This Mum’s AMAZING Kmart Quilt Cover Hack Will Blow Your Mind

You know what’s better than your standard, nifty #mumlife hack?

A KMART nifty #mumlife hack.

This super sweet pram liner and hood set combines two of our favourite things; Kmart goodies and clever hacks.

cool Kmart hack - quilt cover into cot sheet

From Kmart quilt cover to pram liner

Crafty mum-of-three (with one on the way) Rachel Huntley turned this uber popular pastel marble Kmart Dreamer’ Quilt Cover Set into a gorgeous fitted pram liner with matching hood. And she even got a sweet cot linen set from the leftover fabric! And all for a measly 14 bucks! Winning!

Keep on reading to find out how she transformed her old stroller with her smart Kmart quilt cover hack.

Kmart quilt cover hack

Speaking to Mum Central, the crafty mama shared that she’d been on the hunt for a suitable fabric to make a liner for her daughter’s stroller when she spotted the quilt cover.

“I had been looking for the perfect fabric for my daughter’s pram liner,” says Rachel. “After seeing the Kmart doona, I just knew it would be perfect!”

Kmart quilt cover hack

Kmart quilt cover hack

The self-taught sewer found the process relatively easy (something this writer who can barely thread a needle is supremely jealous of) though getting the shape just right took some doing. “I didn’t struggle too much because I have sewn some other items, such as handbags and purses,” says Rachel. “The trickiest part for me was the bottom holes for the straps.” Clearly, she managed to get it sorted and the finished product is fab!

We love the way Rachel’s Kmart quilt cover hack completely transforms her stroller, and at a fraction of the cost of your typical pram liner! A designer-look pram on a Kmart budget – gotta love that! We bet it’s super easy to wash and tough enough to withstand the typical toddler punishment (yeah, we’re talking to you, sultanas and squeezey yoghurt pouches).

Kmart quilt cover hackWe’ll give Rachel the last word. “I’m self taught so this is something I’m so proud of achieving! I love that I can make things for my children that are unique.” Amen to that.

Now, where’s that sewing kit?!

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