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Unemployed Western Sydney Man Wins $50m with Major Powerball Jackpot

A Sydney man has won the major Powerball jackpot. And, here’s why it was so very life-changing.

Imagine you’re unemployed and wondering what to do next. Just when you’re discussing the next step with your spouse, you get a call.

And, what does the person on the other end of the line tell you? Um, that you’ve won the lottery. Oh, and not just the lottery. You’ve won a $50 million (yes, million) Powerball jackpot. Whoa!

This is exactly what happened to a 30-something man from western Sydney. When he bought the Powerball ticket he never seriously thought that he’d win. Later that night he was at home discussing his future with his wife. The man, who has been unemployed since the end of last year, was at home talking to his wife about their plans for the future. With their family struggling, the two needed to figure out how they would financially support themselves.

As the couple was in the middle of planning, the phone rang. On the other end was someone from the NSW Lotteries, telling the man that he had won Powerball. The NSW Lotteries reported that the man responded, “No. No. No. Don’t tell me that. Are you serious man? I’ll probably faint.” He went on to say, “I don’t know what to do. What should I do now? Should I call my mum? Should I hug my wife?”

Well, yeah. He probably should do both – call his mum and hug is wife. Wouldn’t you?

So, who is this big winner? It’s a mystery. The winner wants to remain anonymous. But, he did give the NSW Lotteries an idea of how he wants to spend his money. Or, at least, some of it. He said, “I’ll share it with family and friends – if I’m winning, I want everyone along with me to win.” With that in mind, the man is interested in helping people through charity work.

Citing food as a passion of his, he said that he’d like to open a restaurant. And, not just your standard all for profit type. He’s like to open one that gives 50% of the food away for free, feeding people who need help. “I don’t need profits, but there are homeless, students who are struggling, and people in need.”

Wow. Not only is this man super-lucky, but he’s also majorly generous too!

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