Kmart Has Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Blocks for Christmas and TAKE OUR MONEY!

Kmart is coming to the rescue of every parent who feels the pressure to share their choccy stash by PUTTING YOUR NAME ON YOUR CHOCOLATE. That’s right, personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks are hitting Christmas stockings this year!

If it has your name on it, you don’t have to share it right? That’s the rule in my home. And boy, am I glad that Cadbury is coming through with the goods in time for Christmas.

Cadbury and Kmart are joining forces to provide the ultimate – and definitely the tastiest – Christmas gift to hit Santa’s sleigh this year, a personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box!

Last year Kmart invited us to put our names on Nutella jars. This year, they’re raising the sugary stakes and letting us whack our names on giant bars of chocolate!

Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Have a very chocolatey Christmas!

Made to order, this delicious personalised Cadbury gift costs just $10 and is exclusive to Kmart (as if you actually NEED another reason to go there!). We reckon it’s perfect for ALL the relis on your list, the office Kris Kringle, teachers … the list goes on. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

There’s space for nine letters on the wrapper. So if your loved one’s name is longer than that, it’s time for a short nickname. (Hint, kids. Mum only has THREE.)

Each gift box contains two blocks of Cadbury chocolate, so if you still want to share, there’s plenty of chocolatey goodness to go round. Available in store only, hit the “find store” button to find a participating Kmart store near you for your personalised Cadbury fill!

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    Will Kmart be selling the personalised Cadbury clocks this Xmas 2019

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