Mico 12 LX – the Maxi Cosi Baby Capsule for Babies 0-12 Months

The baby capsule. I will argue that this is by far one of the most important baby purchase decisions you will make and something you’ll need to buy (and install) before the due date.

It’s also probably one of the main things you really don’t want to get wrong. Buying a bottle that bub hates – no big deal, just try another brand. Buying a baby capsule that turns out to be bulky and uncomfortable for bub, however – very, very frustrating! Cue the Maxi Cosi baby capsule to change it all – the Mico 12 LX.

Maxi Cosi Baby Capsule Mico 12 LX
Zero frustration with the Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 LX baby capsule. Source: Supplied

We all want the same things when it comes to a baby capsule:

  • Something that is exceptionally safe – like above and beyond safe! Basically the best of the best in safety.
  • Something that is comfortable for your little one to sit in – nothing worse than having a screaming infant every time you leave the house.
  • Something that can easily transfer from car to house to pram, and back again – one-handed, even better!
  • Something that will go the distance – this is a big investment so it’s nice to have a baby capsule that can grow with bub.

If you’re after a baby capsule that ticks all the boxes above and then some, then you need the Maxi-Cosi’s Mico 12 LX.

Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 LX is the #1 baby capsule brand and is also the #1 choice for countless Australian parents.

Maxi Cosi Baby Capsule giveaway
Don’t just settle for any baby capsule. Source: Supplied

Let’s take a closer look at why the Mico 12 LX baby capsule is literally the best of the best when it comes to baby capsules.

Why a Mico 12 LX?

REASON 1. The Maxi-Cosi name

You’ve probably heard of Maxi-Cosi before. They are synonymous when it comes to trusted child car seats and baby capsules and have been a leading name in car seats for years now. To date, 50 million parents have brought their babies home from hospital in a Maxi Cosi baby capsule.

FUN FACT: Maxi-Cosi actually invented the very first baby car seat in Europe around 40 years ago. Before then our parents would just strap us into a weird hammock and hope for the best.

baby car seat meme

REASON 2.  A++ for Safety

The safety features on a Mico 12 LX are intensive, to say the least. And let’s face it, we all want that.  Especially the patented Air Protect® superior head and side-impact protection – it simply means that if there were to be an accident, bub is protected in every way and at all angles.

Sun protection is also a biggie, especially as you will be out and about with bub in the baby capsule. The Mico 12 LX baby capsule comes with a unique all-weather UPF 50+ and water-resistant canopy, with a mesh window for easy games of peek-a-boo and check that bub is still sleeping without disturbing them.

Maxi Cosi Mico baby capsule
Mico features all-weather UPF 50+ and water-resistant canopy, with a mesh window. Source: Maxi Cosi

REASON 3. The ‘no swearing at the car seat” promise

The Mico 12 LX is also one of the easiest baby capsules to install, transition and adjust as your baby grows. You won’t ever find yourself cursing in the Woolies car park because the capsule won’t unclick like it’s meant to, which is a pretty comforting thought. Trust me, you don’t want to be THAT person.

It takes just three super easy steps to install a Mico 12 LX and just one click to take the capsule in and out of the car. In terms of pram compatibility, the Mico 12 LX works with most leading pram brands and seamlessly clicks into place using the special pram adaptor (available to purchase separately).

Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 Lx baby capsule - giveaway
Cruising made easy with the pram adaptors on the Mico 12 LX. Source: Supplied

REASON 4. Light as a feather (no CrossFit training required) 

It’s also the lightest capsule on the market (this includes the adjustable headrest and insert which a lot of capsules don’t have) so you can easily carry it one-handed without feeling like your arm is going to break off.

Even adjusting the seat is incredibly easy with a one-handed 9-position automatic headrest and harness adjustment.

Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 Lx baby capsule - giveaway
So light! Source: Supplied

Oh, and the magnetic harness holder is a huge plus too. Simply put, it keeps the seat belt in place (and off the seat) so you can easily get bub in and no fumbling and digging to find the clip. #genius

Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 Lx baby capsule - magentic seatbelt holder
A magnetic seat beat harness holder – genius! Source: Supplied

REASON 5. It grows with them, from itty bitty newborn to one year old

This brings us to our favourite thing about the baby capsule – this Maxi Cosi baby capsule is suitable for baby’s first year – the whole 12 months!

You may be surprised at how many capsules are only suitable for three to six months. Having that extra six months is a lifesaver as it means you can easily let bub fall asleep in the car (bound to happen) or move to the pram when out.

It’s also suitable for even the teeniest tiniest babies who decide to arrive a little early or a little smaller than expected. This peace of mind is priceless – especially when you are taking the early day trips with your little one.

Mico 12 lx capsule
The capsule that grows with your little one, from birth to their first birthday. Source: Supplied

REASON 6.  Finally, babies love it! 

They are literally snug as a bug in their baby seat and this is important for babies, especially newborns who love this sense of snugness.

The Mico 12 LX comes with ultra-comfortable bamboo wicking fabrics to reduce ‘sticky baby syndrome’ and support better air flow.

We also love the multi-position adjustable crotch buckle to ensure there is no irritation. The adjustable headrest is also important, not only for safety but comfort as well.

Mico 12 lx baby capsule
Source: Supplied

Shop now, save $150

There really is a lot of love about the Mico 12 LX and we know you will be incredibly happy having this baby capsule in the back of your car, and on your pram.

There’s a great deal on this capsule right now too. Mum Central readers can save $150 via the Maxi-Cosi website and drive away with your baby capsule for under $550!

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maxi cosi baby capsule
Superior comfort and safety – that is the Maxi Cosi baby capsule. Source: Supplied

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