Swifties Rejoice: More Taylor Swift Tickets Released!

Swifties who missed out on tickets to The Eras Tour in Sydney and Melbourne, don’t give up hope just yet! Time to shake it off and get back into the queue because MORE TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS ARE COMING TODAY.

Yep. HUGE NEWS: Taylor Swift is releasing more tickets to her sold-out mega shows in both Melbourne and Sydney. And the tickets will set you back less than $70! Here’s what you need to know about this unexpected release of additional Taylor Swift tickets.

The tickets, which start at $65.90 and include seats with a “restricted” view, will go on sale on Tuesday at 2pm for all Melbourne concerts and at 4pm for all Sydney concerts until allocations are exhausted.

You can join the queue and hope for the best through

The times again are: 

  • Melbourne 2pm AEDT
  • Sydney 4pm AEDT
Taylor Swift Tickets second chance
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What does restricted seats mean?

Basically, it means you’re behind a pole or a post or something and you won’t be able to see the whole stage, which is why the tickets are so cheap, especially compared to the A-level seats which sold for $379 and sold out in record time.

You may remember back in June 2023 when the tickets first went on sale and we all sat at our computers hoping we’d make it through the queue. Both Tay’s concerts sold out within two hours and The Eras Tour broke the Australian record for the most people attempting to buy concert tickets, with over 4 million fans attempting to purchase them during the second presale.

So, if you did miss out, you’re certainly in good company.

A second chance at Taylor Swift tickets (YES PLEASE!) 

We’re not sure just how many restricted seats are available but we are sure Ticketek will be THE place to be online come 2 pm. Here are a few tips from Ticketek on how to secure Taylor Swift second chance tickets:

  • Double-check your Ticketek account details are up to date. Have your login details handy as you’ll need them to complete your purchase.
  • Decide on which payment method is best for you and check your details are up to date.
  • Set your timer, calendar, and alarm for the general public on sale.
  • Visit Ticketek at least 15 minutes before tickets go on sale. Follow the designated link for your desired city to be taken to the Ticketek Lounge.
  • Please don’t leave the Lounge page or refresh your browser. The page will refresh itself frequently to let more fans through to purchase. Once you’re in the Lounge, sit tight and wait to be let through to the event page.
  • Once you’re through, keep an eye on the timer and complete your purchase within the time frame.
Source: Facebook

Tay Tay is coming to town

Tay Tay is set to arrive in Australia any day now and we predict she’s probably on her private jet flying as we speak. She was in Las Vegas watching her boyfie, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, but that’s over now and it’s TIME TO GET READY FOR IT.

Taylor officially takes the stage in Melbourne this weekend (Feb 16, 17 and 18) before heading to Sydney next weekend for four more shows. The show is an epic 3.5 hours long with 44 songs that span her musical career. The Eras Tour is officially the highest-grossing music tour ever, becoming the first to exceed $1 billion USD in revenue.

If you have got tickets, you will probably also be aware that there are some seriously STRICT rules in place for this massive event. One of the biggest issues is you can’t bring a truckload of friendship bracelets into the venue to trade with fellow Swifties. Also on the no-no list include umbrellas, tents, camping chairs, lasers, battery packs, aerosols e.g. deodorant, spray sunscreen etc.

You can bring your phone but no iPads, GoPros, tripods and selfie sticks and you need to bring a little bag with you.

Good luck to all the Swifties trying to lock in their Taylor Swift tickets today. Restricted seats or not, we’re sure you’re in for an incredible show.

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