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Let’s Congratulate our lucky winner of the Jenny Craig Promotion

It’s not surprising we were inundated with entries from members all over the country, keen to secure the amazing opportunity to kick start their weight loss journey with Jenny Craig and Goodlife Health Clubs. After all, the prize was pretty dreamy! 3 months of Jenny Craig plus gym membership? The job was tough but we’re thrilled to introduce our winner! 

Let’s face it. We had a bunch of motivated entrants with very big ‘WHY’ as to why we should select them to be the lucky winner.  It was a tough gig and quite honestly really emotional for me to go through the list and hear all of the responses telling us how this opportunity would change their lives.

So that we could find a very motivated winner, the MC Team narrowed the list down to a shortlist and I spoke to each and every one of them on the phone to find out a little more about them, their family and their ”.  After much consideration I chose Bec Wilkin, a mum of three in Victoria.  She has one child about to finish high school and twins just about to start so has some great times ahead, we’re sure.  Even more, Bec’s just finished five years of external study and is about to embark on her new career! She can’t wait to lose some weight and find a little more confidence and with her kids at their stages in school, it’s time for a bit more ‘me’ time for her!


Bec would like to lose around 25kg to get to her desired weight (similar to mine!) and will now spend the next 12 weeks enjoying the fabulous Jenny Craig Program including their delicious meals and snacks plus all the support at her weekly appointment. Additionally, to support her weight loss, she’ll be working out at her local Goodlife Health Club to help support her weight loss journey.  We’ll keep  you updated on her journey (continuing with mine) and we look forward to encouraging and motivating others to get started if this is something they really want to do.  We can do this all together!

We’re excited to report that Bec has already lost 2.5kg in her first week – GO BEC!

Jenny Craig want you to have a healthy and happy relationship with food. That’s why they design their menus around the things we all love to eat, with a healthy twist. The programs are all about understanding food, portion control and how to lose weight and stay healthy. You’ll start by following the Jenny menu, and as you near your weight loss goal and your understanding of what works for you grows, they’ll work with you to create your own very version of their healthy meals.

It’s a great combination and especially so for busy mums on the go. Curious? You can try Jenny Craig for yourself for just $1 per week (plus food).  

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