Shoppers Rejoice: Kmart to Slash Prices on More Than 320 Items


Did you hear that high pitched squealing?

It’s the sound of Kmart fangirls (and boys) throughout Australia after hearing the news that the retail giant is set to slash prices on more than 320 items as of this week.

While our favourite destination for cheap and cheerful fashion and frankly awesome homewares is already on the reasonable side of things price wise, a shift from manufacturing in China to a new site in Indonesia, means increased savings for bargain loving Aussies.

With Kmart selling close to 800 million units a year, the designers and buyers are able to order on a massive scale, meaning that products can be both cheaper and of great quality, purely due to the numbers being moved through stores.

Kmart has also assured consumers that ethical and fair working conditions are still on the agenda, despite the move to a new country and the impending discounts. Workers at the factory in Java are paid the minimum wage which is set by the area and work a standard 40 hour week with the option to be paid extra for overtime.

WATCH:  recent story appearing on Channel 9’s A Current Affair outlines why Kmart are moving their manufacturing to Bali instead of traditional China.

Loving the look of their new activewear, especially those underwater tights!!

What can we expect to be (even) cheaper when we next hit the aisles, salivating with the possibility of bargains galore? Clothing is the first cab off the rank, with some items being reduced by more than 20%. This will be followed by board games, exercise equipment and kitchenware with hundreds more items expected to be added to the ‘cut price’ list across the next 12 months.

You probably don’t need any more encouragement but just in case you’re lacking inspiration, check out our top 5 winter bargains under $10.

Top 5 winter bargains under $10

1. Baby Boys and Baby Girls Flannelette Pyjama Set, $7 – The perfect winter PJ’s for your little lad or lady.

Kmart to Slash Prices

2. Polar Fleece Blanket, Double/Queen Bed, $10 – Soft, snuggly (and washable). The ultimate family friendly throw for the couch or bed.

Kmart to Slash Prices

3. Quilted Geo Cushion, $8.00 – Add a touch of texture to your couch or bed with quilting.

Kmart to Slash Prices


4. Hanging Accessory Storage Grid, $6 – Store and display your winter woolies and other goodies with this hanging rack.

Kmart to Slash Prices

5. Woven Super Soft Snood, $7 – When is a scarf not a scarf? When it’s a snood! Keep your neck and décolletage snug with this little woven wonder.

Kmart to Slash Prices

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