Who is Kirby Jenner? Check Out the Unofficial Kardashian’s Instagram!

Far be it from a Kardashian to shy away from a selfie. Just like Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall , Kirby is all about posting a parade of model-esqe pics.

So, who is Kirby? Well, he’s Kirby Jenner—the little-known sib of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Okay, so he’s not exactly a real brother to Kylie and Kendall. But, he’s get his 15 minutes in with these hilarious photoshops.

A photo posted by Kirby Jenner (@kirbyjenner) on

 Yep, that’s Kirby totally invading the Jenner girls’ space. And yes, that’s him hanging with the Kardashians. Yeah, yeah, we get it. He’s not really “in” the pictures. That said, with some handy editing, Kirby is getting fiercely famous for his comical IG posts.

Kirby has more than 366,000 Instagram followers (and notably is following only 1—@kendalljenner)! His profile bio reads, “Amateur Model/ Lover of all things/ Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner.” And, if you think that’s worth a giggle, just look down and get a major laugh from the edited pics that he’s posted.

So, what’s Kirby up to? You know, hanging with his faux family—of course!

He’s jumping in a ham costume.

He’s chillin’ with Kendall and a retro lamp.

He’s flying down a bouncy slide (with Kendall).

And, he’s walking the runway.

The unofficial Kardashian/Jenner brother isn’t just funny on IG. He’s just as comically cutting on Twitter as well. While he might not have a mega following, his tweets are definitely worthy of reading.

Sure, he’s not really a Jenner (or even a Kardashian for that matter). But, Kirby has our hearts. His funny photoshops and comical comments are making us all lol—big-time.


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