Viral Video : Pregnant Mum and Daughter Dance “My Mum is going to rock!”

Do you remember what it felt like when you were 8 months pregnant? Heavy, hangry and lethargic are a few words that would come to mind for most women, myself included.

Now, think about being 8 months pregnant and executing a partnered choreographed dance with more precision than a few featured on Dancing With The Stars. Oh, did I forget to mention having a dance partner who is your very own daughter AND she’s only 6 years old? #goals

Nikki Taylor and her daughter Jaylyn have been breaking the interwebs with SO much sass after their epic take on “Watch Me” by rapper Silento, receiving over 650,000 shares on Facebook and almost 25 million views since Nikki posted the video on Friday (it will probably be over 25mil by the time you read this article THAT’S how popular it is).

Jaylyn is super adorbs when she decides to introduce herself and her mum…

“Hello. I am Jaylyn. Me and my mum are going to dance”. (Just to clarify, the cheeky 6 year old points out who is who). “She’s my mom. I am Jaylyn.”

Nikki says she was going to send the video to Blaine, her fiance, when he was at work but she decided to put it on Facebook.

At 6.11am on June 28th she had just over 3,700 views. By 11.55pm the next day it had jumped to 10.4 million. That’s like…. 594,000 in 42 hours 9903 per hour, 165 per minute. Sheesh!

It’s no wonder Nikki and Jaylyn are viral internet sensations though, just check out how awesomely cute their dance together is.


Posted by Nikki Taylor on Friday, 26 June 2015


Next stop… Ellen!

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