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SAFETY ALERT: Medela Breast Pumps Recalled Due to Electric Shock Risk

Got a Medela breast pump stashed away in the cupboard?

You’d best pull it out and check the plug.

The company has re-issued a voluntary recall of the detachable wall plug supplied with certain Medela breast pumps manufactured before October 2016.

What is the concern?

There is concern about the wall plug breaking into two parts and exposing two metal terminals, which could lead to a nasty electric shock. The recall was first issued in 2016 and the company has decided to re-issue again.

“There have been a small number of reports of the detachable wall plug breaking into two parts and potentially exposing the metallic contacts. If this occurs while the wall plug is plugged into an active power point, there is a risk of electric shock to the user,” an official recall notice says.

The detachable wall plug connects to an AC power adapter. Together, they come as a stand-alone product, or with Medela Swing, Medela Swing Maxi and Medela Freestyle pumps.

Product Recall: Medela Breast Pump Detachable Wall Plug

Which models does the recall affect?

The product numbers that are affected are as follows:

  • Swing:030.0040
  • Swing Premium:030.0060
  • Swing Essentials:030.0053
  • Swing Maxi:040.0011
  • Freestyle:042.0014
  • Stand-alone AC Power Adapter:
    (For Swing Maxi and Freestyle)099.0273

Not all detachable wall plugs are affected. There are three types and only the plug without any markings on the back is part of the recall. If your detachable wall plug has a white dot or markings on the back of it, then it is safe and you don’t need to return it.

Medela Breast Pump Detachable Wall Plug

What should consumers do?

You do not need to stop using your pump as only the adaptor needs replacing. But you do need to stop using the affected adaptors immediately and switch to battery power.

You can register for a new adaptor here or call Medela Australia on 1800 787 345.

For more information visit Medela or the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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