Meet Tiff the Barbie. Instagram’s Hottest New Celeb Mum. She’s a Real Doll!

If you’re not a fan of the ‘gram, then the fact that 10,000 people follow the movements of a Barbie named Tiff may seem insane.

If you’re an avid scroller however, you’ll know that Insta is the perfect platform for all things weird and wacky.

Tiff the Barbie and #dollstagram

@tiff_thebarbie is the latest superstar of the ‘Dollstagram’ community, a hashtag that, at last count, has over 1 million posts attributed to it. It seems the fictional life of Tiff, husband, Ken and kids Kelly and Wyatt has captured the attention of Barbie lovers worldwide.

Fans have followed Tiff through her engagement to Ken, wedding, honeymoon, two pregnancies and the birth of her daughter. The birth of her son was kept private because some things just don’t need to be shared, guys.


Like all first time mums, Tiff documented the pregnancy process for Instagram. She showcased the realities of growing a tiny (plastic) human. Morning sickness, stretch marks, late night toilet trips, the works. Pregnancy ain’t easy, even when you’re an iconic doll.

For whatever reason, Tiff is a roaring success on Instagram. It’s something the account creator attributes to followers enjoying the nostalgia of the Barbie experience. Plenty of us have vivid memories of the storylines we used to play out with our dolls and seeing them ‘come to life’ seems a bit like a skip down memory lane.

Yes, seeing Barbie give birth may not be something we envisioned as 7 year olds but the entertainment value is definitely there, despite feeling a little weird about watching your favourite childhood chum experience labour and live through typical #mumlife scenarios.

Barbie and beyond

While @tiff_thebarbie may be the first Barbie illustrating the ins and outs of everyday family life, the #dollstagram movement is filled with other, larger than life characters. Take @barbiebirkin who lives a life far, far more fabulous than most of us can imagine.

Or @itsmeandthegirls, an account which features the ultimate girl gang of 13 Barbies who work hard and party harder.

Whatever you make of it, these dolls are making a splash in the world of social media. There’s a good chance you’ll never look at your kids Barbie the same way again either.

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