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VIRAL: Meet the Instagram Husbands, Sound Like Anyone You Know?

“My name is Jeff and I’m an Instagram husband.  Behind every cute girl on Instagram, there’s a guy like me and a brick wall.”

Instagram-HusbandA tongue-in-cheek video is highlighting the plight of “Instagram husbands” – those poor partners who are always photographing the exploits of their loved ones. Its creators Mystery Hour, say it’s a joke about the shallow nature of social media – rather than a comment on gender politics.

Either way, it’s not to be taken too seriously, and we thought it was pretty funny, especially considering we all probably know ‘that someone’ who is slightly obsessed with instagramming every aspect of their life.

“My name is Tre and I’m an Instagram husband.  I’ve had to delete all the apps off my phone to make room for more photos.

Watch it here:

YouTube video

Meet a couple of the guys featured:

My name is Nate and I'm an Instagram husband. It always helps me out if I'm the first to comment. Cuuute!
My name is Nate and I’m an Instagram husband. It always helps me out if I’m the first to comment. Cuuute!
“I’m basically a human selfie stick. Last year for Xms I actually got her a selfie stick, then she got mad at me for thinking i was trying to get out of taking her photos. of course I’m trying ot get out of taking her f*cking photos.”

“It’s become a pretty big problem,” another says. “It takes so long to get anywhere because we’re taking pictures of our feet.”



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