Get Your Hands on these Hot Toys for Christmas 2020

The hottest toys for Christmas 2020 have been revealed and let us be the first to say, they look FUN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Not just for our kids, but for us too. I’d gladly sit down with my kids and play with ANY of them.

Bluey, PAW Patrol, The Wiggles for the little ones (oh my), plus an epic SmartWatch and Slime Kits for the older kids. We’ve got cuddly Little Live Pets, STEM-based Build a Bots and creative Connetix Tiles. And stocking stuffers? Don’t worry, we’ve got those too!

Shop now and be fully prepared for Christmas months in advance – what a great feeling that would be! Ready to see what all the kids will be begging for come Christmastime? Welcome to our hot Christmas toys of 2020 countdown!

We’ve got hot toys for Christmas 2020 for toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids, even tweens and ALL of them have been ruled awesome by the kids.

Let the games begin!

For toddlers and preschoolers

1. ALL NEW Wiggles Track Playset

PERFECT FOR: Toddlers and preschoolers
PRICE: $49.95
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: The Wiggles + a puzzle + a moving car. Need we say more?

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Did someone say a moving puzzle? Yep! This adorable new puzzle set is not only Wiggles-themed, but also motorised! Designed to encourage children to get creative whilst having fun and learning with their favourite Wiggles friends, this unique playset features a motorised Big Red Car which traces around the puzzle track that you can set up in 50+ combinations! This Wiggles Puzzle Track Set is the perfect play piece to put away for Christmas and will offer hours of fun for little fans of The Wiggles!

BUY IT: Available from Big W from July and other leading toy retailers from August.
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2. ALL NEW Bluey Wackadoo

PERFECT FOR: Preschoolers
PRICE: Various
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Paint, play, and have a ball with so much Bluey stuff, great for indoor and outdoor play.

hot toys bluey wackadoo

Wackadoo! If you’ve got a Bluey fan at home, These brand new arts & crafts activities and playballs featuring everyone’s favourite blue heeler family will be a big hit. The new ranges include paint your own plaster & wooden figures, sticker sets, a playball and a hopper ball for hours and hours of Bluey fun. These are sure to be one of the hottest toys for Christmas and will fly off the shelves.

BUY IT: These products will be available in leading retail outlets soon. 

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3. PAW Patrol Power Changing Vehicles

PERFECT FOR:  Preschoolers
PRICE:  $49.99 each
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: They transform before your eyes, bringing more PAW Patrol excitement into your living room.

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Powered Up Marshall and Powered Up Chase are all revved up and ready to deliver hours and hours of heroic adventures to your little ones this Christmas. Both Marshall’s truck and Chase’s police cruiser transform into sleek superhero vehicles with the push of the spoiler. Dual projectile launchers are revealed when the truck expands into Powered Up mode and both come with a collectible figurine. We recently asked four-year-old George to review these mighty machines and he LOVED them!

BUY IT: Available at all major retailers including Big W, Target, Kmart, Myer, and specialty toy shops.

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4. LOGICO Learning Game

PERFECT FOR:  3-6 years old
PRICE: $110 for 1 board and 4 books
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: A 16-in-one learning activity that they can take anywhere.

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Bring on the independent play with this brilliant board game for young ones. One of our favourite new learning games on the market, LOGICO Primo comes with a plastic board, 12 different books each with 16 learning cards for hours and hours of quiet, independent play. Which, let’s be honest, is every parent’s favourite type of play. There are plenty of different games to discover, all of which are also teaching your preschooler about colours and shapes, logical thinking, concentration and perception, numeracy, sorting and classifying.

BUY IT:  Available through EUtoys.
DISCOUNT: Get a 20% discount on your online order of  the LOGICO learning game. Use code LOGICO20 until 12th of July. 

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5. Connetix Tiles 62 pc set

PRICE: $119.00
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Strong, sturdy, magnetic and colourful, these tiles bring HOURS of creative play

connetix tiles hot toys 2020

Get those creative juices flowing with this 62 set of ultra-cool, extra-colourful Connetix Tiles. Build 2D or 3D castles, towers, pictures, while encouraging cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills. Made using non-toxic, ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate-free, all tiles are scratch-resistant and include ultrasonic welding and rivets for extra safety. Another cool thing about them – they are compatible with other leading brands!

BUY IT: Available through the Connetix Tiles website.
DISCOUNT: Get 10% off their 62 pc set. Use code mumcentral until 14th of June. 

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For older kids

6. SPACETALK Smartwatch 

PRICE: $299
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT:  It’s an activity tracker and a watch that also acts as a phone with call and SMS capability – how awesome!

hot toys spacetalk watch

Aussie-designed, award-winning, and a great gift for kids, the SPACETALK is a smartwatch but so much more! A phone, a watch, an activity tracker, a GPS – you can stay connected to your kids no matter where they are. This is such a great gift for kids but also for parents as it comes with a slew of safety features including an SOS button for emergencies and accurate GPS. There are heaps of other features too – reward stars, step counter, stopwatch, reminder alarms, and School Mode for distraction-free learning. For more info on SPACETALK, check out our real mum review. 

BUY IT: Available through the SPACETALK website, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Kogan and The Good Guys. 

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7. ALL NEW Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy Koala

PRICE: $50
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Cute, cuddly and interactive, Kip is a baby animal that kids love to protect and play with.

hot toys 2020 - kip koala

Is there anything better than having a cuddly little animal to take care of? If you’re a child, probably not! Kip the Koala is as cute and cuddly as they get. Kids can soothe him to sleep, give him a dummy, pat his head and tickle his belly. He is completely interactive with 25 different sounds and reactions so he responds to these actions by sucking, giggling, and cooing. He even comes with his own dummy and snuggly wrap blanket. Nawww! Kip is new to the Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy family – there is also an adorable Bear available. Both are sure to bring out the nurturing spirit in your little ones. 

BUY IT: Cozy Dozy Cubbles the Bear is available now everywhere toys are sold. Cozy Dozy Kip the Koala is available very soon at major retailers and other toy stores.

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8. ALL NEW Build a Bot Pets

PERFECT FOR: 4-7 years (can do it with help), 8+ (can do it on their own)
PRICE: $39.99 (for sound and light characters)
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: It’s a toy that they can not only play with, but also build themselves.

build a bot hot toys 2020

One of the hottest toys for Christmas 2020, especially if your child is into STEM-learning, is the Build a Bot range. These cute little robots takes robotics to the next level and combine hands-on learning and real play value. Kids can build their own robotic pet night light and discover features including light colours, sensors, and refraction. There are heaps of awesome pets in the Build a Bot range including bugs and unicorns, plus the two newest Build a Bots to join the bot-fam a cute Snow Leopard and pretty Pony (pictured above).

BUY IT: Build a Bots  are available at Big W, Kidstuff, Mr Toys Toyworld, Officeworks, Casey’s Toys, Toymate and other selected retailers. New characters will also be available in Kmart stores from mid- late June.

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9. Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection

PERFECT FOR:  5 years +
PRICE: $45
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: With 26 levels of dissection, this is the ultimate Treasure X Alien adventure.

Treasure X alien - hot toys 2020

Guts, slime and treasure – this toy has ALL the goods. In fact, the Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection has 26 levels of adventure. Slice, gut, squeeze and crack your way through ooze and intestines, in the quest to save the Treasure Hunter action figure, weapons, critters and components, all trapped in the stomach, gut sack and brain of the alien. Once they have dissected the alien, they can attach the weapons and accessories and convert the alien into the Hunter’s vehicle, ready for hours of battle.

BUY IT: Available everywhere toys are sold including Target, Kmart, and Big W.

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10. So Sand Satisfying Station

PERFECT FOR: Kids 6 years+
PRICE: $29 (for So Sand Satisfying Station)
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Oh so creative and satisfying to play with!

So sand hot toys for christmas 2020There’s something magical about kinetic sand, and So Sand  takes kinetic sand to the next level. The So Sand Satisfying Station comes with all the tools kids need to create their own sensory station to cut, crush, mould and create mountains of sand creations. Combine colours and textures, add a bit of sparkle – it’s seriously so satisfying.

BUY IT: So Sand Satisfying Station also has individual sand kits and twin packs. Available at Kmart and Big W.

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11.  Slime Glam Studio

PERFECT FOR: 6 years +
PRICE: $29.00
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: It’s the most fashionable slime ever.

slime glam studio - hot christmas toys 2020

Get ready for the next generation in slime-making with this cute slime making kit, perfect for girls who love a little bit of glamour. The slime is easy to make, mess-free and comes with heaps of cute make-up themed containers to store the different slime mixtures. So Slime Glam Studio comes with everything you need but you can also buy individual So Slime DIY Shakers or as a three pack, great for the Christmas stocking.

BUY IT: So Slime DIY Glam will be available from Kmart & Big W.

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12. LASER X Revolution

PERFECT FOR: 8 years +
PRICE: $50.00
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Play Laser Tag at home, indoors, outdoors, at night or during the day – whenever!

laser x revolution - hot toys 2020

Laser Tag has been a hot toy for Christmas for kids and tweens for years now and the latest Laser X Revolution is the one to buy this year. It’s the # 1 Home Laser Tag System and equips two players with blaster and chest receiver and works up to 90 metres range. Dial Up the Revolution with the new Colour Change Dial to customise the Blasters to be any colour you want.  All Laser X gear is compatible with other Laser X devices meaning if their mates also have the system, then you can set up a mega game in the park.

BUY IT: Available Exclusively at Big W. 

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For stocking stuffers

13. Oh! My GIF  

PERFECT FOR: 6 years +
PRICE: $8 for 1-Bit Pack, $20 for 3-Bit Pack
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: GIFs have jumped off the screen and into your hands!

hot toys 2020

Give the gift of a GIF with OH! MY GIF GIFbits. This has to be one of the most unique hot toys for Christmas and we reckon kids (and plenty of adults too) are going to go crazy over them! Literally “GIFs” in real life, each one of these funny characters moves like an online GIF and comes with a unique message. Push, pull, turn or twist to bring your GIFbit to life and reveal the message.

BUY IT: Available at most major retailers including Target, Big W, and other toy stores.

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14. LotsaLoops

Lotsaloops hot toys
Source: @raniengineer

PERFECT FOR: 4-7 years (can do it with help), 8+ (can do it on their own)
PRICE: Starting at $5.99 (available in tubs and tubes)
WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Portable, reusable and endless styles and weaves to master, Loops are Lotsa fun for all and a great stocking stuffer!


Another cool product with new themes on the horizon, is LotsaLoops and they are full of fun. Combining the time-tested play pattern of finger weaving with cute themes and super juicy colours, you can create your very own wearable creations – friendship bracelets, keys chains, more! LotsaLoops comes in two sizes – the loops tube ($5.99) and the loopy tub ($11.99) with heaps of bright colours too.

BUY IT: You can pick up LotsaLoops at Big W, Spotlight, Mr Toys Toyworld, Toymate and other selected retailers.

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