Big news Play School fans! The next National Tour has been announced for Play School Concerts and it’s sure to be a winner with mums and kids alike!

The newly launched ‘Prince of Bears‘ has begun their nationwide tour and we’ve got all the deets! Get your tickets now!

playschool humptys playtime

If you’ve a little person that’s a big, big Play School fan, take note!   

‘Prince of Bears’ is a 40-minute stage production designed especially to entertain toddlers and preschoolers in true Play School fashion.  It brings all the cheeky fun that mums adore from their favourite presenters in a larger than life environment.

The show features special quiet time to listen and engage and lots of dancing and movement to keep the fun sky-high. This new national show will see kids gripped in Play School magic from beginning to end!


Play School fans will be singing, dancing and jumping with excitement as they follow Big Ted putting on his very own show.

Prince Big Ted has a royal crown and a royal cloak but doesn’t have a royal castle. He sets off to find one, and is joined by his friends Humpty, Jemima, Little Ted and the Play School toys on a musical adventure, it’s sure to delight!

Of course, there will be two amazing Play School presenters at each show to lead the fun and keep the energy levels high!

Play-School-Live-Teo-on-StageTickets to ‘Prince of Bears’ are available online and are on sale right now!  

With locations right across there’s sure to be one right near you: 

VIC – 26th February to 27th March
QLD – 7th May to 1st July
NSW – 6th March and 7th March Regional (more dates to come!)
ACT – 13th July to 16th July
SA – 11th August to 20th August
WA – 7th September to 17th September
NT – 31st October, and
TAS – 10th November to 14th November

buy tickets here

play school 50 yearsDid you know Play School turned 50 last year?

It’s the show all of Australia has grown up with! Confirming itself as an Aussie icon and family fave, Play School is the second longest running children’s television program in the English speaking world still in production.

Play School concerts began in the 1970’s and since then the concert tours have travelled around Australia entertaining over 100,000 people annually. Attending a Play School concert is truly a beautiful family memory to share with your kids!

Play School Prince of Bears National Tour


To celebrate the upcoming Prince of Bears tour, we’ve got 12 double passes to give away to 12 lucky readers.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below, comment on the article and you’re in the running!


Win a Double Pass to Play School Live in Concert


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  1. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My 2 year old son absolutely adores playschool, he would rush to the TV when the introductory song plays and keep chanting ‘skoo…skoo….’

  2. Elizabeth Stanojevic Reply

    i would love to take my 4 year old daughter to the playschool show she sings and dances all day theres a bear in there…. but will change it theres a dog in there…or theres a fairy in there..

  3. Tracey Morris Reply

    Would love to see this with my niece!! I loved play school as a child & would love to see her face light up!

  4. My 2 year old son loves playschool and I think my five year old would love the stage show too

  5. Jon Donovan Reply

    i grew up loving Play School and now my daughter is too. Would be great to have 2 generations see their favs live on stage

  6. Allyson Metcher Reply

    Playschool is really an Aussie Icon, over the years there have been some fabulous hosts. I think all kids know the Theme song of There’s a Bear in there……. i watched this as a youngster and both of my Adult sons watched it too (that was quiet time for mum while Playschool was on) and i would love for my little Grandaughter to experience and know all about this wonderful show too.

  7. I would love to sit and watch the reaction on my 2 boys’ faces when they watch them on stage- it would be priceless

  8. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I would love to take my daughter so she can use some of her boundless energy

  9. Abbie Beaumont Reply

    Would be a great experience for me and my daughter to share together and since her birthday is late August (23rd) it would make a spectacular birthday present for her. It would make for a very special memory.

  10. I would love to take my nearyly 3you girl to her first concert. She would have a ball.

  11. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I have a Great Grandson who will not leave the television without a screaming match, when Play School is. on, he would just adore to see it live.

  12. Kirsty Perkins Reply

    My dd loves Playschool! She’d be ecstatic to experience a live show!

  13. I would love to introduce my daughter to Play School by taking her to the show!

  14. Ashleigh Berrell Reply

    The kids are old enough to be enthralled in playschool now, plus they’re able to keep (fairly) focused for the length of the show. We went to see playschool last year & it was great ☺️

  15. I would love to take my 2yo son and 5yo daughter they would be ecstatic! We all love playschool in this house!!

  16. Renee rogers Reply

    Love that my two love it as much as I did as kid , love to ba able to take them an watch their faces as it comes to life!!

  17. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My niece(2) and nephew(3) love watching Play school. They enjoys the songs and the stories.

  18. Janine McNaughton Reply

    It wouldn’t be wonderful to take my girls to see this Iconic show that we’ve all grown up with and love ❤️

  19. Kristy Clarke-Lingwood Reply

    My son loves big ted he would be over the moon to see the show

  20. Shyvonne Foggitt Reply

    i would love to take my 18month old niece she is cared for by my elderly mother and never gets out much, she would absoloutly adore the show.

  21. I’ve been watching Play School when I was growing up and I have to say I loved it more than Sesame Street. Now I have children of my own who share my love for Play School so I would love to re-live my childhood by watching play school live and It’ll be an excellent treat for the kids.

  22. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love watching Play School live because it teaches my kids a lot of games and art and craft.

  23. Eliane Lattouf Reply

    I secretly want to go as much as my 3 yo daughter and that amazing set that’s literally made from cardboard! In retrospect I would love a job there!

  24. Carolyn Ellis Reply

    My 3 year old would be so excited to see a Play School concert! Especially seeing Big Ted and Humpty!!

  25. I have always been a Play School fan and would love to be able to give my great- granddaughter the wonderful experience of attending a Play School Live Concert.

  26. Ineedacoffee Reply

    I wanna see the toys i grew up with in real life
    Missy would love the live singing

  27. Veneta MacLeod Reply

    It is one of the few shows we let our kids watch on tv. I love the educational aspects and the quality of the production. My oldest has been to a performance but my youngest missed out so I would love to take her to so she can see them in “real life”

  28. Leanne Baker Reply

    This classic show’s a favourite in our home,
    We’d love to make memories of our own.
    In the audience of a live show,
    Excited more than you could know.
    Big and Little Ted are our fave,
    The moment we would forever save.
    If we were lucky enough to see,
    Awestruck is what my daughter would be.
    Thank you Mum Central for the chance to win,
    To let our Playschool adventure begin.

  29. A great combination of play, interaction and education needed for youngsters from a very early age. It is the first TV program I allowed any of my babies watch. Initially they were just attracted to the music and colours. I have never used it as a baby sitting tool.

  30. Kids would lover to sing along and dance , great fun and entertainment.

  31. Shannon Discombe Reply

    My mum took me to play school 20 year show I’d love to take my girls I stillness have my ticket stub

  32. Kathleen Usher Reply

    I would love to be in an environment with my daughter where she can see other toddlers dancing with her

  33. Nicci Traeger Reply

    Ive taken my 4yo since 1 and would love to take my 9mo son and give him this amazing experience also.

  34. Bethany Brown Reply

    playschool is amazing ,i have many fond memories of going to concerts like play school with my nana , would love the chance to have my nana create the same beautiful memories with my son , while she still has the chance <3

  35. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Our little Anna loves to watch Playschool at 6am – as the early riser (5am special) has already had breakie by then and ready to dance, dance and explore

  36. Juliska Duthie Reply

    I grew up an play school now my girls loves it too she would love to see it live.

  37. I’d love for my kids to see more things live (it can be quite expensive). I grew up with playschool, and I’d like to introduce my children to it

  38. Judith Ann Bryant Reply

    I’d Love to see Play School live on stage with my Granddaughter, just to see her elated face. We watch it everyday on TV , she enjoys it immensely. She would be so excited to see it on stage.

  39. The kids will love to sing, dance and interact in a high energy level atmosphere. It will be so much more fun and different from watching Play school in their lounge room.

  40. I love how educational and inclusive play school is. And my kids love it.

  41. Jo Sweeney Reply

    My sons favourite show is Play school; he is constantly jumping, dancing and singing along when it comes on tv. He would watch it all day if he could. He has learnt so much from play school!!

  42. Monique Hirst Reply

    I think some one on one time at a special show with my 3 yr old daughter is in order after her adjusting so well to being an older sister

  43. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to see Play School Live on Stage as it was my favourite show as a child and my children now love it as much as me, and we’d love to see all the characters live.

  44. Alana Birchall Reply

    We see this concert every year and would love to go again this year too!

  45. Jody Smith Reply

    Play School presenters and the program producers are so creative. My son and I love letting our imaginations loose watching them. Live would be awesome indeed.

  46. Melissa Pearton Reply

    We haven’t made it to a Play School concert yet :(, but my 4yo daughter loves the show & would love to see the concert & all the characters in person!!

  47. Bronwyn Yudkin Reply

    I want to show my grandkids the tv program I loved and their parents loved growing up .

  48. Rebecca Stretton Reply

    Our youngest two mini-men (4 & 2 years) would LOVE to see Play School in concert!

  49. My youngest son Is such a serious boy and gets quite anxious with lots of people and noises, I was a little worried how he’d go at the Play School concert last year. But he was absolutely enthralled, he loved everything about it and laughed with delight throughout the whole performance. I’d really love the opportunity to share this with him again.

  50. Beth Streten Reply

    It’s wonderful to see my favourite childhood show transcending generations to teach and entertain my own children. I would love to take my toddlers to see playschool live: we would all relate to it’s unique Australian style and heritage, not to mention have a fantastic educational time!

  51. Kellie King Reply

    I remember going to a playschool concert when I was younger… from memory I think I was a little too old for the concert, but probs secretly enjoyed it. My favorite playschool memory is arguing with my siblings over which window it was going to be on that day, and then getting to do a victory dance when you picked right.. I have kept this tradition alive with my children, and when they win, its equally as annoying as it was when my younger siblings won!! aahhhh the memories.

  52. Shaleah Campbell Reply

    I always wanted to go to a Playschool concert as a child! Now I have that chance and to give my boys the experience I never had and always dreamed of <3

  53. My son loves the show on tv and watching along i am also a fan… would love to see live on stage

  54. Paula Stace Reply

    my 3 yr old loves playschool. her favourite is big teds adventures

  55. We went last year and loved it. Now that little miss is 3 I think that she’ll be less stunned and more into interacting.

  56. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    My youngest son has just discovered Play School. I would love to watch his face at a live show x

  57. Peter Gerard Reply

    I would love to see Play School Live on stage with my Grandchild because we watch Play School on Telly and Love it!

  58. Melissa Maxine Reply

    Would love to see my little princesses excitement watching one of her favourite shows and all the little characters.

  59. Kristi McNeil Reply

    My Daughter absolutely loves Play School we watch it morning and afternoon and its only one of a few shows she actually sits down to watch, she would love to see it live

  60. Karen Blackshaw Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with playschool! It’s her favourite show.

  61. Michelle Blakemore Reply

    Looks like a fun show. My daughter loves Tao so do I lol

  62. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    My little man would so love to go see the Playschool show. I am trying to cram as many special quality time experiences into the last year before he goes to big school.

  63. Loretta Frabceschini Reply

    The little ones love play school. She’s learning so much from watching it, plus she loves teddy.

  64. Kelli Feen Reply

    My daughter loves little Humpty Dumpty and has her own that she sleeps with every night. She would love to go see them ❤❤

  65. We’d love to see Player School. It’s an all time family favourite show.

  66. Stacey Brookes Reply

    We would love to see play school, I took my oldest daughter for the first time last year and she absolutely loved it. My oldest daughter has learnt so much from play school and she shows it in her day to day life, with signing and crafts and playing with her toys.
    I would love to take both my girls this time so my youngest can also experience the awesome show.

  67. Kim Hamilton-Waycott Reply

    Woohoo. Our girls love Play School. They went with their Aunty last year instead of me because our youngest decided she wanted to arrive early! Hopefully she will be able to watch too this year.

  68. Amanda Claire Zhu Reply

    I have been watching play school since l was a little girl
    and now my twins girls watch it too.

  69. Rianan Turner Reply

    We love singing and dancing along with playschool at our place. An excellent show!

  70. Happy 51st bday play school!
    Watch the show everyday with my boy.. he especially loves the dancing, the clock and the windows!

  71. Anna mitchell Reply

    My daughter loved going to the play school concert last year and would love to go this year!!

  72. Janice Gigg Reply

    Both my daughters enjoy watching the show. Would love to take them to the concert!

  73. Cat helbig Reply

    I have fond memories of seeing them live when i was a child and i would to be able to share that experience and those memories with my son aswell as re-live some childhood memories

  74. Silvana david Reply

    I really need to get my daughter to like something else other than Peppa Pig!! Being live, I think Play School just might do the trick!!

  75. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    I love play school as much as my son loves it. Its very educational and fun. Kids learn so much from this program. It’s a ritual to watch it few times a day.It would be lovely to see it live.

  76. Hayley Brennan Reply

    It’s hard to keep the balance of two kids fair and it seems that mr 18mo hasn’t had the same outings and experiences that Mr 4 once did. In saying that Mr 18mo would love to go with mummy to playschool.

  77. Would love for miss 2.5 year old to go to her first live performance ever.

  78. My daughter has been Play School’s fan and has attended their concerts for all her life… of six years.

  79. viviennedobin Reply

    My little grandson Levi would be amazed to see Play School live

  80. Janene Morgan Reply

    I loved Playschool as a little kid. My 18 year old loved Playschool when he was little and now my 18 month old loves Playschool. It’s an amazing show that has spanned generations and stood the test of time. I would love ❤️ so much to take my littlest man Mitch to see it live!

  81. Amanda Evans Reply

    My autistic 6yr old is obssessed with Playschool and I would love to be able to give her an amazing experience

  82. Nichelle Mold Reply

    My 2 little one’s love play school just like my other 4 did growing up.

  83. Narelle Adams Reply

    Who isn’t a fan of Play School? I would love my son to see a live show so that he can say that he’s been to his first concert!

  84. My 4 year old daughter goes Gaga over Tao,and also the fact it’s one of her favourite shows, she would absolutely love it.

  85. Simone Callis Reply

    I love starting our weekday mornings with Play School. The kids & I sing along & have competitions guessing what the ‘window of the day’ will be. The Play School concerts are by far the best I’ve been to!

  86. My little boy loves Play School and I’d love to be able to take him to see them live.

  87. I actually caught my 3 yr old singing the playschool theme yesterday… if you knew him you’d know this is a big deal! He loves playschool and bears! He sleeps with 3… there would be more if I let him! Would love to win to take my boys!

  88. My toddler is Play School OBSESSED! Has to listen to the 50th album in the car, has to play Humpty’s and the other Play School ap on the iPad and has to watch the episodes when she can. Lots of dancing and pretend painting is required!!

  89. Cindy Trowbridge Reply

    I’d love to see my little Grandson’s eyes light up as he sees his favorite characters right in front of him.

  90. Lauren Kite Reply

    My little gal said last week when Playschool ended, ‘Does it have to be over already?’ This concert would make her jump for joy, for the entire performance I’m sure.

  91. Leonnie Rainsford Reply

    myles favourite app is playschool and we cant listen to anything than play school in our car.
    playschool makes our boy shine. He loves Tao and rachel

  92. Laura baker Reply

    Watching play school is his favourite way
    To start his day
    He smiles and watches with awe and glee
    At Big Ted, Jemima and Humpty
    He loves to watch and and play along
    And especially adores all of their songs
    I would love to take him to this
    It’s definitely on my bucket list!

  93. Seeing play school live would be an exciting treat for my daughter she loves the show especially those magic windows.

  94. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    My babies love watching play school, sing and dance along. Will be awesome to watch it LIVE!

  95. Heather Shewan Reply

    My little one live playschool, especially the music. So much so that we have playschool CD’s in the car.

  96. My son loves music and would absolutely love to see playschool live!

  97. Lauren Geier Reply

    My daughter just LOVES Play School so I would love to see her face at a live show

  98. Rebecca O'Grady Reply

    My son loved the last playschool concert and would love to see this one too !

  99. As a grandmother I have my children and grandchildren love Play School for 40 years I would love to take some of my little ones to see this.

  100. Kate Walton Reply

    Because there’s a bear in there, and a chair as well. There are people with games and stories to tell.

  101. I’d love to see playschool live and take my niece because my boys used to watch it when they were little and now it’s her turn.

  102. A childhood institution, I love that what I grew up with and what my parents grew up with is now what my kids are growing up with…. That’s a tongue twister which will confuse the generations!

  103. Julia McEvoy Reply

    Both my 5 year old and 1 year old love Playschool. It’d be so brilliant to take them as they’d both get very different things out of it.

  104. Kirsty Bransdon Reply

    My 13 month old just love play school. He sings and dances along and talks away to the TV. Would be fantastic if he could see things in person

  105. We’re definitely a playschool home-4 kids so far lived and loved it with 1 last one yet to discover the joys!

  106. Hayley Jurkowski Reply

    Because it would make my daughter’s day and make me so happy to see her enjoying the same songs and toys that I, and my mum did

  107. Rita Farah Reply

    My girls absolutely love play school – it would be a great family day out before our next bundle of joy arrives very soon!

  108. Christina E Reply

    My youngest little man would be over the moon, he saw last years show but didn’t quite get in to it being so young. Hopefully this year will be different for him if we could win.

  109. Esther Leb Reply

    This would be my, then 3 year olds, first show. We always miss the concerts and as a crazed playschool fan, with not much else holding her attention, I think it would be a great memory for both her and her mummy (me.)

  110. Lauren Jordan Reply

    I’m due to have baby #3 in June so tickets to Play School would be a sweet treat for my two older kids.

  111. Jodi O'Connor Reply

    My daughter lights up with every episode of playschool we manage to watch, I’d love to see her face erupt with joy when she sees her favourite presenters live on stage!

  112. Bec Bullock Reply

    Play school – going strong after 50 years! I love that my children are growing up with this great show just as I did! I still know most of the songs too!

  113. Milly Howells Reply

    My little girl loves Play School and her birthday is the 15 November so we would be able to take her for her birthday!

  114. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I loved play school growing up so I’m very happy my son gets to enjoy it too!

  115. Renee Forbes Reply

    My little girl loves her Play School.
    such a great educational show

  116. My son is 2 and a half, loves singing and dancing so this would be the perfect show for him to enjoy!

  117. Emma Nunan Reply

    A classic show that truely stands the test of time. It has that magic formula- learning, creativity, playfulness and imagination. I loved it, my son loves it….who am I kidding… I still love it! Would love to take my two year old to this special experience and share it with him!

  118. Jessica Hayter Reply

    We love Play School for the songs, the stories and most of all my daughter looooves Humpty. Oh and the clock which gets a standing ovation every time, ‘CLOCK, CLOCK!!’. We’d adore the chance to see it live.

  119. Danielle Sertori Reply

    We have gone to play school concerts for the last 7 years, each of my children love the show and it is one of few kids shows I can sit through.

  120. Lea Baldoria Reply

    It’s our daily ritual watching Play School and never miss a recording on Foxtel so that she can enjoy watching the eps over and over.

  121. Camilla Francois Reply

    My girls love dancing and singing along just as I did when I was child

  122. Alison Humble Reply

    This would be so much fun for my little guy and myself. He turns 2 in Sept and loves Play school

  123. Kylie Marks Reply

    My daughter watches playschool every morning and every afternoon she loves to sing and dance along.

  124. Isabella Basile Reply

    my girls (2 &6) know that 22 on the remote gets you to playschool – would love to go in person

  125. Anthea Irene Reply

    My son loves playschool so much I would love to see his face when he experiences watching it live in concert.

  126. I loved Play School as a child,
    30 years on when it’s on telly my munchkin goes wild!
    It’s so good its like wine,
    And just gets better and better with time!

  127. Lisa Grund Reply

    I would love to take my niece as we love watching Play School together

  128. Noni wilson Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to see her favourite (actually mine!) TV characters live in concert!

  129. Trudy Mylrea Reply

    I think I would love it just as much as my toddler, so many great memories growing up with it.

  130. Jessica Louise Reply

    My children are the perfect age for Play School (and the Big Adventure spin-off shows) and they love it just as much as I did when I was a child – I was lucky enough to go on an excursion in Prep (5yo) to see Play School live & would be SO grateful for the opportunity to give my kids the same experience and memories :o)

  131. Antoinette Reply

    I enjoyed Play School so much as a child and now my boys love it too. My youngest is under 2 and would not believe his eyes if he saw Play School Live on Stage!!

  132. Stacey Shailer Reply

    I’d love to share the magic of Play School with my 3 little ones in concert!

  133. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    I was able to share a Play School Live experience with my son, and I’d love to create a new memory of sharing a Play School Live, with my daughter. Play School is something I remember from my childhood and I love the fact I can now share a memory over the same program.

  134. Claire Tondut Reply

    I took my daughter last year and it must have been good as she has been asking to go again. It would be great to be able to take her.

  135. My 2 and 3 year old daughters love Play School, stories and everything related to music. This would be the perfect warmly birthday gift for my big girl who turns 4 in October!

  136. Carlin Lee Reply

    The performances in South Australia are just after my daughter’s first birthday and it would be a lovely way to celebrate with her. We took our son to a Play School performance for his first birthday several years ago too

  137. My daughter has only recently discovered play school and loves it. It is the only show she wants to watch now. Its great because of all the songs they sing and activities they do. My little girl just loves it

  138. My son loves play school, and I would love to take him to see the live show! 🙂

  139. Looks like an innovative and insightful event for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time!

  140. Sidra Sajid Reply

    I got two play school fans who sing and dance and listen and even interact with play school presenters while watching.

  141. Maree Gray Reply

    Master C loves watching Play School on tv. It would be awesome to take him to the live show.

  142. My kids love watching Playschool and learning while having fun. They would be so happy to see them up close and personal

  143. Jann Trapp Reply

    play school has been around for years but it would be nice to see them live.

  144. My kids are crazy with play school. They always dancing and singing along with its music.

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