Budget, Smudget, These Latest Kmart Arrivals Are Too Cute NOT to Buy

Wandering around Kmart is pretty much my favourite past time.

The aisles are always filled with fun finds, ridiculous sales and pretty homewares that NEED to come home with me.

If you’re a bit of a Kmart lover too, then join us as we venture a look at our favourite products this winter. From your kitchen to the laundry, from the kids’ toy space to your outdoor area – we urge you to pretty up your place with these latest Kmart arrivals.

Latest Kmart arrivals for the kids

I love wooden toys and Kmart’s wooden toy range is top notch. This month we’re frothing over a few different items – the Wooden Ice Cream Set ($9), the Wooden Home Gym Set ($8) – comes with a too-cute treadmill and weights, and the Dog Grooming Playset ($12).

kmart wooden kits
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mum central

kmart latest arrivals dog groomer kit
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Another great pretend play item is the Kitchen Play Sink ($19), which comes with real running water. I know, what kid wouldn’t love this?

Kmart latest arrivals kitchen sink
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For the outdoor area 

Hands down, the only thing you need hanging in your outdoor area is this chilled out Hanging Sloth Pot ($9). He makes the world a better place, don’t you think?

Hanging sloth pot kmart
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For the kitchen

Add a splash of colour to your place setting with these spotty plates, dishes and cups. They start at just $1.50 and are selling like hot cakes!

kmart plates and dishes
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For the pantry 

Another insanely cool and popular item? Check out these $2 Pantry Labels, which make #pantrygoals possible. It’s a bit depressing to think that I’m now the kind of person who gets excited over well-organised pantries, but, yep, I am. 25-year-old me is shaking her head at 35-year-old me. 35-year-old me doesn’t give AF because she’s got labels for ALL her spices.

Kmart kitchen pantry stickers
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For the laundry

Might as well keep the label love going and head to the laundry next with these Soak ($6) and Wash ($8) jars. How cool are they?

kmart laundry
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For the bedroom

Heading into the bedroom, we can’t help but ruffle our feathers with this plushy little Swan Pillow ($7).

mum central
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This Llama Pillow ($7) and Unicorn Head ($12) look pretty cute too. And the quilt cover set…well, don’t get me started.

Kmart latest arrivals bedroom
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You know what, I’ll just take the whole room.

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