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What Does a Good Husband, Good Shoes, Delicious Wine and an Awesome Vacuum Have in Common?

There are some things in life that just aren’t worth compromising on. You know, those items that you think you’ll settle for something less and then it really just kills you for evermore that you could have done better…

The list?

Husbands, cheap wine, uncomfortable shoes … and vacuum cleaners. These are the non-negotiables of happy mum life. Unfortunately if you married a dud, have blisters or are already nursing a hangover we can’t save you today, but when it comes to awesome vacuum cleaners – let’s talk!

Mum Central knows what makes women tick! The Hoover Air Stick Pro from Godfreys is the best bang for buck around when it comes to cordless vacuums under $600. Wondering why? Let us tell you five reasons why you can’t compromise on quality when it comes to keeping your home clean (and your mummy sanity in tact!)


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Let’s be honest. Being a Mum can be a really dirty job. The days are long, the pays not worth mentioning and if your kids eat like mine there’s enough crumbs to make a whole new meal just off the floor. Add to that pet hair, dust, walked inside muck and your floors probably look like a battleground. #nojudgement! The point of course is that when the task is serious you need quality gear; otherwise you’ll just lose your mind with frustration! The Hoover Air Stick Pro is powerful and energy efficient lasting 22 minutes after a single charge. Importantly it’s got serious sucking power – just what you need to get the job done, quickly!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”A quality vacuum makes cleaning easier”]

The thing about being a Mum is that you’re always busy. Okay, frantic. Finding stuff, washing stuff, negotiating, driving, refereeing… That’s on a good day. So when it comes to getting your floors ship-shape ain’t nobody got time for a machine that doesn’t have the ability to make life easier! The Hoover Air Stick Pro makes cleaning simple. It’s got a three-in-one convertible capacity, boasts tools for 8 multiple applications including corners, bedding and upholstery, is super lightweight at 3.34kg and it’s self-propelling Power Head ensures a beautiful gliding motion. Even better it’s a winner on multiple flooring surfaces as it works on carpet, hard floors, stairs and tiles.

hoover-air-stick-pro-docking-station[mc_block_title custom_title=”A quality vacuum comes with a warranty (that will never let you down!)”]

A poorly chosen husband will indefinitely let you down, the ill-fitting shoes will make your toes curl and the cheap wine, well, we’ve all had the ‘I’m never drinking again’ level hangover. The good news is that Hoover Air Stick Pro will never disappoint. With a 2-year warranty, smart engineering and quality construction this is why you don’t compromise when choosing a vacuum. (As for the wine and shoes, that’s easy to upgrade. The husband however… good luck!)

hoover-air-stick-pro-trilogy[mc_block_title custom_title=”A clean floor makes for a happy day”]

I wish I had never entered a stage of life that would enthusiastically see me utter these words but as fellow mums I know you’ll agree. A clean floor makes you feel fabulous! There’s nothing better than stepping back and admiring your home when the floors look fresh and the house smells clean! It may only last for a few minutes before your mini cyclones begin their childlike ‘magic’ all over again but when your home looks good, you feel great too! (Even better if you’re floors look perfect and your mother in law pops in unannounced… double win! Satisfaction guaranteed! #boom!)

hoover-air-stick-pro-floors[mc_block_title custom_title=”A clean floor is a recipe for improved family health”]

We are by no means clean freaks and it’s common knowledge that kids need to realistically build their immunity. Let’s however be frank there’s a difference between a healthy dose of household reality and six foot of dust they need a snorkel mask to safely move through! A clean family home is a healthy family home – especially when it comes to asthma, eczema and allergy. Plus when little babies start to crawl there’s peace of mind that tiny gross things left behind from your toddler won’t find their way into curious little mouths.

hoover-air-stick-pro-soft-brush hoover-air-stick-pro-elbow-connectorThe Hoover Air Stick Pro Power Head is designed to enable a healthier living environment with a deep carpet clean – and let’s be honest nobody enjoys having sick kids (or worse a husband with man flu!) Get the right tools and enjoy your mummy sanity by maximising family health with clean as possible floors.

So from us at Mum Central to you, if you’re tired of the compromises you’ve made in life its time to make some changes! Speak to the ultra-friendly, ultra-knowledgeable, ultra-helpful team at Godfreys and find out more about the Hoover Air Stick Pro. When your shoes hurt, the wine’s bitter and your husband’s annoying as hell at least you’ll look at your vacuum and know you made the very best choice!


Facts about the Hoover Air Stick Pro:

  • Trilogy of cleaning products in one – can be used as a powerful Stickvac, Handstick or Handvac!
  • Powerful 25.2V Lithium battery which provides a huge 22 minutes of cleaning time per charge (and while that might not seem like much, is more than enough to get through the house once (maybe twice between charges)
  • Digital brushless motor, which provides better reliability, higher power efficiency and a longer lifespan
  • Includes 8 specialised attachments including a motorised mattress & upholstery brush
  • Easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners and along walls
  • Ideal for those who have pets as it effectively removes pet hair
  • Includes 2-year Hoover warranty for peace of mind

enter-to-winThanks to our friends at Godfreys, we have a Hoover Air Stick Pro to giveaway, valued at $599! To enter, simply complete the entry form and comment below telling us what you love about the Hoover Stick Pro and you’re in the running to win!

Win a Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum valued at $599

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  1. Avatar of jane whelan
    jane whelan Reply

    Light-weight and easy to use, will help out with my health issues.

  2. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    With 6 monsters running around kicking up a storm , I love how lightweight, powerful & the big bonus cordless. Plus all the extra attachments definitely deserve this only Christmas present I’ll receive to help clean up after my tribe.

  3. Avatar of Fiona

    Powerful 25.2V Lithium battery which provides a huge 22 minutes of cleaning time per charge! Perfect for pet hair!

  4. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    For generations Hoover has been a great help in getting our home clean but now they have come of age and understand that time and energy is at a premium. Love that the Air Stick Pro is light and cordless and can be easily carried around the house but also love that it is transformable to Handstick and Handvac so easily to ensure our cleaning is comprehensive. “Love your work”Hoover!

  5. Avatar of Jean Rutherford
    Jean Rutherford Reply

    I can see cleanness now, the dust is gone
    Asthma and allergies kept at bay
    Its gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day
    When Santa brings a Hoover Air Stick YAY

  6. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I love it’s versatility,
    it can clean everywhere.
    Even those floating cobwebs,
    that can give us a little scare.
    I’d love this in our house,
    to make cleaning a breeze.
    Thanks Mumcentral for the chance,
    let me win one please!

  7. Avatar of Kristina

    Floor to ceiling cleaning and everywhere in between. Less time cleaning means more time for my family.

  8. Avatar of MelJD

    No cord for my kids and dog to trip over, plus it removes dog hair.

  9. Avatar of Emma Prosser
    Emma Prosser Reply

    Ode to Hoover Air stick Pro.

    Oh Hoover Air Stick Pro

    How I love you so.

    A trilogy of Cleaning at my finger tips

    You will make life easy with your tricks.

    Power head you’ll deep clean my floors

    with an elbow connector to reach up doors.

    My cats will love you as I let them roam,

    knowing that my hoover will vac up pet hair in my home.

    Powerful battery will last enough time,

    Oh Hoover Air stick pro, please be mine.

  10. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I love that it so flexible and easy to convert making it so easy to get into corners

  11. Avatar of Annie

    This vac has sooo many great features but I think my favourite is the the convenient feature of being able to convert it from a Stickvac to a Handstick to get to high and tricky places 🙂

  12. Avatar of Jade o

    With so many great features I don’t know where to start, plus portability makes cleaning up stairs so much easier

  13. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    No tripping with cords,flexible and easy to get into corners making it a breeze to clean. Lightweight so it won’t strain my back , comfort and clean with ease.

  14. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    as its perfect to get in all nooks and crannies and is easy to use too

  15. Avatar of Kim

    CORDLESS! I’ve been waiting for this for years! No more tripping over cords and unplugging from room to room!

  16. Avatar of noomby

    Cordless, no more worrying about tripping down the stairs when cleaning although I might have to take a trip to Godfreys

  17. Avatar of Angela

    I love that the hoover air stick pro effectively removes pet hair as my old vacuum from the 70’s doesn’t do that great a job of picking up all the cats black fur of my white carpet.

  18. Avatar of Mariapen

    Light and easy to use. It will be a pleasure (well almost ) to vacuum.

  19. Avatar of Janelle Hall
    Janelle Hall Reply

    Love that it is cordless and there are so many features. I could get a lot of jobs done around the house with ease.

  20. Avatar of Tabatha Voss
    Tabatha Voss Reply

    I love that it would mean no longer having to clean the entire house with a broom

  21. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Cordless, means that my house will be sparkling all the time, and it will be quick giving me more time for the best things in life, spending time with the kids, relaxing, and having fun. My home could really benefit, with kids and fur kids there is always something that needs to be vacuumed up

  22. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    So quick and easy to use, No unwinding cords and finding where you hid the hoses! A quality product backed up with a 2 year warranty!

  23. Avatar of Lorraine Stuart
    Lorraine Stuart Reply

    It’s cordless and light means i can quickly vacuum when we have surprise visitors 🙂

  24. Avatar of Kristy Lee Coles
    Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    I love that this is powerful and it would be able to remove pet hair

  25. Avatar of AmberB

    I love how portable it is. I need it to keep my house dust free.

  26. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    Love the fact that the Hoover Air Stick Pro vacuum is cordless & has the Air Stick Pro Power Head which will ensure a deep carpet clean to help with my asthma.

  27. Avatar of MariaDana

    With two fluffy cats that like to sleep on the carpeted stairs, a decent stick vac would PRO-long my sanity!

  28. Avatar of Catherine

    A quick clean up after Christmas visitors in time for the next lot of visitors

  29. Avatar of adam c

    I love that It sucks up things in no time flat. i need it in my house for all the accidents i have. and too suck up spiders that might bite.

  30. Avatar of petrie46

    love to win i need it as my bones are aching from using my old one and this looks super cool this Hoover Air Stick Pro: easy to carry and use great for cat hair

  31. Avatar of Sarah Masson
    Sarah Masson Reply

    An easy to use, quality vacuum cleaner that would be perfect for my new place. I’m moving out on my own for the first time and need so many household items so this would be so exciting!

  32. Avatar of Brittany Curtis
    Brittany Curtis Reply

    I love the convenience of having a smaller upright stick vacuum compared to my big clunky vacuum. Would be so much easier with kids around.

  33. Avatar of Kell

    Super easy to clean up all of those little messes without the hassle of dragging out the Vacuum cleaner.

  34. Avatar of Emma Turner
    Emma Turner Reply

    I love how its cordless! Our family home has stairs, which means I’m always getting the extension cord out and plugging and unplugging the vac. The portability is definitely something i’d appreciate!

  35. Avatar of Sally

    This deserves to be in my Grandmother’s home! It’s upright so she won’t have to bend down to store away. It’s light to move around & a breeze getting into those hard to reach spots.

  36. Avatar of LisaG

    How cool is this Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum that makes cleaning floors (and more) so much easier.

  37. Avatar of Jocy

    I love that it easily coverts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners and along walls, would help keep my house so much cleaner. And believe me when I say I need all the help I can get!!

  38. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    Love that its cordless, my cord does my head in i always have to use an extension cord to get the house done (and i don’t have a big house).

  39. Avatar of Janet Molloy
    Janet Molloy Reply

    I have a very hairy Shar-Pei – I am constantly vacuuming up her hair. The thought of owning this Hoover Air Stick Pro is so exciting.! Cordless, lightweight and with accessories to reach any nook and cranny whoo hoo! I’ll have her hair sucked up in no time! The most progressive 22 minutes of cleaning I’ll ever have, I’m sure!

  40. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    My home is a regular mess thanks to my daughter who loves to drop food scraps all over the place. A Hoover will make cleaning much easier, and I won’t have to ignore it by kicking her crumbs under the couch.

  41. Avatar of Margaret O'Shea
    Margaret O'Shea Reply

    I have cats that leave hair on the carpets. I would love one of these to get rid of the hair and clean my floors. My vacuum does not clean properly and I love the idea of cordless.

  42. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Simplicity and SPEED. So fast and gets into such awkward places just FANTASTIC! Would make cleaning change form a chore to a BREEZE!

  43. Avatar of Serene Millward
    Serene Millward Reply

    I love that it transforms from a Stickvac to a Handstick to a Handvac… so it is a Transformer – and my boys love Transformers! Maybe they will love it so much that they will want to help vacuum with it… well, one can hope!

  44. Avatar of Peta

    I love that it can get to all the places my current vacuum cleaner cannot. With two little mess makers I am constantly finding food crumbs in places I never imagined possible!

  45. Avatar of Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro has A HANDLE that lets you stay in control rather than flailing awkwardly while reaching up to get those spider webs and dust on the cornices – and I have a lot of dust and spider webs!…

  46. Avatar of Courtney

    I have a bookcase that goes to the top of our 3m ceilings, so this vacuum could possibly end up saving my life, because previously, I have been climbing a ladder while holding my big chunky vacuum, to suck up all the dust!

  47. Avatar of chantal

    I love that someone has finally created a cordless vacuum that is affective on ALL

    Not to mention a cordless vac with a hose extension! I mean how much better can
    it get than that?!! 😀

    I have three walk mess hurricanes moving about my home, and I hate dragging out
    my old head vacuum every time something gets spilled. (This is like every 5
    minutes.) haha

  48. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love all the different attachments for all the different jobs. It makes cleaning look almost easy. 🙂

  49. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro is light, easily maneuverable and cordless. So versatile in so many situations, especially stairs. And all those attachments, wow…..

  50. Avatar of Sally

    I have a bad back, and could see this being easy to use and lightweight which would mean that I wouldnt have to take breaks while vacuuming.!!

  51. Avatar of Scot Barker
    Scot Barker Reply

    I struggle with the hard to reach cobwebs and the like, this would be perfect.

  52. Avatar of Kel

    Cords are the bane of my life…trip, trip, tripping! The Hoover Air Stick Pro Power Head cordless with multi-applications will help towards my being an amazing multi-tasker, tackling those cobweb draped cathedral ceilings and other tasks avoided with my current vac.

  53. Avatar of Kylie Harris14
    Kylie Harris14 Reply

    I want to feel fabulous 🙂 I yearn for the suction power to completely rid my carpet and all that is touched, to be dust, crumb and what is that!!! free

  54. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    I’ve just moved into a two storey house with a spiral staircase……this would make cleaning a breeze!!! It’s not a pretty sight to see when I’m carrying my big old beast (that’s my current vacuum, not my partner hahahaha).

  55. Avatar of Fiona Makin
    Fiona Makin Reply

    I’m trying to teach the kids about responsible house management. Probably one of the best ways to do that is with good tool!

  56. Avatar of humptydumpedme
    humptydumpedme Reply

    I have to say this looks so easy and less back breaking work, I can only dream

  57. Avatar of Shasha

    I’m a cleaning freak and can’t stand dust. We moving to a bigger house and hoover will make cleaning a pleasant experience unlike my current vacuum cleaner which refuse to suck any dust and the cord get tangled all the time.

  58. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally Louise Reply

    Lightweight and easy to use – means Miss 8 can help vacuum 🙂

  59. Avatar of Lauren G

    I am SO sick of having to put our vacuum together every time we use it, and then pulling the barrel along behind me which crashes into walls and gets caught on furniture. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it!! The Hoover Air Stick Pro would help reduce my stress come time to vacuum!

  60. Avatar of JR

    Vacuuming in a wheelchair is not easy… this would make it not only much easier but almost enjoyable (as far as vacuuming goes !!!) .

  61. Avatar of Emma

    What I love about the Hoover air stick pro is that it’s light weight, great auction and can be used on floorboards and carpet. What I also love if that’s it’s new – I have never owned a new vacuum. I’ve been given hand me downs as it’s time for me to get a new vacuum!!

  62. Avatar of Leah Amy Taylor
    Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    This is perfect for those little jobs, cleaning up after a toddler you have the vacc out many times a day. To not have to pull the big vac out for every little crumb would be great.

  63. Avatar of Leeanne Bojovic
    Leeanne Bojovic Reply

    Its great for that quick go over clean on everything, light weight for my shoulder after surgery and even my eldest can use it to clean his own room!

  64. Avatar of Sharyn W

    converting from a stickvac to a handstick is so unbelievably useful and desperately what we need, as my children have strong dust mite allergies which affects them badly and cleaning the whole house from top to bottom so its dust free is a must and this would make my life so much easier plus help my family immensely .

  65. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie Moody Reply

    I love its light weight, I can do so much more because of this as I will not feel the strain on my back. The Hoover Air Stick Pro will make my cleaning quick, easy and efficient, just perfect for me and what I need.

  66. Avatar of rachel

    “Ideal for those who have pets as it effectively removes pet hair”
    I recently puppy-sat a dog which shed hair EVERYWHERE!!!
    No amount of vacuuming has successfully removed it!
    It’d be a miracle if this works

  67. Avatar of Dave Smyth
    Dave Smyth Reply

    It really NEEDS to belong in my house cos I’m the dumb bunny who has to do the vacumming!

  68. Avatar of Darren Earley
    Darren Earley Reply

    with my injured back this would help me greatly with no bending i can only wish

  69. Avatar of Mel

    I love that it’s compact and lightweight, I always have little spills in my house which this’ll be convenient for

  70. Avatar of Angela

    I’ve got a Labrador Retriever shredding a lot lately. By using this lovely vacuum, I’m sure I will able to keep up with him! 🙂

  71. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love that its such a lightweight vaccuum that I’m sure I’ll get teenage son to use when he wants to vacuum his messy room!!

  72. Avatar of LukeO

    A lightweight vac is what we need to get around the house quickly so that our kids can mess up the place again without breaking their stride.
    I found our vacuum cleaner in the bin the other day – apparently it had a bad smell that was making my wife retch.

  73. Avatar of Lori Bono

    I love that it easily coverts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners. It would help definitely keep my house so much cleaner and dust/crumb free. Little Master 7 will love to use it and he can help with keeping the floors clean from his crumbs! Just perfect for us!

  74. Avatar of Alana Birchall
    Alana Birchall Reply

    I love that it is super time saving, light and convenient

  75. Avatar of Jade

    I love that it’s compact and lightweight. With 2 messy kids (and a husband) and a dog that likes to lose ALL her hair all year round this would be the perfect addition to our house.

  76. Avatar of Tony MacKenzie
    Tony MacKenzie Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro has a Powerful 25.2V Lithium battery, The reason I think it belongs in our house is we have a long house and have to continually plug and unplug power leads with our old worn out vacuum.

  77. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    I love that it’s light weight, I hate lugging around our current vacuum cleaner. I’d love to own one of these, will have our home sparkling in no time.

  78. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro is lightweight enough to be used regularly to clean up after my children each time they eat as they always make a large mess.

  79. Avatar of Mez

    It’s portable and cordless!! I have 3 young kids and need to vacuum everyday so this would be a dream!!

  80. Avatar of Sharon

    What more could you want, something that is lightweight and converts from a stick to a hand vac, brilliant!

  81. Avatar of Sueb

    Lightweight yet super powerful with amazing attachments for any situation.perfect for as I have arthritis in my hands.

  82. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah Darragh Reply

    I love that it is lightweight and cordless (ideal for those quick tidy ups), but powerful enough to do the whole house (if you get carried away while it’s out.

  83. Avatar of Lis Martion
    Lis Martion Reply

    It would be great for me as i have a back injury. Being light weight it would make it much easier to vacuum up my Ragdolls hair.

  84. Avatar of Alex

    I love that it’s compact and we need it in our house so that we can have a hoover that can actually be put away instead of always being on display!

  85. Avatar of Cat S

    That it Includes 8 specialised attachments including a motorised mattress & upholstery brush. Great for my OCD to be able to quickly vacuum the mattress when I change the sheets!

  86. Avatar of Vanessa Simmonds
    Vanessa Simmonds Reply

    Im unable to lift a regular vacuum so this is versatile and lightweight. The fact it can still do the job of the regular vacuum is more than impressive!!

  87. Avatar of Robyn coultis
    Robyn coultis Reply

    The soft brush attachment looks really handy, my current, and very sad vacuum only has a hard brush – very unhelpful!

  88. Avatar of Helen F

    Its compact, light but very powerful to help clean up our house full of pet hair and sand.

  89. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne Lillington Reply

    I love its lightweight so hubby doesnt hurt himself when he does the cleaning and with all the attachment he has no excuse missing spots.

  90. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that Hoover Air Stick Pro can be a stickvac and a handvac and that it has a good battery with a decent cleaning time! And the 8 extra attachments are a bonus!

  91. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    It’s cordless!!! This is AMAZING I won’t get stuck on furniture or the corners of the walls putting my cord out going from room to room! No more stop start!! Vacuuming is my pet hate! But with little people it’s a daily must! I need the Godfrey Hoover air stick pro in my life!!

  92. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love how easy it is to pick it up and vacuum because it’s cordless and easy to remove the parts and empty the junk.

  93. Avatar of Kim Paul

    it’s cordless, small and compact which I need in my little flat plus it would be a lot easier to move around and not worry about the cord coming out or tripping on it either plus it would be easier to store

  94. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    Would love a reliable vac that can clean up our Little messes! And we make a lot of Little messes!

  95. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    Gosh, im short and my Vacuum cleaner is quite old and i don’t have a hose to get to those high places to suck up the cob webs, this would be perfect for me. Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance 🙂

  96. Avatar of Kristen

    The Hoover Stick Pro belongs at my home with the ease to reach the dust high and low. I’ll never need to get frustrated and moan at a chore that used to make me groan.

  97. Avatar of Laine Dasecke
    Laine Dasecke Reply

    So need this cordless vacume, what better way for the kids to use to keep their room neat & tidy

  98. Avatar of Christina Russo
    Christina Russo Reply

    Because it will save my poor back and it’s easy enough for the kids to use

  99. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    It is cordless; and it easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick. It also effectively removes pet hair (we have 2 dogs); and it has 8 specialised attachments. What more could you want. It’s handy and lightweight; so I don’t have to pull a heavy barrel behind me all the time.

  100. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    Cordless and portable it is for me.

    So easy to pick up from my little 3

    Some breakfast here and more glitter there

    With a Hoover Air stick I wouldn’t care!

  101. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I love that you can use it as 3 seperate vacs – Stickvac, Handstick or Handvac! Handy for those little messes that you can’t be bothered pulling the big vacation out for.

  102. Avatar of Lisa Grund
    Lisa Grund Reply

    It’s cordless and lightweight. As a mum of 4 very messy kids being able to access the vacuum quickly and easily is perfect. The fact it’s lightweight makes it even more attractive as no-one wants to drag a heavy vacuum around

  103. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish Leonard Reply

    This cordless vacuum would make housework so much easier for me and my chronic joint/back pain. Not having to lug around my old vacuum sounds like a dream come true.

  104. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is a perfect vacuum for cleaning nasty pet’s hair and dusty furniture in minutes. Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum is a sophisticated designed machine with “true match” all cleaning jobs. Hoover answers that need brilliantly.

  105. Avatar of Ru

    I have a sore back from constantly lugging my current vacuum around the house, and having to bend over to plug it in! This Hoover Air stick Pro would be such a convenient way to keep my house tidy. It is small enough to keep in the kitchen and light enough to use daily. Clean house awaits!

  106. Avatar of Ellie

    This Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum will be of great use to us and our house as we have large stairs and having the powerful apparatus which cordless will put me at ease when travelling throughout the house and limit the time I take to clean the house.

  107. Avatar of Lina Riboc
    Lina Riboc Reply

    with ample area to vacuum everyday Hoover air stick would fit right in my house and will make my life a little bit easier

  108. Avatar of Vija Leitis
    Vija Leitis Reply

    I love its lightness, that its a mover, that it doesn’t tango with cords but most of all its loves cleanliness

  109. Avatar of Samantha Leigh Youssef
    Samantha Leigh Youssef Reply

    I love that it is cordless great for when your cleaning when u got the little ones trying to clean with you knocking out the cord and that I love that it picks up everything.its so ideal

  110. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love the versatility and all of the attachments that will make everyday cleaning so much easier. I’m also loving that it’s so lightweight in all of it’s forms and would be so much better than lugging a bulky old unit behind me like I do now.

  111. Avatar of Jenni Walker
    Jenni Walker Reply

    I love that it is lightweight and cordless and capable of cleaning pet fur. ..purrfect 🙂

  112. Avatar of Jenny Edwards
    Jenny Edwards Reply

    With a 5 year old, stairs, 2 cats and a dog a cordless vacuum would get a good workout around here!

  113. Avatar of Rebecca Stretton
    Rebecca Stretton Reply

    With 4 mini men and 2 cats creating havoc in our house, I NEED a powerful vacuum. The Hoover Air Stick Pro sounds perfect for us!

  114. Avatar of Dorothy Kezich
    Dorothy Kezich Reply

    H andy
    O utstanding
    O ptional attachments
    V acuums powerfully
    E xtendable hose
    R emovable hand rack
    S leek design
    T urbo tool
    I ncredible suction on all floor types
    C ordless
    K eeps everything looking spotless
    P owerful lithium battery
    R emoves pet hair
    O verall useful household item

    My mobility is not that good these days and a Hoover Stick Pro would make the world of difference to my everyday life.

  115. Avatar of Anita Roskell
    Anita Roskell Reply

    The Hoover Air Stick would be great in helping me do a quick clean of the floors each morning which is especially handy now that my daughter is starting to move around heaps on the floor & putting everything she finds in her mouth. Peace of mind knowing she’s exploring in a clean environment would be priceless!

  116. Avatar of Felicity

    It would be a lot easier to cart around then a my big bulky vacuum. Also be great for the car

  117. Avatar of Jeana Thomas
    Jeana Thomas Reply

    Constantly cleaning up after animals and children tromping throughout the house, this would make it so much quicker to clean up and give that sparkly clean look and not one of embarrassment

  118. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee Ussher Reply

    We love that’s it’s cordless, versatile, lightweight & convenient so we can clean up the small messes quickly. We need this in our lives as we are have 4 very adventurous & creative boys.

  119. Avatar of jayla1987

    This would be perfect and cordless so my baby boy can’t pull it out everytime I’m vacuuming

  120. Avatar of Christy

    It’s fast enough to chase my crumb spreading children! Now that is an amazing feat!

  121. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    Mostly I love that it is cordless because I live in a three levelled townhouse and when I vacuum, including two flights of stairs and that means four different power connections. The kids and cat get tangled sometimes too so this would be soooo practical, efficient and safe.

  122. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    I love that it gets 22 minutes of power from a single charge. Vacuuming is not my favourite chore and 22 minutes is about as long as I want to spend doing it at any one time.

  123. Avatar of Cherry Maidment
    Cherry Maidment Reply

    I’ve thrown out more vacuum cleaners than I care to mention. This looks like a real keeper!

  124. Avatar of Jane A

    This powerful and long-lasting Stickvac would be perfect for my small apartment and
    help me get into all the tiny corners with minimal fuss.

  125. Avatar of sonya

    I’d love this as our new house has so many carpeted stairs that it’s impossible to drag our corded vacuum up and down them!

  126. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    So many variables of use and looks much lighter than our current vac. We want one!

  127. Avatar of Mandy

    I like that it has a 2 year warranty – that shows that the Hoover really stand behind their product.

  128. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Since being diagnosed with frozen shoulder, I find cleaning very difficult, this would be a boon to help me with reaching difficult spots!

  129. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    It makes cleaning a breeze, No pulling around or struggling with a cheapo vacuum anymore!

  130. Avatar of Loz Hunt

    I love that it’s 3-in-1, means it will be much easier to get the job done. Less time cleaning the hard to reach places, instead I’ll have more time baking which will cause smiling faces.

  131. Avatar of Cat helbig
    Cat helbig Reply

    It will b great to b able to get the vacuuming done without my son constanly unplugging it while im using it plus he will enjoy using it aswell as he loves vacuum

  132. Avatar of Kate Cook

    The fact it is cordless and has great cleaning for not only the floors including pet hairs, but also above head to clean on top of cupboards and ceilings and fans etc which are most often left as it is too hard. Makes for a much cleaner, healthier house!!

  133. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    22 minutes of non-stop vaccuming. That’s great and worthy of a coffee or coconut water break. The house we rent is carpeting and we don’t own a vacuum so this Hoover would be a massive help to us.

  134. Avatar of Penny Wo

    As well as actually sucking up whatever is on my carpets, To be honest i first thought about my car! it would make cleaning my car a breeze! No need for 3 extension cords joined together and continuously unplugging from on another!

  135. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love the portability and ease of use with the conversion from Stickvac to Handstick or Handvac. With a house full of pets and living in the country it feels like I am forever vacuuming to pick up all the dead flies, pet hair, dirt and grass. The Digital brushless motor sounds great, a longer life span is what I need out of a vacuum that I will use everyday. I really need a Hoover Air Stick Pro to make life easier and cleaning faster so I’ve got more time to spend with my family and more time to relax and enjoy the beautiful country landscape where i’m lucky enough to live.

  136. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love everything about this vacuum, especially the fact that it is cordless! My last vacuum recently broke and with it being the silly season, we could only afford to buy a cheap nasty $50 replacement vacuum…which sucks! I am in desperate need of a decent vacuum!!!

  137. Avatar of Wedgette

    We don’t have pets however I do have a teenage daughter with long thick hair. I cannot vacuum any room in my house without giving my vacuum a haircut at the end of it!! I would LOVE to give the Hoover Air Stick a go and see how it compares.

  138. Avatar of Tash Dunn

    I love that it’s cordless and can do the hard to get high spaces that is unreal my poor vacuum is 15 years old it can not do any of that

  139. Avatar of mmurray

    Efficient, quick & easy, more time to spend with my daughter than wasting time cleaning 🙂

  140. Avatar of Judy Taaffe
    Judy Taaffe Reply

    Desperately need a new vacuum. Love the look and versatility of the Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum. Would love to have one.

  141. Avatar of Devina Wade
    Devina Wade Reply

    Love the simple design not bulky. Easy to use and move around. Also good for allergy.

  142. Avatar of Michelle Lalezari
    Michelle Lalezari Reply

    I love that it is so convenient to clean up little messes made by Little people. Definitely need one

  143. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    LOVING the cordless feature. lightweight, can even get hubby to use it, thats the best feature!!

  144. Avatar of Vicki

    Being Lightweight cordless & being able to use it as either a Stickvac, Handstick or Handvac I could vacuum quicker not have to keep unplugging every time I go to another room.Like it says in the facts a Trilogy of cleaning products in one.. What a great idea

  145. Avatar of Tambo

    Being able to vacuum the internal stairs properly without having to unplug three times would mean I would do it more than once a month!

  146. Avatar of jayne_rp

    I need it to help keep things neat and tidy easily! It would be much easier that lugging out our massive vacuum for everything

  147. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I love that it is light weight with 3 children and pets I have my vacuum out every day and it is so cumbersome

  148. Avatar of kahlia

    It looks light weight and you don’t have to mess around with the cord.

  149. Avatar of cheryl

    I love the convenience of not dragging the heavy one out and being able to take it to everywhere in the house

  150. Avatar of Kimberley Dawson
    Kimberley Dawson Reply

    Forget pet hair, it’s my husbands hair it needs to remove! Looks like it would be great for doing that!

  151. Avatar of Mel Hill

    I love how easy & light it looks. Great for cleaning up mess quickly

  152. Avatar of Tamara

    The size, ease of being able to move it around and store it & that it will be easy for the kids to use.

  153. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    The Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum looks like a quality product. A multi-tasker which I would make great use of.

  154. Avatar of Kathleen Usher
    Kathleen Usher Reply

    I love the size and weight of it. I also love that it is effective on pet hair!

  155. Avatar of Denise Bradbury
    Denise Bradbury Reply

    It is great that the vacuum has a long 2 Year warranty for that peace of mind.

  156. Avatar of Jill how

    It’s great that it can reach up high as I am physically challenged by my height

  157. Avatar of DIANA

    Love that it’s cordless, need it in our home to remove the feral from this wife who goes absolutely nuts getting tangled in the cord of the big old vac.

  158. Avatar of SUSAN

    I love the fact that the air stick vacuum will pick up animal hair easily as I have many hairy ones residing. Also that it can be reduced in size to fit the job, whatever that my be, from mattress to floor and more!

  159. Avatar of Ern.

    It makes cleaning easier, got to love that. Needs to belong in our house, to get at all those hard to reach places we often over look or neglect, hoping no one will notice.

  160. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda Holland Reply

    What’s not to love about it. Being so versatile It would be great for getting in under the dining table to clean up the kid’s mess without having to bend down and get under there for those small little jobs. I also like the idea of the mattress and upholstery brush.
    Anything would be better than my 12 year old vacuum

  161. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I love it that it is small and light to use, as I have Arthritis in hands and feet. iT WOULD MAKE LIFE EASIER.

  162. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Wow how awesome would it be to win. It would make my husbands life so much easier. He’s my carer and does everything for me. He’s the best husband.

  163. Avatar of carbar

    The Hoover Stick sounds like my perfect man and I would like to spend forever with him.

  164. Avatar of Meagan Canfield
    Meagan Canfield Reply

    321 is my answer. 3 young kids, 2 shedding pets and 1 hubby who works from home. I’m constantly dragging out the big vac this would really save my back!

  165. Avatar of Sammy Minshull
    Sammy Minshull Reply

    this is simply amazing – my hubby will have no more excuses no to have the house clean when I get in from work on saturdays now!!! wow the cleaning possiblities are endless

  166. Avatar of Deanne

    I love that this is cordless and still powerful enough to do a proper vacuum!

  167. Avatar of Megsbee

    The joy of a clean house for christmas. And I reckon my 6 year old would be cleaning up his own mess!

  168. Avatar of domandlauren
    domandlauren Reply

    Oh please, please help me tackle the dog hair in our house! Nothing seems to work and a clean floor would make my christmas!

  169. Avatar of Blossom

    No cord to be concerned about, it sucks hard and soft surfaces clean even at ceiling height. It eradicates the dust, grime, hair (pet and human) etc. from surfaces. Cleaning is the only household chore hubby doesn’t help with. He’s a better cook than me (but won’t admit it), does some of the washing and other domestic chores. I’m one of the lucky ones.

  170. Avatar of Carolyn Ellis
    Carolyn Ellis Reply

    Quick and easy to clean up all the toddler crumbs without worrying about plugging in a cord! And for the crumbs my dog leaves on the carpet,too!!

  171. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    I love that it can be used on all floors, is light and will get into those hard to reach places.

  172. Avatar of Thalia

    Convenience, power and versatility – YES PLEASE! Sorely needed with a horde of childerbeasts and furkids in tow 🙂

  173. Avatar of nicolemorris
    nicolemorris Reply

    so much easier than draggin out my old vacuum. my house would actually be free of crumbs and dirty messes the kids make. i need this in my life. A quick simple easy way to keep my home looking neat and tidy and liveable. also perfect for those quick clean ups when unexpected guests pop over

  174. Avatar of Ellie

    I love the Hoover Trilogy of Cleaning: Convenience, Power and Versatility. The vacuum cleaners that I have had can at best only offer two of these very important requirements. The long battery charge is great because it can be annoying when you halfway through cleaning and the battery runs out of charge. The 2 year warranty is also a nice feature, it demonstrates that hoover has faith in their product.

  175. Avatar of Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess
    Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    Hoover to be used to improve the ease of vacuuming. For one so short as me to reach up tall and get those cobwebs off the wall. Then whip it back down to the floor to clean it all.

  176. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    So many things and all have been mentioned, but the part where you say it picks up Pet hair, that really sealed it for me. Honestly this lightweight Vacuum sounds like it should be living with me, I would love it and Feed it dirt, and call it Beryl. <3

  177. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    Picking up pet hair with ease is a must with all the fur babies in this household. 🙂

  178. Avatar of Jenni

    The hand stick, with 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog I can quickly clean up any messes.

  179. Avatar of Kristy Nicholson
    Kristy Nicholson Reply

    It’s Pro-active in converting my cleaning into a quick, thorough occasion with its interchangeable stickvak to handstick function, making all those hard-to-reach places readily accessible

  180. Avatar of Natalie

    I love that it combines 3, yes 3, of my vacs in one handy, light-weight vac!

  181. Avatar of Elinor Chapman
    Elinor Chapman Reply

    I would love the Hoover as my kids could easily do the cleaning. Love the convenience and cord free.

  182. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidis Reply

    My house it literally a CAT-tastophy this handy vac would make it hair free , easy to use and light on my back , it would cut me some slack , 3 in one Perfect for every room, every occasion .. The Hoover air stick pro is definetly a sensation !

  183. Avatar of Kristy F

    Stickvac, Handstick or Handvac is just the vac I need for this wild pack of mine. It would be the mum ess-central to hoover-ing around the house to keep it super clean.

  184. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Lightweight enough for the kids to help clean up occasionally too? Haha, a mum can dream though, right? It would still be a fabulous tool for quick clean ups- especially when it can be several times a day.

  185. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I love that it gives you 22 minutes of cleaning time between charges easily enough time to pick up after my kids everyday as they leave their devastation behind them!

  186. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Lightweight, powerful and gets rid of pet hair! SOLD 🙂 I need this !

  187. Avatar of Veronica Paterson
    Veronica Paterson Reply

    It’s cordless, I’m vacuum-less….need I say more? 😉

  188. Avatar of Gee

    It would be a HOOGE help to clean up after the animals of the house – I love the wirelessness!

  189. Avatar of Rachel K

    As I have a bad back and hips I love that it looks and sounds like it would be light and easy to use. I also have an indoor long haired cat and it would be perfect for picking up his fur and keeping my hayfever at bay.
    It looks lightweight, super powerful and can even clean the ceilings with ease! Plus, for added value it even transforms into a handy “Dust Buster” for cleaning the car!

  190. Avatar of Lozza

    I have two malting indoor cats and a 2 month old baby, this little magic stick would definitely make my days alot more stress free!

  191. Avatar of kori

    I love the mattress brush as an attachment to get all the dead skin up like we see on the ads and cringe thinking we sleep on that, if I won thats the first thing I would do, clean the beds!

  192. Avatar of Julie Linney
    Julie Linney Reply

    I love that it is so compact and can do everything in the one tool.

  193. Avatar of Pauline

    I am the klutziest person you’ve ever met, no cord to trip over is definitely a winner for me!

  194. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty Perkins Reply

    With carpet, floorboards, tiles and slate floors, stairs, 4 split levels, a dog, a toddler and a baby who is soon to start solids, I love that this comes with 8 specialised attachments! This would be heaven in my house!

  195. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    not having to use the cord from room to room, lightweight and easy to carry up and down our stairs, compact!

  196. Avatar of Dorothy Kezich
    Dorothy Kezich Reply

    H andy
    O utstanding
    O ptional attachments
    V acuums powerfully
    E xtendable hose
    R emovable hand rack
    S leek design
    T urbo tool
    I ncredible suction on all floor types
    C ordless
    K eeps everything looking spotless
    P owerful lithium battery
    R emoves pet hair
    O verall useful household item

    My mobility is not that good these days and a Hoover Air Stick Pro would make the world of difference to my everyday life.

  197. Avatar of Samuel Chan
    Samuel Chan Reply

    With our cat, we need this great vacuum to suck up all her hair she leaves around the house.

  198. Avatar of Jaid Jones
    Jaid Jones Reply

    The quick and simple charge time means cleaning up after the husband and toodler will become a breeze.

  199. Avatar of Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen Reply

    I love that it’s quick to charge and that it’s so powerful! I have a lot of girls in this house, and a lot of hair in this house!

  200. Avatar of Gigi H

    It is cordless and lightweight… Exactly what I need in my house!

  201. Avatar of Tania-lee

    I would love this for the convenience of not having to first pull out a cord and finding a plug it reaches before using, then swapping the cord into another plug for each room. Might even help me vacuum more regularly.

  202. Avatar of Beksmum

    No more lugging around the prehistoric dinosaur that sounds like its going to die any day, no more tripping over cords, my house might actually get clean again!

  203. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum has perfect cleaning solutions for everyone. It is a vacuum to clean big surface area or expensive furniture. I would enjoy cleaning than just chocking dust.

  204. Avatar of Xzavia Green
    Xzavia Green Reply

    Between my loveable dog and my messy hubby and kids- i can never seem to keep my floor looking great for more than 5 minutes!
    Bringing out my big heavy vac is such a chore!
    But the Hoover airstick is so light and versatile, I actually think cleaning would be fun!
    Even the kids would want to use it.
    Imagine that?! Kids volunteering to clean up after themselves.
    Unexpected visitors dropping by with 10mins notice won’t be a worry either. I could whip out my airstick and tidy up the high traffic areas in no time!

  205. Avatar of Ghezal Nassery
    Ghezal Nassery Reply

    Our vacuum just blew up it lasted about a year. Looking at the Hoover Airstick Pro, it’s basically everything you want in a vacuum combined together. Its cordless so no dragging the vaccum all through the house and the cord continuously popping out of the power outlets. It’s light so cleaning hard to reach places doesnt become a sweaty workout. What more could you ask for?

  206. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon Wotton Reply

    The Hoover Airstick Pro does the work of 3 appliances! We don’t have much storage space so an appliance like the Hoover Airstick would be fantastic as its not only light, compact and cordless but can be used for cleaning practically everything and can be whipped out at a moments notice for all the mini disasters that occur on a daily basis when you live with a husband, two kids and a dog!

  207. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    Well there is a lot of things to love about this vacuum, what I do love it has no cord..winner already, and it stays charged a good amount of time. I also like its attachments especially the soft brush I think I would use that a lot. It also works on all types of floors which is a must in my house. Another bonus is that is sucks up animal hair which is another big tick for me. In all it sounds like I would be pretty happy using the Hoover Air Stick and my floors would look super…well at least until the kids mess them up again.

  208. Avatar of St Krishelyn Smith
    St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    I need that “awesome vaccuum” in my house so that “good husband” can use it while I wear my “comfy shoes” and drink “delicious wine”.

  209. Avatar of Mikaela Cowan
    Mikaela Cowan Reply

    I love that it’s cordless, perfect for my 2 storey home!

  210. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I live in a 2-storey townhouse and there’s windows up the top half I can’t reach …I’d love to be able to clean EVERY section of my home.

  211. Avatar of Lyndel Marshall Rowe
    Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    a vacuum cleaner that knows how us mums roll, the easier the better the cleaning will be,thanks Hoover and mum central

  212. Avatar of pammoor

    I need a powerful, easy to use, multi tooled, long lasting and easy on my back vacuum cleaner. It’s too hard to drag around my barrel cleaner every time.

  213. Avatar of Anastasia Xynos
    Anastasia Xynos Reply

    I love that it asily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick as it allows a short person like me to get to all those tall corners.

  214. Avatar of stressless
    stressless Reply

    this vacuum cleaner is an absolute winner and one that will get the job done quickly and efficiently leaving me more time to spend on things that I love

  215. Avatar of julia

    Being cordless means I can stop unplugging the cord for every room. Saving me time that I can spend relaxing with wine.

  216. Avatar of Allison Scrivener
    Allison Scrivener Reply

    Will certainly make cleaning up after one husband, two kids & a dog easier! More time to sit back & enjoy life!

  217. Avatar of kel

    This would be an amazing help to our household! We are avid beach goers and I never thought we would be rid of the sand!

  218. Avatar of Kim Miller
    Kim Miller Reply

    I love it because it has so many uses, can get into all those tricky corners/spots and its not bulky so easy to store.

  219. Avatar of LMC

    The Hoover is quick, easy, effective and convenient and attacks those crumbs that stealthily escape our plates during every meal and hide in the carpet below.

  220. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As a mum with two long hair daughters and two hairy pets. Our floor has so much hair . Hoover is a machine to answer all my cleaning demands.

  221. Avatar of Steve Hardy
    Steve Hardy Reply

    This would be more for my wife coz she does most of the cleaning and has been asking santa for one. Having a vacuum that you dont need to squeeze behind the tv cabinet to plug in would be such a time save

  222. Avatar of Xenia Schneider
    Xenia Schneider Reply

    I’d love it because I won’t have to do the cleaning anymore. The hoover air stick pro is that easy and effective even my partner could handle it.

  223. Avatar of Dana Langham
    Dana Langham Reply

    I love how light and versatile it is, my arms are tired from carrying a baby all day and would appreciate a break from weight when i vacuum!

  224. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    No more annoying unplugging and plugging into a different socket because you’ve run out of cord and BOING – it’s pulled out.

  225. Avatar of Melissa Cox
    Melissa Cox Reply

    I have 4 kids, 2 animals and a hubby. Anything that makes cleaning the house easier and more convenient has to be a good thing.

  226. Avatar of margie sincoe
    margie sincoe Reply

    love that this vacuum converts to a stickvac, handstick or handvac for all the different jobs needed in cleaning the home. My home desperately needs this little gem to pick up the giant tumbleweeds of doggie fur shed by my adorable little four legged friend who thinks he’s donating to the ‘stuff a mattress company’.

  227. Avatar of Coleen Forester
    Coleen Forester Reply

    How easy would this be to take from room to room??? No more excuses for why bedrooms haven’t been vacuumed! Easy for our 4 kids, easy for hubby and I, sounds great!

  228. Avatar of Erika Coyne
    Erika Coyne Reply

    I’m actually really tall and hate bending to vacuum. I love the versatility of the Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless. With 2 boys it will get a workout and my back won’t.

  229. Avatar of Ella12

    I love that it gives a thorough clean and I would love for my house to look like a display home.

  230. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    Ooh I LOVE the versatility! I love that it will be easier on my back given I have a very sore spinal condition.
    Having the vacuum always handy to clean up quick messes or random rushed cleaning jobs when unexpected guests decide to visit out of the blue.
    Can easily take it out to the car and clean that too.
    It’s a vacuum cleaner designed to do almost everything! So who needs 3 different cleaners when this is an ALL IN ONE! Love it! And would love to get rid of my tired old barrel vacuum! You can’t beat a Hoover!

  231. Avatar of Rebecca Prigg-Hill
    Rebecca Prigg-Hill Reply

    With 4 kids and studying this would be a life saver. My ceilings and floors could really use a decent clean and I live in a high lead dust area so a good vacuum is essential.

  232. Avatar of joburkey

    would love this so I don’t have to break my back sweeping up the crumbs under the table with the dustpan

  233. Avatar of Kirsty Masterson
    Kirsty Masterson Reply

    Would LOVE the Hoover Air Stick pro to easily simplify the cleaning of floors in my house… its cordless too which is AMAZING….who knows the kids may even use it 😉

  234. Avatar of VickyK

    Cat hair & cobwebs in hard to reach spots are the bane of my existence & my old vacuum isn’t up to the task. They’d be sooo easy to clean up with the Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless. I’m excited about it!

  235. Avatar of Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Reply

    Hover Air Stick Pro can get into any place. Brilliant with my cat and it’s fur.

  236. Avatar of Chris

    The dust bunnies in my place have grown personalities and are setting up their own commune. I need to Hoover Air Pro them outta here now!

  237. Avatar of Cath Gipson
    Cath Gipson Reply

    The Hoover Air Stick Pro is the answer to my prayers, as I live in an townhouse with lots of stairs. ‘We’ve hired a cleaner’ to my husband I’ll say, a clean house will make his day!

  238. Avatar of james

    My elderly mother lives in a house with lots of carpeted stairs, and it would absolutely make her Christmas if she had a Hoover Air Stick Pro to help her out!

  239. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    The best thing is that it’s cordless! I am forever getting caught on every bend in my house and I need to use an extension cord. The one that I have seems to slip out at the slightest resistance so there I am reversing to go plug the vacuum in AGAIN! Cleaning can be so frustrating, but if I had this things could be made so much easier, especially considering my old vacuum is slowing falling to bits!

  240. Avatar of jenny heron
    jenny heron Reply

    Many friends have Dyson vacuums and I have never heard bad reports. I love the fact that it’s not big and bulky and would be so easy to store in a corner so you can access it easily. Many of the barrel types need to be out of sight inside cupboards and then they are never easy to access when needed.

  241. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I’m very good at tangling the cord up on furniture, children and other awkward objects in the house when I vacuum – it’d be nice to clean without having to play dodgems at the same time!

  242. Avatar of Jan

    Love the ease of getting around the house and up the stairs without getting a hernia.

  243. Avatar of Sheree Cockerill
    Sheree Cockerill Reply

    A Hoovered house = happier, healthier and more hygienic home!

  244. Avatar of Star Allrounder
    Star Allrounder Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro is compact and you can clean all the tricky places in the house. I especially like the soft brush attachment cleaning things like window dressings.

  245. Avatar of Greg1956

    Just love the flexibility, will be great for stairs and the normal hard and soft surfaces. Looks light and easy to move around with. I over dragging heavy vacuums around.

  246. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love how many attachments come with the Hoover Air Stick and how it does more than just floors (and different types of floors).
    I need it in my house because I have a 5 and 3 year old who don’t seem to be able to eat tidily (or a lot else very tidily) and also have a 14 month old who is crawling and picking up everything that gets left from his big sisters!
    Would be so good to have this to vacuum after meals quickly without dragging the whole heavy vacuum cleaner out.

  247. Avatar of Jodie Guerrero
    Jodie Guerrero Reply

    I love the compact size of this dust buster, what an awesome prize!! Thank you to Godfreys and Mum Central!!

  248. Avatar of Rebecca Yangzon
    Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    Its perfect for any surface and has so many extras and is perfect 🙂 love this so much thankyou for the chance

  249. Avatar of lorexstevex
    lorexstevex Reply

    Two dogs + one baby = the need for one very strong vacuum cleaner!

  250. Avatar of Nyssa Johnson
    Nyssa Johnson Reply

    I need a lightweight, portable vacuum as I have so much trouble lugging mine around with an arthritic spine.

  251. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I love that you can use this to reach all those little hard to get spots. Especially around the edges of the room when trying to suck up dog hair – that hair ends up EVERYWHERE!!!

  252. Avatar of Kristy G

    I love the fact that it appeals to me so much that I would actually vacuum my floors! My current dinosaur vac is so unappealing that I don’t want to use it AT ALL!! EVER!

  253. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen Stevens Reply

    I love the complete versatility of this and the long battery life. Awesome!

  254. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara Cassidy Reply

    Quick and easy to use, I may even be able to convince hubby and the kids to use this one!

  255. Avatar of Teja Roberts
    Teja Roberts Reply

    I love that it looks like a robot. It’s so versatile and easy to use in hard to reach places, we have a lot of mobility equipment t in our house which means a lot of nooks andcrannies that can’t be cleaned properly with a regular old vac. My toddlers mouth does a better job at vacuuming than most Vacuum cleaners! I’d love to give this one a run for it’s money.

  256. Avatar of Sam

    It looks so versatile, would be so much easier to vacuum the car than taking out a huge vacuum, extension cord etc.

  257. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    Cos a pro at housework i am not
    I need all the help i can get

  258. Avatar of laureneve

    Easy on the back and love that I can store this under our bed due to the shape and size.

  259. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    That it easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners and along walls

  260. Avatar of Lisa

    With two small boys, 2 dogs and a cat this vacuum would be a life save for quick spills which happen often!

  261. Avatar of fairyladybird
    fairyladybird Reply

    with a disability i need something that is light and easy to use. This looks like the answer♥♥

  262. Avatar of Dean Davis
    Dean Davis Reply

    I could help my wife more often with this serious fun toy !!

  263. Avatar of Bec Warren
    Bec Warren Reply

    With all the great attachments,
    to clean floors, couches and the mattress.
    Light weight and versatile,
    Works on carpets, wood floors or tiles.
    The dog hair will be busted,
    And in handheld mode easily dusted.
    I need one of these in my life,
    To keep me a happy mother and wife!

  264. Avatar of Amanda

    I like the handstick conversion. Great for the webs on the ceiling.

  265. Avatar of Stampy

    Hoover Air Stick Pro will definitely
    make me into a pro in vacuuming – all of my friends would be jealous!

  266. Avatar of pockiemad

    Cordless and will fit perfectly in my cupboard. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have tripped over the cord/hose/stick/machine of my vacuum.

  267. Avatar of Sarah White
    Sarah White Reply

    I’d love to have a vacuum cleaner that I can rely on to clean my home properly.

  268. Avatar of Lauren Anastasiou
    Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    To combat the evils of housework,
    To clean up the dust, hair and dirt,
    My home needs a grime-fighting hero,
    And that’s Hoover Air Stick Pro.

    With great power comes great cleanability,
    It will go anywhere to assist me,
    So there’s only one cordless vacuum to save me…
    And that’s Hoover Air Stick Pro.

  269. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    love the fact it easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick as at 5 ft 0 its great for cleaning up high into corners and along walls

  270. Avatar of Matthew England
    Matthew England Reply

    It can get everywhere! i.e. it is more than just a vacuum cleaner and just what I need!

  271. Avatar of Sue Bou

    See that?!!! You can lift it into the air!!! I could never do that with my old, heavy, water-filled vac. The light Hoover ‘air’ stick sounds divine. No taking deep fortifying breaths before dragging it anywhere, no muscle rubs after giving the house a vacuum. Sounds like bliss on a stick 🙂

  272. Avatar of AuntyParty
    AuntyParty Reply

    My partner is a tradie and he makes a mess Godfreys please give me a Hoover Air Stick Pro so I can clean up after the messy blighter without so much stress!

  273. Avatar of DA Potvin

    It’s so small and versatile – yet powerful. Perfect for me and my very shed-dy cat!

  274. Avatar of johanna

    Light and easy to use, handy, verstatile for all surfaces, and no cords to wind and trip over.

  275. Avatar of Laura Higgins
    Laura Higgins Reply

    I have too many nooks and corners in my house! And a dog! And a messy toddler! I need a vacuum without a cord to drag around to do all the quick cleaning, help!

  276. Avatar of Kelly B

    I love the idea of cordless and Hoover is an excellent brand. Would love one of these!

  277. Avatar of Carolyn Holmes
    Carolyn Holmes Reply

    I love how it’s so light. With kids and pets my floors get extremely messy and pet hair has been impossible to get up

  278. Avatar of hayley thorn
    hayley thorn Reply

    wow this would make my life so much easier i have an old school vacuum that you pull along this would save my back and looks efficient. and my kids could probably even use this one 🙂

  279. Avatar of Celia

    That great battery life – it would be so easy to quickly zip around the house with it when the kids have been particularly messy.

  280. Avatar of Lyn Martino
    Lyn Martino Reply

    Hoover is just magic – Quick and nifty with no cord to drag it down; just like me. Now if I could only work my magic on getting the dog off my rug?

  281. Avatar of Lauren

    I have a part time job cleaning houses, and a lady has an airstick hoover, and it makes me look forward to going there, because i dont have to drag along a big bulky vacuum.

  282. Avatar of Fiona Black
    Fiona Black Reply

    H-andles so well
    O–n the carpet
    O-n the tiles
    V-acuums up all my mess
    E –njoy the easy process
    R-eady to try my own

  283. Avatar of L.Y.

    Hoover’s AirStick Pro’s
    BRILLIANT for me:

    being cordless, its flexibility
    to reach tricksy nooks
    Up High, down *low*,

    with one I now could

    navigate boxes of goods

    that I from my neighbour took,
    to ease his sudden move:



  284. Avatar of Donna B

    Love that it is so versatile – Hoover and a hand stick. Plus with a two year warranty you know it must be good quality.

  285. Avatar of Victoria

    I love cordless because if I’m not tripping on the cord, my toddler is!

  286. Avatar of Luci Bloom
    Luci Bloom Reply

    For me it would be the way the length of it saves my already aching back from further damage. As a massage therapist this is my priority and bending over with regular vacuums contributes to a bad back. The cordless feature is another reason I would love this and the soft brush to reach into book shelves and other nooks and crannies. What’s not to love about this creation?

  287. Avatar of Karamille

    Pick me to win, and after I try it out, I’ll be able to tell you what I like best about it 😉

  288. Avatar of Kevin Hebert
    Kevin Hebert Reply

    I have indoor birds so this vacuum will be fantastic to clean up after them daily.

  289. Avatar of Lauren and Richard
    Lauren and Richard Reply

    I need a vacuum with pluck,
    That is ready to suck,
    All the dirt from my floor,
    And is never a bore,
    To use all the time,
    Even make me rhyme,
    This is your favourite, you know,
    So give me an Air Stick Pro!

  290. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    I NEED THIS VAC!!!! With a working handy man hubby, a 16 month old and a long haired cat – I currently have to lug the vac 3 to 4 times a week. This amazing supportive compact vac would let me do simple, quick spot cleans!!!

  291. Avatar of Cee Moodie
    Cee Moodie Reply

    This stick vacuum is perfect. I hate lugging my full size vacuum around the house constantly getting it stuck around corners and tripping over it.

  292. Avatar of Jann Trapp
    Jann Trapp Reply

    The Hoover air stick would be ideal for me as it is light and easy,and cordless.

  293. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    Easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners and along walls. I really love this feature because my home has lots of spider webs that need to be cleaned up.

  294. Avatar of Peta Masih
    Peta Masih Reply

    It’s light and easy to manoeuvre, so less likely to cause back pain which means I can vacuum more frequently to clean up after Mr 5 & our puppy!!

  295. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    Love the versatility of the Hoover Air Stick Pro.Perfect for a mum on the go.Controlling toddler messes.just got a whole lot easier!

  296. Avatar of Kylie T

    The Hoover Air Stick Pro belongs in our home;
    Enlightened by masterful technology that will roam
    Maintaining cleanliness and our family’s health
    A wondrous world of ingenious, vacuuming wealth.

  297. Avatar of Tennille

    As a sole parent of 3 aged 2 to 15 plus 2 times four legged babies, this equals a recipe for dustaster! This would be my little helper & light enough for the kids to maybe clean up after themselves. Too far?!

  298. Avatar of Selina27

    A brand generations have trusted, with the modern convenience of being light and adaptable to any space that needs cleaning!

  299. Avatar of Karalyn Sladka
    Karalyn Sladka Reply

    Because Im a mum of little ones! Say no more. Something effective versatile and lightweight. A mamas dream.

  300. Avatar of Jenna Hanson
    Jenna Hanson Reply

    I love the ease with which it deals with pet hair. With 5 cats, I need all the help I can get!

  301. Avatar of Mala Kennedy
    Mala Kennedy Reply

    I love that it has a deep carpet clean as our carpet it so old and hard to vaccuum!

  302. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    to get the house actually vacuumed, if you vac it up it gets done

  303. Avatar of helen c

    Living on a remote outback cattle station,
    Dust storms are a constant source of frustration,
    Versatility and portability my salvation,
    Hoover saving my housewife reputation!

  304. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ I like the 22 minutes of cleaning time per charge, as this allows cleaning without using the vacuum with a cumbersome power cord that can get in the way of cleaning! ~

  305. Avatar of Natasha Davis
    Natasha Davis Reply

    Combine Hoover’s known reliability and efficiency with the versatility of the Air Stick Pro and it’s an essential in any household. Add in my craft-obsessed demon daughter, two flabulous felines and a walking dust-bunny husband and it’s a product I NEED! I love that it can be used for dusting too – no more feather dusters for my freaky feline to attack!

  306. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    I can clean high, I can clean low. And with Hoover, I’d do it looking like a Star Wars creature. Yes, the force is strong in this one!

  307. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that it has powerful specs that my partner can understand (sounding similar to some of his powertools) so I think I need this in the house because he may mistake it for a power tool and do all the vacuuming for me.

  308. Avatar of Celia

    I need this! The suction force is incredible and it will make cleaning enjoyable for once! I am not a mum yet but my partner makes enough mess for me to be classed as one!

  309. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Nothing better than enjoying smart cleaning machine to clean the house and saving time for my ” me ” time . Hoover has perfect solutions for everyone. It is a vacuum which I waiting for.

  310. Avatar of Michelle Nielsen
    Michelle Nielsen Reply

    The dog keeps shedding on the chair
    The Hoover will suck away all that hair
    The kids can clean up all that mess
    Lets face it, Hoover is the best
    Convenience equals cordless ease
    Let me win it, please, please, please

  311. Avatar of Hellie

    My aged furbabies are scared of my current vacuum. ..I love that this Hoover can collect their shedded hair 🙂 My home is in desperate need of this to collect their hair-so I am not wearing it every time I leave the house!

  312. Avatar of AnnieLou

    I need something I can pick up and use quickly and easily – otherwise the thought of battling the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard means that the floors stay dirty for way longer than I’d like to admit!

  313. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    According reviews of many websites, Hoover is a perfect vacuum with powerful suction picking all nasty dusty. It is a machine to enjoy my cleaning job in minutes.

  314. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love that it’s perfect for pet hair. With a cat, dog, my long hair and my daughter’s I bet it will ace the challenge of cleaning up hair in my house!

  315. Avatar of Tegan Arnold
    Tegan Arnold Reply

    Quick and easy clean up after two children without needing to haul the big vacuum out

  316. Avatar of mandz_84

    No more messy cords that are always too short! With my current corded vac I feel like I am spending the whole time stop-starting changing power points instead of actually cleaning! So no cord would be a blessing and save me a lot of time that I could better spend with my two little girls! Hubby will love it too as he is forever tripping over the cord!

  317. Avatar of Nick Blears
    Nick Blears Reply

    The house is so quiet now
    The vacuum cleaner sulks in the corner closet,
    Its bag limp as a stopped lung, its mouth
    Grinning into the floor, maybe at my
    Slovenly life, my dog-dead youth.

    I’ve lived this way long enough,
    But when my old woman died her soul
    Went into that vacuum cleaner, and I can’t bear
    To see the bag swell like a belly, eating the dust
    And the woolen mice, and begin to howl

    Because there is old filth everywhere
    She used to crawl, in the corner and under the stair.
    I know now how life is cheap as dirt,
    And still the hungry, angry heart
    Hangs on and howls, biting at air.

  318. Avatar of sophie

    My daughter could really use the Hoover Air Stick Pro. With a messy hubby, two adult sons living at home, three dogs, three cats, a parrot and a canary, this lightweight, battery operated vacuum cleaner would make her daily clean a whole lot easier.

  319. Avatar of Gail Freeman
    Gail Freeman Reply

    As a busy Nurse, foster carer, and animal rescue volunteer, my days are very busy, and my floors can get very dirty! The Hoover air stick cordless vacuum would be the perfect cleaning device in my home to keep my floors clean while I keep everything else in my life running smoothly.

  320. Avatar of Isabelle Hershman
    Isabelle Hershman Reply

    10 mins and I’ve got no hair, clean floors and time to spare ?… Hoover take me there!!!

  321. Avatar of blackwidow63
    blackwidow63 Reply

    i have so much in my little house that i need a vac to get around the items with ease

  322. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It would be seriously fun to use Hoover Air Stick Pro Codless Vacuum to clean the house .

  323. Avatar of sam c

    Sturdy, reliable, does the job, looks good in blue, all I can say is does Hoover make men too?

  324. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell Reply

    It’s just so portable and easy to use, instead of having to lug the big vacuum out, the Hoover Stick Cordless does the job.

  325. Avatar of Hannah nix
    Hannah nix Reply

    I love the versatility, which would be perfect for all the little messes, cleaning up after 5 kids and 2 cats

  326. Avatar of Kylie Sneddon
    Kylie Sneddon Reply

    That it is Ideal for those who have pets as it effectively removes pet hair! With 2 dogs and 2 kids im constantly vacuuming and its hard to find one that actually sucks up the dog hair!

  327. Avatar of Bianca Z

    Great for all the cat fur and my long hair that just seems to be everywhere. Hubby always says its the girls making the house a mess.

  328. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Merry Christmas! Hoover has wonderful cleaning solutions for this Christmas and beyond.

  329. Avatar of Linda Cc

    Firstly, I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro is cordless, but
    I also really love that there’s no lugging about of the vacuum cleaner canister
    behind me with the Hoover Air Stick Pro. I have scratched and crashed into many
    a piece of furniture dragging canister about behind me =(

  330. Avatar of Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright Reply

    Would love a hoover airstick pro in my house because it would be able to do all the jobs other vacuum cleaners can’t because its versatile and has lots of power.

  331. Avatar of Diane O

    As someone who has a back problem, the lightweight cleaner which easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick for cleaning up high into corners and along walls is invaluable.

  332. Avatar of Jodie

    With 6 kids, a heavily shedding labrador, red dirt outside, white tiles inside, and a flight of carpeted stairs, the floors are always a mess! And my old vacuum cleaner is about to die! A wonderful, lightweight and cordless Hoover would be the answer to my prayers!

  333. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    It surely belongs in our crazy home, as it has no cords! Winner, Winner Chicken dinner..

  334. Avatar of Niomi Spiby
    Niomi Spiby Reply

    I have stairs and a couple of our bedrooms are only box rooms so a stick would be so much easier to fit into the smaller spaces

  335. Avatar of Bonnie N

    I love that I’m not tied down or slowed down. I tend to spot-vacuum as needed between regular cleaning, so not needing to lug around a bulky contraption would mean I can breeze through the task in unencumbered, and get on with my day without sacrificing my standard of cleanliness.

  336. Avatar of Cara Wheaton
    Cara Wheaton Reply

    Just perfect for my crazy house….spot cleaner is my middle name! Never time to vac the house in one go, would much prefer to do a little bit each day. 22 minutes of charge would cover my daily mad rush around that’s for sure.

  337. Avatar of Soph

    I live with 11 people, 10 girls and 1 boy, that sums it up pretty well..

  338. Avatar of Cathy H

    So I told nan I was entering a competition to win a Hoover Air Stick Pro. “Oooh” she said. “When I first got married I had a Hoover and it was the best thing in the house my dear! So reliable, versatile and lasted longer than my three husbands!” The updated cordless version would see nan celebrating modern!

  339. Avatar of Cynthuja Pac
    Cynthuja Pac Reply

    It’s detacheable and you can use it as a handstick or handvac – great for your car, too!

  340. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As years struggles with long electric line with my traditional vacuum, Hoover is the best vacuum with brilliant solutions and designs. It is truly a great vacuum.

  341. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura Powers Reply

    My house has a lot of old fashioned picture rail that is hard to reach for cleaning this is perfect! easy to move around and you know it’s great quality

  342. Avatar of Carol P

    I would love a new hoover Air Stick Pro for Christmas Hoover is the most reliable Vacuum cleaner brand around

  343. Avatar of Jaz Davis

    So many features in 1! Love how portable it is and not having to lug around a box machine 😛 Hoover is a great brand, been using it for years but having a stick vac would make my job quicker!

  344. Avatar of Emma Puszkar
    Emma Puszkar Reply

    Saves me from hurting my back bending with a heavy machine.

  345. Avatar of Stacey Elliott
    Stacey Elliott Reply

    Who wouldn’t want a Hoover Air Stick Pro to clean their house! Minimal effort for maximum outcome!

  346. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    I love the powerful battery! With a big house, 3 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat. I need a stick vacuum that is going to last the distance and get my house clean in one hit!

  347. Avatar of Sarah Ellwood
    Sarah Ellwood Reply

    I love that I am able to vaccum comfortably with minimal effort using the hoover air stick pro! With an 80kg mastiff and little ones coming in and out, its a never ending feat, so this would really help my cleaning life become complete

  348. Avatar of cat

    Not having to lug a whole vacuum around ….. what more is there to day!

  349. Avatar of Kylee Doman
    Kylee Doman Reply

    Love that this is good for pet hair, it’s just what I need.

  350. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    I love that it’s versatile and that means I can complete more jobs with the one tool. Just what our house needs!

  351. Avatar of Victoria Keegan
    Victoria Keegan Reply

    I love that it’s cordless!! I am sick of having to unplug and re-plug in my current vaccumn as I move around the house, time is precious!!

  352. Avatar of Angie Melville
    Angie Melville Reply

    This looks amazing. Cordless means its easy to whip out anywhere the little gremlins decided to unleash their caos. And yes, absolutely agree, the feeling of being able to walk over a clean floor safely barefoot & not step in a landmind is priceless.

  353. Avatar of Dianne

    It’s versatility with all those tools and modes of use. The fact that it’s lightweight and has a self-propelling Power Head will be heaven for my sore back, bliss! Thanks!

  354. Avatar of Tash Wright
    Tash Wright Reply

    Omg. Its cordless… has loads of different features and…… it works! My vac of 8 yrs just blew up. Will be fab addition to our family

  355. Avatar of Jade pages
    Jade pages Reply

    I love that it’s cordless and lighweight and comes with loads of tools to make cleaning so much easier!

  356. Avatar of Mum of 3 boys
    Mum of 3 boys Reply

    It’s so hard to find a vac that is both cordless and has great sucking power. You need both to be truly efficient and use the vac regularly. With 3 boys under 6yo, the mess builds up quickly and I have a 2yo with delayed gross motor skills still shuffling around on his bot, using his hands wherever he goes. I try so hard to keep things clean but the big corded vac is exhausting and our current vac stick really doesn’t suck well enough for a decent clean, nor last very long when eager helpers push it around (which they can’t do with the corded vac very well at all either). This vac would be amazing for our cleanliness, my littlest one’s health and my sanity!

  357. Avatar of Mel

    Love that it’s cordless to quickly sort out the never ending messes of parethood!

  358. Avatar of Lisa Nichols
    Lisa Nichols Reply

    I really need a great vacuum we are renting and I need this house cleaner than what it is now. This vacuum would be amazing as its cordless, light and easy to store!

  359. Avatar of Lauren MB

    My 6mth old is like a puppy. If she can reach it, she will pop it in her mouth. With crawling in her near future, and an older sister and daddy whose idea of eating involves dropping half their food on the ground, I need a vacuum cleaner that is quick to grab and effective at cleaning to make sure my bub doesn’t choke on their leftovers!

  360. Avatar of Nic

    The dusting attachments have rolled me over to Hoover.. the power head demo looks like it would help our asthmatic house.

  361. Avatar of Casey Quin
    Casey Quin Reply

    I have a bad back but this looks like it would be easy for me to handle and with a 16 month old our house is always in need of a clean!

  362. Avatar of Kim

    I love how versatile it is and how easy it is to use being cordless light and easy to store. Having 2 kids + animals our house is constantly needing a good vacuum and it’s a hassle to get it out, plug it in vacuum, move room – repeat, move room – repeat.

  363. Avatar of Nadine

    I love how versatile it is – getting to all those hard to reach little areas is so hard, but would be a breeze with this beauty!

  364. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-Cousins Reply

    everything!!! I dream about this hoover (sad i know) ease of use, accesories that actually have a use and work… I’m in love xx

  365. Avatar of Shelley Coghlan
    Shelley Coghlan Reply

    If we had this in our house I would start vacuuming again! I really dislike the 10 year old vacuum my husband thinks there is “nothing wrong” with! So he is in charge of the chore! The Hoover air stick pro looks fun and easy to use! I love that it’s cordless!

  366. Avatar of Laura R

    I love that converts to a Handstick for up high corners. My sneaky spiderwebs will be gone forever!

  367. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Time is changing fast, Hoover Vacuum has brilliant solutions for cleaning dust, pet’s hair . I would love to experience it.

  368. Avatar of Sheldyn Hart
    Sheldyn Hart Reply

    I LOVE that this can be used as a handheld vacuum. Omg. The amount of small spills and pile of crumbs I find myself lugging out a huge vacuum for… this would be so much easier!

  369. Avatar of Alison

    Versatile and great for mums that are always on the go as those messy crumbs and dirty scraps will have no place to go.

  370. Avatar of Courtney

    I love how long the battery lasts and how high the vac can reach 🙂
    It sounds amazing I really would love one, and need for my busy household

  371. Avatar of robfunk

    No more annoying cord, unplugging and replugging to change rooms. Bring it on!

  372. Avatar of Jenny

    That it’s light enough that I can “hoover” the tops of my bookcases.

  373. Avatar of Dani Dazkiw
    Dani Dazkiw Reply

    Because my dog has hair that goes EVERYWHERE and I know that with the Hoover Air Stick Pro I’ll be able to clean it wherever its landed this time!

  374. Avatar of Kristi McNeil
    Kristi McNeil Reply

    because my dog sheds that much hair its ridiculous, its like tumbleweeds but dog hair that constantly roll across my floors, the Hoover Air Stick Pro would be great to pick it all up and i wouldnt have to bend down so much to collect it all

  375. Avatar of Kara Healey
    Kara Healey Reply

    My 1 year old has bad eczema and I have a bad back so I think a cordless vacuum would be a very welcome addition to our household

  376. Avatar of Tarra Ezard
    Tarra Ezard Reply

    I love that it is cordless and powerful enough to pick up cat hair! It’s perfect for a quick and thorough vacuum before my baby crawls out of her room each morning!

  377. Avatar of ElkeH

    The Labrador hair!!! Constant fur balls!!! Dragging out the huge vacuum daily is such a tedious chore! This would be perfect 🙂

  378. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Hoover is an amazing vacuum to make cleaning job more joyful and faster. It’s a must-have item for every house.

  379. Avatar of SudeG

    With the amazing features and the flexibility to turn into a handstick, this Hoover is a must have for our family especially with two messy toddlers!

  380. Avatar of Jean B

    I love that it’s lightweight yet so effective; it would be perfect for cleaning up after messy boys who think grass and sand are equally welcome inside.

  381. Avatar of amy skewes
    amy skewes Reply

    I love that i dont have to get the big bulky vaccum out, plug it it, vaccum up, the pack it all away. This will save time and even the kids might be able to help.

  382. Avatar of Dianne Pring
    Dianne Pring Reply

    I’m going to stick my neck out here…with the Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum!
    In fact this Hoover vac sticks out like a sore thumb, in the good clean way. I could really give the floors some stick, with its powerful suction when I Hoover. I’d be like an old Pro using this cordless vacuum certainly not a stick-in-the-mud! The pros of Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum are too many to point a stick at. And my husband can say, “Suck it up Princess!’ and I will, for 22 minutes anyway.

  383. Avatar of Leanne White
    Leanne White Reply

    As I’m somebody who vacuums daily due to compulsive cleaning disorder I can see this is exactwhat I need in my life for convenience

  384. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda Bolitho Reply

    The ceilings are a job I’ve been avoiding.
    Largely due to the fact I’m a little shortie!
    This Hoover looks just the trick.
    To give those spider webs the flick.

  385. Avatar of Jemma C

    I love the eight attachments covering house, car, upholstery, furniture, crevices and pet detritus, just for starters! I’d smash weeks of cleaning in a day!

  386. Avatar of T.Parker

    I love the versatility with all the extras it can do. I love the quick easy convenience of it’s use. I love the fact it’s lightweight. I love the quality, would be an absolute asset to my cleaning regime.

  387. Avatar of Michele Collins
    Michele Collins Reply

    I love the fact that’s it light and easy to use so that the whole family can help the vacuuming instead of it always being just me who does it

  388. Avatar of Louise T

    It is the one and only product that when the review says “this totally sucks” your response is – “ohh yeah!! I totally want it!!”

  389. Avatar of Sandi Porter
    Sandi Porter Reply

    The attachments are really handy and the whole thing is lightweight. In a house with German Shepherds (and my own long hair) vacuuming is a daily task and I would love this to make the task easier!

  390. Avatar of Joanna H

    That soft brush attachment looks perfect to clean my venetian blinds which are currently causing me some serious anxiety as they need a really good clean; I’m hoping no visitors will look too closely! I also love that this vacuum is so interchangeable and therefore can meet all possible cleaning needs 🙂

  391. Avatar of Tracy

    With cats, dogs and 3 girls with extremely long hair, the Hoover Air Stick Pro is the answer to my dreams. No more hordes of wild dust bunnies roaming my home and zero mega tumbleweeds of hair, all thanks to the Air Stick Pro. My home will be reclaimed and dust free once again!

  392. Avatar of Belinda M

    I need this in my house so I can quickly and easily clean up after my toddlers make a mess of the house EVERY SINGLE DAY. It so hard to get the big vacuum out and the kids always try to play with the cord so a cordless one would be perfect. A plus is that it’ll pick up all the cat hair and with three girls with long hair in the house this would be a perfect because hubby is constantly complaining about “who’s hair is this”

  393. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Love smart household products to do all my cleaning jobs. It is not fun to use a heavy and noise vacuum cleaner to pick tiny thin hair or dust on the surface. It is the best choice to use Hoover cleaning my house.

  394. Avatar of Racheal M

    It has so many useful attachments and is easy to use in the car and for the kids to do the job – no more excuses!

  395. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia Bardsley Reply

    I like how it easily converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick. Perfect for vacuuming from top to bottom.

  396. Avatar of Ben C

    Its so versatile i’d have a multitude of tasks for a Hoover Air Stick to perform, between a messy child a dog and myself… I doubt it would have a lot of time to recharge 😉

  397. Avatar of Erica Smithers
    Erica Smithers Reply

    Love that it is light weight, fantastic maneuverability, excellent suction and cord free…..what more would a person want?

  398. Avatar of Kylie Bowers Weinz
    Kylie Bowers Weinz Reply

    Love how versatile it is and can be used from floor to celing, with 7 kids that’s important they make a lot of mess!

  399. Avatar of Lisa Murden
    Lisa Murden Reply

    Stairs and skirting boards are my nemesis…. this lightweight pinpoint precision is just the super power I’ve been looking for.

  400. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    I love it’s so versatile and light. My house is the scene of the GRIME designed for it! I have high ceilings (plenty of cobwebs), I have multiple floor types, it’s two storey and it goes for miles. And best of all I could use it in the kitchen daily after my messy two boys and tell the ants to look elsewhere for breakky!

  401. Avatar of vivianadib
    vivianadib Reply

    I love the cordless feature, so practical to clean all floor surfaces, a must for every busy household like ours.

  402. Avatar of Melanie Beach
    Melanie Beach Reply

    Cordless Vacuum is the quick modern way, to get rid of the grime each day!

  403. Avatar of Belinda Bee
    Belinda Bee Reply

    Excellent review, very informative 🙂 I love the easy conversion to Stickvac, Handstick or Handvac! an innovative 3-in-1 appliance that cuts down on cleaning time and the hassle of switching appliances! I have 5 kids and the time saving Hoover Air Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum makes cleaning chores so much easier !

  404. Avatar of Nassep

    WE have different shape rooms and we need versatility in our appliances, this would help with those areas tradition vacumns couldnt

  405. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    I am no Domestic Goddess by any means, but I reckon the Hoover Air Stick Pro from Godfreys could turn me into one instantly.

  406. Avatar of Daniel Gardner
    Daniel Gardner Reply

    This looks like solving my problem in my new house of how to clean both wooden floors and high ceilings.

  407. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth Davey Reply

    The ease with which I can clean cobwebs from the ceilings

  408. Avatar of Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan Reply

    The Hoover Air stick Pro makes what can be a tedious chore quick and satisfying just how I like it!

  409. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto Colombi Reply

    It’s ‘Air’mazing that it can get into every nook and cranny, easy to use for hubby, mummy or granny!

  410. Avatar of Di

    No cord to tangle me up and send me insane. And the Hoover Air Stick needs to belong in my house because we’re downsizing to an apartment in the new year, and our big bulky vac just won’t cut it any more, being too big there’s no where to stash it away!

  411. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Nothing better than enjoying smart vacuum to do all dirty jobs , sometimes I use it to remove nasty bugs too. Hoover is a cordless vacuum and powerful sucation . I would save time to do my habits.

  412. Avatar of Vinny Valinoti
    Vinny Valinoti Reply

    A powerful, compact, stylish and ever ready for the job, just like men, wine and shoes should be.
    However this one will live happily in a cupboard and cleans as well, bonus!

  413. Avatar of Kathie Winn
    Kathie Winn Reply

    I love that the Hoover Air Stick Pro quickly converts from a Stickvac to a Handstick making cleaning the home a quick and easy job but still giving everything a good thorough clean.
    In this house with a busy family of five, one of which has four feet and a permanent fur coat, the quicker the job is done the better because we all have better things to do than cleaning all day. Having more time for coffee and chatter is good for the soul.

  414. Avatar of Bella Ri

    I always struggle to clean corners of my house as there is no power source! The Hoover Air Stick Pro will not only allow me to clean the stairs, clean anywhere within the house (without the worry of any cords) and is so versatile that even the smallest and toughest corners can be reached with ease!

  415. Avatar of Rachael

    I love that it reaches high up hard to get places! I won’t have to break OH&S rules trying to reach them haha 🙂

  416. Avatar of S Gofton

    The next time I look at the Indoors
    and see the mess all over the floors
    It will be nice to know
    this can all be removed with the Hoover Air Stick Pro

  417. Avatar of S Gofton

    The next time I look at the Indoors
    and see the mess all over the floors
    It will be nice to know
    this can all be removed with the Hoover Air Stick Pro!

  418. Avatar of Lyn Richards
    Lyn Richards Reply

    I love that it would help me clean up after the trail of destruction that my pug puppy Boris leaves

  419. Avatar of Kirsty Bartlett
    Kirsty Bartlett Reply

    Looks so easy to use that I ‘hope’ the kids will be fighting over who is going to vacuum.

  420. Avatar of sandt55

    It would make cleaning the house so much easier and not a chore.

  421. Avatar of Paulina

    I’d love the Hoover Air Stick Pro, my wooden floors, carpets and couch would all get cleaned with the one vacuum

  422. Avatar of Holly6

    Unlike husbands, wine and shoes the Hoover Air Stick comes with a 2 year warranty – so I’ll always be confident that I made the right choice.

  423. Avatar of Bella12

    Work long hours, nights are hectic.. perfect for quick cleans, guests unexpected.. Easily manoeuvrable, innovative design makes “light work” of vacuuming every time..With spare family time to treasure daily cleaning would become a pleasure!

  424. Avatar of Charlotte

    I LOVE how easily it can reach high places – we have an old Victorian house with ornate cornices, and the cobwebs that build up there make it seem like we’re the Addams Family and it’s Halloween year-round!

  425. Avatar of Lauren Anastasiou
    Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    Woohoo! My Hoover Air Stick Pro arrived today! A total surprise as with all the excitement of Christmas and holidays I forgot to check. My sister-in-law got one for Christmas and I was so jealous. Thanks very much.

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