This 24-Year-Old Mum has 20 Babies, All Under the Age of 18 Months


Last year a Russian woman, Kristina Ozturk had one child, a six-year-old little girl. One year later, the mum has 20 additional biological children, all under the age of 15 months.

20 infants. HOW???

Kristina Ozturk really loves babies. Clearly. And she and her millionaire husband, Galip, 57, decided that they would like a large family and didn’t want to wait.

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Kristina, Galip and their bubs. Source: Instagram

They live in ​Batumi, Georgia where it’s legal to use surrogate mothers in pregnancy. Kristina explains that over the past year, she’s used several different surrogates to have 20 infants.

All the babies are biologically hers and her husbands, and all were born between 10 March 2020 and 16 January 2021. Her eldest bub, Mufasa is 17 months while her youngest, Olivia, is nearly 8 months.

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Name the babies

First, there is a daughter, Viktoria, who is now six years old and who Kristina had before she met her current husband.

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That’s a lot of babies! Source: Instagram

Then we’ve got:

  1. Mustafa, born 10/3/20 (now 17 months)
  2. Maryam, 16 months
  3. Ayrin, 16 months
  4. Alice, 16 months
  5. Hasan, 15 months
  6. Alparslan, 15 months
  7. Harper, 14 months
  8. Teresa, 14 months
  9. Hussein, 14 months
  10. Anna, 13 months
  11. Isabella, 13 months
  12. Ismail, 12 months
  13. Mehmet, 12 months
  14. Ahmet, 12 months
  15. Ali, 11 months
  16. Alena, 11 months
  17. Kristina, 11 months
  18. Sarah, 10 months
  19. Lokman, 10 months
  20. Olivia, nearly 8 months

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16 live-in nannies

In addition to their massive baby tribe, the couple also has 16-live-in nannies working around the clock. Each nanny works four days on, two days off. They all have bedrooms all near the kids’ room and their own kitchen to share.

Kristina Ozturk
Source: Instagram

She also explains that they go through 20 large packages of nappies every week and 53 packs of baby formula.

“It costs about £3,500 to £4,200 ($6,500 to $7,700) per week for essentials for all the kids,” Kristina Ozturk told The Sun, adding they pay their nannies £350 ($644) a week. “Sometimes [the costs are] a little more, sometimes a bit less.”

In addition to the daily expenses, each surrogacy costs around £8,000 ($AU12,500.).

Kristina Ozturk
Source: Instagram

mum centralPlans for more?

At this stage, the family and their nannies all live in a three-story mansion with two to three babies sharing each room. She said there is plenty of space for everyone but isn’t ruling out moving to a larger property in the future.

From the pics she shares on Instagram, it looks like the babies have a crazy cool playroom too!

Kristina Ozturk babies
Source: Instagram

Kristina also admits that she hasn’t ruled out having more kids. She jokingly told a Russian publication that she would be happy to have 105 kids.

“It does not mean that we are planning to have 105 children,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Stop tearing up my direct comments in assessing our desire to have many children.”

She adds,

 “Don’t use surrogacy if you don’t want, that’s your choice. But this is our life, and it’s our choice.”

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  1. Avatar of K

    Too much money to know what to do with. So many babies and children that need a home and loving family.

    • Avatar of ILR

      This isn’t parenting. This is mental illness. No one can be an adequate parent under those circumstances.

    • Avatar of Amazing

      I rad an article a few weeks ago about this family…. I’m sure it said she was fostering them …. Something is off here ….

  2. Avatar of Tonya Gale
    Tonya Gale Reply

    This is insanity There is not enough of her to go around for that many babies. That is why she has 16 live in nannies to raise her children for her. Looks more like she likes the publicity!

    • Avatar of Chriselda

      Im happy for you and your husband. My husband have been trying to have a baby of our own for 6 years now. We have had surgeries to fix my tubes and still no success. Next option is IVF, but it is so costly. We will find a way, we just cant give up on our dream of having our baby. Hapoy for you both ❤

    • Avatar of T

      Awfully young to be having that many babies that you cant give them all proper love and care, that you have your SUGAR DADDY pay someone to take care of your children. Ha! And she doesnt want people talking bad about her… She got pregnant at 17 and had her baby at 18, she is now 24 and is married to a almost 60 year old man.

      • Avatar of Nicole

        It appears the children have lots of parents aka live in Nannie’s. I’m just glad she’s not on her own with these kids and there is a lot of help for family.

    • Avatar of Brittany

      If the oldest of these surrogate babies was born 10/03/2020 he would just be turning 1 not 17 months…..

      • Avatar of Alex

        The baby was born March 10, 2020. In the Uk they write the day first and then the month that’s why it says 10/3 instead of 3/10

      • Avatar of Lykaios

        Brittany, Most European countries write their dates in Day/Month/Year format so 10/03/2020 is March 10, 2020 making the child nearly 18 months.

    • Avatar of Kim

      People shouldn’t judge them goid luck to them for having that many as long as they can look after them and can afford them then whats peoples problem

  3. Avatar of Bobbie Jordan
    Bobbie Jordan Reply

    I think this is wonderful. This is a beautiful thing. God bless and your husband and children.

    • Avatar of Sidney

      If they were truly loving people who god needed to bless they would have adopted or fostered children instead of having 20 kids via surrogate and paying 16 people under $5.50/hour to take care of their brood while they don’t do anything for their bio kids.
      They could have chosen to save kids, and not be selfish idiots who think their DNA is so super special.

      • Avatar of Christina

        If they want that many kids that is their choice. Stop bashing them when you read one story. Do you know how much time they spend with their children. No your not there. Obviously they love and make sure all kids are taken care of with that many nannies. Stop judging others.

    • Avatar of Deanna

      I mean i get lots of kids i had 11 but tht ia to many an way to young an whats the point of having that many kids that u arent raising nannies are .the point of being a mom is to nurture love teach cuddle give attention to but you cnt with tht many tht young ..cld hve at least waited in between children an spent a couple yrs with them an bonded

    • Avatar of Laura

      I have one child, unable to have more due to endometrial cancer 5 years ago. Desperate to have another but it is not easy or cheap! All the best to her but I cant help feeling a little sad that someone can have 20 babies when some cannot have any. The amount of money is obscene!

      • Avatar of Sami

        I agree myself I have tried for many years and now being referred to fertility treatment it does make me sad sometimes to know so many women just have babies unwantedly or just because they can, it would be wonderful to be a mum just to 1 baby let alone 20 so well done to you and hope you qll the happiness in the world but for people like me can be a little upsetting when all you want is 1 to love unconditionally 1 thing I’ve always always wanted now 30 years old and still trying.

  4. Avatar of Blossom

    I feel broken hearted for those children. I don’t see how any of them can get one-on-one bonding with any people. Money doesn’t buy love. They are not raising their children, the nannies are

    • Avatar of Chandra

      I think its incredibly selfish to bring all these kids in the world and the amount of money spent doing it. They should have adopted or did something help the children already in this world suffering

  5. Avatar of Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson Reply

    She is having all these babies and it’s the nannies bringing them up not her so why have so many if she not going to the job properly but then again money talks

    • Avatar of Kastrina Hardin
      Kastrina Hardin Reply

      You know what you all want to sit there and talk shit on this woman it’s not you it’s not your life so stop talking shit and leave her alone if you don’t like it then move on and get on with your lives stop trying to put people down just cause you can’t get what you want. And as for the age like said its their choice it’s their lives. As long as they are happy together that’s all that matters. And for some of you have you ever tries to take care of 20 kids if not that you all need to shut the fuck up and move on.

  6. Avatar of Khatia

    I do not know who needs all this and who publishes beautifully but behind these school photos the story is very different this girl you see playing the sweet manoula photos is not even sees the children once a month helps the man that he introduced her English to the man of that well we have a beautiful big family there you see 18 kids right now But other than 18 there are 4 or 5 who do not say I do not know what black game they play

  7. Avatar of Dorinda Hall
    Dorinda Hall Reply

    Wow, what wonderful people and a beautiful family they are . If God didn’t want them to have this many babies than I’m sure it would t of been done ..obviously she deserves a purpose in this life. Why judge a person by how many babies she has ? Why not be positive and supportive rather than negative and judgemental. Its people like you who make.this world go around . Keep doing you hun for those babies .

  8. Avatar of Annmarie

    I feel sorry for these babies as none of them are having one on one time and they are being brought up by nanies come on.

  9. Avatar of clinton chukwudi
    clinton chukwudi Reply

    Wow congratulations dear ,God is your strength ..they will make you proud someday ,wishing you the best of luck ,no loss no lack no limitation on your side…ONE LOVE

  10. Avatar of Pam strickland
    Pam strickland Reply

    Yes that’s insane. How about adopting or fostering children? If you have to have 16 Nannies then you are not capable of taking care of them. Use some common sense.

  11. Avatar of Shannon Whitaker

    Why? Seems to me they want to be famous. Some people have more money than they know what to do with. If they have so much love for children why not rescue the ones out there living in foster care, and all the others that will never have a chance to know love, or maybe try to make it possible for women out here who cannot have children like me because I have all the love in the world to give a baby but don’t have the money. When I see a story like this I’m sorry I don’t see the love all I see is someone who has more money and wants to be famous be there in reality you physically cannot give each single baby what they need that’s why they need all those nannies and I think it’s really quite stupid and doesn’t have a thing to do with love.

  12. Avatar of Sue

    If this is what you both want and can have , then why shouldn’t you . God bless you all

  13. Avatar of Brittani

    This is so awesome we have been trying for 5 years to have our second and it has come down to ivf which we can not afford! You have a lot of babies but that will be fun and so cool to watch them grow

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