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In the lead up to our Mum Central Low Sugar Kids online program due to launch soon, we have released another free taste so you can hit the ground running!

A nourishing lunch can make all the difference to your child’s mood, concentration levels, energy and behaviour… which we all know from experience, will in turn will affect you!

Now, making lunches may not float your boat but they’re a necessity once your child is going to kindy and school and the better shape their lunch is in, will mean the better shape your little one is in when you pick them up at the end of their day!

The Low Sugar Lunchbox E-book is packed with low-sugar, additive-free recipes made with ingredients you will find in your local grocery store. Because we know that the easier it is to implement makes it harder to fail.

As a practicing nutritionist, presenter and mother, Michelle Chevalley Hedge gets it. She understands ‘busy’ and ‘tired’ and absolutely understands the need to support our kids in every way we can. She gets real life mums and dads who want simple messages and some easy, healthy, tasty meals so they can really nourish their own family.

Which is why she has partnered with Mum Central to launch the Mum Central Low Sugar Kids program. Specifically designed to show you how to reduce sugar intake in your family, step by step. No big changes, just easy subtle changes plus a whole lot of encouragement to make the right food choices and inspiration to learn about how these changes will improve your family’s health!



If you are enjoying our nutrition posts then download your FREE Low Sugar Lunchboxes eBook here and stay nourished!  

If you’re ready for a healthy change,  a non-extreme approach to reducing sugar then join us for our February Low Sugar Kids Program, a 28-day qualified nutrition and kid approved program with a rock solid Money Back Guarantee. 

Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritionist, mum, Jamie Oliver Ambassador and founder of A Healthy View.


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Michele Chevalley Hedge is a qualified nutritionist and a real life mum who understands ‘busy parents”. She created a Low Sugar Lifestyle program for people who want to improve their health without an extreme approach. Michele is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver & is Mum Central's health and low sugar ambassador, and the powerhouse behind our Low Sugar Kids program.

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