GLAD’s Base Cutter is Back! Let’s Celebrate with Random Acts of GLAD & Win Prizes!


The people have spoken and Australians can officially welcome Glad Cling Wrap back into their homes now that the original cutter bar has been put back where it belongs, at the base of the box!

Proving they value the importance of opinions and feedback from the Australian public, Glad has acted quickly to put people power into action, after formally announcing the cutter bar would return to the base of the box in January this year.

“Since we made the announcement that the cutter bar would return to the base of the box, we have worked exhaustively to get the original Glad Cling Wrap packaging Aussies know and love, back on shelves as soon as possible,” says Megan Francis, Marketing Manager at Glad Cling Wrap. “We have received an outpouring of positivity from consumers when we shared this great news and we can’t wait for people to reunite with the Glad Wrap and cutter bar they know and love.”

And not a moment too soon, we say!

My newsfeed is often populated with opinions on the big issues, thanks to my invested and socially responsible friends. Swapping the serrated cutting tool from the bottom of the box to the inside of the lid is clearly a BIG issue in my circle of friends!  Check it out below…

Why would they do that??

Importantly, the cutter bar has not only made its highly anticipated return back onto shelves, consumers will continue to receive the benefits of other product improvements, including 50% better cling, a stronger box and an easy roll feature, all for the same price.

As Glad Cling Wrap with the original cutter bar returns to shelves, Glad is now asking all Australians, “The cutter bar is back, what else are you glad for?” and is inviting all Australians to participate in an exercise of gratitude.


For 30 days from 30th June 2015, Australians will be encouraged to share their personal messages of gratitude and the things they are glad for through social media, using the hashtag #gladeveryday. Participants will have the chance to be beneficiaries of ‘Random Acts of Glad,’ receiving special gifts in response to their tokens of gratitude.

To see the reasons Australians are #gladeveryday, visit the digital ‘Great Wall of Glad’ at

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  1. Avatar of carolineavard
    carolineavard Reply

    Thank god you decided to go back to normality. I was having so much trouble with the new cutter thought i was going to go in sain..Thanks Glad for giving me back my sanity….:)

  2. Avatar of Helen

    I’m so Glad that Glad returned the cutter bar to where it should be. Thanks Glad.

  3. Avatar of silver101

    Very glad that Glad put the cutter back where it should be yay

  4. Avatar of Graza

    I am so very glad that the Glad cutter is back where it should be and much easier to use. Thank you Glad.

  5. Avatar of Melanie Douglas
    Melanie Douglas Reply

    Yay!! Glad have come to their senses, and changed the cutter back to the base of the box. Every time I have used the cutter lately, I have felt cacky handed, and even my left-handed husband found it odd. I couldn’t understand WHY after 35 + years of using Glad Wrap, all of a sudden I didn’t know how to cut it property. I thought I was going mad. Thank God it was GLAD going mad, and not me (or my husband).

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