Remember the McGhee Sextuplets? Look at them Now!

In June 2010 Ro and Mia McGhee welcomed sextuplets  – four sons and two daughters. The couple had been trying to fall pregnant for 10 years and were blown away when they finally got the news they were expecting!

Naturally, they weren’t expecting to expand their family by six, but, miracles happen every day and the precious sixsome is certainly proof of this!

Six little sweethearts

The family of 8 made headlines back in 2010 when the McGhee’s posed for an adorable photoshoot of all six babies asleep on their dad. Elijah, Isaac, Josiah, Rozonno Jr, Madison and Olivia are the first sextuplets ever born in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio and fame has followed the family ever since.

newborn mcghee sextuplets
Kudos to the photographer for snapping a shot of six sleeping babies! Source: Facebook

The family featured on Oprah and soon landed a TV series – “Six Little McGhees,” which ran on OWN — the Oprah Winfrey Network — for three seasons from 2012 through 2014.

Their first reality show was followed by two seasons of “Growing Up McGhee,” another show which ran from 2015 through 2017 on UPtv.

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Source: Facebook

Six years later… 

And, in 2016, the family re-created their 2010 viral photo, capturing a second image of the then almost-6-year-olds wide awake while their dad, presumably exhausted from chasing six kids around, slept soundly.

So cute! Source: Facebook

And now! 

It’s hard to believe that the sextuplets are now tweens and headed off to the fifth grade in August 2021 (remember they are in America where school starts in August/September). Mia and Ro also chose to hold the sextuplets back a year when they were a bit younger.

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My how they’ve grown! And aren’t they gorgeous kids?! Just like their proud parents. Source: Facebook

The 11-year-olds have already carved their own paths and mumma, Mia, tells TODAY Parents,

They have their own opinions, personalities and identities … Each one is an individual and it’s amazing and crazy to watch. The house is in a frenzy and the once-had-it-together parents are taking each day one at a time and picking our battles wisely.”

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Ready for school. Source: Facebook

Any mum who has a tween can certainly understand this. Eye rolls and attitude for days. And now, times that by SIX!

Many people ask me if it’s easier now that they’re older, but I beg to differ,” added Mia. “The older age and their awareness makes it difficult and, oh my goodness, my kids are everywhere at the same time. Our household as it stands today is in a bit of an uproar. It truly is Ro and I against them.”

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Source: Facebook
See what it's really like raising sextuplets - this mum takes us behind the scenes in her hectic household!

Ro and I are literally figuring this thing called ‘parenthood times six’ out.

I love their love for each other. They fight hard but they love even harder. I call it built-in best friends.”

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