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Ah, motherhood. Nothing can fully prepare you for the amazing adventure that lies ahead. This is your pregnancy, your birth, your baby, and we would love to share with you all of our best guidance along the way.

Welcome to Mamá, your go-to guide for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Mamá is your pregnancy shopping partner, your helping hand through labour, even your reassurance at 3am when baby strikes a fever. Mamá is all of this and more.

With 100 pages of real mum advice, tips and tricks from pregnancy right through to all elements of baby life, you’ll find everything you need to navigate through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Download it, bookmark it, print it out. It’s completely free and it’s our gift to you. 

Mamá – Made with love and life lessons

Mamá is a brand new publication … and this is our first edition –  so we bet you can appreciate how excited we are! It’s been a long time coming too … ten years in fact. This is how long Mum Central has been up and running, sharing stories and advice throughout all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to those tricky teenage years (eek!).

Mamá is designed to provide guidance during this first step – from pregnancy through to baby’s first few months when you’re hormonal, everything is hazy and you’re bursting with happiness (most of the time, at least, maybe not at 2am).

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100+ pages of real mum advice 


  • Our top picks for all your shopping needs (so many pages of great finds!)
  • Preparing for pregnancy checklists – your guide to each trimester, packing your baby bag, paid parental leave and finding the right baby name
  • All about birth! – vaginal, c-section and tricks to induce labour
  • Real birth and new mum stories, plus hints for new dads too!
  • Baby care and advice including vaccination charts, teething troubles, tummy pain, and fever and cold solutions
  • New mum care, advice and tips to a smooth recovery
  • Feeding guides for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and starting solids (recipes too!)
  • Sleep routines, swaddling tips and self-settling tricks
  • And so much more!

From the first baby kicks to the first baby fever, Mamá is here, to make sense of the first milestones in motherhood. You’ve got this mama. And you’re going to do great.

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