous with such glitz and glamour, be dazzling your audiences with your magic potion, your fragrance is what I need for my dancing star who wants to be just like you

  165. I would love to win this for my 6year old daughters birthday who is mad about Katy perry

  166. I would love to give this to my little sister for her christmas present as she adores the beautiful Katy Perry

  167. Stephanie Merrington Reply

    I’d absolutely love to win as every mum deserves a treat every now again, and what’s better than a new scent!

  168. Love to give it to my daughter as she is a huge Katie Perry fan 🙂

  169. Jade Flynn-O'Brien Reply

    I have smelt this in stores and it is divine, it doesn’t hurt that it’s Katy Perry’s perfume and she always has amazing taste. I’d love to win this because I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry’s but being a pensioner I can’t afford to buy them. 🙁

  170. Karen Edwards Reply

    This is on my Christmas wish list would love to win and get the kiddies to wrap it for under the tree

  171. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    Every Christmas my hubby gives me stuff for the house for Christmas, never has he given me anything personal. Perhaps if I won Katy Perry’s Mad Potion he’d get it!

  172. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    I would love this awesome gift of perfume as a treat for myself.

  173. Deborah Laird Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle for my beautiful 18yr old daughter <3

  174. Crystal Adams Reply

    Need to feel like a new me ready for my new years transformation

  175. Charmaine Campbell Reply

    Last Friday night I had a teenage dream that I kissed a girl, but because I didn’t smell like Katy Perry, she became the one that got away. I need this Mad potion to make me roar!

  176. lisa conolley Reply

    I love vanilla, jasmine petals and delicate, soft musk. So feminine, would love to smell like a princess.

  177. Laura Bertholli Reply

    I’d love to win a bottle because I absoultely adore Katy Perry, and her Purr and Meow perfumes are amazing!

  178. I’m looking for a new perfume and a friend told me this was beautiful.

  179. Julia Mason Reply

    I’d love to win so I can smell amazing when I go out This Friday Night!!!!!

  180. I have sprayed it in the chemist, it’s nice! Would love to have it for me own 🙂 🙂

  181. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    Its been so long since I had my own fragrance , I love Katy Perry and would love to smell amazing 🙂

  182. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I would love to win for my daughter who is a fan of Katy Perry.

  183. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter who has just qualified as a teacher, after studying part time, off campus, working, raising two amazing children and of course a husband. I am so very proud of her to change career paths at this stage in her life

  184. Trish Leonard Reply

    I would love to win this gorgeous Katy Perry Mad Potion for myself. I love her perfume, I’m wearing Purr right now.

  185. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    My daughter is a mad Katy Perry fan. I’d love to give this to her to spoil her and show her how much I love her!

  186. Kat Rogers Reply

    We saw Kary Perry in Sydney this time last year, would love to try her Perfume

  187. Kirsty Bunyan Reply

    My 13 year old cousin is visiting me this Christmas, this would be a great present for her and she’d think I’m really cool! lol!

  188. Rachel amanatidis Reply

    Love Katy perry perfumes I have her other ones and would love to try her latest perfume , I’m sure it smell Devine !

  189. Sue Bowers Reply

    I want to give it too my 15 going on 30 granddaughter, she is an awesome kid and deserves a lttle treat now and again.

  190. I would love to add this to my Katy Perry perfume collection.. Her perfumes are just divine

  191. my nearly 8 yr old daughter loves katy perry…she loves singing the song eye of the tiger…cute…

  192. Cinnamon May Reply

    I have really struggled to find my daughter a Christmas present this year until now!! This is perfect..she adores Katy Perry!!!

  193. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    My daughter would love this she goes crazy with perfumes

  194. Eva Kiraly Reply

    It MAD about that sweet musk scent, it’s the only scent I’ll wear, I’d feel Katy with me everywhere!

  195. Nazesh Kanwal Reply

    Amber and Jasmine makes the perfect combination to fall in love with soem fragrance

  196. Katy is so individual and original.. Magical, MAD potion would be marvellous

  197. This potion is deliciously wicked
    An amazing scent that is transmitted
    Whenever you need to smell fab
    Mad Potion perks up anyone feeling drab

  198. Nicole Strachan Reply

    My daughters are just discovering perfume and they’re mad Katy Perry fans.

  199. Anything that could help me be even a little like Katy Perry has got to be a winner 😛

  200. I adore Katy Perry’s fragrances and this would be a lovely Xmas treat for this pregnant mumma

  201. Lisa Brown Reply

    I love Katie Perry! I also love perfume!! I haven’t had any new perfume for some time now

  202. Peta Jowett Reply

    The 4 kids will drive me mad this holidays, at least I’ll have a perfume to go with it 😛

  203. My daughter and I love Katy as she is a strong woman. Would love some new perfume and think this would be perfect

  204. Kristy Winters Reply

    My kids already call me mad now I’ll have some mad potion to go with the name

  205. I sure could use some Katy Perry magic! I love everything she does, maybe some of that magic could run off huh?!

  206. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I would love to win this for my younger sister she is Katy Perry mad

  207. jody buhagiar Reply

    My niece loves everything Katy Perry, this might tip her over the edge!!

  208. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I would love to win a bottle because I love Katy Perry’s music and her perfumes all smell so good 🙂

  209. Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter she loves Katy Perry, this would be a perfect Christmas present

  210. Cindy Nickels Reply

    I so need to release my inner “Mad”, and I would smell divine doing it!

  211. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    My nearly 10 yr old would DIE for a bottle of this she LOVES Katy Perry !

  212. lennicecummings Reply

    I love the smell of this perfume, I love Jasmine. Its gorgeous!! I would love to win this

  213. this would be an amazing present for my little sister who has been asking me to buy her this perfume.

  214. Nichole Mckee Reply

    I’d Love to win a bottle for our daughter Chloe who is Absolutely Obsessed with Katy Perry

  215. Jan O'Bree Reply

    I donate gifts for teens to our local charity at Christmas and I think there would be a teenage girl out there who would love this perfume!

  216. Grandma PINCHED mine… she’s MAD about it. It’s like a shuffling POTION that get’s her little old feet in motion. I’d have to be under a spell to not want to win a new one.

  217. Tindi Crosbie Reply

    My daughter Angeline is a Force to be reckoned with and has a Pretty Face and now all she needs is a Scent like this to also Trail Blaze !

  218. It looks great and is my favorite color and I recon it will smell fantastic and my kids think I’m mad so it will suit well . Merry Christmas

  219. I would love to win a bottle as my girlfriend has a bottle and it is lovely

  220. Alice Robertson Reply

    I have just had a very big cyst and my right ovary removed today so that it does t cause problems later on in the pregnancy. This would be a fantastic Gift to celebrate that after everything Bubs is a healthy as ever.

  221. I would love to win a bottle of Katy Perry’s Mad Potion, love her other perfumes so this will be breathtaking as well

  222. I’d love this to give to my daughter who is a mad Katy Perry fan of her music & her fragrances! I might keep it & try it myself first though 🙂

  223. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    Mad potion, Mad mother … certainly suits!! 🙂 Would love to try it

  224. Maree Gray Reply

    I love Katy Perry and I am also in need of a new fragrance to wear. Would make a great Christmas present to myself 🙂

  225. Nicole Gurney Reply

    I want to win cause I love Katy perrys music im sure I will love her perfume!

  226. Helen Clark Reply

    I love Katy Perry Perfume so I would love to win this new one

  227. Valerie Wee Reply

    I want to win this for my sis as she loves fragrance, This would be a great gift for her.

  228. julia sheedy Reply

    I would really love to win this for my Niece…she is a huge Katy Perry fan…so much so to the point of obsession…Everything and anything she can have or get on Katy she has….so to win this and be able to give it to her….would so put me in the best Aunty ever spot( even though she says I am already the best Aunty)… and It would also make her one very very Ecstatic young lady. …

  229. carolineavard Reply

    Im a mad nanny and in need of a new fragrance and Katy Perry is one id love to try..

  230. Katy Perry is just so today and per fragrance would make me feel like I have her style and presence, she is amazing

  231. tanya bowers Reply

    i love light fruity fragrant perfumes as i never get it for xmas i would love to get one of her shes my fav singer idol and what an amazing comp

  232. Kate Slack Reply

    I love to try out a new fragrance and I imagine this will be feminine and empowering just like the lady herself!

  233. My husband LOVES Katy Perry, and has bought me one of her perfumes in the past (Purr). He thought it said Puss hahahaha. All of my perfumes have run out now so this would be great!

  234. Because the title reminded me so much of Mad Moxxi! (If that’s correct… I think…) that and it’d make for an awesome gift!

  235. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    I have never owned any perfume this would be a great first time if ever!

  236. Isabeau Jane Reply

    This would be the perfect gift for my best friend for Christmas!!

  237. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I’ve never bought perfume for myself and don’t know where to begin in selecting a perfume, Katy Perry’s Mad Potion would be a perfect start.

  238. Lyndal Griffiths Reply

    the small of this perfume sends me madddddddddddddd, but in a good way!

  239. To bewitch my Christmas bae with not just a wink and a smile, but with the entrancing magic of MAD Potion too.

  240. Katy is so feminine and that bottle is adorable, I would go ‘mad’ for a bottle of this perfume, I tell you, mad!!!! 🙂

  241. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    My daughter is OBSESSED with Katy Perry and if we were to win this she would be so happy, until she ran out of course lol

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