The Elf on the Shelf is back for more magical (and cheeky) Christmas countdown business!

This year, the Elf has a few more tricks up his sleeve. And a whole new wardrobe to wear!

Elf on the Shelf prize pack

If your family like The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition then you’re going to LOVE the latest range of Elf on the Shelf goodies.

Come and take a sneak peek at what The Elf on the Shelf has been up to. Then ENTER TO WIN your very own The Elf on the Shelf Prize Pack, which includes The Elf on the Shelf storybook, scout elf and uber-adorable outfit from the Claus Couture Collection.

That’s right. You can now dress your Elf in itty bitty designer outfits, adding even more magic and hilarity to his evening antics!

The Claus Couture Collection includes a number of different outfits for your Elf to try on. Plus, they are all super cute and super Christmassy! The collection offers an Elf Superhero costume, a Jingle Jam Hoodie jumper, Snow Skirts, a Sweet Shop Baking Set with Apron and a Snowflake Skirt plus matching Scarf.  Each outfit retails at $29.99 and is sure to brighten up your cheeky little mate.

More Elf to explore

In addition to the new designer clothing range, The Elf on the Shelf has a few other surprises this year.

Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa set

Keep your eyes open for the new Letters to Santa activity kit, which is another magical idea for little ones. The 22-piece set uses Santa’s Special Paper to transform letters into mini ornaments. Simply write a letter, bake it in the oven, and watch as the letters shrink to elf-size. Seriously, how adorable is that?

Elf Pets for Elf on the Shelf

For pet lovers, have a look at Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition. This pack includes a story about the Elf’s puppy and his magical heart charm that gathers Christmas cheer. Each pack comes with the book as well as a cuddly Saint Bernard.

Scout Elves at Play Elf on the Shelf accessories

For parents looking for a bit of Elfspiration, check out the Scout Elves at Play, a helpful kit of tips, tricks and elf-sized tools to inspire creative scenes in your home. The 60-page book includes 100 different scenes filled with magic, mayhem and a little bit of mischief!


We’ve got 10 Elf on the Shelf Prize Packs to give away, each one including a gorgeous outfit (randomly selected).

Each prize includes The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition box set (valued at $69.99), plus one outfit from the Claus Couture Collection, valued at $29.99 each. We’ve got 10 different outfits to give away, including the Superhero, Snowflake Skirt and Scarf and Snow Skirt, but prizes will be given at random.

To enter, simply fill in the form below and you’re in the running to win! Our winners will be announced in two weeks, with your stylish Elf arriving by 1 December 2017.

Win 1 of 10 Elf on the Shelf prize packs!

Can’t wait to win?

You can pick up any of the new The Elf on the Shelf collections at official retail “Adoption Centres” opening across Australia. Look out for them in Myer stores, Dymocks booksellers, and other independent speciality store locations.

If you’re new to the whole Elf world, have a look at our favourite Elf on the Shelf photos for inspiration and ideas.


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Leanne Baker Reply

    Our Elfie would love a friend to play,
    Even more mischief to get up to during her stay.
    One elf is good but two is better,
    Would have my daughter following house rules to the letter!
    Inspiration for mum is always in need,
    Sometimes google helps pick the nights deed.
    A costume would help create an awesome scene,
    New ideas I’m certainly keen.
    Thank you Mum Central for another elf prize,
    Popular content and generous size.
    We’d love so much if we were to win,
    To let this years elf adventures begin!

    • roslyn kent Reply

      I Love Elf on a Shelf I really wanna win so uch as would love to show my grand daughter I am so excited as it would be a great christmas present just for me please let it be me who wins a elf on a shelf roslyn kent 🙂

      • Barbara Fehmel Reply

        So cute, so Christmas y, the Great Grand children would love seeing them.

    • Omg. I would love to do this with my 3 year old son. It would be a great Christmas tradition to start up. Also super fun and creative

    • Bernadette Reply

      To create priceless memories every Christmas in hope that they pass the tradition on to their kids in the future.

      • Tabatha Wain Reply

        I’d love to win an Elf to bring my classroom to life this coming Christmas! The kids faces every morning would be priceless… and surely with an elf watching, it would keep them behaving right through the silly season.

    • My 5yo son absolutely loves his elf and looks forward to his visit each year. I would love to carry on this tradition for my daughter.

    • Therese Roby Reply

      Wow my kids have been asking for the elf on the shelf for years to visit just have not gotten around to it. I will be a good mom if we get this. Thanks for the opportunity. Smiles on kids faces priceless.

    • I’m a teacher in a small school with limited resources. I’d love to win this pack for my students. We would use it as a stimulus for daily writing, and it would be exciting to hunt for the elf every morning of December leading up to our Christmas holidays. I’ve always admired the elf on the shelf, but have never owned one.

    • Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

      Our kids would love these they are all starting to understand what Christmas is all about they are 2, 3 and 5 year old boys

    • Natasha Page Reply

      For our Family Elf on the Shelf would really help keep the belief and magic alive this Christmas. Our sons are 10 & 6. They both still believe but I don’t know for how much longer with our eldest.

  2. Winning would mean bringing a new tradition into our family home and creating memories, mischief and lots of laughter.

  3. Little Miss 3 is getting VERY excited for Christmas – something she hasn’t had much interest in previously. I’d love to add to the magic of Christmas with an Elf on the Shelf – she’d LOVE it!

  4. Angela Myers Reply

    Like every mum I want to create great childhood memories for my kids. We havent any real traditions that would be as fun as Elf. I love the idea of delighting them each year with his antics and sharing them over Christmas dinner.
    Elf on the Shelf just seems like a way to make an already great time of year just a little bit more magical and fun.

  5. Kate Marconi Reply

    I’d love to win an elf on the shelf to have some fun with my daughter who’s now st th age where she understands Christmas more and I’d love to create fun memories of waking up int he morning to find umoit what mischief the elf has gotten up too.

  6. I love the Elf on the Shelf. What a fabulous way to entertain kids.

  7. Michelle Burger Reply

    My sons are 2 and 4 years old and are so incredibly excited for the Christmas season and it’s also my favourite time of the year, I love the magic of Christmas I would love an Elf on the Shelf to suprise them with I can just imagine their little face light up when they see the mischievous adventures Elf has been up to in the night!!

  8. My daughters are pestering to get elf on a shelf all there friends have them and they want to get one to see the crazy antics it will get up too. I think i will be soo excited to win to come up with new adventures daily

  9. Kate Slack Reply

    I would have so much fun thinking up new ways the Elf can be mischievous!

  10. Janine McNaughton Reply

    I have seen Elf on the shelf for years and always wanted to start this tradition with my family because we don’t have celebrate any family traditions which is sad. I have always had to stop myself from purchasing an elf on the shelf (even though I desperately want one) because times are tough and I felt I should rather spend that little extra money on making my daughters Christmas special. I would be eternally greatful if I was one of the lucky winners and could start a new tradition. Thank you and God Bless x

  11. Kim Campbell Reply

    OMG they are so cute, to win Elf on the Shelf prize would allow my family to start a Christmas Tradition with our little ones as we don’t have one yet.

  12. Tracey wells Reply

    Would love to win one to have some fun with my youngest boys

  13. Alison Davies Reply

    My kids are getting a bit older 10 and 8. This is just what we need to put a bit of extra magic in Christmas (and it will help them behave)

  14. I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf set for my kids!! Just to see their eyes light up every morning seeing what he/she has gotten up too, would be so cool!

  15. Omg. My girls would be so amazed to wakeup and find an “Elf On the shelf”. Truly wish I could be one of the lucky winners. Thanks for the opportunity

  16. I would love to win this so I can start making the magic happen for him before our little Mr even arrives!! Would make such an awesome album to share with him. Plus my nieces and nephews would absolutely love their little updates too!

  17. Alysia Sheehy Reply

    We don’t have an elf on the shelf! But I think now that our daughter is old enough she would find it so fun to see what mischief they get up to

  18. Maree Gray Reply

    The kids have never seen an Elf on the Shelf so it would be fantastic to start this tradition with them

  19. We would love to bring the magic of an elf in the shelf to our home. To trick and bring happiness to the kids each day

  20. I think mr “Grinch” would be helpful with Elf on the Shelf this Christmas.
    Adding together shannanigans and cheer will make a christmas of memories.

  21. Michelle M Reply

    I’d love to see the joy on my kids faces when the Elf on the Shelf appears and all the fun they’d have with him in the lead up to Christmas.

  22. Elf on the Shelf has been a tradition in our house for a few years now and we would love to welcome a new elf to our family. Our kids are so excited to find our Elf every morning while he is with us. Our elf would also really appreciate the gorgeous outfits so he can develop his own style & mix it up a little.

  23. This would be amazing to win. All the fun we could have as a family laughing at what Elf gets up to.

  24. This is my sons 2nd Christmas and this year he is old enough to get excited about it. We’re starting lots of family traditions and elf on a shelf would be perfect!

  25. Would love the elvirs and costumes for my twin grandchildren❤️

  26. Julie Hodsman Reply

    We don’t have one so would love to have one. Such a great idea!!

  27. Nicole Sanford Reply

    Love to have an elf on the shelf and start a new tradition with my 1 year old son.

  28. Today they ran and kicked a ball in the lounge!!,
    they wrestled and argued and whinged,
    they forgot their manners they slammed the doors,
    three time outs and I refused to make them dinner…
    I think maybe too much fruit energy they finished a whole box of mango.
    Please Elf I need a little help and inspiration.

  29. I would love to start a special Christmas tradition with my four year old.

  30. Alexandram Reply

    I’d love to win an elf on the shelf as my 2.5 yr old keeps picking on her 4 month old sister. I’d love to say to her that she needs to be careful as the elf is watching her.

  31. We have one for our four year old and would love to introduce another one for our 2 year old so she can have the same experience with one of her own

  32. Robyn Pearson Reply

    i just love them there creepy and mty son reckons they are weird just love them to be honest

  33. These were not around when I was a kid. I could share in the fun with my daughter.

  34. We have never had an Elf on the shelf. Would love to start a new tradition in our home.

  35. Tara Tasker Reply

    The opportunity to win an Elf on the Shelf would be wonderful! I would love to start a new tradition for my family and to be able to bring a sense of wonder and amazement to my child’s world. As we are about to experience the holiday season after the loss of a family member, the Elf could bring us all some much needed giggles and laughter, so we can recapture the joy of being together and celebrating the festive times.

  36. Holly-Anne Reply

    I want to keep the magic alive and create all the wacky and fun cheeky antics like I have seen. it looks like fun for all the ages and I cant wait to let my creativity flourish with this.

  37. My Christmas obsessed 6yo would love a new friend to join our family this Christmas & will be awestruck by all the mischief the elf gets up to whilst he’s asleep & will have fun finding it’s new location each morning

  38. It would be so lovely to create a sense of wonder and excitement for my little boys in the lead up to Christmas – seeing their little faces light up when they find the elf is what it’s all about!

  39. Would love to win for my boys! They have been wanting one since October!

  40. Candice Milner Reply

    Would be a lot of fun, and my kids would love elf hunting every morning and discovering what mischief and mayhem he’s been up to during the night.

  41. I’d love to win because my girls have already started harassing me about why the elf hasn’t visited our house yet!!!

  42. Mandy Graham Reply

    I’d love an elf on the shelf to add to our Christmas cheer.

  43. As a kid we had our own christmas traditions which I loved and cherish and christmas was always the most magical time of year for me. Once I grew up and became independent I was a bit bahumbug with the whole christmas thing and didnt do alot to get into the spirit. Now I have a daughter and I want nothing more than to give her the best christmas’ and make it magical and wonderful for her every year and start pur own family traditions to make it special for her…the elf on the shelf would definitely help make that happen

  44. My three little ones would love an Elf , they create so much joy for children . X

  45. Catherine Campbell Reply

    Winning the elf on the shelf would mean starting a new and fun Xmas tradition with the kids. I can just imagine how much fun my kids as well as mum and dad would have with this.

  46. Rhonda Phillips Reply

    I think Elf on the Shelve would bring lots of fun and laughter to our home. My two little boys being mischievous themselves would have no trouble at all assisting Elf on his cheeky endeavors.

  47. It would be great to start a new Christmas tradition that i know the whole family will enjoy. My cheeky girls would love to see what the mischievous elf gets up too. With everyone being a bit burnt out by the end of the year, it would definitely bring some smiles and laughter.


    This is the 1st year that Seth is really starting to take an interest and understand Christmas, id love to start a few traditions that he can carry throughout his childhood

  49. This is the first year my daughter is really understanding christmas and is so excited . I would love a elf on the shelf to start a new tradition in our house hold and it looks like it would be so much fun 🙂 for the both of us 🙂 it would be so amazing to win one .

  50. I have always wanted to do Elf on the Shelf for my son. He is 5years old now and think he’s at a great age to enjoy it. I also have a 9month old girl now.

  51. Tash Collisson Reply

    My oldest of 4 children is 7. She was told by kids at school that santa isn’t real. I was devastated. We love Christmas and try to make it a magical experience for our children. I think elf on a shelf will help keep the magic alive and keep the kids believing in santa!

  52. With an elf on the shelf it will help keep the magic alive of Christmas with four children. Too many children are trying to spoil Christmas with my 10 & 8 year old by telling them Santa is not real as they still believe and this will just help them to keep believing… believing in the magic of Christmas

  53. Courtney Austin Reply

    I would love to start this tradition with my kids! My girls are finally at the age they would understand the elf process so perfect time to start! They would be so excited every morning!

  54. Angela Robertson Reply

    I would love one of these for our kids – who currently think a magical elf lives in our alarm sensor in the living room lol

  55. Bree Venning Reply

    Love love love Elf arrival time each year. But after 6 years our elf Elfvie is a little sick and worn from all his antics, would love to replace him before some one notices his a littke tired and worn.
    Thanks for the chance really is one of the best family traditions in our house the excitment is contagious

  56. Would love to introduce another elf to our family. One elf is cheeky but imagine the mischief and The amount of Christmas cheer 2 elves could create?

  57. Our children are just getting to the age of understanding how magical Christmas is, these are the memories I treasure most as a child as it was a tradition with my dad that we would sit and watch carols and do the tree together amounts other things, this would be great to add to my dads tradition though putting a cheeky spin on it.

  58. Sarah Ashburn Reply

    We’d love our elf Elfvis to have a new friend to play with at Christmas for our new little baby girl – we especially love the superhero outfit as were very much into superhero’s at the moment and what would be better than Elfvis becoming our own superhero!

  59. I would love to start creating memories with my daughter and have some fun times with our elf as its all about her at this time of year!!!

  60. Cassie Austin Reply

    I would love to win for my 3 daughters to add a bit of extra Christmas magic and fun to this year and many years to come.
    The outfits are soo cute!

  61. Kimberley Smart Reply

    I would love to win an elf on a shelf pack to make christmas more fun and exciting on our house and as a family on a single wage there is no way we could afford this pack. Would be so amazing to win. Good luck everyone

  62. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    I love the excitement the elf on the shelf builds in the house! My 3yo is really understanding Christmas and the hype this year!

  63. Thanks to a few older cousins and their inappropriate comments, my kids are now in a “Is Santa real?” stage of confusion. An elf on a shelf would be a perfect gift to bring the magic of xmas back into our family.

  64. Lindsie Thomas Reply

    I’d love to start a new Christmas tradition with my 6 & 3 year olds who are obsessed with anything and everything Christmas!

  65. I worry that my kids are almost at the end of
    Santa and all the fun things that come with Christmas…. what a cute way to keep that Christmas magic going just that bit longer!

  66. Pamela Chrisp Reply

    With a little one on the way soon, we could have lots of fun starting this new tradition at Christmas time.

  67. I am a teacher of a year 1/2 class and this would make their days and give me some enjoyment of finding a new spot for elf each day and seeing what my students think s/he has been up at night.
    While I have a toddler, she doesn’t get the idea of Christmas just yet sadly.

  68. This would be an amazing prize to win. I see so many creative and fun ways to put the little elf, it would be something that our family could and would carry on for years to come and have so much fun doing! I know how imaginative my husband is.. He would have the most craziest settings for elf!

  69. My daughter is almost 4 and this year is the perfect time to start an elf on the shelf tradition. My husband and myself are keen to start the cheeky antics of our elf to bring a little more fun in the lead up to christmas, and to bring even more excitement to the Christmas period for our daughter who before this year has been a little too young to really get in to it. We can’t wait to win an elf on the shelf and start some nightly elf adventures!

  70. My daughter would love to win an Elf on the Shelf prize pack she is into Super heroes and would love to take her Elf on all sorts of Super hereos adventures

  71. Marianne Douglas Reply

    I’d love to win one to bring some Christmas fun into our house! With four kids it gets quite expensive trying to buy things for each of them. The elf on the shelf would be a really fun, creative and inexpensive way to share some Christmas magic with my kiddies and start a tradition to enjoy each Christmas.

  72. Gilbert the Elf will be spending his 2nd Christmas with our family & a now 2 & 4yo ask all the time when will he be coming

  73. Laura Power Reply

    Such a magical tradition to be able to start for the kids, they would love it!

  74. We have never had an elf on the shelf. As my eldest is 10 she is starting to doubt that santa exists. The magic of elf in a shelf might help put the wonder back in Xmas and the younger two would love it!!

  75. Naomi Capper Reply

    Feels like fate! I was looking at these in Harris Scarfes on thursday but couldnt afford them as I am on Maternity Leave. My oldest would love it though and would be a great tradition to start for the bub.

  76. Miss 8 (Chloe) has wished for an elf on the shelf for the past few years.
    Now miss 7 months old (Indiana) is here, I’d love for them both to experience a cheeky elf together 🙂

  77. Dear Elf please become a part of our family.
    Help us to make happy fun memories with little Miss 3,

    Light up her face & make her squeal with delight,
    What fun for mum & dad as we set Elf up for the night,

    Mischievous antics bringing giggles & smiles,
    Starting traditions to last for many a while,

    Cheeky adventures by Elf to be had, Encouraging Miss Holly to be good, not bad.

    We’re a long way from the North Pole but you won’t be alone,
    Helping Santa at Christmas in our little home.

  78. These Else would bring a new sense of fun, mischief and imagination to our home in preparation for Christmas..
    My girls would love a daily costume change’

  79. To create some Christmas fun…

    December brings a magical time
    With all sorts of
    Colours, smells & rhyme.

    But how does Santa know
    if you’re good or bad?
    He assigns an elf
    One full of joy & a holiday comrade.

  80. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf as I think it will be a fantastic tradition to introduce in our home. My son, Napier (3) is starting to love Christmas and now that he has a baby sister (9 days old) I believe he will love it even more. He will take great delight in finding the elf each day and showing his sister until she is old enough to help him find it

  81. I’d have so much fun being creative and setting up elaborate schemes for this little guy to amuse and excite my children. If you’ve seen my elaborate Easter egg hunts with clues and mini prizes then you would know how much mischief we could get up to!

  82. This would be great to start out new family traditions! Christmas is the most magical time of year and I’d love to bring a little more magic with our own little elf!

  83. Emma Corbett Reply

    I have been wanting to start this tradition with my family so eith a starter kit like this how could i lose!! These are adorable and i thank you for your consideration

  84. My daughter would love one of these for her two gorgeous children. She is very creative with her stories which she shares with her children and I think these amazing elves will create some beautiful memories that the children will cherish. for their lifetime.

  85. Vanessa brown Reply

    I’d love to win as my mischievious twin 2year olds are at the age where I am explaining Santa and elves. They would have so much fun with this!

  86. Elf Scouts are gorgeous and a fun tradtition. If love to have a little more Christmas Magic to share with my Babes xx

  87. My little girl is going to be one and a half this Christmas and I would love to be able to start the tradition with her. There is so much magic and wonder in Christmas and this is a great way to get to add a little more. Good lucky to everyone this is such a wonderful thing your doing.

  88. Would love to win this so each of my boys would have their very own elf to keep a close eye on them & report back to Santa.

  89. George Daniels Reply

    Would love to win an elf on the shelf. My 3 daughters would love waking up to his latest naughty antics. I think they would also give him some ideas.

  90. Lucy Simonian Reply

    I would love an elf on my shelf;
    All for myself !
    Just in time for Christmas;
    Will definitely grant my wishes !

  91. Rebecca brush Reply

    Would really love to win this as we now need another elf in our house

  92. Sarah Brownlee Reply

    It my son’s 2nd Christmas this year and we would love to introduce him to Elf On The Shelf.

  93. My daughter has just gotten old enough to understand Christmas and Santa. I would to be able to use elf on the shelf to help make Christmas that little bit more magical for her

  94. An Elf in the Shelf would be wonderful to keep my four from misbehaving in the lead up to Christmas. My youngest daughter has seen them & has pestered me for ages to get one!

  95. Kasiani Kalikazaros Reply

    Who wouldn’t want a mischievous elf on the shelf in their house

  96. Nicki bucks Reply

    I wound love to win this for my 5 year old who has really starred to engage with holiday traditions as a single mum splitting our holidays with her dad I really try to Make special memories just for the two of us to treasure. She has heard about elf on the shelf and asks if we’ll have one so to win this would Make both of our Christmases.

  97. Christine Edwards Reply

    This kit would be unreal to jazz up our Elf on the Shelf named Chelsea who is visiting our house for the 2nd time this year. Our daughter is counting down the days till she arrives.

  98. I love traditions that you can continue doing every year. This would be a great one to start. My children are 2 and 5. They are the perfect age to start this tradition.

  99. Elf on shelf is so cool. Brightens up the day when all you see is kids looking for elf.

  100. I would love to win! I think “The Elf on the Shelf” is such a magical tradition that I would love to start in our family. I can imagine how much joy, excitement and imagination it would bring to our whole family!

  101. Because he makes Christmas magical and fun. Makes every day exciting leading up to Chrissy having to find the elf each day.

  102. I love the lead up to Christmas with my 3 super excited sons….putting up the tree and decorating the house, buying and wrapping gifts for under the tree but most importantly Christmas Day spending time with loved ones. To add Elf on the Shelf to this magical special lead up to Christmas Day would be fantastic for the whole family to join in.

  103. Now that my kids are getting older i would love to start a tradition that they can pass on to there future children.

  104. We have been doing elf on a shelf for the past 2 years. My kids love it. This year our elf Stanley is getting a girl friend

  105. I can’t wait for my kids to see that the Elf on the Shelf can out smart them with his mischief!!!

  106. Leicia Mathers Reply

    Would love to win the super hero one for my grandson, he’s become obsessed with the elf on the shelf toys

  107. Debbie Serojaled Reply

    My girls have never had one of these, it would certainly add some excitement to Christmas.

  108. We’ve never been able to do elf on the shelf, I’d really love to be able to do it this year, to see the magic sparkle in my daughters eyes of a morning when they see what the elves have been up to, would be absolutely amazing.

  109. Dannielle Watters Reply

    These ELF ON THE SHELFS are brilliant people i know have them and coming up with sneaky mischievous ideas are hilarious

  110. Ann-Marie Chapman Reply

    Would love to introduce Elf on the Shelf as a new family Christmas tradition at Christmas for the grandchildren. They love their cheeky Poppy so this would add extra fun when coming to see what cheeky Elf on the Shelf has been up to with cheeky Poppy.

  111. Bec church Reply

    I would love to win as my children are a little older and it brings back a bit of fun and suprise for them!

  112. Christmas OBSESSED.. and now I can finally enjoy it with my little one. The first Christmas he is excited about.. he is so intrigued with Santa and his elves.. what better year to start this tradition than this one! Watching those big green eyes light up every morning oh my.. it’s too much! Cheeky himself.. I sure have plenty of inspiration for elf on the shelf!

  113. Nicole Williams Reply

    An elf would add to our Christmas magic. Love the costumes and book. Fantastic prize.

  114. Would love to win to start a new tradition. First Xmas with our little one. Would be amazing to win and enjoy the Christmas elf magicness

  115. Love this idea. With our family now being complete, we would love to start this as a tradition which will bring many happy memories and hopefully will continue through the different generations as time goes on. My children can spread the fun and happiness when it is time for them to start a family.

  116. Master two and madam three
    Setting up the Christmas tree
    Excited as they both can be!
    But more to enthrall themself
    A little secret up on the shelf
    A magical Christmas elf!

  117. To start a tradition with my grandsons who now old enough to appreciate and to keep the magic of Christmas alive!

  118. I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf to bring a little magic to Christmas time for my son and have a new family tradition that he can pass on to his kids when he is older.

  119. Lisa van Aardt Reply

    My daughter (and I, LOL) want to get on the Elf train and join the fun

  120. Michelle fay Reply

    We need some new elf on the shelf because ours were chewed up by the dog and the kids miss them terribly

  121. Jiana Sumner Reply

    My Lo would love this elf as she loves dressing up her dolls so the twirling snowskirt would make the elves even more appealing to her. We also own a boy elf do to get a girl elf would make her day.

  122. I’d love to win as our family love Christmas and my oldest is getting to an age where she understands Christmas much more

  123. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Would love to adopt Elf on the Shelf to be a part of our Christmas fun.I am sure there would be lots of things for Elf to do and lots of lessons to be learnt.

  124. I love how popular and creative people are getting with the elf on the shelf now. I’d love for our elf, Bruce, to be able to have a partner to join in with his fun adventures!

  125. It would be great to win one for my 2 toddlers they would have a ball and maybe even be super super good

  126. This is my baby’s first Christmas and I’m a huge believer in Christmas traditions. Would love to start a tradition of having an elf visit her each year.

  127. Elf on the Shelf – a family heirloom in the making. Little ones have met their cousins’ Elf and would dearly love there own to treasure, track his whereabouts daily and while trying to be ‘NICE” not “NAUGHTY” through December … and hopefully in the months that follow too.

  128. I would love to with this for my daugher to celebrate her first christmas with wonderful photos of different actions with elf on the shelf. Thankyou

  129. This is something that so many children are talking about. What a fabulous way to get children to be as good as possible before Christmas otherwise Santa will definitely find out!

  130. My almost 3 year old is at the magical age where she somewhat understands how christmas works and is getting super excited! I would love to add something special to her Christmas this year – a little creative magic! ❤️

  131. I think it would be a wonderful addition to the Christmas decorations we already have, it would give our Christmas an extra special sparkle!

  132. Kaitlyn Lonnquist Reply

    I would love an elf on the shelf to bring the magic back into christmas for my eldest who is starting to not believe in santa. I don’t want him to ruin it for the younger 3

  133. Sarah Phillips Reply

    My kids love their Elf on the Shelf ‘Scout’, I would love another one so he can have a friend and get up to even more mischief this December!

  134. Tammy Thornhill Reply

    I would love to start an Elf tradition with my daughter who is 2.6years old. I think she will really love it. She has a great imagination & seems to be really into the whole Christmas idea this year!!

  135. I have never heard of the elf tradition, and as a mother with a young family I want to create our own traditions and this sounds really cool

  136. Jess Webber Reply

    My eldest daughter is 10 and i think this will be our last year of “believing” I would love to start an Elf on the shelf tradition where she helps me create elfy magic for her little brother and sister. It will be our own little Christmas secret that only we share and hopefully keep some of the Christmas magic alive for her for a bit longer.

  137. Although we havent yet started the tradition, my 5 year old is now aware of Eld on the Shelf and so i would like to get one this year to make Christmas extra magical for my 2 little boys.

  138. Melinda Davidson Reply

    We would love to win one as we didn’t have any Christmas traditions growing up! I would love to start one with our family!

  139. Viny Vabriany Reply

    Yes please. Would love to win this for my children for a nice Christmas surprise and great fun activities add extra Christmas magic.

  140. Jessica Dreyer Reply

    my Daughters have been asking me to get an elf on the shelf since they seen there friends one last year at christmas. I think it is an awesome tradition that will keep that christmas spirit alive for years to come. Christmas is our favourite time of year and i think if my girls could win an elf it would make their christmas wishes come true.

  141. I would love to win an elf on the shelf to surprise my kids each day where I have put him and to put him doing something different everyday. It would be so much fun!

  142. My 2 boys and my little princess will be thrilled if we will win the elf on the shelf. It will be so nice to start this tradition as we don’t have an elf yet. My kids will be so happy this Christmas as they are always looking forward for something new!

  143. Natasha keogh Reply

    Oh my gosh we would love one of these for our house what a great gift to win! And to make Christmas so much more exciting for my twin daughters

  144. Elf on a shelf would be great to have some fun with the grandkids.

  145. Kathryn Eyre Reply

    my little girls aged 4 and 6 are old enough to appreciate my sense of humour with an awesome Elf on a shelf! I have been waiting for them to finally appreciate all the plans I have for one! would love the added excitement of winning him! thanks

  146. Heather Hopley Reply

    The excitement that comes with the first awareness of Santa and Christmas wants me to win this. My 3 year old grandson is so very excited about Christmas and an Elf creating havoc at his grandmas house will simply add to the joy.

  147. I reckon the Elf is a cute way to signal the approach of the festive season – once he appears on the shelf Santa’s not too far behind.

  148. Tony Govers Reply

    When kids become teens, and Christmas magic wains the Elf and his mischief will continue the magic, creativity, laughter and fun that makes lasting memories.

  149. Megan Toovey Reply

    Would love to win the elf on the shelf as it’s my daughters first Christmas and I just love the idea. Such good memories could be made every Christmas with the elf.

  150. Karalee Chaseling Reply

    I would love to share the Christmas love with my children….it won’t be long before they figure out the truth and i love seeing their faces light up at Christmas!

  151. I love anything that brings on the joy of Christmas. How much fun to come up with new ideas for Elf on a shelf and my children screaming with laughter each morning.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win an Elf on the Shelf. What a great product!

  152. I woild love to win one of these because quite honestly I can’t afford one and I can just imagine the mischief our elf would get into! He/she is such a troublemaker in my crazy mind.

  153. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    We want the elf
    The elf on the shelf
    To visit us
    Maybe come by bus
    Mischief entails
    Hope he doesn’t use nails
    Please come here
    So we can have you near

  154. I would love an Elf for my children. My husband doesn’t usually get into the Christmas hype, but he likes this idea. It will be something nice we can do together for our kids. Our daughter is almost 3, and is really starting to understand Santa.

  155. Kristen Brett-Furner Reply

    I would love to win an elf on the shelf for my two little boys. I would love to catch them by surprise each day with something that can make their day special

  156. Cherie Cooper Reply

    My children (aged 1 and 2) are finally old enough to enjoy Elf on the Shelf this year and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been saving and pinning cute mischievous elf activities since before I had kids, my nieces and nephews have 3 elves and I’m forever sharing ideas with my sister! Would love to win an Elf on the Shelf and cute outfit to live out my elfy dreams and I’m sure my children will love the magic as much as their cousins do!

  157. VeronicaDe Reply

    Each year I add something new to the Christmas collection, It would be lovely to have these little ones come around and join in our Festive Cheer.

  158. Madison Ryan Reply

    I would love to win to because i feel the elf brings so much Christmas magic id love to start creating fun memories for my kids

  159. hayley shaw Reply

    I’d love to win to add some cheeky fun to the festive season for my little ones pst (and to amuse hubby he’ll love to help elf get into mischief)

  160. Wendy Hatton Reply

    My grand children will be so surprised to see him and to wonder where he appear each morning.

  161. My kids would love a friend to help countdown to xmas with. We love to be silly and have a good laugh all the time. My 7 yr old still likes to keep the magic of xmas alive too and my nearly 5yo loves elf on the shelf. Loving the look of all the cool accessories.

  162. Our elf name is sam my mr 6 enjoyed having him in our home that much that he came back to visit us at easter .my sons birthday is on the 14th of December so sam brings my don a little present

  163. Allison Hunt Reply

    We would lovd an Elf as my 6yo daughter asked for one just yesterday telling me all about their school classrooms elf last year

  164. Nicole Bartlett Reply

    I would love to win one because my husband is a massive kid at heart and I would love to see what trouble our elf could get into! My daughter would love to wake up to see his mischief.

  165. I’d love to win an elf on the shelf for my girls who are at the right age to understand what it’s all about – and to use it as a bribe for good behaviour, lol!

  166. I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf for my three little ones. They get so excited about Christmas and it would be great for Elf to visit our family.

  167. Rebecca Ghattas Reply

    I would love to win this for my 3 kids. They would absolutely love it!! We have never had an elf on the shelf before.

  168. It’s my son’s first Christmas and I would love to start this tradition from his very first one!

  169. I would love to win this prize pack to start a new Christmas tradition for my 15 month old boy.. he would love to have an elf!!

  170. Spratie123 Reply

    As the little one starts to grow, an attitude is sure to show, who else is there to help keep him in line but a little magical friend to find, an elf on the shelf is what we need, to make christmas fun and happy indeed!

  171. I have wanted an Elf for years, but my husband (our very own Christmas Grinch) wouldn’t allow me to get one as he thought the kids would out grow him and get bored. Oh, how I’d love to prove him wrong while they are still young enough to enjoy one!!

  172. Looking to start some new Christmas traditions this year for my 18 month old, to grow into in the future.

  173. Elfie would be a welcome addition to our house. My kids would have a blast with a new member!

  174. Would so love an elf on the shelf for my 5 kids they have wanted one so much would love to surprise them with one if we were lucky enough to win one!☺

  175. My children would love a girl Elf on the Shelf. They’ve already named her Ella. Oh what fun Christmas would be with a mischievous elf in our household.

  176. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    My twin boys would love an Elf on the Shelf. It would bring them so much joy trying to find where the Elf is hiding every day.

  177. My kids would love this as they are just starting to understand the magic of Santa and Christmas. Would have loved to buy this for them but with money tight as am not working, haven’t been able to this year.

  178. My 6 yo has just discovered what an elf on the shelf is and is obsessed with looking at the photos online. Should be lots

  179. We need an elf to help us get an urgent message to Santa to let him know we will be on holidays in Mackay this year! Don’t want to miss out on present goodness for our first “Mackmas” with our cousins!! #elfispresley

  180. My daughter has been asking if we might get one this Christmas because her friends have had them so I’d love to surprise her with one!

  181. Hannah Clubb Reply

    Its my sons 2nd christmas and would love to start a new family tradition as we will hopefully be in a new home for christmas new everything

  182. Julia Petruzzella Reply

    Would love to start this as a tradition for my 5 yr old son & 8 month old daughter. So many Elfie ideas to do with him. I’d have more fun than them!

  183. We would love to win another elf so both my boys have one each! We started this tradition when my eldest was 5, he’s 8 now and our new little bub is almost 6 months old! Would love for him to grow up with his own little elf friend 🙂

  184. Liza Hamilton Reply

    Loving this idea and wanting to start new traditions in our family.

  185. sue petrie Reply

    oh! so many great entries how can i compete. Elf on a shelf is terrific how it wonders through the night from one shelf to another,How it lights up my life with that little smile why do i wish to win this little elf no little cat do i have this christmas maybe this little treasure of an elf will take his place

  186. Elfie would be loved by all the family, especially great-grandma, she would love to share with the youngest in the family who will be 2 near Christmas!

  187. This will be our 5 year with Sparklehart the Elf……she comes in every year as Miley on a wrecking ball…….

  188. I need to win because when my kids are being naughty, not nice, I need some bargaining power or ammunition. The Elf on the Shelf would be perfect 🙂

  189. I’d love an elf on the shelf as my three boys would love searching the house to find him each day in the count down towards Christmas! The cool outfits you can get now and all the ideas on Facebook would make it even more fun and provide lots of inspiration!!!

  190. My daughter is finally old enough to appreciated and understand the whole concept of Christmas so this would be a fantastic idea to get her loving this merry season as much as I do!

  191. I’d love to win an Elf on the Shelf to bring some magic to my kids at Christmas. I’d love to see the looks on their faces when Elf arrives at our door and the antics it’ll get up to whilst it’s here!

  192. I’d love to win Elf on the Shelf so I can keep the magic of Christmas alive for my 5 year old daughter.

  193. I would love to add it to my crazy scenes I already do. I use toys they already have like toystory, ninjas, superheroes etc… Set up a scene & the boys find it in the morning. Imagine a cheeky elf aswell to shake things up.

  194. Maxine stivala Reply

    I would love to win an elf on the shelf for my girls as they have been asking for years but for a proper one they are not cheap.

  195. Lara Daebritz Reply

    Although my 11 year old is probably a little too old for the Elf on the Shelf concept, my 6 nieces are not! Being a family big on tradition, my Mum would love an Elfie at her house to share with the grandies.

  196. My daughter’s nearly 10 so i want to keep the magic of christmas alive for as long as i can and i would love to make this one our christmas traditions every year.

  197. Katherine Bamford Reply

    I’m a big believer in Christmas is for us big kids too!! Haha With all the stresses of making sure Christmas Day runs perfectly, I’d love a cheeky little Elf on my shelf to not just play tricks on the kids, but to be a little bit naughty and cheeky for us grown ups too! 😉 hehe

  198. Tracey Taylor Reply

    Elves are Santas helpers and help him make his good/naughty lists.Elves need to work very hard, watching,listening and reporting back to HQ.I am happy to support all forms of employment even for seasonal workers as Elves are.I feel its my civic duty to support an Elf family and act as a proxy family.

  199. To create adventure, fun and laughter throughout the Christmas month

  200. I’ve never done elf on the shelf, actually only heard about it last year after seeing other mums absolutely hilarious elf on the shelf ideas which has inspired me to want to do my own!

  201. Kirralea.L Reply

    I would love to start this tradition with my son but due to our financial situation I havent been able to yet.

  202. Lis Martion Reply

    Wow! I would luv an Elf on a Shelf for my 1 yr old grand daughter to grow up with every Christmas in remembrance of her older sister she never got to meet.

  203. Melissa graf Reply

    I would love this, as my 11year old I am sure it will be her last year she believes so going above and beyond this year.

  204. I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf to have some fun with my 2 and 7 year olds. Would be a great little family tradition and a some fun in the lead up to Christmas. I know my boys would love to see what the elf has gotten up to next. We absolutely love Christmas and think an Elf would be an awesome addition to our Christmas celebrations.

  205. Grace Foenander Reply

    I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf and start the cutest, funnest Christmas tradition on my daughters first Christmas!

  206. I’d love a helping hand, albeit small ones, to remind my children to behave while having some fun and rekindling the magic of the season.

  207. My 3 and 4.5 year olds have really understood Christmas this year and this would top it off! What a wonderful prize and the costumes are adorable!

  208. Hayley brennan Reply

    I’m out numbered with a house of boys including our elves. Would love a girl elf to side with mum ;). Iv just built a house for them and it could do with a girly touch

  209. Alberta Dreseler Reply

    I really do love the idea of the elf on the Shelf. My little one might be a bit young to understand it this year but I do love a good Christmas tradition. I love all the extras that are coming out too.

  210. My youngest of five would love his own elf.
    To find him and his antics up on the shelf.
    I’m sure he’d laugh with glee.
    To see whatever antics his elfie would be.

  211. tashana purkis Reply

    My kids would think he will see if they will be naughty or nice and will behave lol

  212. My sons 2 he is just starting to understand christmas having a little elf around the house would excite him so much. I can move it around each day and get him to find it. Can see the smiles and joy already

  213. Michelle Ginman Reply

    To add another fun tradition to our favourite time of the year! ☃️

  214. Would love to win an Elf for my girls. It would be the start of a great tradition and put that extra special touch on making a magical Christmas for them.

  215. Lisa Hollisa Reply

    I bought an Elf last year last minute and didn’t get the full set with the book so my daughter had fun with the elf but didn’t get to read all about it. I love moving the elf around every night and getting creative

  216. Fiona Rowlands Reply

    I’d love to win this so I can drive the kids crazy because they’d never know where it will pop up next!! 😉

  217. Megan Poss Reply

    When I was a little girl my Nanna always told me the birds in the garden were reporting directly to Santa so I had to always be good in case they were watching! How freaking fun that nowadays we bring real life mini elves inside to keep watch on our kiddies for the big guy. Our little household would be keen as a bean and oh so grateful to adopt a mischievous little Elfie Claus to keep a watchful eye on our mischievous little girl and spread a little of that good old Chrissy spirit throughout our home.

  218. Elfie Elfie
    On the shelfie,
    Come love with us
    And take a selfie.

    Elfie Elfie,
    My family is not wealthy,
    Come bring Christmas cheer
    And be extra stealthy.

    Elfie Elfie
    Visit my daughter Chelsea
    Give her lots of laughs and treats
    But please nothing unhealthy.

  219. The look on my daughter’s face reach morning and helping her find the elf!

  220. We would love to win an elf on the shelf because they really grab my asd sons attention he loves their facial expressions and dangling limbs that you can manipulate and with these great outfits it will help him create stories and use his imagination with his elf

  221. We would love to win son loves Christmas and really believes in the magic of Christmas. My sister has one and insee how much joy it brings her girls. with my sons bdays being oct and Nov and then xmas in December have never had the spare cash to get one! so winning this would be great!

    • Julie Parsons Reply

      I’d love to win elf on a shelf to help our little guys behaviour. He has been unsettled due to my upcoming surgery.

      • Leonie Short Reply

        We had so much fun with our elf last year, this would be so much fun for my boy.

  222. Elf on the shelf will add colour and style
    His cuteness will make us all smile

  223. Carol Smith Reply

    We really want an elf to come…and spread magic through our home……We’ve been collecting bits and pieces and today bought a tiny comb….My 3 grandchildren are so excited, waiting for this surprise….The looks on their faces I can’t wait to see, big smiles and great big eyes.

  224. Codi-Lee Manuel Reply

    My 1 and 3 year old are still new to the magic of christmas and im wanting to make it as magical and exciting for them as i can. The elf would be welcomed into our family with open arms. He will have hia own little elf door aswell so he can still get back to the northpole when needed.

  225. I would love to bring the fun and excitement of an elf on the shelf and his crazy new outfits to our family and christmas time craziness this year. I think he will fit in well

  226. Paige Yang Reply

    If luck with me, then this would be my boy’s first Elf on the Shelf.

  227. My kids love elf on the shelf, the eagerness to see what he’s done is priceless, I’d like more props to build his magic

  228. I love Christmas and the joy it brings. Would love to gift some Elf love to my sister.

  229. Always wanted one of these little guys to add some fun and laughter to the Christmas season!

  230. Caroline Kelly Reply

    I would like to gift an elf to a young family that I know has been having a tough couple of years and are down to one wage due to the main breadwinner becoming unwell and requiring multiple surgeries. Hopefully, the novelty will help off-set some of the concerns that this family has had to endure recently. Thank you for the chance.

  231. Lauren Fountain Reply

    I would love to win this as my daughter is now old enough to really understand and get into EOTS!

  232. Elf is so cute, would love to win one so I can take him on many more journeys with our family.

  233. We have Timmy the elf who comes to visit every Christmas but my 7 year old keeps asking why the other kids have 2 and can I get another one. We would keep one and give one to my husband’s daughter who has a young child. Trying to keep the magic of Christmas going

  234. Sarah Elizabeth O’Donnell Reply

    With our first child Isabelle celebrating her first Christmas we can’t wait to start this tradition.

  235. Megan Marot Reply

    What a captivating family tradition
    to have an elf that’s on a mission…
    Visiting daily to bring Christmas cheer,
    Cheer to last the entire year.
    Helping keep my kids in check,
    and stop them from being pains in my neck!
    We would love an elf and his mischievous evening antics,
    Seeing my kids laughter and smiles, what a great tactic
    To have heaps of happiness in our home
    Precious memories to call our own!

  236. Louisa Frail Reply

    Love to own Elf and have a tradition
    Love to be naughty and get up to no good
    Love Elf, always reminds me of the movie Elf. Would love to win, it would give me a big grin.

  237. I can’t wait to get up to some mischief with a little elf buddy. The kids will be beside themselves!!!!

  238. Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    Christmas Eve last year, I gave birth to my first born which was unexpected, but he was definelty the best Christmas present to ever have. Seeing this is our first official Christmas as a family where we can celebrate at home, I would love to start a new tradition with Elf on the shelf!

  239. Christina L Reply

    Its the season to be jolly and fill our homes with loads of Christmas fun.

  240. We have just moved into our new place and I think it would be great if elf visited us there for the first time. We have no shelves up yet so he can’t be elf on a shelf but I’m sure we’ll find a spot for him.

  241. My two kids keep asking for Elf on the Shelf if we win I promise not to allow their uncle to near him lol

  242. Aw what a wonderful comp!!! This is the first year my son can fully appreciate Christmas (he’s just turned 3) and I’d love him to have an elf to heighten the fun!!

  243. Elf on the Shelf offers a great creative outlet for the whole family! I think my kids would love to see what he gets up to everyday and I’m going to have fun taking photos for memories.

  244. It would help to add to the whole excitement of Christmas for my kids as well as make sure they’re on their best behaviour and the elf is watching!

  245. Tamara Robinson Reply

    I would absolutely love to win an elf on the shelf for our family, our daughters have always wanted one! Me and my eldest daughter have made outfits for our friends elves in previous years and it would be amazing to be able to add an elf to our family for Christmas time and all the fun and joy the Elves bring! So many creative ways of setting your elf up each night for the kids to find in the morning.

  246. Kayla Sibley Reply

    I would love to surprise my 8 year old sister with this gift. She’s already so excited for Christmas I know she would love this

  247. Kristy simms Reply

    I’d love to win as last year my kids asked for one and I missed out finding one. As my kids get older, I’d love to continue to keep the magic of Xmas alive in our house.

  248. Nicole Bradwell Reply

    My daughter is finally old enough to startunderstanding Christmas, winning this elf will definitely help keep Christmas magical and for her to be nice not naughty.

  249. I’d love an Elf to keep an eye on my cheeky little boy to ensure he doesn’t end up on Santa’s Naughty List.

  250. Nicole Kent Reply

    Christmas fun for my little ones
    Finding the Elf and the mischief he’s done
    Would help with behaviour knowing the Elf is around
    Reporting back to Santa keeping his ears to the ground!

  251. J Endacott Reply

    My children are at that wonderful age where Christmas is still a magical time of year for them. I would love to win this prize to help bring some of that Christmas magic into my home. Thank you

  252. Melissa Gil Reply

    I’ve always wanted an Elf on the Shelf to complete our family at Christmas!

  253. Would love to set up Elf on the Shelf all over the house just to entertain my teenage boys. 🙂

  254. Adele Smith Reply

    I would love to give this to my daughter to do something special with her oldest child, Chase who is two and a half years old and as of this week has become an older brother to Dean. I’m sure Elf on the Shelf will bring his own special kind of magic and feelings of happiness to their family.

  255. I would love to win to accompany my pnp app I have on my phone! They enter and leave through an elf door and would be so perfect that she knows an elf is really listening to any naughtiness!! Hehe!!

  256. Would love to win as have seen them for a couple of years and the kids would love one! Lots of mischief to be had here with 5 kiddies!

  257. id love to win to give my sons a magical christmas. This would be our first year with an Elf and the only way I could afford to do something like this. I love christmas and id love to bring an elf into our home who would bring much happiness to my boys. Thankyou for the opportunity

  258. I would love to win this as this is the first year my 4. 5yoson really ‘gets’ Christmas, he has autism so he has never really understood Santa and Christmas/presents. I want to make this year amazing for him.

  259. Christmas with a elf would be hilarious I remember last year people changing their clothes, scenes, riding the dog You name it … I’m excited to get my hands on these little red cuties

  260. Robyn Vitacca Reply

    Elf on a shelf sounds like so much fun. I would love to gift this to a family who have had some troubled time. Would like to bring the Christmas Spirit back into their lives.

  261. Amanda Shaw Reply

    We have so much fun and mischief with our Elf, I would love to bless my nieces and nephews with one too. More magic in more homes is a winner, thanks to Elf on a shelf and Mumcentral

  262. Amalie Beanland Reply

    My kids are finally the perfect age to start an Elf-tastic tradition.

  263. We’ve lost the fun of Christmas decorating with the kids grown up so would love a Christmas elf to recreate some Christmas magic, and give all our friends some extra joy too!

  264. Catherine Davies Reply

    We already have an Elf in the shelf,but I’d love to be able to place an extra gift under the Wishing tree so another little child can experience some joy with something that their family may not be able to afford xx

  265. My family consider me the “grinch”, so by winning this I would show them each day that I’m not. I would secretly enjoy it too.

  266. Jenhy Leitch Reply

    It just adds to the magic of Christmas. Would so love one for my two little ones.

  267. Margaret Hollis Reply

    I love Christmas and would love to win an Elf on the shelf for me,as these weren’t’ around when i was a kid

  268. We already have a Scout Elf named Boston at our house but have a friend who would love one for her 3 year old twin daughters who have had a really rough few years.

  269. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    We call willy wag tails “Cresabel” who is santa’s little bird and reports back to Santa, Elf on the shelf would be our inside watcher and report back to Cresabel

  270. tracy wedding Reply

    He will sit proudly on my shelf in our entry so everyone can see him

  271. For the absolute ball tearing madness our Elf on the shelf is going to create in our home during the Christmas countdown. The situations and scenario’s in my head, are going to blow the kids minds and I know already, will have wife aka Mummy scolding the Elf and I for our antics 😉

  272. Alexandria Trichilo Reply

    Wow I am so excited about this competition because my daughter is finally old enough to enjoy an elf. I have bought them as gifts in previous years but I’m dying to get one of my own. Fingers crossed we win!!

  273. Since becoming a first-time Mum at the start of the year, this self-confessed Grinch’s heart has grown and I want to do everything Christmasy. Having the Elf on the shelf kit would be a perfect tradition to start and continue as my bub gets older to join in the fun too.

  274. Veronica Christensen Reply

    My children would love to have the elf on the shelf they would be a great addition to our Christmas decorations.

  275. For my 3 children and last baby to start a tradition and to see their smiles each morning my eldest always asked for one

  276. Annette Imber Reply

    As my husband passed away last month I would love to have an elf on the shelf to leave messages from him to our grandkids who are missing him a lot

  277. Suzanne881 Reply

    I would love to win, my 2 older boys want to do the elf for their little brother and I’ve been watching the antics my friends elves get up too

  278. To have an elf on a shelf
    To prank the grandies
    Would be handy
    Also so swanky

  279. Two Elves are better than one, can you imagine them running amok, the mischief and mayhem they’re going to cause. Be good to take things up a notch, one Elf targeting our son, the other our daughter, and when bubs gets a little older perhaps the Saint Bernard can target her!!!!!

  280. My girls love seeing there friends elf on the shelf and what they get up to.

  281. Mary Francese Reply

    My kids would love these and their dads pretty creative with fun things to take scout on an aventure every day

  282. jane gardam Reply

    I have never had an elf on the shelf, it certainly would put a smile on my grandsons faces when the little elf gets up to mischief each night.

  283. Rebecca Roffman Reply

    What a beautiful tradition to start with my family. It would bring a lot of laughter into the house which as the tiredness of the end of the school year laughter and excitement is definitely needed. I have always wanted to do Elf on the Shelf with my kids but with all the expense of Christmas the budget wouldn’t allow. This would be an amazingprize

  284. It’s my twin boys 2nd christmas, they where born 6 weeks premature last year so Christmas was very crazy and we didn’t start any awesome traditions. I’m hoping to start this year!!

  285. Julie Field Reply

    I have always loved all things Christmas and have been waiting to have a child of the right age to start this fun build up to Christmas. I love Elf on the Shelf ❤️

  286. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    The Elf on the Shelf looks like so much fun!! My kids would find it hilarious! My nieces had a special friend visit them last year and I think my kids were a little jealous! Would love to win to create our own magic!

  287. I love the fun and excitement that comes with Elf on shelf and that my kids going looking for him each morning.

  288. My daughter adores elf on the shelf so much she has been watching YouTube videos about them! We have yet to add an elf to our family but we definelty want to! I would love to see her surprised little face light up when she was her new elf on the shelf set up on the first of December!

  289. My daughter is 4 years old .She would really appreciate Elf on a Shelf . Finding him every morning seeing what Adventure they have been on. Great tradition to start .

  290. My children are now just learning about elf on the shelf and so am. I was obviously deprived as a child and do not want my children to experience the same as I did. We would cherish our elf and he will become part of our family. 🙂

  291. Cassandra Wotherspoon Reply

    Would love to win the elf on a shelf for my nieces and nephew. They would love it

  292. Have been doing “Buddy” (our elf) adventures for 5 years and have exhausted every internet, Pinterest and creative ideas I could muster. NEED ACCESSORIES PLEASE!!!

  293. Susanna Martin Reply

    I’ve never known about these until a couple of years ago. I now have a one year old daughter and would love to start a tradition with these gorgeous guys

  294. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    What amazing new memories for the Christmas period that we would be able to create. I have been promising myself now to get an Elf on the Shelf but by the time Christmas comes around and I have purchased Food and toys and other gifts. The Elf on the Shelf is bypassed again..

  295. Katrina Krogh Reply

    I love creating memories and traditions for Christmas and what better way to do that by having a gorgeous elf sneaking around to different areas of our house at night. The joy and happiness on the kids face as they find the elf would be magical.

  296. Stephanie Veljanovski Reply

    My children are both Christmas obsessed as am I. I would love to start a new magical tradition with them that will build the excitement even more in the lead up to Christmas .

  297. My 4 year old would LOVE an elf on the shelf! He’s getting so excited about Christmas, what better way to include him in the fun of it all!!

  298. beverley murray Reply

    that’s a good elf,
    sitting quietly
    on the shelf
    smiling sweetly at us
    Christmas wishes
    without fuss…

  299. The family tradition will start this year with my boy, another time of year to be creative
    and enjoy the magic that this will bring to our house on December 1st, thank you mumcentral for offering this fantastic prize that I would love to win then our Elf would have a sibling.

  300. Awesome prize!! Love these little Elf’s and can’t wait to start the tradition with my family!

  301. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Gosh! Creating magic for family to love and adore. Elf on the shelf what will you get up too?

  302. gail davies Reply

    I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf Prize Pack to give to my two gorgeous and special granddaughters from their loving grandma xx

  303. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    As I reckon that Santa could spare him for a while so he can visit us.

  304. We’re aiming to keep christmas consumerism at a minimal level, and build excitement and wonder with christmas traditions and a spot of elf magic, rather than dozens of presents under the tree. An elf on the shelf would be perfect to build the magic of christmas for our little guy.

  305. I Love the Elves! I’d love to give one to my family for Christmas to remind them of me, as I can’t be there this year.

  306. Heidi O'Day Reply

    My aunty Pat had leprechauns on her door frames that she made. They looked so similar and when little we were amazed by them. She told us they watched us when we were not looking and went to the garden when we were asleep. She is an amazing artist and actually built a fairy village in her garden. We were so lucky.
    I’d love to win one and share that with my nephews and nieces.

  307. Bethany Allen Reply

    Miss 6’s best friend has an elf
    That every year comes to stay
    Curious why she doesn’t have one herself
    I’ve overheard Miss 6 pray
    She asked Santa if he could send one down
    Or, if possible, a fairy
    And so my little girl doesn’t wear a frown
    I’m asking you to make our Christmas merry!

  308. To create memories with my children. Make every day between now and Christmas a fun day with amazing memories for the girls.

  309. Jess Williams Reply

    We would love a elf friend for my eldest sons elf Buddy. He creates so much magic in our house and I’m sure my youngest would love an elf of his own this year

  310. With The Elf on The Shelf in the building, to keep a watchful eye on mischievous children, so no-one will be missed, from Santa’s present delivery list.

  311. christine speight Reply

    I’d love to put it in funny poses and keep myself amused all year round

  312. This is our first year with Elf of the shelf.
    It would be awesome to add to our cheeky tricks that are to come.

  313. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Would love to win for the kids scare them tell them that it’s santas helper and if you be naught he’ll go back and tell him

  314. Charmaine Schlaefer Reply

    Elf on a shelf looks like a lot of fun with endless fun and mischief

  315. We have been looking to “adopt” an Elf for a couple of years, but each year miss out getting one from the shops! We would love to win one to help add to the spirit of Christmas!

  316. I would love to start an elf on the shelf tradition in our home with our soon to be first baby.

  317. We have 6 children three of those being triplet girls, out of our 6 there are only 2 that still have the Santa dreams and we would love an elf so that we can really really experience the last few years of fun and excitement that little bit more

  318. Natalie Lucas Reply

    I would love to win this for my 2 little boys! The pure excitement they would experience each morning as they look for what the elf had been up to during the night, would be a joy to watch!

  319. My children love to have a bath
    So to see Elf in one would be a laugh
    White marshmallows they also love to eat
    An Elf on the Shelf would be a surprise treat

  320. Miss 7 would have a ball with this toy, can see it becoming our first actual tradition

  321. Kim Corradini Reply

    I have never had Elf On A Shelf before,seeing peoples posts of theirs on Facebook look like it would be fun for the kids…

  322. I would love for my 5yr old boy and 2yr old girl to experience it

  323. Mr3 is just starting to understand the magic of Christmas. He is currently watching the Elf in the Shelf (his “Christmas DVD”) on repeat! With a new baby in the house, I’d love to do something special just for my Big Boy.

  324. I would love an elf on the shelf because Elf on the shelf has become a necessary Christmas accessory that adds to the light hearted and silliness of Christmas that makes adults and kids laugh and smile.

  325. I woulf love to introduce Buddy the Elf to my 3yr old daughter but cant afford it any other way. Im hoping for a Christmas Miracle from Mum Central.

  326. Emily Hogan Reply

    We don’t have an elf but I absolutely love the concept, it brings Christmas spirit and lots of fun for the whole family. I see it as a lasting tradition.

  327. Melisa Arthur Reply

    Id love to win one as id get my son into the habit of seeing it each xmas a new tradition to start with his first xmas

  328. Traditions are awesome. Wishes are the best. Hope is what ignites and keeps lit our spirits. A little elf told me

  329. to get my slightly older children still believing in the magic of Christmas

  330. I’m really excited to start a Christmas tradition with my little ones. This is such a cute innocent thing that will be exciting for the whole family.

  331. Kristy Winters Reply

    I had never heard of elf on a shelf before and my kids have been begging for one. I still don’t even know where to buy them lol

  332. Courtney Foster Reply

    I would love to win this as my son is just at the right age to start this tradition. He would absolutley love finding what the elf got up to each morning

  333. My sons have heard lots about the Elf on a Shelf and every year wish he would visit our home.

  334. My gorgeous nephew would get such a thrill from this. He is the most lovable, funny and happy little boy who was born at 24 weeks. such a little miracle, he deserves excitement at Christmas

  335. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    My kids are very excited about xmas this year and would love to have an elf on the shelf to count down the days.

  336. Marilyn Long Reply

    My 2 boys seem to be getting a little cheeky so it would be nice to have an Elf on the Shelf to use as an incentive to be ‘good boys’ so Santa visits!

  337. My 14yr old daughter was diagnosed with a bone tumour recently and her grandparents are taking her on a cruise for 2 weeks in December. My 4 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son are going to miss her and I have no doubt my 14 yr old will miss seeing her siblings so excited in the lead up to Christmas. I am going to miss her too!
    So, I have a plan to get an Elf on the Shelf who will ‘replace’ the little ones big sister while she is away (by putting a photo of her face on the elf, or using something that is hers, or dressing like her).
    The Elf on the Shelf can get up to plenty of mischief that a big sister might do.
    The little ones will love seeing what the Elf has been up to and when my 14yr old gets back from her cruise we can show her all the photos so she can feel part of it all.

  338. Michelle Ward Reply

    I have to admit that I tried to buy a clone Elf on the Shelf and I got what I paid for – a low quality imposter and guess what he was wearing? No elf suit, that’s for sure. It was army camouflage gear, no less! I was horrified and hence, he has never made any kind of appearance in my home … so I still have an opening. Will the real Elf on the Shelf please stand up!

  339. Elf on the shelf looks so cute,
    Under my Christmas tree , it would definitely suit.

  340. At Christmas time, our household transforms into a decorative festive masterpiece (even if I say so myself!). We go all out – every nook and cranny is graced with the colourful presence of Christmas! Even the photos on the wall are covered in wrapping to look like gifts! Remarkably, for reasons that escape me, there remains one glaring void: we have no delightfully mischievous Elf to sit on our shelf (or wherever else he might move himself)! This is, frankly, an unacceptable situation which requires immediate remedial action… hence why I’d love to win this prize!

  341. I never knew what elf on the shelf was until now, it seems like a fun game to get into with the kids.

  342. Jaye Hurley Reply

    It’s my little girls second birthday and I would love to start the elf tradition with her

  343. I’d love to win, so the little one doesn’t have to share her brother’s elf on the shelf. Which would mean two happy kids and mum to boot.

  344. Veronica Paterson Reply

    I’d love to win because my current elf on the shelf Gary needs a couple of friends to help him out I think.

  345. I’d love to win this for my daughter. Ok for me . The elves look just so adorable and I could think of some pretty awesome things to do with it. My almost 5 year old would have a blast too, we both love everything to do with Christmas.

  346. Would love to win one so my kids can be that little bit more excited about Christmas.

  347. Donna Leysley Reply

    Would love to win Elf on the Shelf to share the magic of Christmas a little more with my daughters.

  348. I would love to win an elf, I’ve heard so much about the elf on the shelf but have never bought one, I think my daughter would absolutely love this. We need a cheeky elf in our house this Christmas for sure!!!

  349. My daughter has been wanting an Elf for a couple of years but I haven’t had spare money to get one for her. I would love to fulfill her Christmas wish.

  350. Elf on the shelf are super cute! My daughter has been asking for one after seeing it at a friends.

  351. Such a cute idea and such a special Christmas gift for my 3 year old

  352. Christmas is my favourite time of year because of the innocence and excitement of my children. This would just top it off.

  353. My eldest doesn’t believe in Santa anymore so it would be good to give her something to enjoy in the lead up, she would love setting scenes for her little sister 🙂

  354. Cindy Nickels Reply

    Elf on the Shelf was such a winner with my son when he was little. I would so love to share those memories with my grandson now and have the tradition continue.

  355. I’d love to win this for my niece who is expecting. A lovely tradition to start with her little one

  356. Elf on the shelf inspires creativity and great for the imagination. Everyday my Mum and Sister-in-law post a pic of their elf doing something for each day in December.

    I would love my kids to join the fun too with our Elf joining the family ‘Elf’s on their Christmas journey.

  357. I have never have Elf on the shelf before. Getting one would means more fun for my little kids as I can introduce new tradition to them.

  358. Would love a lil elf to start the tradition with my mr 3 and miss 2, there now at an age to start understanding, and this lil guy would bring so much laughter and joy for them

  359. Win win win, elf of a shelf is so fun especially in the office. Makes everyone be super creative

  360. Lisa Hayes Reply

    It’s getting very close
    to that special time of year,
    When the streets and the houses
    Start to fill with Christmas cheer.

    What better way to build up
    That happiness and joy,
    Then to start a family tradition
    With my little girl and boy.

    I just can’t wait to see
    The excitement in their eyes
    In the morning when they wake
    To the cheeky elf’s surprise.

  361. I think this will be my last year that my daughter believes. I want to make the best yet. And then we will have her two year old brother to entertain for years to come and I am going to love watching and helping my daughter get creative with our very own elf. Will be very special and create amazing memories at Christmas.

  362. Kylie Sneddon Reply

    Would love to win as my kids just love christmas and all the magic and festivities surrounding it and elf on the shelf will add some more magic to this time of year. Also it would make the whole “santa is watching if your being naughty or nice” more real and tangible if elf on the shelf was watching and reporting to santa!

  363. Alexie Morgan Reply

    My son was born on Christmas Day so I can’t wait to share the spirit of Christmas with him, and I think Elf on he shelf is such a fun and clever idea

  364. Love to win an Elf on the shelf for the extra amazing memories he’ll contribute to.

  365. Cynthia Hudson Reply

    Elf on the shelf is such a wonderful idea and I hope I win to start a tradition for my daughter. When I was young I left milk and biscuits out for Santa and carrots for the reindeers and when i woke up they’d all be half eaten. I truly did believe father Christmas was real and I just hope with the help of the elves my daughter will think it is just as magical as i did.



  367. I love the concept of “Elf”- it is such a wonderful way to keep the wonder of Christmas alive for little ones.

  368. I love the magic that it brings, my kids already loves Christmas, but I really want them to have it feel even more magical by having the elf do different things every year.

  369. these elves would help add to the magic and wonder of christmas and i would love to see the look of amazement on the kids faces as they discover what the elves have been up to during the night

  370. I just want that skinny, nerdy little elf in my house this Christmas.

  371. kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    For my Elf to sit on a shelf with all of my amazing Disney Cups

  372. We started elf on the shelf last year but we were a bit late and didn’t know much about it. This year my daughter is so excited so I would love the extras to really give it a good go to keep her in the magic

  373. We have the Elf Door so it would be very fitting to have an elf on the shelf next to it 🙂 this is something in the UK where I am from that is viral, so hoping to show them how it’s done down under!!!

  374. I’d love to start this tradition, my daughter would be so excited!

  375. Janet Gibb Reply

    I would love to give my kids and grandchildren the wonderment of Elf on a Shelf in our home!

  376. My nephews love Elf on the shelf and haven’t stopped talking about to my children, this would be fantastic for me as my daughter is starting not to believe in Santa 🙁 this would bring back the magic of Christmas to her.

  377. Tanya Crerar Reply

    Our youngest is just old enough to know about Santa and it would be wonderful to start a new tradition that we could continue for a few short years before he is too grown up.

  378. My oldest daughter would love to help me do Elf on the shelf for her little brother!

  379. Our Kids have spoken about Elf on a Shelf but we have never experienced the wonder, this might be our lucky year!!!

  380. Nicola Voice Reply

    We would love to welcome an Elf in a shelf to our home and start a new Christmas tradition!

  381. Amanda Evans Reply

    My kids and I have never experienced elf on the shelf. This year my ASD daughter has been talking about it as she has seen it and really, really wants one. Would be pretty cool

  382. Penny albon Reply

    Elf on the shelf would complete our Christmas decorations for our family.

  383. I would love to start this tradition at my place, I think this is something that older kids would have fun with

  384. my son is just at the age where he will really get into a elf on a shelf, he’s never encountered one before so would be really surprised

  385. Andrea Ponga-Morgan Reply

    I would love to win for my children as they are now 4.5 and 7, so the perfect age to start exploring the magic of a cheeky elf!!

  386. I’d love to win one for my 3 kids. My 7 year old is autistic and would absolutely love to wake up to Elfs antics each morning.

  387. Mary Preston Reply

    HI, an Elf on the Shelf would be enormous fun thank you. I’d love to prank the Mister as well as the kidlets.

  388. Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf so that i can have some fun every night 🙂

  389. Monique Smith Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter so we can start a new family Christmas tradition

  390. Kristen Rudland Reply

    Would love an elf on the shelf as I feel like we are the only family without one 🙁
    My kids 2 years, 4.5 years and 14 year old would absolutely LOVE to wake up each morning to see the elf doing something different. Might even employ the 14 year old to help me think up new ideas and good way for him to feel more Christmas spirit and enjoy christmas again as much as the younger 2.

  391. I love Christmas and love family Christmas traditions. I would love to make a magic elf on the shelf tradition for my 3 kiddies.

  392. To remind myself to get into more of the Christmas spirit & joy for my kids so they remember to do it for my future grandkids!

  393. aleisha sullivan Reply

    An elf on the shelf would be the perfect addition,
    Will it be a girl or boy? A dancer or a musician?
    Naughty, nice or in between,
    Hiding in the bath or the coffee machine!
    I’m sure our elf would bring so much joy,

  394. I would love to win Elf on the shelf for my 3 boys. They would love this and i would enjoy seeing their faces each morning as they discover what their elf had been up to while they were sleeping. Also to give them extra incentive to behave lol. Good luck everyone!

  395. I love Christmas but unfortunately my partner left last Christmas Eve which was really hard on the kids. Hopefully an elf on the shelf will distract them from remembering this was the time of year their daddy left them

  396. Would love to see all the good and joy that happens coming around to Christmas with Elf on the Shelf as now he understands Christmas and is very exciting

  397. Summer’s my favourite time of year,
    When Elfie arrives,
    The kids will know christmas is near,
    He’ll ensure they’re on their best behaviour,
    The peace and quiet is something I’ll savor,
    Getting up to new mischief everyday
    Cause Elves (and mummy) love to play,
    He’d bring magic of christmas with him,
    So this pack is something I’d love to win 🙂

  398. Kristy Giles Reply

    I would love to win this for my 3 little boys. They are all under 3 and I am excited to begin some christmas traditions this year since my eldest now understands

  399. Johanne Stone Reply

    The elves in Santa’s workshop
    Are busy as can be.
    They all are working ’round the clock
    On toys for you and me.
    They’re painting dolly faces,
    And running trains on tracks.
    They’re testing all the snare drums,
    And tightening the tacks.
    While all of you are sleeping,
    And resting in your beds,
    The elves up north are making
    Strong runners for your sleds.
    They do their best to make up
    A gift for everyone
    And give us each a special taste
    Of merry Christmas fun!

  400. Tracy Painter Reply

    I would love to start this as a yearly tradition at the start of December and give my daughter something to look forward to each year. Thank you

  401. Our girls would be memerised to wake up to Elf on the Shelf & would be a great new tradition to add to our family. We would love to have adventures & thinking of exciting things for Elf on the Shelf to get up to.

  402. My son has been asking me for the last couple of years for Elf on a Shelf, and I haven’t got him one yet! He would absolutely love this and I would love to win this for him!

  403. My 2 older children have been asking me all year for one and now that my 3rd child is 3.5 yrs old and understands a bit more it will be alot more enjoyable to do.

  404. My daughter has been asking for an elf on the shelf for the past few years. It would be an amazing prize to win and fun to see what cheekiness it will get up to!!

  405. My daughter has been asking for an elf on the shelf the last year or so, but is very intense in her requests this year! I’ve always thought I would run out of ideas (or enthusiasm) too soon, but I’d love to create some memories that she’ll cherish when she Is older.

  406. kerry mcgugan Reply

    we would love to invite An ELF into our christmas Family , they will be loved and cherished over christmas and beyond . There’s just something magical about Christmas , we even have a spot picked out .

  407. Rachael Rowberry Reply

    With the arrival of a new baby just turning 1 and his first experience really enjoying Christmas. He was in hospital at birth for an operation for his first Christmas. When he comes to our home we would love to decorate it with something like an elf that he can see and grow with. We will collect a different one per year. This will be his own tradition at our home

  408. Catherine Whyte Reply

    We would love to win because both my kids are now at an age where they would both appreciate the tradition. I’ve been eyeing off Elf on a Shelf for years, waiting for the right time, and that time is now! We’ve love one please!

  409. With three beautiful little girls I would love to be able to teach them about Elf on the Shelf and start my own little Christmas tradition with my little heart beats xo

  410. I would love to add a little more magic to my kids’ Christmas with the fun tradition of a cheeky and adventurous little elf in our house. They are 2 and 4 and would absolutely love this!!

  411. My two boys would love an Elf on the shelf. They are at the perfect age where they are enjoying all things Christmas. Having a little Elf come into our family and getting to name him would make the Christmas season all the more magical.

  412. This is my first Christmas with my son, and I would love to start this as a family tradition with him.

  413. Tracy Clark Reply

    Can’t wait to see this kids faces this year with all the funny places to leave elf on the shelf

  414. Kodie McMullen Reply

    We have never done elf of a shelf or owned one but i would love to start the tradition and welcome a little elf on the shelf into our family home, she will be much loved.

  415. I would love to win the elf on the shelf…there would be no other way I can’t think of to build the spirit of Christmas than waking up to see what adventures elf has been up to while we have all been sleeping.

  416. I saw these last year with my nephew and was amazed how magical they are., they sprinkle some magic in the air leading up to christmas and I loved helping his mum to come up with new places..

  417. Melissa Zammit Reply

    I would love to start this tradition in my home and think my son would absolutely love it

  418. Id love to give this to my hubby thats a bit like an elf on a shelf. everywhere but no where

  419. I would love to start this tradition while both my children are still young so they can get excited each year for when elf finally arrives to cause a bit of mischief before heading back home to santa and report to him whether they have been naughty or nice

  420. Sarah Blockley Reply

    My daughter has such a wild imagination I know she would love this elf on a shelf pack that will no doubt help her parents to get a bit more creative and make Christmas just that little bit more magical for her. I never really had that as a child but I have always loved Christmas and would love to create these special memories with both of my children as they grow up.

  421. I’ve been saving Elf on the Shelf ideas since I was pregnant with my first child! Now that he’s finally understanding the concept of Christmas I can my wait to get into the spirit of Elfie mischief!! This pack would be the perfect kickstart to what will hopefully be many years of Elf adventures!

  422. Teresa Clark Reply

    would love to share the magic of an elf on the shelf with our children to help make Christmas even more magical and special.

  423. To prove to my kids that Elves can be mischievious, for some reason they dont believe me……

  424. Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    My little boy absolutely loves Christmas, to have an elf on the shelf would not only make Christmas Day exciting but the lead up to Christmas exciting

  425. I think it would be a lovely way to add some mischievous magic to the season – a bit of fun for the whole family.

  426. I’d love to start a new tradition with my grandkids. I think they would love it!

  427. We have never had an elf, which is shocking seeing as I’m Christmas mad and have my tree up in SEPTEMBER!!!! (I know.. I’m a little bit crazy), but my two oldest children, are probably on their last year before the gig is up, BUT my 2 year old is just starting on her Christmas adventure. It would be fabulous to have their final year, and her first proper year, with a little bit of mischief and fun. And I know the two oldest would then LOVE to carry on the daily mischief every year for her.

  428. Lennareinhard Reply

    My kids don’t see the family ( grandparents and aunts etc as they’re with their family or away or we are too unwell to travel) all 3 of us have health issues so unfortunately our christmases the kids feel like it’s just another day and it’s not Special least with a elf maybe we can get them excited an who cares if it just us 3

  429. Maria Gillies Reply

    It’s Christmas and I have a new Great Nephew, Charlie and I would love to introduce him to Elf on the Shelf when he is a little older, of course !!!

  430. Joanne sampson Reply

    Would love to win one as my daughter thinks they are weird and would love for her to like elf on the shelf

  431. Jennalee Ratley Reply

    This is my son’s 4th Christmas and already it’s so much fun! He is old enough to understand and enjoy all the fun and festivities. He’s an only child (not by choice) and I think Elf on a shelf would be a way to share Christmas fun and antics with my son. He could name him and join in on all the Christmas fun. Cooking and wrapping and carols too.
    He would get up to mischief and be a little cheeky. My son and I would both love to have fun with Elf on a Shelf

  432. Carol Rittner Reply

    My Grandaughter would love this lovely prize, as she would be twirling around and singing in it.

  433. I asked my three year old son why he would love an Elf on the Shelf. His reply “I love the elf. I will play with him and show him how to be good!”

  434. Evelyn Hubbard Reply

    I’ve been dying to own the iconic Elf on a Shelf since I first saw them appear in photos everywhere. Such a fun idea. I would love to get creative and have an extra special Christmas this year. Where’s Elf?! On some shelf? Hopefully ours. I would be over the moon to get to own one, thank you.

  435. Pamela Waymouth Reply

    My two and a half year old granddaughter would absolutely love to have an Elf on the Shelf – she would love to see where the Elf had moved to overnight!!

  436. Elf on the Shelf – what a great gift to give to my sister in law who has had such a hard year

  437. Megan England Reply

    I’ve never had an Elf On The Shelf but I’m completely in love with their little outfits now that I’ve seen them so I’d love to put one on my Memories Of Christmas shelf to decorate this year, kind of like the Elf that watches over Christmas. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  438. I teach junior primary students, many from disadvantaged backgrounds and an elf would definitely brighten their school days.

  439. Katie Ellacott Reply

    I would love to win an Elf on the Shelf in order to start a fun tradition with my son. This is is first Christmas, and although he won’t remember it, I want him to look back at pictures when he’s older and see the different pictures our family elf has had over the years.

  440. I would love to win an Elf on the shelf because I am trying to keep the magic of Christmas going as long as possible for my daughter and this will would make it extra special.

  441. Daniella Mavili Reply

    We don’t currently have an Elf on the Shelf and my daughters would think this is the cutest thing ever

  442. mary moschovakis Reply

    my nephews are at the right age to understand and enjoy xmas and the elf on the shelf will add to their excitement and this proud aunty would love to bestow this gift on themm

  443. Joanne Rufus Reply

    If i win an elf i will give it to the kids next door to help spread the xmas joy

  444. Peta Newsome Reply

    My two kids begged for one all through December of last year,
    I blame my sister completely and it will happen again I fear!
    They get reports from their cousins, of the cool things their Elf has done
    and every single day it’s “Can we get one Mum?”

  445. My kids would love to search around the house and yard and see what good deeds or shenanigans he/she’ll get up too during the festive season

  446. Can you change response for outfit from sweet shop to superhero

  447. Tracy Terry Reply

    My Boys would love the game of giessing where the elf will turn up next. And their Dad and I get to make mischief for Christmas.

  448. My daughter always talks about the adventures her friends at school’s elves get up to. I would like her to experience the magic as well. Such a fun, creative and cute idea!

  449. They are so cute, & I need my kids to be good for Christmas & to still believe. I love the magic of Christmas.

  450. This would be fantastic then I could stop trying to convince my 3 year old that Santa is watched him through the tv

  451. How thrilling to have a little rascal visit. Mischief & mayhem :))

  452. Mummy and toddler Ruby would be very grateful for a little Elf on the shelf.
    We will name him Alphonse ,feed him cashews(our fav Christmas treat) and take Alphonse on many Christmas adventures.

  453. Erin Bezuidenhout Reply

    Well whom I kidding, I’d like an elf on the shelf just as much as the kids! I’m a huge Christmas fan and I think this would be awesome fun! I’ve been eyeing them out and have already collected some ideas up my sleeve. I would like to call my future elf jingles.

  454. Janet marsh Reply

    My grandsons would love to see what mischief elves on the shelf is getting up to at Oma and Pa’s house

  455. Erin Rennie Reply

    Last year our kids desperately wanted an Elf on the Shelf, but as we live in the country the only places selling them were sold out. So……………….. With a promise of one the following year, we compromised. We used our youngests favourite toy and put a Santa hat on him. It actually turned out to be hilarious……….. it was Winnie the Pooh, so every morning the kids would yell out “We found Pooh on the tv” or “We found Pooh hanging off the curtains”…….. Anyway, still haven’t found a real Elf on the Shelf for this year……

  456. Amanda Collins Reply

    It would be great to have Elf play a few “naughty” but nice tricks on the kids and have a few laughs with hubby. And as it was Elf on the shelf and not Mummy and Daddy we will still stay on Santa good list.

  457. To create some fun at Christmas time for the children inbetween the no sleep our household is currently getting. Elf on the shelf would be so fun it would be so funny to see the looks on my Kids and Husbands face.

  458. Alan Parratt Reply

    To bring back the real joy of Christmas. For we got sucked into a cult Iglesia Ni Cristo that does not believe in Christmas or any fun celebrations. Now we are free let the elves run free and bring joy to all.

  459. I would live an elf on the shelf. i am out numbered most of the time 3 to 1 as my husband works away so would live the extra help with having one of sanrashim around 😉

  460. opps was suppose to read having one of Santa’s helpers around. My kiddo pressed a button…..

  461. Debbie Moody Reply

    I tried to tell my grandsons what Elves where but I think it would be easier to win this prize and show them.

  462. I Loved watching everyone’s Elf on the Shelf antics last year , I would love one for our family to make some gorgeous memories and watch the kids faces each day after what Elf has been up to 🙂

  463. This would be a perfect gift for my best friends daughter Layla for Christmas.

    • She loves dressing up as an Elf for Christmas while handing out the Christmas gifts to everyone. She’s certainly a Santa’s little helper.

  464. Elf on the shelf is my turn to be a kid and play with dolls!
    Plus he’ll keep my kids on their toes haha

  465. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    To keep my kids on their best behaviour and have a bit of fun in the crazy lead up to Christmas.

  466. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    My son is 5 but never introduced Elf to him. It would be a great opportunity for him to enjoy ELf this Christmas with his grandparents who are coming from overseas 🙂 Let the fun begin :)…These are so cute.Would really love to own.

  467. nicole larsen Reply

    Never had one of these and they would be such a huge hit in the family

  468. These elves are putting the fun back into Christmas and alleviating the stress with a good laugh.

  469. I would love to have an elf on the shelf at our house as I believe it adds a brings magic back to Christmas for the children. We had one at the preschool I worked at and it was wonderful to see the children’s faces light up as they entered each morning.

  470. Sheena Douthie Reply

    What a gorgeous tradition I would love to win this and make an elf on the shelf as part of our growing little family.
    Such a cute and nostalgic idea!

  471. Marian Cronin Reply

    This would make Christmas so much more magical for my little boy. He loves hide and seek and would absolutely love searching for the elf each day.

  472. My 2 kidlets are just getting into the Christmas spirit and I would love to make the festive season even more magical and fun with the help of a cutiful elf!

  473. My girls and i love to dress up the house with Christmas lights and decorations. An Elf on a shelf would be a wonderful addition to ur family

  474. My elf would travel to and fro bring Xmas joy where he goes. A smile for the child who has little elf on the shelf would be terrific

  475. Lynne Fallows Reply

    i would like to have a bit of fun with my Grandsons, they can see what mischief the elf can get up to and knowing that the Santa cam is on and Santa is watching every thing that goes on in the house

  476. I love the Elf on the Shelf’s…they are so cute and I would love to adorn my home in these cute little elves.

  477. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Twas the 1st of December when the Elf came to stay, after a few days..the elf ran out of amazing things to display and had no activities to keep him entertained, he became mischievous and started to make a mess..with this great pack the elf will be entertained with no major disasters to fix, would love the elf in December 2017 to have a great month because his here to stay

  478. Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    Visiting Nana’s house around Xmas time would be all the more exciting with Elf on the Shelf to play with and find.

  479. Kelly Maree Reply

    Would love to win one of these sets for my children as I think it would be a fun lead up to Christmas.. they would love seeing what mischief their elf could get up too!!

  480. Sharon Markwell Reply

    An Elf on the Shelf would make Charlotte’s little face light up like a Christmas tree.

  481. Kelly Wilson Reply

    My son has an elf and I would love a second one to arrive for my daughter.
    My son gets so excited each morning, I would love my daughter to share the joy too.

  482. I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time but they are just so expensive in Australia. My 18 year old daughter does not want me to get one as she thinks it is creapy. Would love to win it just to annoy her lol

  483. my little girl will love the different ways to display the Elf on a Shelf

  484. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    I would love to win a elf on the shelf my girls see them at their friends houses and want to have aswell and love how you can pose them in different ways

  485. Jessica Leoni Reply

    They are so cute oh my god! My girls LOVE everything about Christmas, this would be so cute to top it off <3

  486. Amy Petersen Reply

    Elf on the shelf is such a fantastic idea and gives a smile to all those kids that encounter an Elf on a Shelf.

  487. Alissa Mills Reply

    I’d love an Elf on the shelf to be creative and use brainpower;
    Like have the little Elf making snow angels out of Flour!

  488. angela mcneilly Reply

    To join in all the fun of Elf on the shelf at Christmas

  489. This tradition has always intrigued me, so it would be fun to give it a go this year! I just know my kids will go nuts for it !

  490. C McCarthy Reply

    Our Elf has been a great tradition in our house and the kids absolutely LOVE it. So I’d love to see their faces when a new companion Elf turns up – priceless!!

  491. Id love to win this for my 3 girls (4 and 2x2yo). Its the first year we are doing the elf. They are full of wonder of the magic thats appearing around the house. They love hearing from our resident fairy throughout the year so Im sure the elf will be the same.

  492. I’ve never had and Elf on The shelf amd I think my kids and I would love it!

  493. Sarah Nies Reply

    I never got to experience Elf on the shelf as a child so i would love to give the experience to my sons.. i think they would absolutely love it.. and I’m sure i would love preparing each day and seeing the amazement on their face.

  494. Buddy our elf joined our family last year and my 6 year old absolutely loved him and is eagerly awaiting his return and to see what mischief he gets up to. It would be great for buddy to have a friend this year that can grow up with my second son who recently just turned one. They say 2 is always better than 1.

  495. I would love this so I can do all the fun things you see parents do with their elf on a shelf!

  496. My kids (boy 11 and girl 3) absolutely love waking up to see what Boomer, who joined our family last year, has been up to overnight. It would be great for Boomer to have a friend to make and do more mischief this year. Boomer has been one of the highlights in the lead up to Christmas.

  497. I would love a kit so that I could entertain the students in my classroom with a little bit of Christmas magic that they may not experience otherwise.

  498. My twins have wanted an elf on the shelf since they have came out winning one would be the best ever surprise for them

  499. I teach a very excitable bunch of 5 year olds and they LOVE Christmas! Their little eyes would light up seeing our classroom ‘Elf on the Shelf’ in their classroom, watching them, and discovering the places our Elf is hiding each morning!

  500. Vicki Burke Reply

    As a preschool teacher we used elf on the shelf to encourage children imagination and the joy of Christmas. Now having my own child I would love an elf of our very own to join our family and enjoy the magic that is Christmas

  501. I love the magic of christmas that the little elf brings to young kids

  502. We’d please adore one of these gorgeous elf on the shelfs!
    Having 3 littlies to entertain with one of these in the lead up to Christmas would be simply amazing, and assist in buliding up to all the excitement.
    A little treasure that instantly becomes a family tradition, and have memory’s bought up in years to come of all the funny things the elf on the shelf got up to!

  503. Would love to share a bit of Christmas elf magic with my little ones

  504. My boys will be so excited to wake up each morning and see what the elf got up to while they were sleeping

  505. Ashleigh jade Reply

    I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years and now my kids (6 & 8) are at a perfect age to appreciate it together.

  506. Alison Hillier Reply

    I’d love to win an Elf on the Shelf as they’re such mischievous little things, much like my children!

  507. Alana Timms Reply

    My kids are just at the age where they are getting into the xmas spirit (and no longer scared of santa!) They would love this and be so excited with what they might find every day. Great way to build up the holiday season excitement and have a bit of fun!

  508. With my daughter becoming more aware of Christmas the Elf on the Shelf would amazing for her to experience.

  509. Kellie Fearnall Reply

    We would love to win this. Last year our little boy spent the entire Xmas period (and a total of 8.5 months) in hospital. It was hard on the entire family. We really want to have an amazing Xmas period this year and the kids would love elf on the shelf

  510. We would love Elf on a Shelf, there are heaps of places here where he could appear each day! Thanks

  511. I have heard so much about these but yet i do not own one. Would be quite entertaining to start it this year for the kids. 🙂

  512. My son’s love their cheeky Christmas elves that come to visit in December, they’d love a special elf for their little sister to carry on the tradition

  513. I would love to win an Elf because both my kids have been asking me to buy it for them so I think it’s time I won it for them.

  514. We currently have a “Dobby” the house elf as our elf on the shelf, so to have a “real” one would be awesome.

  515. I’d love to give my girls a fun lead up to Christmas. My 7yo has been asking for one and I’d love to surprise her with a cheeky elf.

  516. This is my baby’s first Christmas and I would love to start a tradition of having an elf on the shelf tradition in our home each year. We will collect a different one per year. This will be her own tradition at our home.
    Want to make my daughter feel and understand the magic of Christmas right from beginning.

  517. Nicole Tilbrook Reply

    I have only recently found out about the elf on the shelf and I would love to do this with my boys!

  518. Elf on the shelf has visited my son at school, have him visit our home would be sooooo cool! Spreading so much Christmas cheer, that we’ll talk about all year!

  519. My kids really want one. They have been bugging me for the past two years and are really looking forward to it cheekily changing places every night. I’m a single mum with way too much on my hands already so…….. not getting one would be just awesome for me.

  520. I would love to win an elf on the shelf to give all my grandchildren the biggest smile ever on their faces. They’ve wanted one for a while now but they’ve always been sold out.

  521. We don’t have an elf for my little ones yet. We would love to start a new tradition for our family this Christmas.

  522. This would be a great little gift for my daughter and her nieces. They are really starting to get into the Christmas spirit and have asked about the Elf on the Shelf.

  523. Would certainly bring a smile to our grand children’s faces. Something so cute brightening up Nanna & Grandads home on the farm. The little one’s just love all the Christmas preparations.

  524. Because my daughter would absolutely believe the elves are being cheeky and get up to mischief.

  525. I’d love to start the elf on a shelf Christmas tradition with my kids.

  526. Staceyborg Reply

    I would love to start a new family tradition with each week a different family member having an opportunity to set the elf on a shelf scene!

  527. Ashley Beech Reply

    We’ve never had one before,
    would love to jump on the bandwagon
    and have some fun with our own elf.

  528. Ney thomas Reply

    My youngest Dylan has been begging me for an elf on the shelf! Believing in all the magic that Christmas brings , it would be funny to capture ElF getting up to naughty things! Spilling flour in the night trying to bake without light! I would love to get creative and make some festive magic for my boys this year 🙂

  529. I’d love to win an elf on the shelf as i think my kids would really enjoy having an elf hanging around for the month and give them something to look forward to each day.

  530. I’d love to win Elf on the Shelf as I think it us super cute and creates magic for kids. That will help me to start our very own Christmas tradition. My eldest would be extremly happy to have her own elf as they are playing with one at school.

  531. The elves are so cute you just can’t help loving them. The kids really adore them too

  532. Kim Jackson Reply

    My daughter has always wanted an elf on a shelf but I have not been able to justify buying one as a single mum when there are so many other expenses at Christmas. So instead we love going to the shops to see how they have placed their elf on a shelf and oh and ah over the accessories – it certainly puts us in the Christmas spirit!

  533. Alicia Hitchcock Reply

    My husband and I would love to help our 4 children believe in the magic of Christmas for just a little while longer. Elf on the Shelf is a great way to add to magic and mischief to the holiday period.

  534. I’d love to start the elf tradition while my girls are still little (2 & 4 years) .

  535. It’s our first Christmas with our son and it would be nice to start the tradition from the beginning.

  536. Zoe Marshall Reply

    I think the elf on the shelf is a really cute and fun way to make christmas a bit more merry for children

  537. Rachel Cocks Reply

    even though my kids are grown,
    they’re not too old to have one to own!

  538. Kelly Ryan Reply

    An Elf on a Shelf will help involve my older daughters to keep Christmas fun and exciting for Miss 4!

  539. Sarah White Reply

    Our children are now grown and Santa still comes to our home each year to deliver a family present. An elf on the shelf would be a wonderful addition to our family tradition, moving from house to house each year, creating new memories and fun.

  540. Casey Thomsett Reply

    My sons and their half brother have constant dramas trying to get along, not just because of the 4 year age gap but also because of my partners ex trying to distant my kids. But we’ve finally been allowed to see him for Christmas this year and we’re all over the moon seeing as Christmas last year has been the only time they’ve slightly even got along. This year is my goal to make this the best and above all other Christmas’ an elf to watch over them and name and Call our own would really help this transition easier. FINGERS CROSSED. CHRISTMAS MIRACLES.

  541. Elf on a Shelf puts the magic back into Christmas and creates a lovely family tradition… making wonderful memories.

  542. I love elf on the shelf!
    He really encourages that cheeky, mischievous and creative fun!
    He would make an awesome addition to our Christmas traditions!

  543. I’ve resisted for a little while now to get one… my children would love a little Elf of the Shelf at our house 🙂
    A new little Chrissy Tradition that they could carry on.

  544. Robyn Johnstone Reply

    I would love one to get my imagination going and to have a bit of fun for all the family to enjoy together

  545. My boys would love a cheeky elf on the shelf what an awesome little Christmas tradition it would be! Have watched them all last Christmas on social media thinking this year is the year to start ours!

  546. I would love to surprise my Grade 1 class each day with Elf in a new cheeky situation! I know they would love it and it would be a great way to end the school year.

  547. How fun it world be to start a new tradition with my beautiful children! family traditions are so important especially around Christmas!!

  548. Alyson McIntyre Reply

    Wed love to win an elf on the shelf as it’s an amazing way to develop the magic of Christmas and unlock our children’s imagination.

  549. Skye Danaher Reply

    I would love t win because my son just found out about Elf On The Shelf a couple of weeks ago when he was at his friends house and has been begging me for one ever since!

  550. Would love to win one of these I have Four Girls youngest 2 they would love this some of there friends have one THANKYOU

  551. My son would love Santa’s special elf to live in our house until Christmas. How else will Santa know what a good boy he is!

  552. Fayesie Pollard Reply

    My kids have been talking about Elf on the Shelf. They would be thrilled to have one of their very own.. Especially a ‘girl’ one… lol

  553. I have never had an elf on the shelf and they just look super adorable! My son would absolutely love it. Merry Christmas!

  554. I need to expand Elfies horizons, he needs to get out of his rut of the same thing year after year.

  555. Elfie's New Mum Reply

    Elfie would love to come and be our guest as he would have so much fun with the whole family loving and spoiling him from head to Elf on the Shelf little toe 🙂

  556. Tammy Campion Reply

    I would love to start this tradition for my kids, my little ones love the excitement of Christmas. What better way to ensure good behaviour in the weeks before the big guy in red makes his appearance

  557. I would love to win one of these for my two little boys. They are just starting to get excited about Christmas!

  558. Anna de Kleyn Reply

    Something new and fun for the whole family to enjoy, a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit with my girls.

  559. It is a beautiful tradition, my work mates are non stop talking about what their elf will be doing this year. It is a fun way to bond with the family.

  560. Tabatha Voss Reply

    Elf is awesome, there is no limit to what elf-y goodness an elf can do

  561. So we can check the Elf on Shelf out daily and make Christmas come alive!

  562. BreeF