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July Luggage Review: Three Mums Test Cases Through Rain, Hail and Shine

Travelling overseas, heading interstate or simply escaping the house for a weekend, you’re going to need luggage. There are countless options when it comes to carry-on bags, suitcases and overnight bags but none of them are quite as impressive as the July luggage collection.

Founded in Melbourne in 2019, July exists to bring ‘better design and thinking around how we travel’.

To find out if it’s all it’s cracked up to be, we asked three Mum Central mums to put it through its paces! So let’s meet our July luggage reviewers and see what they had to say. Each took the July luggage carry-on and checked set for a spin on their travels and this is what happened!

Wet weather won’t stop you! Source: Supplied

July luggage review – Mums go travelling! 

July is a fan favourite not only with everyday Aussies but with celebs too, including Harry Styles, Chrissy Teigen and Celeste Barber. One look at their range and you can tell it’s stunning and celeb-worthy – I mean, how amazing does this luggage look? Quite importantly though, we had questions …

  • Looks aside, how does it compare to other luggage?
  • Does the set really make travelling easier and more efficient?
  • Would other mums recommend it? 
July Luggage Review railway station
Rain, hail or shine, July luggage has you covered! Source: Supplied

Meet our July luggage reviewers

mum centralElaine, Melbourne mum of two

Loves a good weekend away both to city or beach, as long as it does not involve camping. Frequent overseas and interstate flyer for work and play. 

I have always kept away from the hard cases, as I had concerns that they would damage easily.  July has changed my mind about that.  These cases are fantastic. So lightweight and durable. 

I recently used them to travel by train, and they were easy to maneuver across different terrain – including cobbles and over the rail line.  As you can push or pull, getting up the hill to the car park was easy too. 

elaine with july luggage
As wet as it was, the July luggage stood up to the elements. Source: Supplied

The handle has different heights which helps, and feels really expensive to touch. The big thing for me too, is the laptop bag inside – as even when I go on holiday, I will take my Macbook, as I keep on top of work when away. The inbuilt battery pack is perfect for that too, as I always seem to run out of charge when travelling.

If I could give July an 11 out of 10, I would.

No soggy suitcases or wet contents thanks to its hardshell cases! Source: Supplied

Jenna, Cairns mum of three

Frequent mini-escaper, mostly hotels, sometimes camping, sometimes overseas and rarely without her kids and their magnitude of sports equipment, beach items and soccer/cheer/dance uniforms in tow. 

July luggage review - Jenna

Everything about July luggage goes above and beyond any other piece of luggage I’ve owned. 

I found it ideal for air travel, weekends away and even camping as you can easily keep your items clean and dry, even if it’s raining. 

It’s the little touches that really made the difference to me such as the inbuilt battery pack and ‌the laundry bag which is super handy for wet and dirty clothes.  

The luggage is also incredibly lightweight and easy to push – my kids were fighting about who gets to push what and even my four-year-old had no trouble manoeuvering it around the hotel lobby and hallway. 

July Luggage Review duo
Blue skie and sunshine, Lily made easy work of her July case. Source: Supplied

But what really sets July apart is just how durable it is – rainproof, snowproof, hail proof, childproof. There are no worries our stuff will be damaged if the luggage is handled roughly at the airport or if it’s tossed around in the back of our ute. 

100% recommend it to every family – the investment is well worth it and the personalisation is such a nice touch!

July Luggage Review cases
We love the personalised touch and adjustable handles for easy travel. Source: Supplied

Belinda, Adelaide mum of twobelinda-yakult-factory-tour

An avid traveller who chases the sun to tropical destinations and equally loves heading off the beaten track! Can be frequently found on the red-eye out of Adelaide, often in and out the same day (other times making the most of a long weekend in a new city!)

Given all my travel adventures, I’ve always appreciated going the extra mile for high quality luggage. It’s amazing what difference it makes when you’re pushing 20kg+ through the terminal one handed while juggling kids and carry on! 

I thought I’d found my favourite luggage brand but wow, July luggage really is a game-changer. It’s sleek, smooth, solid and ultimately, there’s something really special about the July product.

Sleek, smooth and easy to drive, Belinda’s luggage was a real winner! Source: Supplied

I love the colour choices, finishes, it’s such high quality and the way it moves is just next level. They really have thought of everything, including the personalisation and for the frequent traveller, their carry-on is something else. It’s the little touches that really set it apart including the inbuilt battery pack, protective hardware, sleek wheels and handles.

It’s lightweight, easy to steer and will definately stand out on the luggage belt. The range of colours is gorgeous, and love the metallic finish. Best of all I know it’s going to last for years so is a great investment for our future travels.

Hands down it’s a 10/10 – bravo!!

July Luggage Review detail
July luggage boasts a quality finish and personalisation to boot! Source: Supplied

mum central

July Carry-On and Checked Set

Ease of Use (Maneuverability)
Value for Money

mum central

Our July luggage review panel has spoken. All three mums would recommend July to every family out there.

What sets July luggage apart? 

Luggage shouldn’t be something that lets you down. Ever. The concept of July came after the founders were tired of overly priced designer products and cheap bags being the only options.

They wanted to provide Australians with a better range of quality luggage that would take them from to A to B and back again and make packing, unpacking and travel in general easier for everyone.

Their range of luggage ticks all the boxes and then some. Durable. Stylish. Easy to steer. Designed for a lifetime of travel and customised just for you. It also comes with the little things we love and want when travelling: 

✅  An everything-proof hard shell. To get into specifics, the case features 100% aerospace-grade German polycarbonate which is really strong stuff that guarantees your stuff remains safe from weather, drops, bumps and more. And look at the way it keeps the raindrops away! 

July Luggage Review raindrops
Robust and wet weather friendly, July luggage can handle the elements. Source: Supplied

✅ Special compartments for laundry and laptops as well as a July Y-Strap Compression System which provides a heavy-duty nylon strap that pulls down to create more space in the case.

mum central
Loads of internal storage, with removable laptop case and mesh pockets too! Source: Supplied

✅ A built-in battery to charge our devices on the go. This cleverly designed ejectable battery equipped with QuickCharge capability powering standard USB and USB-C ports enables dual charge for three devices while on the run and is compliant with all airline and airport safety regulations. 

July Luggage Review battery charger
The inbuilt battery pack is a real winner for mobile devices. Source: Supplied

✅ Spinner wheels for an effortless glide on all terrain. You won’t find wheels like this on any other piece of luggage! SilentMove SilentMove 360° is designed in-house and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s incredible easy to push and pull too. 

July Luggage Review wheels
July’s silent move wheels glide, they really do! Source: Supplied

✅ A personal touch. The colour choices are absolutely stunning to say the least and are sure to make trying to locate your luggage on the travel belt much easier. Plus, you can personalise your luggage with your name (or whatever you want) for free and every case comes with a lock too. 

July Luggage Review Lily cases
Personalisation and a gorgeous colour range – you wont’ miss your case! Source: Supplied

A handle designed for just you. With 25 different height options, you can easily find the right height for you or whoever else is in charge of pulling. 

July Luggage Review collage
Adjustable handles make travel a breeze. Source: Supplied

Find your perfect July

In addition to the carry-on and checked set, July offers a range of absolutely stunning luggage including weekender bags, family sets, carry-on trunks, everyday totes, backpacks, shoe bags, toiletries bags and packing cells.

July Luggage Review railway station 2
July luggage features gorgeous colours, smooth finishes and a beautiful aesthetic. Source: Supplied

You can buy July online via their website or head in-store, with five locations across Melbourne and Sydney. 

mum central

This is a sponsored review for July. All images and opinions are those of our reviewers. To find out how it works and apply, click here. 

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