Thrill Your Taste Buds with this Epic Halloween Food Platter


We’ve been teasing you with these super cute Halloween food recipe ideas in the weeks leading up to Halloween and here’s how to put them all together to create the most awesome Halloween food share platter EVER.

The perfect Halloween food platter for a family lunch or to devour while watching a scary movie. If you feel like showing off, prepare something like this to take to a weekend BBQ that just happens to fall around Halloween … we think it’d be pretty epic and guarantee you lots of oohs, aaahs and your smugness cup will positively runneth over.

From bite-sized savoury bites to sweets on a pop stick, there’s something for everyone. It’s a showcase of Halloween food goodness – no tricks, all treats!

Here’s a look at the six Halloween food idea recipes that you need to create this epic Halloween food platter

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. BOO-tiful Bat Crackers and Dip Recipe”]

Mwah ha-ha-ha-ha! Here’s a Halloween food treat for the kids (and big kids at heart). You’re going to want to try these bat crackers with a delicious beetroot and apple dip. What a fabulously sneaky way of getting extra veg into kids … mwahahaha! Plus it looks SO very good on a platter!

Halloween food recipe
Delicious beetroot and apple dip with bat-shaped crackers. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Deliciously Wicked Jack-O-Lantern Devilled Eggs Recipe”]

If you love traditional devilled eggs, you’re going to LOVE these Jack-O-Lantern Eggs. They’re classic devilled eggs that have received a deliciously clever and fun Halloween glow up!

Halloween food ideas
Devilled eggs get a Halloween glow-up. YUM! Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Awesome Not-So-Scary Mummy Pops”]

When it comes to Halloween food, these guys are possibly more adorable than what they are frightening. Nonetheless, we absolutely DO want to devour a batch of mummy pops this year – it’s one of the best ways to eat cake, PLUS there’s NO baking involved. #winning

halloween food
No-bake mummy pops hitting the sweet spot just right. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Creepy Crawly Mini Pizza Spider Bites Recipe”]

This one is for the lovers of black olives. How do you fancy a spider pizza as an epic Halloween food idea? The only creepy crawlies you want to eat, ever. These mini pizza spider bites fit the ghoulish brief perfectly …  so creepy yet so yum!

Halloween food recipe
For the pizza lovers, creepy-crawly mini pizzas are a Halloween hit! Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Funny Monster Apples Recipe”]

Halloween food doesn’t get much fresher – OR EASIER – than this. A no-bake guide to creating funny monster apples. Complete with googly eyes and wonky teeth that only a dentist would be happy to see. Funny they might look, however DELICIOUS they do taste!

Halloween food recipe
You can’t go wrong with fruit. Apples, but make them funny with a side of scary. Source: Supplied

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Super Sweet Roasted Pear Spooky Mummies Recipe”]

A treat that’s so delicious and funny to look at your kids won’t even mind eating fruit? You bet. That’s right, there will be no resistance when presented with the freshest, fruitiest Halloween food of them all – roasted pear spooky mummies!

Halloween food recipe
Roasted pear spooky mummies make for the perfect Halloween dessert treat. Source: Supplied

And platter up…

Use a large board or platter to group your cute-as-a-black-cat Halloween foods. Fill in any spaces with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes and baby cucumbers or shredded coconut and the like, to add some colour.

Halloween food platter
A Halloween platter that is sure to THRILL all! Source: Supplied

There you have it folks, these six super easy Halloween food recipes are all you need to get cracking on creating an epic homemade Halloween platter or grazing board. There’s a few no-bake or air fryer tricks to discover along the way and LOTS of treats to enjoy.

There’s so much Halloween themed fun to be had in the kitchen! Let us know in the comments if you give these Halloween food ideas or platter a go – we’d love to see!

This original recipe is from the very clever Ed Halmagyi, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Ambassador, chef, TV presenter and a Halloween enthusiastic dad of two.

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