The 30 Best Gender Neutral Baby Names Out There

If you like gender neutral baby names then you’re going to LOVE these 30 options. All of them are edgy, modern, stylish, and completely on-trend for 2020.

They will equally suit a boy or a girl and many of them are on the top 100 baby names list for both genders.

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Short, sweet, easy to write – what’s not to love?


There’s something so edgy about the name Stevie for both girls and boys.


Morgan used to be popular back in the 80s and it’s set to make a comeback this year. It’s hard to tell whether it’s more masculine or feminine. When we asked 20 people what they thought, 10 said it’s a boy name and 10 said a girl name. Go figure.


Now this one I always thought was a boy’s name but how cute is it for a little girl? If you want something extra feminine you can always add a “te” to the end (Elliotte).

Gray and Indigo

Are you a fan of coloured-inspired names? Gray is a great choice for all babies. Another option that can easily be for a boy or a girl is Indigo (also trending right now).


This is a really popular option in America for both genders, although it’s normally reserved for little boys here in Australia. According to Motherly, the name Finley is a 58-42 split in favour of girls’ names.

Logan and Lincoln 

Another name that I’ve always thought was best for a boy, Logan is so cute for a little girl. A few L names are – Lincoln is another cute option. However, when a French couple attempted to name their daughter Liam, it landed them in hot water.

Harper and Parker

Harper has been climbing the girl’s names list for years now but it’s also commonly used as a male name. Another name with a similar sound and ending that works on all babies is Parker. 


Another popular unisex name and when we asked 20 people if Avery was more masculine or feminine, 11 said feminine.


“Son” names, such as Harrison, Jamieson and Hudson are often reserved for the boys, but Emerson is different. It can easily be used as a little girl’s name and often is. I know quite a few Emersons, both male and female.


Expect the name Remy to rise on both sides of the coin this year. It’s one of the names tipped to make a big mark on 2020.


Jordan, like Kelly and Billy is one of the classic gender-neutral names that’s been around for AGES.


Mike is considered a girl’s name is many countries and a boy’s name in many other countries. In Australia, it can easily be either and we reckon it’s a cute option regardless. Other spellings include Micah or Mica. 


Charlie is one of the most popular gender-neutral names in Australia, currently on both lists. For boys, it’s #9 and for girls, it’s #85.

Cameron and Drew

Or Camryn if you’re looking for a more feminine version. Another gender-neutral name we have a Charlie’s Angel to thank for is Drew (Barrymore).


Nature-themed names are all the rage this year and River is one that’s gained serious momentum over the past few years. But is it best for a boy or a girl? We reckon both!


Another rising name to the top 100, Phoenix is both edgy and unique for any baby.


If you like literary names, Marlow is a winner – it’s the name of a famous writer from the olden days. But in modern times, it’s part classic, part bad-ass and super cute to boot. Variations include Marlo and Marlowe.

Lennon, Jagger, Dylan and Presley 

Little Lennie is as hip as they come and definitely has that rock-n-roll cool. Other names that can be used for both genders and have roots in music include Jagger, Dylan and Presley. 


Take a classic name like John, add a cute ending and what do you have? Another great unisex baby name and a lovely way to honour a relative named John or Johnathon.


Perhaps the coolest gender-neutral name on the list is Frankie, especially for little girls. It’s colourful and charming and as hip as they come. Get ready for a whole parade of Frankies, both boys and girls, to rule the playground in the upcoming years.


Austin was once a traditionally male name but I know both an Austin Rose and an Austin Mae so the name works great for girls too.


Dallas is another option and, like Austin, has that country feel to it. Both Austin and Dallas are cities in Texas. Yee Haw.

Baby name trends 

Of all the baby name trends for 2020, gender neutral baby names has got to be some of our favourites. But there are plenty of other great trends in names that you may want to visit.

There are plenty of beautiful Boho-themed names, that are cute, fiery and perfect for your wild child. Vintage-inspired names are another common trend for 2020 and they offer plenty of elegant and classic options too.

Just try to steer clear of COVID-themed names.

Have a look at the 13 different baby name tribes out there to see where your favourites live. It may make choosing the perfect baby name a little bit easier.

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