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This Mum Plans to Live Stream Her Home Birth, Here’s Why. It Could Happen ANY Time Now Too!

Emma Isaacs is about to boldly go where more and more pregnant women are opting to go – into the birthing bath. However, what makes her experience a lot different than most? She plans to live-stream the whole thing. The labour, the birth, the after-birth, the whole nine yards.

Emma is not only a beautiful friend of mine, but she’s the founder of Business Chicks and a mum to five beautiful children with her sixth due to arrive any day now! When baby #6 does start the descent down the birth canal, anyone who would like to watch it will be more than welcome.

Sixth home birth plan 

This will be the sixth home birth for Emma and her husband Rowan. The Aussie mum, who now calls LA home, is a pro at it now. She plans to have two midwives, a doula, her husband, mum and a friend who has been quarantining at home with Emma, present at this birth.

Plus, her kids – Milla, 11, Honey, eight, Indie, seven, Ryder, five and Piper, two, if they are awake for the big event.

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No live-stream regret

This is something Emma has been wanting to do for a while now. In fact, she nearly did a live-stream two years ago when her youngest was born.

As Emma shares on her Instagram page:

When my last baby Piper (picture below) was born I really wanted to live stream the birth but got talked out of it and really regretted it afterwards. I don’t want to make that same mistake again.” 

Birth is not something to be feared 

Although the couple has plenty of professional photos and video content of the arrival of their other kids, including the video of daughter, Indie’s birth below, this time Emma wants to share this experience with other expecting parents.

YouTube video

In doing so, she hopes to inspire and empower other expecting mothers to see that birth really isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s a beautiful, natural, “perfectly normal physiological event in a woman’s life.”

“When we trust ourselves and trust our bodies and feel supported and nurtured and safe, then for the vast majority of us, we can create beautiful birthing experiences,” she tells Nine Honey.

I just want to do my little part to show that women are strong and birth (no matter what your choices are) can be amazing.”

Lights, camera, push!

Emma’s home births have all been very quiet, calming, and spiritual, but she does warn viewers they may get a good dose of expletives throughout the live-stream.

She is welcoming anyone who would like to watch to join her – she’s not in labour yet but it could happen anytime.

This may be up your alley or you might think ‘I cannot think of anything worse’ and both are perfectly acceptable reactions. Each to their own!

However, if you know someone who might be fearful of birth and might benefit from experiencing this, then invite them in. Promise to let you know when it starts to unfold.”

So many mums, myself included, were terrified of birth – the pain, the lack of control, the fear that something could go wrong. It’s a pretty intense experience no matter where you are. Being able to watch it happen without any edits or special lights or effects will be pretty cool, especially if you are an expecting mum and unsure what to expect.

So, will you be watching Emma’s home birth live-stream? You can tune in through Instagram.

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