Women Are Setting up Menstruation Crustacean Stations and The Internet Responds

2020 was a weird year, wasn’t it? We’ve had coffee stations and now we have menstruation stations. In fact, we have menstruation crustacean stations. Yep, this is a decorating trend you could really sink your claws into.

Menstruating is a fact of life for females. It’s completely normal to have a period. Yet having pads, tampons and menstrual cups made into a flashy display in your bathroom isn’t common. Well at least for myself it’s not.  For me they sit discreetly in the bathroom cupboard. Perhaps you’d prefer to jump on the latest bandwagon? The crustacean bandwagon!

Where it all began

A simple text came to the surface on the internet and the trend has ebbed and flowed with the tide ever since.

menstruation crustacean
“Please move out”. Not EVERYONE appreciates the menstruation crustacean station. Source: Reddit

And so the menstruation crustacean station takes off. Kind of. Here are 9 more times people got crabby with their period and documented it for the internet’s pleasure.

1. The most perfect tampon holder there ever was

OK, this guy clutching a decent quantity of tampons IS actually kind of cute. Yes?

menstruation crustacean
I mean, he LOOKS happy. Source: Reddit

2. The bougie high-end menstruation crustacean

The silver-look menstruation crustacean station is a little bit swanky – bougie if you will. He’s the fella you’d take a second look at when seated on the white porcelain throne and wonder to yourself, is that a pad and tampon carrying crab? Why yes, yes it is. Discreet. Kind of.

menstruation crustacean
Bougie. Source: Instagram

3. Even the guys are getting in on it

Yes, it’s true. One dude even proudly displayed this menstruation crustacean station he set up for his fiance. Guys, romance is NOT dead.

menstruation crustacean
The most perfect gift between lovers. Source: Reddit

4. The bigger the crustacean, the better

I mean, it’s quite the balancing act for on top of a toilet cistern, but this big daddy lobster and his sanitary product haul looking fit for the job. Also, perfect for heavier flows. Just saying.

menstruation crustacean
What mighty big pincers you have. Source: Instagram

5. Shabby, crabby chic

CUTE. This guy carrying the weight of three tampons on his crusty little shoulders is EVERYTHING. Are you convinced yet? Does Kmart sell crab dishes? Please let me know in the comments…

mum central
Light load only, please. Source: Instagram

6. The sign helps, obvs

I mean the basket would have been enough. But add a soft-shelled lobster and a sign and it all becomes crystal clear.

menstruation crustacean
Pad in hand, ready to dispense! Source: Instagram

7. Help yourselves to a FREE tampon!

I feel that even if I didn’t need a free tampon, I’d still want one. This crustacean clearly LOVES his station, tally-ho! Hands up if you’d love to see this in your office toilet?

mum central
Tally-ho ladies! Source: Instagram

8. Um. So this is a little awkward

OK. I’m no prude but I’m not sure I’d want my menstrual cup out in the open quite like this. Thrust into the air by a teeny tiny ceramic crab no less. But each to their own, you do you boo. #pleasebeanensuite

mum central
Well looky here, he can lift a CUP. Source: Instagram

9. Sometimes, a sticker will suffice

Can’t quite get your head around creating an actual menstrual crustacean station? The good news is you can grab yourself a sticker from Etsy for under a fiver! You can have a super discreet crustacean station instead.

mum central
A sticker of the menstruation crustacean is plenty. Source: Etsy

What do you think? I’m not completely sold on this particular storage solution but I do LOVE that people are out there having a bit of fun with their pads, tampons and other necessary bits and bobs!

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