Maisie Lily Macdonald may only be a few days old, but she is already making waves across social media.

Weighing in at 6.020 kilograms at birth, Maisie Lily is officially the biggest baby born at Rockhampton Base Hospital.

Maisie’s proud dad shared the exciting news in a public Facebook post with a photo of baby Maisie at birth:

“I’d like to introduce Maisie Lily Macdonald to everyone, weighing in at 13 pound 4 ounces (6.020 kilograms) claiming the record of biggest baby born at Rockhampton hospital,” he writes.

“Welcome to the world and the family ya massive newborn.”

Maisie Lily Macdonald biggest baby born in Queensland


The average weight of a newborn is around 3 to 4 kilograms. Maisie weighs in at around the average weight of a three month old baby girl. Yes, that’s right. Three months. My pelvic floor muscles quivered just thinking about it.

Big babies run in the family

Macdonald family with Maisie, the biggest baby born at Rockhampton hospital in Queensland

Maisie, who was born a week early, is the second child for parents, Makaela Kirkby and Mason Mcdonald. Maisie’s big sister, Aubree Rose, now 17 months, was also born on the large side at 5.21 kilograms.

All we can say is ouch! And good on ya mum!

Maisie Lily Macdonald massive newborn

This is the second record-breaking big baby to hail from Rocky. Oliver “Ollie” Stock also made headlines back in 2013. The little nugget was born 6.76 kilograms at the Rockhampton Mater Hospital and currently holds the record for Queensland’s biggest baby.

His mum, Patricia Stock, sent her congratulations to Maisie’s parents. “Congrats you guys. Don’t listen to anyone that gives you crap, she is beautiful and I bet you guys are proud.” Patricia wrote on Facebook.

“I know I copped a bit when I had Oliver and I don’t want anyone else to feel terrible at any stage. It’s a wonderful joyful occasion.

“She is a gorgeous little bubbba.”

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Images via Facebook and The Morning Bulletin


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