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PRAM NEWS: Milly + Coup Launches Milo2 – a Beauty at Under $800 too!

Exciting news, pram lovers! The much-anticipated Milo2 has officially landed. Check out the new features, the array of accessories (all free!) and the funky colour packs that will have you strolling into 2023 in style.

Best of all, you can unlock some serious savings on your all-new Milo2. For a limited time, save $100 and get the Milo2 for under $800 (under $900 for an additional bassinet).

This is one of the best value prams on the market and isn’t it a sleek-looking stroller too, with such a gorgeous new streamlined design!

New pram alert … what a sweet ride! Source: Supplied

Let’s talk Milly + Coup

Aussie-owned-and-designed Milly + Coup do only one thing, and they do it really well … PRAMS!

Not only do they design prams that look pretty, they design prams that parents actually want to use. Prams that are easy to buy, easy to use, easy to push, easy on your wallet and easy on the eye.

Prams that are practical, comfortable, light and designed for real-life and everyday adventures with a newborn, baby or toddler.

Prams that can be pushed here, there and everywhere, but also shoved into the back of a car without a second thought.

Prams that can take a few bumps and bruises and even bitemark in the leatherette handlebar from hungry toddlers. They really can take it all!

Prams that are designed for real parenting moments, from real customer feedback.

Milo2 Stroller
Milly + Coup’s Milo2 makes parenthood less work and more fun. Source: Supplied

Let’s talk Milo2

This is exactly how the new Milo2 came to be. Last year Milly + Coup asked thousands of customers for feedback on their Milo. Then they set to work.

They kept the features we loved and then added the features we asked for: a sleeker design, a bigger basket, and much, much more.

And so, Milo2 was born!

Milo2 stroller
Gorgeous colour options abound! Source: Supplied

So comfortable, from day one to day 500

Milo2 comes as two configuration options. You can either get the Milo2 Stroller + Bassinet or just the Milo2 Stroller on its own. Both are newborn-ready however the bassinet offers a more comfortable option for newborns to sleep while strolling. It can also be used as a napping option during the day.

New Feature: Redesigned Bassinet:

The bassinet on the Milo2 has been freshly designed with a more streamlined look and features a soft cotton knit bassinet lining.

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Available as a bundle with a bassinet or stroller alone, the Milo2 will tick your boxes! Source: Supplied

However, even if you decide against the bassinet, the stroller seat is also newborn-ready and has a flatbed design. You can easily adjust the seat to whatever feels comfortable for your little one, depending on if they are ready to rest or ready to play.

New Feature: Extra Plush Infant Insert

Every Milo2 pram also comes with an infant insert to fit smaller bubs and adjusts as your child grows. The infant insert has been freshly revamped with extra plush premium fabric. 

Ready to roll or relax

Not just comfy for sleeping, but also for watching the world. The Milo2 seamlessly transforms from a comfortable flatlay for a sleepy newborn, to a forward-facing seat for a curious infant, to a reverse-facing thone for a grumpy toddler who INSISTS on looking at you.

It’s so easy to swap the pram around too! #winning

With or without the bassinet – the choice is yours! Source: Supplied

Best-in-class fold 

Speaking of easy, one of the VERY best features of Milo that every parent LOVED was the easy fold system. Well, good news – Milly + Coup brought this extra-easy folding option to their new Milo2 pram too!

Milo2 stroller folded
Lightweight and easy to transport, the Milo2 just keeps on surprising. Source: Supplied

Milo and Milo2 are two of the only strollers to fold when parent-facing. You can easily fold the pram while balancing a child. Possibly even while reciting the theme song to PAW PATROL.

And while they can easily fold to fit in your car boot, they also feature a whole heck of a lot of basket space. Milo2 can easily carry your infant, plus their snacks, towels, water bottles, sand toys and 18 stuffed Squishmallows without having to play tug-of-war anytime you want to remove them from the basket.

New Feature: Even Deeper Basket with 10kg Capacity

Milo2 actually has an even deeper basket than the original Milo stroller, which means more Squishmallows, more space and less digging. Winning!

Now with a 10kg capacity with room for more! Source: Supplied

Easy, peasy, light and breezy

Milo2 tips the scales at just 10kg which makes it one of the lightest, most compact full-sized strollers in Australia.

Its lightweight frame also makes it a dream to push while the puncture-proof tyres and four-wheel suspension lets you effortlessly stroll on all sorts of terrain – grass, sand, bitumen, etc.

Milo2 pram
Source: Supplied

New Feature: Vegan Leatherette & Adjustable Seating 

A few more new features that make Milo2 stand out from the crowd include the extra-large canopy with innovative ventilation panels plus a new melange seat and canopy fabrics. We also love the revamped adjustable harness design and seat liner fixing points to avoid movement/slipping.

Both the belly bar and handlebar are now also made of an even higher grade vegan leatherette for a softer feel when pushing the handlebar and for bub when they are holding onto the belly bar (or chewing it).

Milo2 high grade vegan leather
A gorgeous luxe feeling without the luxe price tag. Source: Supplied

Your pram, your way!

The Milo2 comes in two sleek colours – grey or black, but another cool thing about Milly + Coup is that they also sell colourful patterned packs to personalise your pram.

There are a few different patterns and colours to choose from and costs $89.99 to “pimp” your pram. The colour/patterned sets include both a canopy and seat liner and there are modern colour choices, like Green and Purple, but also sunny patterns like Rocky Road, Cheeky Check and Whoops a Daisie.

Milly + Coup Milo2 colour choices
Source: Milly + Coup

Get the new Milo2 Stroller for under $800!

The new Milo2 is touted to be the best value pram of 2023 and we can easily see why! It’s hard to find a pram of this quality for under $800 and one that does it all.

It’s lightweight enough to be a travel stroller but sturdy enough to use as an everyday pram, plus great for running errands, pushing to the park or taking away for the weekend.

Milo2 pram accessories
Get these Milo2 accessories included at no extra cost! Source: Supplied

You can get your hands on the new Milo2 for just $779, or $899 including the bassinet. Both options include over $300 worth of add-on features including:

  • Handlebar bag
  • Reversible seat liner
  • Infant Support Set
  • UV Cover
  • Belly Bar
  • Harness Cover

Check out Milly + Coup’s website for more specs on their stunning Milo2 and to order yours today (with or without a bassinet). Save $100 with their exclusive launch offer too! 

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