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Join Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band Live on Stage and WIN 1 of 3 Amazing Prizepacks

The stars of the award-winning ABC TV Show Lah-Lah’s Adventures are coming to a Adelaide as part of their whirlwind musical tour!

Not only can your child see their favourite friends from the series, but the live show will also introduce them to an array of music – including jazz, pop, rock n’roll and world music.

To celebrate, we’ve got three awesome prizepacks up for grabs to our readers!


Don’t expect to see the same old thing in this live show. Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band will perform some never before heard Lah-Lah music. You also might not want to expect your little one to stay in her seat. This musical adventure will have your child up in the aisles, singing and dancing to the beat.

After the show the kiddos get a chance to meet the band and even interact with the instruments!

Tickets are on sale right now for the following shows:

  • 14th October: Norwood Concert Hall—10am (SOLD OUT) & 12pm
  • 15th October: Hewitson Theatre, Gawler —10am
  • 16th October: Golden Grove Arts Centre —10am

So come on out and meet Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy the piano accordion, Tom Tom on the drums, Buzz the Bandleader, Lola the Dancing Double Bass and of course, Lah-Lah herself!

buy tickets here



To celebrate Lah-Lah Sing It Out Loud we’ve got three prize packs up for grabs.

Each prize pack is valued at $225 each and includes:

  • 4 Lah-Lah DVDs
  • 2 Lah-Lah CDs
  • A pair of her iconic stripy socks, and
  • A plush Lah-Lah doll

To enter, simply complete the form in full below and comment, telling us what your child loves about Lah-Lah and you could be on of our lucky winners!


Win 1 of 3 Lah-Lah “Sing it Loud” Prizepacks

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  1. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Dancing and singing along with the talented musicians

  2. Avatar of Carol P

    My daughter loves their stripy socks, their music and she loves dancing and singing along with them. She loves getting her musical instruments out and playing along.

  3. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes StewartReply

    Dancing my kids always dance along its adorable

  4. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon DiscombeReply

    How she gets the kids moving and grooving and a love a music this would make my kids go lah lah

  5. Avatar of blackwidow63

    as the kids like to copy with the instruments each time they are on

  6. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne WareReply

    She loves the music – pure and simple – she is hypnotised!!!

  7. Avatar of catherine helbig
    catherine helbigReply

    He loves the instruments amd loves getting up and moving all about and dancing to all the music and cant forget his cute singing along to it

  8. Avatar of Maree Gray

    The music, singing, dancing and playing instruments – absolutely awesome

  9. Avatar of Emma Gloede
    Emma GloedeReply

    My kids love learning about all the instruments and all so the music.

  10. Avatar of Julie

    This would awesome m girls love watching lay lay and have never been to any concerts before

  11. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather PitkeathlyReply

    My LM loves dancing to the music and i absolutely love watching her dance her little heart out. It cracks us both up.

  12. Avatar of Elizabeth Tugyi
    Elizabeth TugyiReply

    My 2yr old son absolutely loves Lah Lah herself! He gets so excited when the show comes on so he can dance and sing along!

  13. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    My son loves all the musical instruments and the sounds they make. Singing with Lah Lah and her band always brings a smile to his face and a spring in his step.

  14. Avatar of Kit Man Ha Hau
    Kit Man Ha HauReply

    My babies love their songs and music and dance to it.

  15. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole GurneyReply

    My kids just love there music and instruments fun and dancing

  16. Avatar of Jessica De Feudis
    Jessica De FeudisReply

    dancing along to the songs together and following the singing

  17. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina EReply

    My tribe of six just love the catchy songs and music. I’m always catching them singing and dancing together and they age better 10-2.

  18. Avatar of Corrinne Attard
    Corrinne AttardReply

    My daughter Luvs the singing and dancing she does with them

  19. Avatar of Rachel K

    The love the songs and the fact it is a “real” band with “real” instruments – guess what they want to be when they grow up?!

  20. Avatar of Kristy Hubbard
    Kristy HubbardReply

    My daughters love the music & dancing & singing! I took them to Lah-Lah’s concert last year & they still constantly talk about interacting with the band members & their instruments after the show!

  21. Avatar of Lorraine Stuart
    Lorraine StuartReply

    My son loves the music which he enjoys dancing to

  22. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    My little man loves to dance to Lah-Lah (his moves are better than Drake)

  23. Avatar of Lauren G

    My daughter loves the music and the bright colours. And of course the stripy socks!

  24. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna TaylorReply

    My son (and I) love the fun catchy songs that stat in your head for hours! We always get up and have a dance when Lah-Lah is on!

  25. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    My little girl starts dancing when she hears the songs from Lah-Lah. She feels excited and happy to see the tv show.

  26. Avatar of Sarah Fairley
    Sarah FairleyReply

    She doesn’t verbalise what she likes, but I know she loves Lah-Lah as they are the first thing that had her entranced with the television, and stopped her taking everything out of the washing basket that I had just put in

  27. Avatar of Jann Trapp


  28. Avatar of Mumof3boys

    My 3 boys love Lah-Lah because they get to see all the different instruments that they don’t get to see anywhere else!

  29. Avatar of Sharyn W

    love love love to watch the singing and dancing and playing the tunes for sure

  30. Avatar of Leonnie Rainsford
    Leonnie RainsfordReply

    learning about different instruments and lots wonderful songs to sing and moves to go with them.

  31. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki CashionReply

    Little miss love to dance and sing along , keeps her entertained for ages .

  32. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidisReply

    It’s just a fun way of learning ,it’s always happy times with Lah Lah

  33. Avatar of Hayley

    My daughter loves the singing, and she loves ‘The secret sound’. She often tells me she’s going to be La La one day.

  34. Avatar of Ineedacoffee

    Its fun, upbeat
    Not grating for parents, unlike the wiggles

  35. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    Our daughter loves music and often gets out her own (plastic) instruments to play a tune.

  36. Avatar of Sarah Sabatino
    Sarah SabatinoReply

    My kids love seeing the instruments, they are always captivated when they are played on Lah Lah. Not generally a musical family but instruments always capture their hearts and minds.

  37. Avatar of marypreston

    The music and the musical instruments – a big draw card.

  38. Avatar of louise mulvey
    louise mulveyReply

    We always laugh and sing and dance when Lah Lah is on. It’s always an adventure to see what’s going to happen next – Thanks Lah Lah for all the songs and great music that the kids and adults love too.

  39. Avatar of Monica Taylor
    Monica TaylorReply

    My son love’s to watch the brush your teeth song while brushing his teeth 🙂

  40. Avatar of Amanda

    We saw them live and my kids loved the opportunity to meet with them afterwards and even try out the instruments.

  41. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz KeskinReply

    Singing and music is a passion in our house, we love watching Lah Lah as this is our love live on tv.

  42. Avatar of Shell Sarah
    Shell SarahReply

    My little girl literally screams for joy when Lah Lah comes on the tv.
    She is behind in her language development, so can’t sing the actual words yet, but she dances like a crazy chick and squeals at everything on the show.
    Mummy loves joining in too coz it’s so much fun with L.L. & the gang.

  43. Avatar of Alicia Cathrene Kimberley
    Alicia Cathrene KimberleyReply

    The singing dancing and the learning about music and instruments

  44. Avatar of Andrea Roberts
    Andrea RobertsReply

    We love Lah-Lah, live music with such a variety of styles it always gets us grooving. My daughter not only loves the songs, but she also loves “The band on the bus” and guessing the instrument in the Secret Sound Cupboard!!

  45. Avatar of Tracey Hall
    Tracey HallReply

    My grand daughter loves this group when on tv everyone has to be quiet , so she can listen and dance.

  46. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana AngelReply

    My daughter is just mesmerised by Lah-Lah and music from the band!

  47. Avatar of Amy

    They love the music and dancing around to her favourites while watching on tv!

  48. Avatar of Chanel Phillips
    Chanel PhillipsReply

    We watch Lah Lah every night before bed, the kids love the ‘Big, Bold & Brassy’ sounds & always ask for just ‘5 more minutes’!

  49. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally LouiseReply

    Singing and dancing is a natural reaction every time we hear the band!

  50. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly LucasReply

    The songs are so catchy and easy for kids to dance and move to

  51. Avatar of Lisa Paterson
    Lisa PatersonReply

    We love the different instruments and fun music to dance too

  52. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    It’s fun and gets her up and dancing and singing; as well as learning new things about instruments and music.

  53. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    My daughter finds Lah Lah fascinating and even educational, she came home naming the different family of instruments!

  54. Avatar of Bianca

    We love tha Lah – Lah is just a awesome band with lots of great songs and they are great after the show too they show you their instruments and you can play them .. such a family orientated band

  55. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen EdwardsReply

    So catchy the whole family loves Lah Lah gets everyone up dancing and singing

  56. Avatar of Louise Dyson
    Louise DysonReply

    My daughter loves the music and learning about the different instruments. She loves dancing to all the different songs & is awestruck with the band after meeting them last year. Lah Lah & Band just encompass all the positive music can be.

  57. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale PearceReply

    The singing and dancing along with Lah Lah and also the stripey clothing especially the socks 🙂

  58. Avatar of jayla1987

    Love lah lah it’s great that kids get to listen to a different style of music other than the crap that’s on telly these days

  59. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie SeilerReply

    My kids just love dancing and singing to the Lah Lahs.

  60. Avatar of Connie Christensen
    Connie ChristensenReply

    my little girl loves pretending to play instruments the little one loves dancing in circles to lah lah’s

  61. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clarkReply

    Would love to spoil my nieces as their parents recently split

  62. Avatar of Cassy26

    My daughter loves the fact that Lah Lah is never ready for bed just like her…..5 more minutes….

  63. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita ThornReply

    My friends little one is the perfect little Princess Ballerina and dances all over the place to the Lah Lahs. Similar to my daughter when she was all about Hi 5. 🙂

  64. Avatar of Jody Smith

    Quirky songs and the use of many different instruments.

  65. Avatar of Val C.

    All the musical instruments, the adventures, songs and excitement, always something happening!

  66. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    Our little Anna’s first live concert was to the recent Lah Lah’s tour here in Tassie. She loves to music and instruments – at 14months old she danced the whole concert, keeping daddy on his toes!

  67. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    We have a variety of musical instruments, not that any of us are any good, but love to watch the kids pickup the instruments and play along with Lah-Lah, its great the way they interact with the show, gives us all a laugh

  68. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampsonReply

    They love how it is real people and cartoon and of course the songs

  69. Avatar of Tania Edwards
    Tania EdwardsReply

    my little ones love the songs and will often dance around and around for ages

  70. Avatar of Bianca Moore
    Bianca MooreReply

    My daughter (18months) dances around to the boppy music and i must admit i find myself tapping my toes too!

  71. Avatar of laureneve

    If it hadn’t been for the La Lah’s and all their instruments my son would of never of taken an interest. Know he knows all the names of the instruments and loves to pretend play them.

  72. Avatar of Alex He

    My daughter loves dancing and singing along with Lah-Lah. Maybe because her nickname is La-La.

  73. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    We all dance around like crazy critters to Lah-Lah. They’re bright and dazzling (a bit like us!)

  74. Avatar of kirsty irwin
    kirsty irwinReply

    My daughter loves them, every time they come on she starts dancing. She loves their singing and the way they look.

  75. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    The kids love singing and dancing around,
    they get so excited when they’re own,
    happy faces all around.

  76. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    My kids love watching Lah-Lah as she’s bright, colourful and sings lots of songs that they enjoy singing along to.

  77. Avatar of Smilie2601

    Severely autistic my son may be,
    Comprehending his emotions through creativity epitomises pure glee!
    He’s unable to verbally translate,
    Drumming jointly is worth its weight in GOLD!
    Just like “Lah-Lah” he loves to freely express!
    The lively beats welcome smiles and laughter and reduce the STRESS!

  78. Avatar of Mon Seven

    My girls love to sing and play their musical instruments along with Lah-Lah and they love wearing stripey socks.

  79. Avatar of Alesha

    Bright, cheery & fun that my grandkids can both join in & sing along & play their instruments. Mostly my pots & pans.

  80. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    The songs and dancing,
    Has them prancing!
    Around the front room,
    It’s so joyful – no doom!

  81. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura PowersReply

    They love the dancing around the lounge room when La La is on

  82. Avatar of Ern

    Personally I don’t see the appeal, but the singing and dancing keeps them amused, entertained and not squabbling, so it’s great.

  83. Avatar of DIANA

    Happy music, bright, bold, vibrant and lots of fun 🙂
    And the dancing, very cute watching them both get their little grooves on.

  84. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James PizzeyReply

    the grand kids love the singalong with la la favourite is cleaning your teeth song

  85. Avatar of Monica S.

    one granddaughter said ‘the dancing is the best’ – her younger sister said ‘i love the striped socks’ lol

  86. Avatar of Rachael

    Our whole family loves Lah Lah and band!! The singing, dancing, the instruments! It’s great fun for everyone to enjoy no matter your age 🙂

  87. Avatar of Abby Lee

    My 3 girls all love dancing so Lah Lah is a favourite!

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