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Kick Fear in the Butt: the 30-Day Empowerment Challenge We All Need!

If COVID has you feeling stuck in a rut, easily overwhelmed or at a bit of a loss of your sense of self, purpose and motivation, this is a challenge for you (and me!) It’s time to kick fear in the butt. Yep, now is the time to lift ourselves up and raise much-needed funds for awesome charities while making a statement to ourselves along the way!

Mumma Life Is Now presents the inaugural 30 Days of Kicking Fear in the Butt campaign. Launching on 26th May, it’s a unique empowerment challenge for ALL Australians to face their fears and come together whilst supporting multiple Aussie charities.

Unlike any other challenge you might have seen before, the Kick Fear in the Butt challenge aligns with Mumma Life Is Now’s equality, inclusion and kindness values – and it promises ONLY GOOD THINGS for not only you but Aussie charities too!

Founder Tammy Hewitt is also a fearless mindset coach and knows too well just how much of a negative impact this pandemic has had on our confidence, well-being and self-esteem. That’s why the time is NOW to take a step in the right direction to shift our momentum!

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Founder Tammy Hewitt with daughter Indie and volunteer Bernadette Fielding. Source: Supplied

So, what do we have to do?

What does the challenge involve? For starters, just breathe and enjoy the buzz that comes with committing to helping YOURSELF. Ahhhhh serotonin, come at me!

But for real, what you have to do to participate in the 30-day challenge is completely up to you. You’re in charge of setting your goals of what you’d like to achieve. There’s no bootcamp, no burpees, no rule-laden morning teas – it’s all about YOU and what you want to overcome within 30 days.

It’s time to shake off the pandemic fatigue and get back to finding YOU! Use the 30 days to put yourself back out there, reconnect with the world around you and boost your self-esteem – all while supporting these epic Aussie charities below:

100% of funds raised via the Raisley platform go directly to your chosen charity. Amazing, right?

mumma life is now, kick fear in the butt challenge
Kick fear in the butt and support these amazing Australian charities!

Why are we doing it?

The short answer: because we need a shake-up and a motivator to put ourselves back out there! No matter where you are in Australia, the last few years have been a LOT to take on mentally. It’s left people feeling isolated, withdrawn, disconnected from families and friends, and basically stuck in a super annoying rut that we’re not sure how to get out of.

Amidst the pandemic chaos, we’ve experienced increased levels of social anxiety, reducing social connections and well-being activities through fear of leaving the house and resuming activities.

Many new parents have entered parenthood with a sense of disappointment as they’ve had to cancel baby showers, partners or family being present at birth, parents’ groups and other social activities. It hasn’t been fair and our hearts go out to you.

To the parents who have had to navigate the heartache of pregnancy and infant loss without the support of their families, we see you and our hearts go out to you and your families.

And there’s been SO many people who have experienced other BIG life changes and felt BIG emotions too. Perhaps you became redundant through no fault of your own, lost people close to you but were unable to see them, moved house and communities, got married or even got divorced? These are all BIG things and your feelings about them are real. Let’s use those feelings to motivate us towards good things.

Fear in ANY form is widespread among us all right now and kindness is fading. It’s time to reverse the narrative around the country, across 30 days.

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Why not get the kids involved in being brave! Source: Bigstock

OK, let’s DO IT!

The aim is that we’re facing our fears and stepping out of our comfort zone, so what’s your challenge goal? It could be to increase your fitness and treat the dog with a daily walk. Or reaching out to old friends for a coffee or drink after work to catch up once a week. Take your toddler to a weekly playgroup for fun and meet like-minded mums? Let’s reduce our isolation and loneliness, increase our activity and mental well-being and kick our fears in the butt!

Feeling pumped? It’s completely FREE to sign up for the 30-day challenge. and you’ll get access to a bonus mini fear to kindness program worth $67, PLUS access to live masterclasses, live meditation sessions and practical tools that will support you and your family during the challenge and beyond. There are also free printable certificates for the kids to celebrate what they’ve faced and how it made them feel. The perfect way to remind them on a daily basis of how brave they are and continue to build a more positive memory around the pandemic.

There are awesome prizes to be won and an epic supportive community that will be cheering you on along the way. To help encourage you, you can even post your challenge squad updates online for your chance to be featured on Mumma Life is NOW #kickfearinthebutt socials.

But wait, there’s MORE with Mumma Life Is Now!

You can donate to charities by LOOKING the part with super-cool challenge merchandise. The merchandise is all designed and printed in Australia and includes merchandise for you and the whole family! There are t-shirts, hoodies, caps, water bottles, travel mugs, tumblers, keyrings, mousepads, inspirational wooden art blocks, mugs, tote bags and more! 100% of proceeds from the sales of this merch throughout the campaign goes to the five charities!

BeKane Active is a major sponsor of the Kick Fear in the Butt challenge and has partnered with Kick Fear in the Butt to bring their custom artwork onto leggings with impact. These leggings are sure to make a statement with the bright colours and bold words of ‘kick fear in the butt’. Every time you pop those leggings on and see the inside waistband and the bold words “I am STRONG”, you will be reminded that you’ve got this!

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A cool range of merchandise is up for grabs too! Source: Supplied

Start on the road of empowerment TODAY! To find out more about the 30-day Kick Fear in the Butt challenge kicking off on 26th May AND for details on how to sign up, head on over to Mumma Life is Now website. This empowerment challenge is just the ticket for reducing stress and eliminating fears so you can feel like YOU again!

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Mum Central have proudly partnered with Mumma Life is Now and are proud to promote this at no cost.

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