Last year a Russian woman, Kristina Ozturk had one child, a six-year-old little girl. One year later, the mum has 20 additional biological children, all under the age of 15 months.

20 infants. HOW???

Kristina Ozturk really loves babies. Clearly. And she and her millionaire husband, Galip, 57, decided that they would like a large family and didn’t want to wait.

Kristina, Galip and their bubs. Source: Instagram

They live in ​Batumi, Georgia where it’s legal to use surrogate mothers in pregnancy. Kristina explains that over the past year, she’s used several different surrogates to have 20 infants.

All the babies are biologically hers and her husbands, and all were born between 10 March 2020 and 16 January 2021. Her eldest bub, Mufasa is 17 months while her youngest, Olivia, is nearly 8 months.

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Name the babies

First, there is a daughter, Victoria, who is now six years old and who Kristina had before she met her current husband.

That’s a lot of babies! Source: Instagram

Then we’ve got:

  • Mustafa, born 10/3/20 (now 17 months)
  • Mariam, 16 months
  • Ayrin, 16 months
  • Alisa, 16 months
  • Hasan, 15 months
  • Judi, 15 months
  • Harper, 14 months
  • Teresa, 14 months
  • Huseyin, 14 months
  • Anna, 13 months
  • Isabella, 13 months
  • Ismail, 12 months
  • Mehmet, 12 months
  • Ahmet, 12 months
  • Ali, 11 months
  • Kristina, 11 months
  • Sara, 10 months
  • Lokman, 10 months
  • Galip, 9 months
  • Olivia, nearly 8 months

16 live-in nannies

In addition to their massive baby tribe, the couple also has 16-live-in nannies working around the clock. Each nanny works four days on, two days off. They all have bedrooms all near the kids’ room and their own kitchen to share.

Kristina Ozturk
Source: Instagram

She also explains that they go through 20 large packages of nappies every week and 53 packs of baby formula.

“It costs about £3,500 to £4,200 ($6,500 to $7,700) per week for essentials for all the kids,” Kristina Ozturk told The Sun, adding they pay their nannies £350 ($644) a week. “Sometimes [the costs are] a little more, sometimes a bit less.”

In addition to the daily expenses, each surrogacy costs around £8,000 ($AU12,500.).

Kristina Ozturk
Source: Instagram

Plans for more?

At this stage, the family and their nannies all live in a three-story mansion with two to three babies sharing each room. She said there is plenty of space for everyone but isn’t ruling out moving to a larger property in the future.

From the pics she shares on Instagram, it looks like the babies have a crazy cool playroom too!

Kristina Ozturk babies
Source: Instagram

Kristina also admits that she hasn’t ruled out having more kids. She jokingly told a Russian publication that she would be happy to have 105 kids.

“It does not mean that we are planning to have 105 children,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Stop tearing up my direct comments in assessing our desire to have many children.”

She adds,

 “Don’t use surrogacy if you don’t want, that’s your choice. But this is our life, and it’s our choice.”

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  1. Too much money to know what to do with. So many babies and children that need a home and loving family.

  2. Tonya Gale Reply

    This is insanity There is not enough of her to go around for that many babies. That is why she has 16 live in nannies to raise her children for her. Looks more like she likes the publicity!

  3. Bobbie Jordan Reply

    I think this is wonderful. This is a beautiful thing. God bless and your husband and children.

    • If they were truly loving people who god needed to bless they would have adopted or fostered children instead of having 20 kids via surrogate and paying 16 people under $5.50/hour to take care of their brood while they don’t do anything for their bio kids.
      They could have chosen to save kids, and not be selfish idiots who think their DNA is so super special.

    • I have one child, unable to have more due to endometrial cancer 5 years ago. Desperate to have another but it is not easy or cheap! All the best to her but I cant help feeling a little sad that someone can have 20 babies when some cannot have any. The amount of money is obscene!

  4. I feel broken hearted for those children. I don’t see how any of them can get one-on-one bonding with any people. Money doesn’t buy love. They are not raising their children, the nannies are

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