Kaboom Monsters, the latest fantasy adventure for kids launches for iPad and iPhone

Kaboom Monsters, available for iPad and iPhone, is a new fantasy adventure for kids and adults.

From 7 years old, up to adult players (we know that there will be a lot of dads playing with the kids!), this card game creates a fantasy world with fabolous creatures that the users can collect and craft to create other monster and jump in a super-challenging battle.

The game is completely designed to take kids in this funny and magic world, playing a card game and enjoying the discovery exeperience.

The game is completely free to download, every months there are updates with new cards and new adventure to enjoy.

Kaboom Monsters features:

  • More than 100 cards, constantly increasing.
  • Crafting-cards: sacrifice three of your cards to get a stronger one.
  • Rich recipe system to create weapons, shields and special abilities.
  • Maps with 25 epic quests.
  • Fantasy-humor narritave.
  • A lot of secrets to discover.
  • Market full of objects to buy
  • Play the game to unlock achievements on Game Center

To download Kaboom Monsters, check out the official iTunes information page here!


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