Prove to Your Kids You’re Cool: Tell Them About Brand New App LEGO Life


If you’ve ever needed some street cred with your kids we’ve got the answer. Tell them about the hottest new app from LEGO Life, perfect for kids under 13!

Cool mum status assured.

The difference between LEGO Life and all the other apps out there for kids is two-fold. Firstly, its LEGO! Pretty much the hottest toy brand in the world and sure to translate all their brick-loving-passion onto their device for hours of fun (or as much screen time as they’re allowed when they’ve done their chores and homework!)


Secondly LEGO Life adheres to the highest standards for child safety online to make sure you can trust your children to be involved in a credible online community. You can read all about the online safety strategies with this app at the bottom of the page. Trust us, there’s total peace of mind.

The brand new LEGO Life app will allow young LEGO builders to connect with a community of like-minded fans to share their creations, interact with characters, and inspire one another to build, build, build.

LEGO Life creates a platform that amplifies the joy of building and pride of creation that kids experience with tactile play through the digital world in a safe way – further unleashing creativity among kids and tweens on a much broader scale.” said Rob Lowe, head of LEGO Life.


Basically, it’s like the coolest and most engaging Lego club ever – it’s just based online.

Built something uber cool? Share it! Looking for inspiration on something to make? Seek it! Want to see what’s new or hot? Find it.

So, tell your kids all about it right now! They’re pretty much going to think you’re the coolest Mum on the block. Thank us for your newly established status once you’ve downloaded them the app!


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It’s all about the personalised, engaging Lego experience. Kids will have interaction with their favorite LEGO characters, access exclusive content, use the 3D LEGO minifigure avatar creator, and have fun with amazing building inspiration and maker challenges. LEGO Life also has a super cool LEGO Emoji Keyboard which is sure to be a hit! What’s also clever is that kids can specify a ‘feed’ of information that suits their own Lego building interests and preferences. Whether they are into building animals, vehicles, heroes or any other specific theme they’ll experience exactly what they are passionate about!

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LEGO Life is a safe social network for kids under 13. It is designed to be a child’s first digital social experience, taking users by the hand and introducing them to some of the core concepts of a social network. As detailed in the Digital Safety section of LEGO Life, participants’ safety is assured in several ways:

LEGO Life prevents kids from sharing personal information, images, or anything that could allow users to identify and locate one another. For example, when a user creates an account, he or she uses the random name generator to create a silly 3-word mix for a display name, such as “DukeCharmingShrimp” or “ChairmanWilyDolphin.” In place of real or facial photos for LEGO Life profiles, users create their avatar by selecting the LEGO minifigure or minidoll of their choice, adding clothing, hair and more to create their virtual persona.

All content and comments is monitored by LEGO employees who specialize in moderation to ensure that the community is always appropriate and child-friendly. All moderators go through brand and child safety training, and the moderation team is located in LEGO offices around the world to ensure quality, always-on service. Use of the LEGO Emoji Keyboard replaces actual text when commenting on user-generated content. Commenting is tightly controlled and pre-moderated while emoji comments are post-moderated, keeping communication simple, universal, positive and fun.

So, what’s not to love? It’s safe, it’s fun and it’s LEGO! Download the app for iPhone or android today.  

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