The Oh-So-Inappropriate Card Game That Every Parent Needs to Play


Sometimes, taking care of children day in and day out is, well, let’s just go with… overwhelming. And sometimes, parents need to take time out to reflect on just how insane the task of raising children really is. 

Welcome to KinderPerfect, the Cards Against Humanity type game that brings frustrated parents together to complain about their kids.

If you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity, then let us catch you up to speed. It’s a word association card game, best played after several glasses of wine and in the company of adults. No kids allowed.

Kinderperfect game for parents

Kinderperfect game

KinderPerfect is a very similar game, except it relates to all things parenting. And it’s bound to spice up your next dinner party, baby shower or family get together.

Cards Against Parenthood

The designers, Wayan and Amy Vota, wanted to create a game that reached the sleep-deprived parents out there.

“Where games like Cards Against Humanity are great for general stress release, we felt it didn’t really speak to our experience as parents,” explain Wayan and Amy, who have two young children. “Our goal behind the game is to turn the everyday pain of parenthood into an excuse for mummy juice.”

The couple started to make their own questions and answers up after a few drinks, and, well, KinderPerfect was conceived.

Kinderperfect game card

Kinderperfect game for parents

“Why Does Mummy Drink”

Their question and answers focus on all of those awkward yet relatable parenting questions. You know, like what’s best for getting out head lice, why you were late for school and why is mummy locked in the bathroom.

But our favourite question has to be – Why does mummy drink? And the winning answer? Clearly ‘because of  Poo, Pee and Caillou’. Seriously, that child is THE WORST.

Kinderperfect card game

Kinderperfect game

As you can imagine, KinderPerfect is winning the internet. It started out as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2016 where the couple raised more than enough to get the game going. Now Amazon sells the game, though it is currently sold out.

But, you can always get sozzled and make your own cards up. It seemed to work well for Amy and Wayan.

How to play:

  • The Parent player reads out a red Question Card and other players will submit their white Answer Cards.
  • The Parent picks the winner they like the best, well, because they said so. The winner then becomes the Parent for the next round.
  • You can play KinderPerfect separately or with a Cards Against Humanity card deck.
  • Always play with copious refreshments and really good friends who share your sense of humour. And your love of wine.

Count us in!

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