Move Over Monet. The Story of the Pint Sized Painter

She might only be four, but Cassie Gee has sold over 100 masterpieces and been described as a pocket-sized Picasso!

It’s safe to say that what started out as a way to keep little fingers busy and get rid of excess energy, has blossomed into a gift that makes me envious my mother didn’t encourage me make a little creative mess as a child.

Mum, Linda Gee first noticed daughrter, Cassie’s talent when she started to think that her daughter’s artwork was better than hers.

“We never expected she had such a gift until she was given the opportunity to paint in her own style,” Mrs Gee said.

“I posted on a Facebook mums’ page asking for advice on art lessons for Cassie as I thought her paintings were better than mine and she had some potential.

The general consensus was she was too young for lessons but some people had also expressed interest in buying her art.”

Cassie Gee working on her next masterpiece

Even if you’re not really “into” art or you don’t “understand” it, when you look at Cassie’s creations, it’s easy to imagine how much fun she’s having.

It’s the kind of pure enjoyment you can only imagine when you have done everything on your “To-Do List” and you get to put your feet up.

“I feel very happy and excited when someone buys a painting. I love pink, purple and teal but my favourite is adding the glitter and I also like play dough and slime but Mummy makes me play with it outside.” Cassie said.

Mrs Gee insists that despite her child’s talent she is still a ‘normal’ four-year-old girl who loves going to the beach and playing with her friends, plus the family now have mini-gallery paintings adorning their walls.


“Although she gets a lot of attention from her paintings we try to keep a balance between her art, learning and just being a kid,” Mrs Gee said.

“We want to make sure she stays humble and keeps up with the rest of her education.”

While Mrs Gee knows Cassie loves painting, she knows Cassie is looking forward to starting school and learning to read and moving on to bigger things in her future.

“Cassie loves painting and it is a wonderful way for her to express her creativity,” Mrs Gee said.

“Cassie is very keen on making paintings for people she meets and when they display them she loves it because they are happy. “

While it might seem a little early on to be thinking about what she wants to do when she grows up, Cassie is already certain.

“I want to be a doctor so I can make people better,” Cassie said.

Art lover or not, it’s safe to say Cassie has more artistic talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body but it doesn’t come without a little bit of mess.

For all the mothers out there with children that enjoy painting, here are Linda’s top 3 tips for getting paint out of clothing.

  1. Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes
  2. Acrylic paint does not come out of carpet
  3. If you want to use acrylic paint be prepared for a permanent reminder of your child’s exploits all over the house

While I’m certainly not Picasso, Cassie just might be.

And just because we know you are dying to know – Cassie’s art work sells from $80 up plus postage.

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    Wow, She certainly has a great future ahead in her wonderful art work.
    hopefully we get to see a lot more in years to come.

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