Meet the Newest Sofa on the Block, and You Won’t Believe What it’s Made Of!

Need a sofa that can handle, and repel, all the marks and wear that family life brings? Stop the search! This sofa is an absolute GAME CHANGER, coping with sticky fingers, dirty feet, pet paws and even spilt wine without drama or tantrums. PLUS it’s super comfy!

A new family friendly sofa for Koala!

New to the Koala lineup is this awesome sofa made from cork – and it finally comes in black! The black Koala Cork Sofa is a perfect colour choice for those with a modern, sleek home or those who love all things monochrome. And we all know black is timeless, so #WINNER.

Family life can be messy life but that’s no reason to compromise on your style when choosing a sofa. The crew at Koala know accidents happen, but the Black Cork Sofa has your back. You can be confident your Koala sofa won’t become an artists impression of life. It repels all of it and is easy to clean! #SofaGoals

koala black cork sofa
You CAN have a stylish sofa and a young family. The Koala Cork Sofa is #sofagoals! Source: Koala

Great for family life AND the environment

The Koala Black Cork Sofa is not only a fabulous choice for your family, but it’s also brilliant for the environment. Made from renewable resources, the natural fabric is water-resistant, fending off all the dirty spills and annoying dirt life throws your way.

A grown-up, modern-looking sofa, spilled wine, coffee rings, sticky fingers, grubby feet and furry paw marks on couch cushions is a thing of the past with this sofa.

It’s as convenient and glorious as a black leather couch without being ACTUAL leather. That’s right, there’s no leather guilt to be had either! Vegans rejoice!

koala black cork sofa
The new Koala Cork Sofa is practically LIFE-PROOF. Perfect for small children and pets! Source: Koala

Built to last, the sofa foam cushion inserts get comfier with wear and the cushions stay put, no matter how much of a wriggle pot the kids are while watching a movie. Ahhh bliss!

I want one! Where do I buy it?

Designed for Aussie homes with the environment in mind, the Koala Cork Sofa is perfect for families large and small. You can order it right now online to be delivered to your door! Available as a generous three-seater couch you can also team it with a matching ottoman if you’re up for some serious lounging, chaise style.

mum central
Pets are NO problem with this Koala sofa! Source: Koala

And if black is not your thing, the Koala Cork sofa and ottoman is also available in Yarra Cork colour. #relax

mum central
Fancy the Yarra cork instead? Source: Koala

Delivery is FREE and Koala offer a 120- night trial – so if you find the Koala Cork Sofa isn’t quite right for you, you can return it for a full refund. Now THAT’S epic service!

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