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Mum’s Cheeky Instagram Post Has Women Everywhere Applauding


Mum-of-two Laura Belbin has certainly caught our attention—as well as that of a hundred thousand other people—with her cheeky re-creation of the ‘upside down bikini trend’.

Model Valentina Fradegrada posted a shot of herself to Instagram wearing an itsy bitsy black bikini (the top upside down) and nothing else but a well-rehearsed pout.

Seeing the immediate fun factor, mum Laura Belbin grabbed a black garbage bag to re-create the barely-there beach look and instructed her partner to capture the moment.

In the comments Laura says:

When you want to focus on keeping the tan even, but you’ve had two kids and you’ve hit your 30s hard so your tits look a lot like spaniels ears with saucepan areolas that sat on the hob for 40 minutes.

I was smuggling binbag up my crack as I swallowed. I had every intention of smiling but turns out clenching and looking sexy isn’t as easy as it looks.

When I asked Steve to take another photo he said, “I need a shit, just use that photo…”

Since the Instagram post when viral, Laura’s followers have skyrocketed. And after looking over her account @knee_deep_in_life we see this isn’t the first time she has re-created a model pose.

Check these gems out…

laura Belbin recreating model wearing underwear in kitchen

Laura’s comment (well, part of it, the rest is too rude!):

When you thought you’d be the hot mum with the banging bod that all the playground dads fancied, but turns out you’re the Mum who likes to say f**k a lot and doesn’t always change her pants with a natural resistance to any form of physical activity.

Laura Belbin recreating kate moss posing in front of fridge

Laura’s comment:

When the kids have been tea bagging each other since 5.45am excited about the Easter Bunny (by the way d**khead thanks for taking all the credit) and you’re unsure who is going to spew first, them or you?!?! I wish I learnt, but I’m 2 eggs in with a breaking strain of a kitkat and I’m pretty sure the only thing to follow is explosive diarrhoea.

Laura Belbin recreating a model pose

Laura’s comment:

When you planned on making this into a funny quip about checking if your fanny smelt, but what actually happened is you accidentally backwards rolled and you quickly realised you’re too old for this sh*t. I panic farted and pretty much ended up with my own head up my vagina.

Laura Belbin recreating model pose stood on windowsill in underwear

Laura’s comment:

When it’s less about looking to the light and finding the right angle, and more pray to f**k someone doesn’t choose to walk their dog as your colon is smeared across the glass. Thank f**k our road hasn’t entered into neighbourhood watch.

Laura, here at Mum Central we think you’re an absolute legend. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You are guaranteed to bring a smile to our day. Keep up the awesome and utterly HILARIOUS poses.

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A former Sydneysider, she turned her ideas of a sea change into reality and now lives with her family in beautiful South-West WA. A lover of yoga and travel, like most mums, she’s on a quest to create a better work-life balance. When she’s not pulling socks out from behind the sofa or sponging little hand prints off the walls, she’s in the kitchen trying to dream up exciting lunch box ideas for her three cheeky monkeys.

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