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Watch The Miracle Baby Come Back to Life After Doctors Told He’d Died

All mums know the bliss of holding your own baby for the very first time. But, this mum’s experience goes a step (more like several steps) beyond a simple first hug and hold.

Warning: Grab a box of tissues before watching this video – you’ll need them, all of them.

Kate and David Ogg tried, not so successfully, to get pregnant for three years. When they finally got the good news, the Oggs also found out that they were having twins. Doubly blessed, Kate and David decided to name their babies-to-be Jamie and Emily.

At 26 weeks Kate went into very premature labour. What happened next amazed everyone, including the Ogg’s themselves. Following the premature delivery (in March of 2010), the doctor came to Kate’s bedside and asked her if she and her husband had picked a name for their baby boy. They told him, “Jamie.” Then the doctor said the words that no parents ever want to hear, that Jamie had died at birth.

Instinctively, Kate grabbed her son and held him close. She put him on her bare skin and ordered her husband to do the same. The couple cuddled in the hospital bed, holding Jamie between them. As they cried and grieved over their new son’s passing, Kate felt something. Jamie was moving. He was breathing. She couldn’t believe it, but he was alive! The medical staff said the Ogg’s baby wouldn’t be alive much longer. They believed he would pass shortly, and let the parents have their last few moments with him. That was almost six years ago.

Today Jamie is a happy, healthy 5-year-old, along with his twin sister Emily and 4-year-old brother. The mum and dad believe that it was the touch of their bare skin, the loving hugs that they showered on their newborn son that brought him back to life. The warmth of their skin-to-skin contact had warmed their baby, and he went from lifeless to reaching out and grabbing dad’s hand right in front of the astounded parents and medical staff.

If you don’t believe in miracles, this tear-jerker of a video may just change your opinion. Whether it was the physical touch, the warmth, the time or something more, Kate and David Ogg have their baby (now little boy) with them against all odds.

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