Mum Dani Rievers had her birth plan all worked out. She would deliver her second child peacefully in hospital, with a doula and her husband for support. And, as is the trend these days, the entire beautiful event  would be captured on film.

Of course, babies don’t care for birth plans, no matter how carefully you plot them out.

Dani didn’t even make it into the maternity ward when she welcomed her daughter, born in her car just outside the hospital. But one thing did work out – through the chaos and confusion, the film crew still managed to capture the whole thing. Have a look below at the incredible – and quick – in-car birth of baby Leticia.

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Honk if you’re having a baby

Like many couples, Dani and her husband were hoping to capture their daughter’s birth on film. They hired a birth photographer and a videographer for the big day. However, their little one didn’t even let her mum get through the door of the maternity ward before arriving.

With a phone in one hand and her husband Fernando by her side, Dani gives birth to her daughter in a matter of seconds. And she makes it look absolutely effortless.

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When you gotta push, you gotta push 

Fortunately for the Riever family, photographer Paula Beltrao and videographer Felice Filmes arrived just in time to capture the emotional moment Leticia was born, in the hospital carpark.

The photos clearly aren’t what the couple were expecting but they are absolutely beautiful. We especially love how the dark car and dark night add to the almost mythical atmosphere surrounding the birth.

mum car birth video mum car birth newborn

Dani Rievera baby born in car

Yes, mum gives birth in car

Through the happy tears, the overjoyed hugs with their doctor (who made it out to the car just in time) and first newborn baby coos, what truly stands out is the strength of Dani. As she explains on her own Instagram page,

[Birth] happens the way it has to happen. Just believe that we were made for it, our body works, women know how to give birth and babies know how to be born.” 

Amen, sister. What a beautiful birth caught on film. For more amazing speedy deliveries, have a look at this incredible video of a mother giving birth in the hospital hallway.


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