The Brilliant Kmart School Bag Storage Hacks Every Mum Needs

Back to school is upon us, which means it’s time for another trip to Kmart!

These brilliant (and deceptively simple) Kmart school storage hacks are all you need to make a school organisation station that will keep things tidy at your place all year long.

Imagine how chill the morning rush when there’s no more looking for lost homework or scrambling to find missing school shoes or sports gear! Where school hats are exactly where you left them the night before!

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Take a browse through the essential storage systems to see which one works best for your little ones… and their mountains of school junk.

1. The Tall Locker

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Welcome to 2018’s most popular Kmart product – a simple steel locker. Painted white and with two shelves, it is the perfect storage system for your children’s school things. And they are fun and easy to hack!

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Simply add a lick of paint to give your Kmart locker a bit of colour. Use the shelves inside as you will – bag and drink bottles on one, homework on another and school shoes right where you can see them.

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Prefer a neutral look? Then leave them white and add stickers to the fronts to help keep more than one kiddie organised.

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Add a desk between and you’ve got a great area for homework too. The possibilities are endless! Seriously, this $45 storage locker may be your new best friend.

2. The Small Locker

Not a fan of the tall? How about going for something small? Like this $29 small Kmart locker, also perfect for storing school items. Put three together, add a few photo frames and you’ve got an adorable little organisation station.

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You can even add a throw and a few cushions to make a little bench where the kids can put their shoes on in the morning (and complain about the bump in their socks).

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One mum got extra crafty, adding glittery contact to the lockers and making them extra personal for her two little kiddies.

3. The Storage Cubes

Kmart’s basic storage cubes are handy in every part of your house. Plus, they come in a number of options, including four, six and eight cubes.

I use them to store my kids’ toys, but they are also awesome for school storage. You can keep them right up…or flip them on their side which seems to work better for storing shoes, hats and backpacks.

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Another option is to go with a bookshelf, like these clever mums did. Mount it to the wall to hold water bottles, lunch boxes, hats and homework. Add two hooks to the bottom and you’ve got the morning rush sorted.

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To personalise the space even more, consider adding photo frames to the top of each bookcase. Use it to add school photos or each kid’s weekly schedule. And we love the little seats in between each station!

4. A storage box with lid

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. You can pick up one of these bamboo storage boxes ($35) in the bathroom and laundry section. Designed to hold towels, they also store backpacks, book bags and other school items perfectly.

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Add a weekly planner and a file organiser and you’ve got homework and after school activities sorted too. Winning!

5. Baskets galore

Finally, all good organisation stations need an assortment of baskets. Canvas storage baskets cost $5 for a pack of three and are designed to fit inside most storage cubes and bookcases. Take the top shelf out to fit bulky school bags, if needed.

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You can also pick up plastic, foldable or even wire  storage baskets, all from Kmart of course, to get the look you prefer! Or combine them both, like this smart mama did below.

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Now that you’ve got the school storage area sorted, how about moving on to the kids’ toys, stuffed animals and craft section? Don’t worry – we’ve got Kmart hacks to organise all your kids’ crap too.

Seriously, where would we be without Kmart? Probably a lot less organised. And a lot richer.

All images via  Kmart Mums Australia


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