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Woman Sues Mother-in-Law for Filming Birth and Showing Video to Strangers

Imagine four days of labour. We’re talking intense cramping, on-off contractions and very little sleep.

Then, just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, your mother-in-law arrives at the hospital. And boy oh boy, do things get interesting!

Now, in normal circumstances, having another support person in the birth suite would be a godsend. However, this isn’t your everyday supportive mother-in-law. Oh, no. This is something else entirely.

Mother-in-law secretly videos granddaughter’s birth

As explained by Reddit user crimson_memories, this mother-in-law is a horror story and a half!

Four years ago I went into labour on Halloween, I ended up giving birth on November 4 but, holy damn, those days of labour were hell! I honestly didn’t think it could get any worse.

I. Was. Wrong.” 

As crimson_memories shares, by the time she arrived at the hospital she was 8cm dilated. Shortly after arriving, her mother-in-law came in and the demands started immediately.

Hurry up and push, grandma wants a ciggie 

Everything seemed fine and calm until MIL wanted a cigarette and started to demand I start to push.

Then she tried to threaten that if I didn’t start pushing, she will have to push down on my stomach to force my daughter out. Nurses heard this and made her take a walk and she left for a good 40 min. “

Wait for it. It gets better. Or worse…because Grandma arrives back from her smoke break just in time for all the fun.

I was in the middle of pushing when she ran in. I noticed that the entire labour MIL had her cell phone out and was recording my ENTIRE birth! From my pushing to the stitching process (I tore 100%).”

Please explain, or at least delete

As expected, the freshly-torn mum asked her mother-in-law to delete the video which she claimed she did.

It wasn’t until a week later when we went to visit her that I found she was showing random strangers this video and many of these strangers were men that she barely knew.”

The mum ended up going through the courts to get the video deleted. This was four years ago, and, as the mum explains, the family has very little to do with Grandma after the ordeal.

How’s that for a horror birth story?

Of course, Reddit reacted accordingly with the commenters raging in defence of the poor mum and calling grandma out for being “super violating”.

“Some people just need to be left on a deserted island in the Canadian Arctic,” one suggested.

“Is she just that clueless??? I am so glad you are keeping her away from you and the kids,” another stated.

“Wow, just wow. If she’s still breathing, you are a saint,” said another.

We’ve heard our fair-share of grandmas behaving badly but this one takes the cake!

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