Parents of Left-Handed Kids, Here’s Some Fun News For You

Got a little lefty? Congratulations! Your baby might be a mathematical genius. Or a future footballer. Or, she might just be really really good at voicing her opinion and getting her own way. 

According to several studies, left-handed kiddies excel in a number of different ways, including in school, in sport and in the fine art of throwing epic tantrums.

Researchers have often suggested that there is something special about the 10% of people who prefer to use the left hand. Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, Rubens, Benjamin Britten, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Rod Laver, Allan Border, Nicole Kidman – all lefties.

So, if your child is left-handed, she is in good company.

Little left-handed mathletes and athletes

One study confirms that left-handers outperformed the rest of the sample in problem solving and demanding mathematical tasks.

Another study found that left-handed people process information slightly faster than right-handed people. The American Journal of Psychology also notes that left handed kids are better at divergent thinking (brainstorming).

What about sport? While left-handers are not naturally better at sport than right-handers, favouring your south paw comes with advantages in a number of different sports, including boxing, tennis and baseball. Rafael Nadal became a left-handed player because his coach thought it would give him a competitive edge.

Left hand, extra emotion

But it’s not all good news for parents with left-handed little ones. When it comes to dealing with emotions, right handers have the advantage. Left-handers are more likely to get upset compared to right-handers and have a harder time processing their feelings.

Cue the major meltdown in Aisle 3.

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